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The Loftin Family Genealogy Website



Psalm 45:17  I will make your name to be remembered in all generations.


Deuteronomy 30:6 The LORD your God will change your heart and the hearts of all your descendants so that you will love Him with all your heart and soul and so you may live!


Proverbs 17:6 Children's children are the crown of old men, and the glory of children are their fathers.



The Latest News

If you're a "regular" to our FAMILY GENEALOGY WEBSITE, be sure to check out the  2021 NEWS page.  Each month as I add new pages or update information and photos on the various individual pages, I add a link to those changes on the NEWS page.  I also include information on the NEWS page about Deaths In The Family.  Be sure to check it out - as well as the previous years - here's 2018 NEWS .


Who Are They?

Who doesn't like great photos? I certainly do. I've created a page on the Loftin Family Genealogy Website that I'm calling "Who Are They?". On this page, I will be displaying photos that I've gotten from cousins in my LOFTIN and GOBLE lineages - but they might just be photos from our other family lines such as Cranford, Beatty, Lomax, Douglas, Miller and so on. These same cousins inherited these photos from their parents and grandparents but unfortunately they have no idea the people in the photos are. I'd like to ask you to take a look at the new web page, look at the photos, look at the houses and backgrounds, and see if there is anyone you recognize. Then, if you do, email me. There are some really great photos that deserve a home, but that won't happen if they can't be identified. Here are a few samples. The 3 on the left came from a Goble cousin - the 3 on the right came from a Loftin cousin. Thanks for your help.

DNA Test

In the Fall of 2006, I (Curtis Loftin) took my first DNA test with Family Tree DNA and I upgraded the test on several occasions. Male DNA passes down from Grandfather, to Father, to Son, to Grandson, and so on, virtually unchanged from generation to generation. Over the years, Family Tree DNA continues to send me updated information and thus far I have matched male DNA from all over the world. The most significant matches were the "Loftins" that I connected to in other parts of the US - which also showed that our Loftin male DNA has not changed over the years. That was good to know because it showed that we were indeed "Loftins" and not some illegitimate lineage we knew nothing about. To find out more about this first DNA test, CLICK HERE.


In January of 2016, I took my second DNA test - this time with Ancestry.com. Unlike the Male-DNA-Test that I took with Family Free DNA, this test used the Autosomal part of my DNA and tests for "Ethnicity". Since the first Loftin to the US (Leonard Loftin) sailed from Kent, England before 1636, it has long been believed that our ethnicity was English. When the results of my DNA test came back, it confirmed that 64% of my DNA was England, Wales & Northwest Europe. The other parts of my ancestry were 19% Germanic Europe and 17% Ireland & Scotland. The results of this test changed several times with the most current results in Oct 2019.


In February of 2016, I decided to have Mom (Willie Goble Loftin) tested at Ancestry.com, too. This test is valid for everyone who descends from Martin Luther Goble and Beulah Vernesta Johnson since Mom carries their DNA. As it turns out, Mom was 75% England, Wales & Northwest Europe. She is also 19% Ireland & Scotland. We know that there is a Scottish connections since we have names in our lineage like Douglas, Hamilton, Johnson, Leslie and Lewis. We also learned that she had 2% Germanic Europe ancestry. The most surprising part of her test revealed that she was 3% Swedish. To find out more about Mom's Autosomal DNA Test, CLICK HERE, and scroll down the page until you find her portion of information.


We also decided to have my wife, Carolyn Weeks Loftin, tested at Ancestry.com. As it turns out, Carolyn is 96% England, Wales & Northwest Europe ancestry with a 2% ethnicity from Ireland & Scotland and 2% French ancestry. To find the other parts of her ethnicity, CLICK HERE. This test would be valid for anyone who descends from Albert Sidney Weeks and Viola Eason Weeks - including our children, grandchildren, Carolyn's brother, niece & nephew, and their children.



Loftin Descendancy Pages

The main descendancy page for the Loftin family on The Family Genealogy Website is called The Loftin Family Descendancy but there are also smaller pages with fewer names going through specific patriarchs of the Loftin Family. If you discover that your name or our family has been left out, email me with the information and I'll be glad to add it. The various Loftin descendancy pages are:

Loftin Descendancy Pages

Name of Page Birth & Death Spouse Link
Alonzo Lester Loftin Descendancy (1876 - 1937) 1. Cornelia Estelle Lowrance
2. Ida Lillian Setzer
Click Here
Eldridge Edward Loftin Descendancy (1782 - 1842) Mary Sherrill Click Here
James Loftin Descendancy (1768 - 1836) Susannah Sherrill Click Here
James Franklin Loftin Descendancy (1827 - 1864) Frances Elizabeth Fisher Click Here
Sam William Loftin Descendancy (1918 - 1979) Willie Aleen Goble Click Here
Thomas Loftin Descendancy (1798 - 1860) Sally Lavina Beatty Click Here
William Alexander Loftin Descendancy (1851 - 1939) Laura Rossie Cranford Click Here
The Loftin Family Descendancy 14 Generations Are you listed? Click Here

6 Generations of Loftin Men

All except for Alonzo carry the name "William"

(Left to Right) William Alexander Loftin, Alonzo Lester Loftin, Sam William Loftin, William Ray Loftin, William Ray Loftin Jr. and Nicholas William Loftin



My Own Personal Quest into Our Family Ancestry


I knew nothing about my family genealogy beyond my grandparents names before I began this study in September 2006.  Researching my family history became one of the most exciting, interesting and consuming hobbies I've ever had.  Researching them gave me a deeper look into their lives  and a connection with previous generations of ancestors that I would never have the privilege of meeting. I got to know them and felt connected to them.


As time passed I visited relatives, churches and cemeteries - spent hours in the genealogy department at the Catawba County Library as well as browsing through Ancestry.com and Roots Web - spent additional hours researching marriage licenses at the Catawba County Courthouse - connected with other family genealogy researchers -  and yet there is still so much more to do.  It just takes time.


As days turned into weeks, and weeks into months - and finally months into years, I found myself remembering stories that my parents and grandparents had told me when I was a child - many of which I had forgotten.  It was great to put additional substance to the old stories.


