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Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks



Born: 25 Dec 1904, Sampson County, NC
Died:  21 Jun 1960, Raleigh, Wake County, NC


Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks was born in Sampson County, North Carolina, on 25 Dec 1904.  He was the fourth child of James Henry Weeks and Mattie Byrn Harrell (James Henry's third wife.

Everyone who knew Al commented on his smile; in fact,
his nickname was "Smiley" to all of his friends.  He was known as a very generous person - someone who would give you the shirt off of his back.  He was loved by all who knew him.
The 1910 Census shows James H. Weeks and his third wife Mattie B. Harrell living in the Piney Grove Township of Sampson County, NC. They had been married for eleven years.  The census indicates that Mattie had born seven children, but only five were still living.  Children listed on the census were Arthur, Addie, Nola, Albert and James H. Jr.  Several of the names were misspelled: Albert was listed as Albet; Arthur was listed as Arther. The census also incorrectly shows James' age as 19 instead of 11 (He was born 06 May 1899).

1910 Sampson County, NC Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S
Kids Trade Read Write
Last First Born Living
Weeks James H. Head M W 55 M3 11     Farmer Yes Yes
------ Mattie B. Wife F W 28 M1 11 7 5 Home Yes Yes
------ Arther J. Son M W 11 S       Farm
Yes Yes
------ Addie M. Dau F W 7 S       Home Yes Yes
------ Nola B. Dau F W 6 S       Home Yes Yes
------ Albert Son M W 5 S       Home    
------ James H. Jr. Son M W 3 S       Home    
Harrell James R. Head M W 39 M1 13     Farmer Yes Yes
----- Mettie Wife F W 28 M1 13 6 5 Home Yes Yes
----- Mamie Dau F W 11 S       Home Yes Yes
----- Mary Dau F W 7 S       Home Yes Yes
----- Milford Son M W 5 S       Home    
----- Gurthry Son M W 2 S       Home    
----- Sallie Dau F W 6/12 S       Home    
----- Sallie Mother F W 68 W       Home Yes Yes

James Henry Weeks& Mattie Byrn Harrell Weeks


The James Henry Weeks family was living near the James Rufus Harrell family.  James was the brother of Mattie B. Harrell Weeks.  Their mother, Sallie King Harrell, was living with James Harrell and his wife.  There were five children in this family.

In the 1920 census shows the James Henry Weeks family living on Goshen Church Road, in the Piney Grove Township of Sampson County, NC.  On this census, enumerated on February 7-9, Arthur, Addie and Nola were no longer living at home; Albert's name was spelled correctly.  Three additional siblings were now included in the family list: Melvin Wade, Thelma Louise and Martin Luther. They owned the home free of mortgage.  Albert was 14.


1920 Sampson County, NC Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S
Birth Trade
Last First Own
Weeks James H. Head O F M W 66 M Yes Yes NC Farmer
----- Mattie B. Wife     F W 40 M Yes Yes NC Home
----- Albert S. Son     M W 14 S Yes Yes NC Farm
----- James H. Jr. Son     M W 12 S Yes Yes NC Farm Laborer
----- Melvin W. Son     M W 7 S     NC Home
----- Thelma L. Dau     F W 4 2/12 S     NC Home
----- Martin L. Son     M W 2 11/12 S     NC Home
Weeks Bascom K. Head O M M W 35 M Yes Yes NC Farmer
----- Lillie M Wife     F W 33 M Yes Yes   Home
----- Lacy F. Son     M W 11 S Yes Yes   Home
----- James G. Son     M W 9 S       Home
----- Gordon B. Son     M W 6 S        
----- Johnnie C Son     M W 4 7/12 S        
In 1920, the James Henry Weeks family was living near the family of Bascom Kenion Weeks.  Bascom was the sixth child born to James Henry Weeks and his second wife Sarah Adelaide Robinson - and a half-brother to Albert.
Children of James Henry Weeks and Mattie Byrn Harrell
Name Birth Death Spouse
Arthur James Weeks 06 May 1899
Sampson Co, NC
29 Oct 1976
Mt. Olive, Wayne Co, NC
Lydie Sutton
m. 12 Nov 1917
Addie Mae Weeks 05 May 1900
Sampson Co, NC
26 Jun 1924
Goldsboro, Wayne Co, NC
William Evey Godwin
Nola Brown Weeks 21 Apr 1903
Sampson Co, NC
03 Mar 1989
Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC
(1) Clyde James Sutton
m. 13 Jun 1918
(2) Steve King
Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks 25 Dec 1904
Sampson Co, NC
21 Jun 1960
Raleigh, Wake Co, NC
(1) Coleen Jordan
m. 28 Dec 1935
(2) Viola Eason
m. 01 Apr 1941
James Henry Weeks, Jr. 17 Apr 1907
01 May 1967
Princeton Johnston, Boon Hill, NC
(1) Ruby Tart
(2) Callie/Ella Bowden
Melvin Wade Weeks 16 May 1913
Sampson Co, NC
23 Apr 1984
Mt Olive, Wayne, NC
Katie Louise Thigpen
m. 22 Jan 1938
Thelma Louise Weeks 01 Nov 1915
Sampson Co, NC
12 Sep 1981
Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC
Bruce McArthur
m. 15 Apr 1937
Martin Luther Weeks 07 Feb 1919
Goshen, Sampson Co, NC
28 Nov 1984
Micro, Johnston Co, NC
Zelda Ray Killingsworth
m. 12 Jan 1946
Robert B. Weeks 15 May 1922
Sampson Co, NC
11 Sep 1922
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
[Died in Infancy]
Cleaford Earl Weeks 08 Aug 1924
Sampson Co, NC
30 Oct 2011 Nell Porter
m. 05 Apr 1942

The Weeks Reunion 1943
(Left to Right) Cleaford, Nola, Arthur, James, Albert, Thelma and Melvin


Albert was one of 21 children born to James Henry Weeks
(Below) Albert with some of his siblings

(Left to Right) Half-sister Emma Verona Weeks Sutton (1885 - 1965) & husband Timothy Owen Sutton; brother Arthur James Weeks (1899 - 1976), half-sister Estelle G. Weeks Sutton (1889 - 1966, Mrs. James A. Sinclair); Albert; sister Nola Brown Weeks (1903 - 1989, Mrs. Clyde James Sutton); and half-sister Liona Franklin Weeks (1879 - 1951, Mrs. Algia A. Lindsay)
Both of Albert's parents died prior to 1930.  James Henry Weeks dies 29 Mar 1926; Mattie Byrn Harrell Weeks d. 08 Aug 1924.  The 1930 Census shows Albert living on his own in the Faison Township of Duplin County.  (This was the next county to the east).  Albert was single, renting and working on a farm.
[Remaining Family - (1)Two brothers are shown living in the same household in 1930 in Brodgen Township of Wayne Co, NC.  James Henry Jr, age 23, with his wife Kelly, age 24, married 2 years, their son James W., age 6/12, and James Henry's brother Melvin, age 19.  (2)Thelma and Martin Luther were living at the Methodist Orphanage in Raleigh according to the 1930 Wake/Raleigh/District 31/p.6 Census.]

1930 Duplin County, NC Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S
Birth Trade
Last First Own
Weeks Albert Head R $3 M W 25 S Y Y NC Farm

Albert "Al" Sidney Weeks

Albert married Coleen/Colean Annette Jordan on 28 Dec 1935 in Wayne County, NC.  Coleen was the daughter of A.G. & Effie Jordan.

Albert's Marriage listing to Coleen Jordan in Wayne Co, NC

The following 1930 Wayne County, NC, Census lists the members of Coleen Jordan's family.  Besides her parents (A.G. & Effie Jordan), the following siblings were listed: Warren (age 26), Milton (age 21), Mildred (age 18), Inez (age 16), Ralph (age 13) and Isabelle (age 11).