This web site will look at the ancestry lines of my grandparents, Alonzo Lester Loftin, Ida Lillian Setzer, Martin Luther Goble and Beulah Vernesta Johnson - and their ancestors before them. Eventually, I also added family lines, information and individual pages for my  wife Carolyn's family (Weeks and Eason), as well as the family lines for my son-in law Brad (Seese and Denniston) and my daughter-in-law Leslie (Robinson and Caldwell).


I've especially enjoyed finding photos of these distant relatives - as well as closer relatives like grandparents, aunts and uncles, and I'll share those through this web site as I continue to add new pages and new information.  There are also family trees pages with the names of our ancestors - such as Loftin, Setzer, Goble and Johnson - and you can connect to the other ancestral lines through each of these pages if you just follow the links.


My paternal grandfather Alonzo Lester Loftin died before I was born.  He died before my parents married. When I started my genealogy research in September 2006, I had never seen a photo of him and had just assumed there were none.  I was wrong.  Not only did I find several photos of Alonzo, I also found photos of his parents and siblings. Those are all posted on this website, too.


Alonzo Lester Loftin, sitting, with some men at the old Gold Mine Store prior to 1912

Thanks to Boyd and Becky Goble for sharing this photo with me. They actually found it in a antique store. What a coincidence.

Check out Alonzo's webpage

Alonzo Lester Loftin

Windows Media Player Movie about Alonzo
(4.51 minutes long, 4.20 MB)



Looking Back at an Amazing Heritage


The Loftin family has an amazing ancestral heritage - going back almost as far as the Pilgrims who arrived on the Mayflower.  Leonard "The Immigrant" Loftin/Laughton (b. Abt. 1610) arrived in the US before 1635 - less than 15 years after the arrival of the Mayflower in Plymouth, Massachusetts, in 1620.  Leonard was transported to the Colony of Virginia before 1636 by Mrs. Elizabeth Parker (Packer) from Kent, ENGLAND. He was indentured to to Mrs. Parker/Packer to pay for his transportation to the new world.


During the time in which Leonard served as an indentured servant, his social status in the colony was not much better than that of a slave.  Poor people in England who longed to improve their economical situation entered into a written agreement with families with money.  The agreement assured free passage to the colonies with a commitment to serve a period of from 5 to 7 years.  No pay was given for their services, but they received clothing, board and room.  At the end of the indenture, their employer was to provide them with two suits of clothing, two hoes and an axe.  With these meager items and a grant of 50 acres of land from the Colonial government, they were eventually free to make a life of their own.  Most of these indentured servants to Virginia were boys and young men.  Three out of four were between the ages of fifteen and twenty-four.


By October 1638, Leonard had worked off his indenture and acquired 200 acres of land in the Colony of Virginia.  This was an outstanding achievement - accomplished by hard work and determination.


DNA and Leonard Loftin


I've confirmed our Loftin DNA all the way back to James Loftin (b.1768) and Susannah Sherrill after my Male DNA Test in 2006 through Family Tree DNA.
Sometime after that, I connected with Phil Lofting in England via email who also took the Family Tree DNA test. We were hoping that his DNA test would show a connection with mine but after his results were in, it showed that we absolutely were not related.

One of the things I've learned about DNA testing, however, is that over time, as more and more data is collected, results of individual "autosomal" DNA testing may change. Because of the origin of Leonard's ship passage, it's long been believed that the Loftins' family origin is ENGLAND. In 2016 this was my conclusion: That might be so for some Loftins, but not for our family. When I did the autosomal Ancestry.com DNA TEST in 2016, the results showed that less than 1% of my DNA comes from Great Britain/England.


My 2016 Ancestry.com DNA TEST results showed that my ancestry was: 79% Western Europe (Germany, France, Netherlands, Switzerland), 10%  Iberian Peninsula (Spain, Portugal, France, Italy), 4% Ireland, 2% Scandinavia (Norway, Sweden, Denmark), 2% Caucasus (Iran, Iraq, Syria, Turkey, Jordan, Israel), 1% Northern Russia and <1% Great Britain.

In the Spring of 2019, after collecting lots of additional data, Ancestry.com changed the outcome of my 2016 DNA Test - and it was a major change. In 2016, I had <1% DNA that linked me to Great Britain/England, but after the the 2019 update it changed to 64% for Great Britian/England. Other markers indicated that my DNA also came from Ireland, Scotland, Wales 19% and Germanic Europe 17%. The rings from the Germanic Europe data also included small bits of Belgium, Denmark, France, Luxembourg, Netherlands and Switzerland. With the 2019 change, it is indeed still quite possible that our Leonard Loftin had English root.

If your check out the Surname Origin article on the bottom part of this page, you'll see that many of our family names do indeed come from England, Ireland, Scotland, Germany and even France.

The Goble family ancestral heritage is similar to that of the Loftins.  Thomas "The Immigrant" Goble (b. 1590, Westergate, ENGLAND, d. 29 Dec 1657, Concord, Massachusetts), along with his wife Alice, and son John (who was about 3 or 4-years-old at the time), paid for passage on one of the many ships (probably the Abigail, Hopewell or Lion) headed for "the colonies" and migrated to America (specifically Charleston, Massachusetts) about 1633 or early 1634.  This was less than 15 years after the Pilgrims had arrived on the Mayflower in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Charleston (or Charlestown) was first settled by English Colonists in 1628. The most famous conflict of the American Revolutionary War, the Battle of Bunker Hill (fought on June 17, 1775), occurred in Charlestown. American Colonists lost the battle but inflicted great damage to the British cause. 


Thomas and Alice Goble were admitted to the first Church of Charleston, Massachusetts, on 30 Aug 1634.  Thomas received his papers as a freeman on 03 Sep 1634 (at the General Court) and was granted four acres "planting ground on Newton (New Towne) Line" the same year.  To become a freeman meant to be granted citizenship and freedom to live in a city or borough.  Thomas eventually become a respected citizen of Charlestown.  He was a very wealthy man by the standards of the time and place, and consequently was more than likely very active in local government.


The Setzer family came to America about 100 years after the Loftins and the Gobles.  Research indicates that the earliest immigrant of the Setzer family to the US was Johannes Adam Setzer (b. Abt. 1710 in Heidelberg, GERMANY, d. Abt. 1808)  on the ship, "Patience" on 11 Aug 1750.  Johannes immigrated from Heidelberg, GERMANY, along with his six brothers.


Johannes' son, Jacob Setzer I, was born in 1730 in Heidelberg, GERMANY.  He settled in Catawba County by 1765 (at that time part of Lincoln County).  He is believed to have come to America, along with his brother, Michael, on Captain William Muir's ship "Brothers" from Rotterdam, Holland.  It is believed that Michael was also born in 1730 but it is not known if they were twins or not.  The ship landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on 26 Sep 1753.  Michael went west and Jacob came south almost immediately.


Jacob was a Physician and brought his medical books with him when he came to America.  He settled on the farm of Conrad Bovey (Poovey) near Newton, North Carolina.

View of castle from the Corn Market in Heidelberg, Germany
Christian Spannagel - CC BY-SA 2.0 - Link

The earliest Johnson I have found to date is Robert Johnson (b. 07 Jan 1778, Iredell Co., NC, d. 16 Mar 1864, Alexander Co, NC).  There is currently no indication who Robert's parents were or when the family emigrated to the US, but it's been suggested that his father was Adam JohnsonRobert married Mary Wilkinson and settled in Iredell County, NC.



Alonzo Lester Loftin (1876-1937)

Many of you, like me, are descendants of Alonzo Lester Loftin. Alonzo was born on 05 Feb 1876 in Catawba County, North Carolina. He was the oldest child of William Alexander Loftin and Laura Rossie Cranford. Alonzo had six siblings: Frances Ivey Loftin (born 19 Sep 1878), Zettie Wilson Loftin (born 25 May 1881), Arthur Lee Loftin (born 20 June 1884), W. Garland Loftin (born 23 May 1887), Hattie Pearl Loftin (born 09 Jul 1890) and Cordie Bland Loftin (born 26 Aug 1894). Alonzo met and married Cornelia “Nelia” Estelle Lowrance on 23 Dec 1894 in Catawba County, NC. Cornelia was the daughter of Henry Durant Lowrance  and Sarah Josephine Bost. Alonzo and Cornelia's marriage produced five children. Tragedy struck the young family in February 1904 when Cornelia died of pneumonia at the age of 28.  Cornelia’s mother, Sarah Lowrance, also died in February 1904.  Cornelia was buried at First Methodist Church in Catawba, NC, next to her parents, Henry and Sarah Lowrance. Alonzo was 27 at the time. After Cornelia’s death on11 Feb 1904, Alonzo was left alone to work and raise five small children all by himself.  Since he could not watch over them and work at the same time, it was suggested that he send them away to an orphanage in the township of Marion in McDowall County. With regret, Alonzo made the decision to send his children to the orphanage temporarily. Alonzo's parents, Alec & Laura Loftin, were not able to take in all 5 of their grandchildren, but they made the decision to retrieve Alonzo's baby girl, Verdie Lee, and bring her home with them. Alonzo quickly started looking for a new mother for his children.  Alonzo first met his second wife, Ida Lillian Setzer, at the Balls Creek Campground.  She was wearing a blue-tiered chiffon dress and when he saw her he said, "There goes the woman I’m gonna marry.”  Alonzo got up, pursued her, and eventually wed her.  Alonzo and Ida were married just a few months later on 05 Nov 1904. He was 28 years old and she was 20. Alonzo and Ida's marriage produced fourteen (or fifteen) children.     

(Left to Right) Alonzo & Cornelia Loftin wedding photo with his parents and siblings; Alonzo with sisters Frances & Zettie; Alonzo; Ida

Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and (1) Cornelia “Nelia” Estelle Lowrance
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Nannie May Loftin 08 Nov 1895 15 Jul 1982 Wade Vernon Martin
m. 1915
Lillie Stamey Loftin 06 Sep 1897 04 Aug 1988 [Never Married]
Roy Henry Loftin 27 Jul 1899 24 Jun 1972 Sarah Mae Morrow
m. 22 Jun 1925
Floye Hovis Loftin 26 Jul 1901 06 Jan 1973 William Ellers
Verdie Lee Loftin 07 Sep 1903 06 Mar 1993 (1) Fitzhugh Boggs
(2) Ralph Copeny
(3) Harold Yount
Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and (2) Ida Lillian Setzer
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Charlie Roosevelt Loftin 22 Oct 1905 30 Sep 1988 Edna Jones
Theodore Roosevelt Loftin 25 Dec 1906 20 Dec 1969 Fannie Marie Hoke
"Infant Son" Loftin 1908 1908 [Died in Infancy]
Sadie Elizabeth Loftin 08 Jun 1909 15 Dec 2007 (1) Paul Abraham Murray
(2) Vernon Asbury Lee
*Willie Thelma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 Nov 1977 (1) Dewey D. Connor
(2) Dewey M Lanier
*Callie Elma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 June 1992 John Henry Huffman
Sallie Allie Loftin 12 Sep 1913 10 Feb 1986 Glenn Clustus Lee
**Daisy Pearl Loftin 06 Jun 1914 07 Jan 1994 Ruel Franklin Herman
**"Infant Son 2" Loftin 06 Jun 1914 13 Jun 1914 [Died in Infancy]
Mike Whitener Loftin 18 Feb 1916 24 Feb 1949 Eleanor Carolyn Ervin
Sam William Loftin 13 May 1918 18 Sep 1979 Willie Aleen Goble
Oscar Sherrill Loftin 22 Oct 1920 22 Jul 1986 Annie Ruth Travis
*** "Infant Son 3" Loftin 26 Oct 1922 27 Oct 1922 [Died in Infancy]
Glennie Frances Loftin 13 Jul 1926 17 Sep 2015 Robert Alvin Cook
**** "Infant Son 4" Loftin 1928 1928 [Died in Infancy]
* Willie Thelma Loftin and Callie Elma Loftin were twins - born on 31 May 1911 in Catawba County, North Carolina.
**Daisy Pearl Loftin and "Infant Son 2" Were twins - born on 06 Jun 1914. "Infant Son 2" only lived a few days before his death.
*** The Catawba County Birth Index for the child, "Infant Son 3", shows that he was born 22 Oct 1922 (the same day and month as his older brother Oscar).  This child's Death Certificate shows that he died 27 Oct 1922 and that he lived for 1 day and 2 hours - so it's more likely that the child was born on 26 Oct 1922 - instead of 22 Oct 1922 as the Birth Index shows.  Cause of death was "malformation of upper air passage".
**** It's possible that this last "Infant Son" of Alonzo and Ida was born in 1927.  It is also possible that the grave marker for this "Infant Son" born in 1928 was incorrectly dated and should have been for the 1922 "Infant Son".


Loftin Family Reunion

What: Loftin Family Reunion
When: 3rd Sunday in May each year
Where: Catawba United Methodist Church, Family Life Center
Due to the coronavirus and the lockdowns from COVID-19, the Loftin family reunion was not held in 2020. All of the aunts and uncles
have now passed and many of the first cousins. There are still a few first cousins so hopefully the 2nd cousins will become more active in the futre.
It's your history. Don't loose it.
Barry Brotherton greets the Loftin Family and honors the oldest family members
(Left) The Sam William Loftin family; (Right) The Daughters of Arthur Lee Loftin, Lois, Helen, Marie & Bernice


The Ancestor Photo Quiz

How many of these family ancestors can you identify?  They come from many different branches of the family including: Loftin, Setzer, Goble, Johnson, Witherspoon, Miller, Gilleland, Cranford, Lowrance  and Aderholdt.
1 2 3 4 5 6  7  8  9
10  11  12 13 14 15 16 17

Here are a few hints:

1. Goble family - her maiden name was Douglas.  Click Here
 2. Setzer family - her maiden name was Witherspoon.  Click Here

3. Loftin family - her maiden name was Cranford.  Click Here

4. Goble family - he was the father of Martin, Otis & Rebecca.  Click Here
 5. Setzer family - he was a major land owner in Catawba County in 1860.  Click Here

6. Setzer family  - he is buried at Bethlehem Methodist Church Cemetery in Claremont.  Click Here

7. Setzer family - her maiden name was Aderholdt.  Click Here
8. Loftin family - he was the middle child and son son of "Alec" - married twice.  Click Here

9. Goble family - her maiden name was Miller.  Click Here

10. Loftin family - had brothers named Lafayette & Cromwell.  Click Here
11. Loftin family - her maiden name was Gilleland.  Click Here

12. Goble family - she's the mother of No. 4.  Click Here

13. Loftin family - youngest brother to Alonzo Loftin  Click Here
14. Setzer family - youngest daughter of Patrick & Margaret Setzer.  Click Here

15. Loftin family - Alonzo Loftin's 1st wife - she died from pneumonia at age 28.  Click Here

16. Loftin family - 3rd child of Wm. Alexander Loftin - married Charles Beatty.  Click Here
17. Loftin family - Oldest daughter of Alec & Laura Loftin married Wesley Drum.  Click Here


Surname Origins

I'm currently in the process of updating this Surname Origins Chart. This will continue to change and grow over time.

with Earliest Ancestor

James Cranford
?John Bushart
William Goble
?Robert Johnson
?Stephen Fisher
Elizabeth Robinson/Goble
William Sherwill
?Samuel Harwell
Richard Upright
Richard Upright
?Martin Johnson
(1620- )
Nicholas Laniere
Adam Lomax
(1711- )
William Sherwill
Richard Upright
Robert Washington
?Elizabeth Corzine/Sherrill
?Conrad Bovey
Michael Faber
Elizabeth Corzine/Sherrill
Lanier? Bushart
?John Bushart
Hans Diebolt Motz
?Stephen Fisher
Jacob Aderhold
Michael Faber
Daniel David Fink
Hans Heinrich Reutzel
Wilhelm Behringer
Hans Vollbrecht
?Benedikt Kaiser
?John Bushart
Melchoir Hefner
Johann Simon Diehl
Emanuel Meinhert
?Johann Dietrich Heavner
George Muller
Hans Herrmann
Johann the Younger Bapst
?Peter Ikert
George Muller
Johannes Adam Setzer
Robert Givens
William Lewis
?John Beatty
?Peter Ikert
?Walter Douglas
James Hamilton
Givens Pettigrew
James Petigru
(1613-1??? )
?James Q. Leslie
Samuel Matthew McCorkle
?James Rankin
Angus Harvey Wilkinson
John Witherspoon
Benedikt Kaiser
(1527-1??? )
Benedikt Kaiser
Additional Information about Family Origins
There are some surnames that frequently show up in Jewish ancestry, but I have yet to find a Jewish connection with any of these names.
They are: Fink (J), Fisher (L), Herman (L), Kaiser (L) and Miller (G)
Those names with a Question Mark ? before them have questionable ancestral origin yet those names are typically identified with the country listed.


Ministers/Preachers/Clergy in the Family


I created a CLERGY page back in November of 2013 that highlights ancestors and relatives of the various family lines who have been licensed, ordained or served as ministers.  I also included those who served in the mission field.  I know that there are many other ministers and missionaries in the family whose names and information I do not have.  This is where I need your help.


What do I need?  I need (1) the person/ancestor's name, (2) who their parents & grandparents were, (3) when and where they served - including dates & names of churches, etc., "if possible".  A photo would also be great - if you have a scanned (or digital) photo.


You can see what I have thus far by checking out the CLERGY page.

Psalm 37:18 The LORD knows the days of the upright and their inheritance will be forever.


Murray's Mill Harvest Folk Festival


Murray's Mill has played a part in the lives of those who live in Catawba, NC, for over a hundred years. In its earliest days, our ancestors brought their wheat and corn to the mill to have it ground into flour and cornmeal.


In the Autumn of each year Murray's Mill has an annual Harvest Festival in September (Saturday & Sunday).  The Harvest Folk Festival celebrates Catawba County’s agricultural heritage with an array of exhibits and traditional food preparation demonstrations.  Additional activities frequently included: Molasses Making, Bee Keeping, Animal Exhibits, Petting Zoo, Gold Panning, Civil War Reenactment, Apple Cider Making, Quilting, Blacksmith, Steam Engines, Farm Machinery, Corn Shucking & Corn Shelling, Butter & Apple Butter Making and Storytelling. There are usually Craftsmen selling their wares, lots of food & drink, Pottery exhibits and Catawba Valley Woodcarvers. The John Murray House is open for tours and the Murray & Minges General Store is also open. The Mill itself is in operation and open for you to tour during this time. Be sure to check out our Murray's Mill page.


I especially enjoyed the Civil-War re-enactors, the Antique Car Show and the Antique Tractor Show.  My wife, Carolyn, loved the crafts - quilt making and old-fashioned lace making. 



Balls Creek Campmeeting


Catawba County, NC, is steeped with lots of yearly opportunities and traditions - none more exciting than spending some time at the Balls Creek Campground.  The campground was established in August 1853 and the Loftins were there from the very beginning. The Loftin family (as well as Setzer and Goble) has a long honored tradition of "tenting" at the campground, attending worship services, and visiting with family and friends while there.

On 29 Sep 2019, there was a large fire at the campground that engulfed many of the tents. It's still not clear if it was accidental or or purpose.
Many tents were re-built for Campmeeting 2020 and others should be completed by 2021.
It's a cultural and family heritage that we do NOT want to loose.
To see the new webpage devoted to the Balls Creek Campground
and read about the family history associated with it - CLICK HERE


The American Civil War,
Revolutionary War, World War I, World War II, Korean War, Viet Nam,
Gulf War, Etc. & Those Who Served


The Family Genealogy Website has a great Civil War page, but that's not the only war that we've had family members to fight and die in.  I've created several new pages to honor those in our families who have served in the various branches of the military.  The military pages include Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the War on Terror.  I've added photos and information about family members and ancestors who have served in these wars - but only the one that I know about.


I need your help to improve these various pages. If you know of family members who served in the military - let me know.  Email me using the email address at the bottom of this page or call me at 828-241-2233.


Thomas Loftin had one son, James Franklin Loftin, by his first marriage to Sally Lavinia Beatty.  After Viney's death on 30 May 1829, Thomas married Margaret Fisher about 1830 and had five more sons, William A. Loftin, David Loftin, Jackson Loftin, Eli Anderson Loftin and William Pinkney Loftin. William A. Loftin (age 28), William Pinkney Loftin (age 19) and Eli Anderson Loftin (age 16) enlisted in the Confederate army on o6 Jul 1861. William A. died four months later on 20 Oct 1861 from disease. According to "The Catawba Soldier", William Pinkney died exactly three months later on at Fairfax Station from disease. Eli Anderson was shot in the knee at Gettysburg on 01 Jul 1863 and lost his left leg, which was cut off half-way between the knee and hip.  He lay on the battlefield several days and nights, not being moved until after the battles of Gettysburg were all over.  The leg was removed by a surgeon on the field.  His was the only limb lost by Company F.  He was transferred to General Hospital, Baltimore, Maryland, on 03 Nov 1863, then moved to the Point Lookout Hospital in Maryland on 12 Jan 1864.  He was exchanged and admitted to Chimborazo Hospital in Richmond, VA, on 04 May 1864 and finally back in NC at the hospital in Salisbury by November/December 1864.


With a wife and several small children at home, James Franklin did not enter the war when his half-brothers enlisted in 1861. James Franklin Loftin enlisted and entered the Civil War as part of the Confederacy on 03 Mar 1862 as a Private at the age of 35/36.  He served with the 49th Reg., Company I of NC troops and was described in the Catawba Soldier, p. 306, as “a fine, cheerful and kindly disposed soldier.”  It has been said by the family that when James Franklin went off to war, his son William Alexander was just tall enough to harness the horse to the plow.  James Franklin was listed as present with the group of troops from May thru December 1863, as well as March thru June 1864.  According to his granddaughter, Cordie Loftin Wilson, as he was preparing to leave home after his last visit, he remarked that he would never return and did not want Elizabeth to remarry. James Franklin Loftin was killed in action near Drewry’s Bluff, VA., on 16 May 1864.  The headstone of Franklin's wife, Elizabeth, at Center Methodist Church in Catawba County, North Carolina, gives his death date as 16 May 1864.  Confederate Records list his death date as 16 Jul 1864 and states that he was "killed in action" at Drewry's Bluff.  Since the actual date of the battle was 16 May 1864, it seems more logical that his death date was indeed 16 May 1864.

William Able Setzer, Jacob Harvey Setzer, John Wilburn Setzer and Henry Theodore Setzer, Uriah Franklin Sherrill and David Newton McCorkle

All seven sons of Jacob Lanier Setzer and Delilah Deal Setzer served in the Civil War. Marcus Elkanah (age 32), William Able (age 26), Jacob Harvey (age 25), Noah Monroe (age 22), John Wilburn (age 22), Patrick Sylvanus (age 19), and Henry Theodore (age 16) enlisted as part of the Confederate army, leaving Jacob with a large farm and no sons to help run it. Noah Monroe "Joe" Setzer, age 22, seems to have been the first of Jacob's son's to enlist in the Confederate army.  Noah joined Company A, 12th Regiment on 27 Apr 1861. The other brothers joined in 1862. Patrick Sylvanus Setzer was taken Prisoner of War at Rappahannock Station on 07 November 1863, at the age of 20, and was confined on 11 November 1863 at Point Lookout, MD, a prison camp for Confederate prisoners of war. William Able Setzer, age 28, was wounded during battle, captured and carried to Point Lookout where he was retained for sixteen months.  His brother, Henry Theodore Setzer, age 17, was also a POW for 16 months at Point Lookout, as was Marcus Elkanah Setzer, age 33.  Jacob Harvey Setzer, age 26, was captured at Rappahannock Station, VA and died in the hospital at Point Lookout.  Marcus Elkanah Setzer also died during the war on 21 Mar 1865 at the age of 34. 


Uriah Franklin Sherrill, son of Henderson & Mahala Long Sherrill, was born in 1835.  His father, a prominent farmer, had represented Catawba County in the legislature.  Uriah Franklin Sherrill was a fine looking young man; he was a splendid school teacher as recorded by M. O. Sherrill.  When the "Cry of War" went through the land for volunteers, Uriah was among the first to respond; he joined the Catawba Rifles, the first Company organized in old Catawba in April 1861, before reaching his 27th year.  He was elected First Lieutenant and was with the Company at Norfolk, VA.  While at Norfolk he became sick and on the 3rd day of September 1861 he died.  He was the first confederate soldier from Catawba County who sacrificed his life on the alter of his country. 


David Newton McCorkle (son of Francis Marion McCorkle, Jr. and Elizabeth Mariah Abernathy) enlisted in the 23rd NC Infantry, Company F, during the Civil War, and served as a Sergeant.  David died at Banner Hospital in Richmond, VA, on 09 Jan 1862 of Typhoid Fever.  His wife, Rhoda Smith, is reported to have traveled to Virginia to retrieve his body and bring him back to North Carolina.

To learn more about relatives and ancestors who have served in the military, be sure to visit the various webpages: Revolutionary War, Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the Gulf War and the War on Terror.


Callie Elma Loftin Huffman & Willie Thelma Loftin Lanier


Barbara Turbyfill Huffman (Mrs. Hal Davis Huffman), daughter-in-law of John Henry Huffman and Callie Elma Loftin shared this great photo of Elma and her twin sister Willie Thelma Loftin with me. Be sure to check out Elma and Thema's pages, as well as the page for Twins in the Family.


Callie Elma Loftin and her twin sister Willie Thelma Loftin



Frances Ivy Loftin Drum


Several years ago, I had the opportunity to connect with 2nd cousin Dee Dee Drum Jordan (our fathers, Garvin Loftin Drum and Sam William Loftin, were 1st cousins).  Dee Dee is the only granddaughter of Frances Ivey Loftin and John Wesley Drum.  Frances was a sister to Alonzo Lester Loftin, Arthur Lee Loftin, W. Garland Loftin, Zettie Wilson Loftin Beatty, Hattie Pearl Loftin and Cordie Bland Loftin Wilson and was the daughter of William Alexander Loftin and Laura Rossie Cranford.  Dee Dee provided numerous wonderful photos and information on her branch of the family.  There's even a new photo of Alonzo's daughter Floye Hovis Loftin Ellers.  Thanks Dee Dee.


Check out all the photos and information on the Frances Ivey Loftin Drum webpage



Oliver Cromwell Loftin


A while back, I had the opportunity to connect with another cousin - Cecelia Burr - when she emailed me.  Cecelia is the Great Granddaughter of Oliver Cromwell Loftin.  Oliver Cromwell Loftin, nicknamed "Crum" according to my Dad (Sam William Loftin), was a son to James Franklin Loftin and Frances Elizabeth Fisher and a brother to William Alexander Loftin.  Cecelia shared a great photo of Oliver and his second wife Zettie, as well as many of their children.

(Left) The Oliver Cromwell Family; (Right) Bidwell Loftin

Eva McAlister, Birdie McAlister, Bidwell Loftin, Roy Loftin, Maude Loftin, Lucy McAlister
Ervin McAlister, Oliver Cromwell Loftin holding Mabel Loftin, Zettie holding Ada Loftin, Ada McAlister, Ruth Loftin



Trip to Israel


Curtis & Carolyn Loftin took their second trip to ISRAEL in October 2011.  Traveling with a small group of 20 friends, they toured from the Golan Heights & the Sea of Galilee area in the north - to Jerusalem, Qumran and the Dead Sea in the south.  Curtis took over 3000 photos and has uploaded the best of them to the internet.  CLICK HERE to see photos and videos from the 12-day trip.

Masada in the Southern Part of Israel
"We didn't visit Masada on our 2005 trip to Israel. This particular excursion began when we took a cable car to the top of the vista. Visiting the ancient ruins and walking down the back side of the mountain was one of my favorite parts of this particular trip."
(Left) Curtis & Carolyn atop the Mt. of Olives overlooking the Old City of Jerusalem
(Righ) Curtis & Carolyn with friends Duke & Myrl Peeler and Susan Miles in front of the Eastern Gate
Curtis with the men at the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem at Night
(Left to Right) Chuck Anthony, Duke Peeler, Gideon Anthony, Jeff Boyle, Curtis Loftin, Danny, Doug Williams and Paul Miles
If you love ISRAEL like we do - and the GOD of Israel - you'll enjoy the photos and videos: CLICK HERE
Every one should go to Israel. The land and the Bible come alive when you do. My wife, Carolyn Loftin, and I had the opportunity to go twice.
I regret that due to age we'll not be able to go again.


Curtis D. Loftin Family Vacation Log

Loftin Family Vacation Log
Photos and videos from our family travels over the years:
Ashboro Zoo, NC - Big Red Boat Cruise, FL - Biltomre Estate, NC - Cancun, Mexico - Disney World, FL - Disney Cruise, FL
Gatlinburg, TN - Grand Canyon, AZ - Helen, GA - Israel - Las Vegas, NV- Outer Banks, NC

The Grand Canyon
Arizona - 2006



The Dodd Family


I created several new webpages for the Dodd family.  Dr. William Edward Dodd, Sr. (b.1869, d. 1940) was the first US Ambassador to Germany during the 1930s when Adolf Hitler's rose to power.  Ambassador Dodd served in Berlin and even spoke with Hitler on several occasions. This is worth the read, even if you don't connect to the Dodd family. This is for my wife's family, children and grandchildren.


I also created a webpage for Ambassador Dodd's daughter, Martha Eccles Dodd (b. 1908, d. 1990). What makes Martha especially interesting is her "colorful" lifestyle in Berlin when her father was serving as ambassador. She also became a Soviet Union spy, with several code-names like "Liza" and "Juliet 2'. 

(Left) Martha Eccles Dodd, William Dodd, Jr., Ambassador William Edward Dodd, Sr. and Mattie Dodd
(Right) Ambassador Dodd, center, with other prominent world representatives in Germany at the time
Ambassador is sitting on the left side of the upper section while Hitler sits front center


My Granddaughters


I'm (Curtis Loftin) in the process of working on webpages to showcase photos of my granddaughters through the years.


The Savanna 2008, Savanna 2009, Savanna 2010, Savanna 2011, Savanna 2012, Savanna 2013, Savanna 2014 and Savanna 2015 pages are also completed - as have pages through 2020.  The Ali 2008, Ali 2009, Ali 2010, Ali 2011, Ali 2012, Ali 2013, Ali 2014, and Ali 2015 pages are completed - as have the pages through 2020.  Savanna and Alexandria are the daughters of Brad & Beth Loftin Seese.  Savanna & Alexandria were involved in dance for about 10 years.  Their dance photos from 2012 are also completed: Savanna - 2012 Dance and Alexandria - 2012 Dance.


I've updated the webpages for our youngest granddaughter, Kayli.  The following pages can be viewed:  Kayli - Year 2012, Kayli - Year 2013, Kayli - Year 2014, Kayli - Year 2015 - as well as the pages through 2020.  Kayli is the daughter of Philip & Leslie Robinson Loftin.


I finally got "most" of our old family videos for the past 40+ years converted and uploaded so they can be shared with family and friends.  Check them out on the new page Videos - Curtis Loftin Family. I've also added pertinent videos to the various pages for Philip Daniel Loftin and Elizabeth Ann Loftin Seese.  These are really just for the family, but you're welcome to take a look, too.

Kayli in 2015 and 2016
Since Kayli's father is a wonderful photographer, computer whiz and Star Wars fan,
you shouldn't be surprised to see these great 2018 photos.
Alexandria and Savanna in August 2015
Short Video of Savanna & Ali at Murray's Mill
Curtis Loftin Family Studio Photos


Webpages You Might Find Interesting

For some of you, this might be your first time to visit our family genealogy website. For others, you may have been here many times before. Regardless, since this website has over 700 pages, and about 50 different family name, I'd like to make a few recommendations for pages you might find interesting. Enjoy.
  Name   Name   Name   Name   Name  
  Bunker Hill Covered Bridge   Civil War Reenactment   Family Surnames   Interesting Stories   Slavery  
  Cars: My Miata Story   Claremont, NC   Find-A-Grave   Loftin Locations   Stories of Faith  
  Catawba Station   Dodd, Ambassador William E.   Hamilton Letters   Murder, Mayhem & Mystery   Washington, G.  
  Catawba County History   Family Cookbook   Hart's Square   Notable Relatives   Where to Find 'Em  
  Cemeteries   Family Letters: Willie G. Loftin   Homes   Royal Lineage   WWI  
  Civil War   Family Relationships   Humor: Genealogy   Scrapbook 1940   WWII  


Long Life Satisfied


In the process of working with family records, I realized just how many of our ancestors lived to be 80 years old or even older and thought it would be nice to create a webpage with that information for the four main branches of our family - Loftin, Setzer, Goble & Johnson. The page is called Long Life Satisfied, based on the Scripture from Psalm 91. If you know of family members who lived to be at least 80 and are not listed on this page, please contact me and share the information.

Psalm 91
He that dwelleth in the secret place of the Most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
  WITH LONG LIFE WILL I SATISFY HIM and shew him my salvation.


Gone Too Soon


I created this web page to share interesting stories of members of the family who have died from unusual circumstances.  The page is called Gone Too Soon and is divided into four sections for the four main branches of our family - Loftin, Setzer, Goble and Johnson.  There are stories about ancestors/relatives who died from pneumonia, typhoid fever, hanging, drowning, suicide, scalping, automobile accidents, Civil War deaths, World War I deaths and much more.  Check it out.  There are some interesting stories.



Deaths In The Family





I try to post information when there is a death in the family but sometimes it's days and even months later before I find out about some deaths. If you'll let me know about deaths in the family, I'll gladly post them on the website - here and also on the current NEWS page.

Deaths in the Family
Name Age Birth Death Parents Lineage
Joyce White Setzer Campbell 89 1931 05 Mar 2021 Husband: Hubert Max Setzer
Parents: Fret & Pauline Setzer White
Douglas McArthur Bumgarner 78 1942 02 Jan 2021 Carl Daggett Bumgarner and Fannie Ethel Goodman Bumgarner
Wife: Janice Lee Bumgarner
Marcella Lee Wike 82 1938 25 Dec 2020 Glenn & Allie Loftin Lee Loftin
Randy Carlton Abernathy 71 1949 07 Jun 2020 Paul Edward Abernathy & Betty Jo Loftin Abernathy
Wife: Jeanne Bolick Abernathy
William Clifton Eggers II 92 1927 19 Jun 2020 William Clifton Eggers Sr & Josephone Newton Eggers
Wife: Elgevia Goble Eggers
Wayne Clifton Goble 71 1948 16 Jan 2020 Harlee Goble & Alean Helms Goble
Wife: Nancy Cline Goble
Louise Lee Hoyle 87 1932 10 Mar 2020 Glenn & Allie Loftin Lee Loftin
Howard Aleander Smith 94 1925 09 Mar 2020 Howard A. Smith Sr & Nadean Justus Smith Whitworth
Wife: Wadine Martin Smith
Wayne Clifton Goble 71 1948 16 Jan 2020 Harlee Goble & Alean Helms Goble Goble
Gerald Ray Loftin 60 1959 09 Nov 2019 Paul Roosevelt Loftin and Mildred Allen Loftin Loftin
Robin Mechelle Loftin Howard 56 1962 20 Aug 2019 Daughter of Theodore Davis Loftin and Lou Mayhew Loftin
Granddaughter of Theodore Roosevelt Loftin
Gerald "Jerry" Lee Williamson 70 2048 20 Jan 2019 Husband of Pamela "Pam" Loftin Williamson Loftin
Sarah Gaye Loftin Clevenger 56 1962 27 Nov 2018 Larry Loftin Sr. & Sarah Fain Wolz Loftin
Wife of Mike Clevenger
Jay David Setzer 67 1952 07 Nov 2018 J.D.  & Joyce Murray Setzer Setzer/
Sue Cooke Loftin 86 1931 15 Feb 2018 Wife of Wayne Morrow Loftin Loftin
Willie Aleen Goble Loftin 92 1925 06 Feb 2018 Martin Luther Goble & Beulah Vernesta Johnson Goble
Husband: Sam William Loftin
Larry Henry Loftin, Sr. 81 1927 01 Feb 2018 Roy Henry Loftin & Mae Morrow Loftin Loftin
Loretta Ann Huffman Harris Hiatt 79 1938 12 Jan 2018 John Henry Huffman & Callie Elma Loftin Loftin
Carl Henry "Bud" Goble 78 1939 07 Jan 2018 James Henry "Legs" Goble & Nina Eades
Wife: Marie Chandler Goble
Michael David Loftin 56 1961 10 Aug 2017 Davis Loftin & Lou Mayhew Loftin
Wife: Dawn Martin Loftin
Spencer Rouse Cranford, Jr. 87 1930 17 Jul 2017 Spencer Rouse Cranford, Sr. & Thelma May Collins
Wife: Dale Brown
Norma Cook Stewart 66 1950 03 Oct 2016 Alvin & Frances Loftin Cook Loftin
Judy Diane Goble Williamson 71 1944 03 Sep 2016 J.C. Goble & Ada Eades Goble
Rebecca "Becky" McRee Goble 70 1945 11 Nov 2015 Robert & Carolyn Deal McRee
Husband: Boyd Goble
Kenneth Wayne "Bud" Goble 72 1943 24 Apr 2016 J.C. Goble & Ada Eades Goble
Vincent Edgar "Eddie" Bryson 96 1920 13 Mar 2016 Wife: Yvonne Loftin Bryson Loftin
Frances Loftin Cook 89 1926 17 Sep 2015 Alonzo Lester Loftin & Ida Lillian Setzer Loftin
Denelda Setzer Reese 72 1942 2015 Ernest Setzer & Johnsie Connor Setzer
Cecil Schronce 79 1936 2015 Jesse Robert Schronce & Zora Lee Clark
Wife: Brenda Goble Isenhour
Zettie Marie Loftin Robinson 104 1910 2015 Arthur Lee Loftin & Josephine Gilleland Loftin
Wayne Jackson Martin 76 1938 2015 Roy & Sallie Mae Martin
Wife: Elaine Lee Martin
Lois Loftin Mundy 106 1908 2015 Arthur Lee Loftin & Josephine Gilleland Loftin
Wayne Morrow Loftin 84 1930 27 May 2015 Roy Henry Loftin & Mae Morrow Loftin Loftin
Joyce Murray Setzer 86 1928 22 Dec 2014 Paul Murray & Sadie Loftin Lee Loftin
Carmen Nichols Loftin 91 1923 22 Sep 2014 Husband: Larry Henry Loftin Loftin
Helen Josephine Loftin White 88 1926 24 Jul 2014 Arthur Lee Loftin & Josephine Gilleland
Husband: Willard White
Johnnie Miles Simmons 73 1941 08 Jun 2014 Frank Simmons & Myrtle Setzer Simmons
Wife: Elaine Simmons
Jeremy Scott Brown 24 1990 25 May 2014 Eric Brown & Wendi Rockett Oliver
Great-Grandparents: Bill Eggers & Elgevia Goble Eggers
Oscar Sherrill "Bubber" Loftin, Jr. 64 1947 25 Mar 2014 Oscar "Os" Sherril Loftin
& Annie Ruth Travis


Mama's Death


LOFTIN, Willie Aleen Goble

[CATAWBA, NC] Willie Aleen Goble Loftin, age 92, of Catawba, NC, passed away Tuesday, 06 Feb 2018, in Lincolnton, NC. Born 04 Dec 1925 in Iredell County, NC, Willie was the daughter of the late Martin Luther Goble and Beulah Vernesta "Nessie" Johnson Goble.
Willie started "boarding socks" in a local hosier mill when she was 15 and worked in that industry until she was in her 50s. At the age of 54, she became head custodian at Catawba Middle School and worked there for 9 years blessing everyone with her friendly smile. After retiring from Catawba Middle, Willie went to work as a Door-Greeter at K-Mart and worked there until she was 70.
Willie loved reading her Bible, reading Christian romance, listening to the Gaither Homecoming videos, working puzzles and spending time with her family.
In addition to her parents, Willie was preceded in death by her husband of 38 years, Sam William Loftin; a son, William Ray Loftin, Sr.; and 11 siblings, Mae Johnson Baldwin, Ethel Goble Sharp, Lewis Goble, James "Leggs" Goble, J.C. Goble, Harlee Goble, Fannie Elizabeth "Lib" Goble Isenhour, Mary Helen Goble Sigmon, Estelene Goble, Doris Goble, and 3 unnamed siblings who died in infancy.
Willie is survived by a son, Curtis Loftin and his wife Carolyn of Catawba; a daughter-in-law, Diane Self Loftin of Conover; a sister, Elgevia Goble Eggers and her husband Bill of Maiden; 6 grandchildren, Beverly Loftin, William Ray Loftin Jr. and his wife Kay of Conover, Chief Eric Loftin and his wife Suzanne of Conover, Crystal Loftin Huffman and her husband Chad of Granite Falls, Beth Loftin Seese and her husband Bradley of Conover, and Philip Loftin and his wife Leslie of Newton; 11 great-grandchildren, Brandon Kale, Nicholas Loftin, Channing Loftin, Matthew Loftin, Luke Loftin, Grace Loftin, Anthony Burgin II, Justin Burgin, Savanna Seese, Alexandria Seese and Kayli Loftin; 2 great-great-grandchildren, Aiden Kale and Dawson Burgin; numerous nieces and nephews.
There will be a receiving at Burke Mortuary in Newton on Thursday, 08 Feb 2018 from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Funeral services will be conducted at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church, 1786 Mathis Church Rd, Catawba, NC 28609 on Friday at 2:00 p.m. with Pastor Travis Trip and Rev. Paul Schronce officiating, followed by graveside services.



"There will never be but ONE "Mama". I miss you every day, Mom. "
- Curtis -


"Long Long Ago"


Life has numerous joys as you pass from childhood to adulthood and beyond.  As you get older you take great joy in remembering the simple things from your childhood.  June Bugs on a string, Lightening Bugs in a jar, making hats from leaves attached to each other by small sticks,  collecting acorns and the dried shell-like skins of cicadas, visiting Grandpa and Grandma, were all simple forms of entertainment for me, as they would have been for my ancestors when they were children.


Theme Music, "Long Long Ago" by Thomas Haynes Bayly

Tell me the tales that to me were so dear,
Long, long ago, long, long ago,
Sing me the songs I delighted to hear,
Long, long ago, long ago,
Now you are come all my grief is removed,
Let me forget that so long you have roved.
Let me believe that you love as you loved,
Long, long ago, long ago.

This song was written in 1833 by English songwriter and dramatist, Thomas Haynes Bayly (1797-1839). It was not published until ten years later, after Bayly had died.  It achieved instant popularity and was the most popular song in America in 1843.



Website Updates


The Family Genealogy Website has a very useful page called NEWS.  It spans the years from 2009 to this current year and month. This page was created to let you know the current pages that I have been working on, as well as any new pages.  This link will take you there.  The link can also be found in the upper left corner of this page.  Thanks for your continued support.

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From 2008 to 2013, I shared the same type of information on a page that was called "Recent Updates".  This is the link if you want to check it out.

RECENT UPDATES (2008 - 2013)



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Thanks to all who have preceded me in working on these genealogy connections.
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