1930 Wayne County, NC Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S
Last First Own
Jordan A.G. Head O M W 66 M Yes
----- Mrs. Effie Wife   F W 49 M Yes
----- Warren R. Son   M W 26 S Yes
----- Coline Dau   F W 22 S Yes
----- Milton Son   M W 21 S Yes
----- Mildred Dau   F W 18 S Yes
----- Inez Dau   F W 16 S Yes
----- Ralph Son   M W 13 S Yes
----- Isabelle Dau   F W 11 S Yes
Albert and Coleen had one child, Madalene Effie Weeks.
Children of Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks and Coleen Annette Jordan
Name Birth Death Spouse
Madalene Effie Weeks Abt. 1936   Franklin G. Hardison
According to family members, a few months after their marriage, Coleen left Albert and moved back home with her parents.  Albert and Coleen divorced shortly after that.  Coleen never remarried.

Madalane as a baby (1936), wedding photo and as an adult (2002)


Albert's second marriage was to Viola Eason on 01 Apr 1941 in Johnston County, NC.  Viola (b. 08 Oct 1917) was the daughter of John Bryant/Byrson Eason (b. 10 Sep 1883, d. 16 Sep 1946) and Ida Griswold (b. 20 May 1892, d. 06 Nov 1972).  Al was 12 years older than Viola.

Al and Viola, 1940


Automobiles have been a major part of our culture for over 100 years.  They're symbols of pride, success and privilege.  In the 20th Century is was very common to have your photo made in front of the family car.


In the 1940s, Al frequently had his photo taken in font of "an automobile"



 Al with Paul Matthews in 1941


(Right) Al with Dalton Hall



Al and Viola's beach photos with friends



Al and Viola

Viola's brother Welton Eason and his family lived in Lakeland, Florida.  Al and Viola took family vacations to Florida in 1943 - visiting Lakeland and St. Augustine.  The following are photos from those trips.

Al in St. Augustine, Florida, in 1943


Al and Viola with (Left to Right) Mavis Atkins, Lela Ward and Mildred Atkins


Al and Viola with Mavis Atkins, Lela Ward and Mildred Atkin




Maves Atkins, Lela Ward, Al Weeks, Viola Eason Weeks and Mildred Atkins in 1943


1943 - Mavis Atkins, Mildred Atkins, Lila Ward, Al Weeks and Viola Weeks in St. Augustine

One of Al and Viola's vacations included a trip to Washington, D.C , New York and Niagara Falls in 1947.  They visited the Empire State Building and were surprised when they saw some friends from back home - Al's 1st cousin Marvin Harrell and his wife Agnes. 

Al with Agnes and Marvin Harrell in 1947 on the Capital Steps in Washington, DC
Al and Marvin were 1st cousins


Al in Canada during the New York & Niagara Falls vacation in 1947


American Falls/Niagara Falls, New York


1947 -Marvin & Agnes Harrel with Al in Canada


1947 - Viola and Al with Agnes Harrell in Canada


1947 - Viola with Marvin Harrell

Even though Al and Viola married in 1941, they didn't have children until many years later.  They had attempted to have children and had given up. Their marriage finally produced two children.  Carolyn Janet Weeks was born 15 May 1952 and Sidney Stuart Weeks was born 13 Feb 1954.
Children of Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks and Viola Eason
Name Birth Death Spouse
Carolyn Janet Weeks 15 May 1952   Curtis Dean Loftin
Sidney Stuart Weeks 13 Feb 1954   (1) Kristi Wilhelm
(2) Margaret Carol Brazell Smith

Al and Viola with Carolyn in 1952 and 1953



Al with Carolyn in August 1952 in their back yard at 201 E. Aycock Street, Raleigh, NC


Al and Carolyn






Al & Viola with Carolyn in 1955


Al with Carolyn & Sid


Viola first met Al when he was working as Assistant Manager at The Old Union Grill in Raleigh, on 301 W. Martin Street in Raleigh, NC.  Carolyn recalls going to the same restaurant as a child (and eating grilled cheese sandwiches), but the name of the restaurant by that time had changed to Warren's Restaurant.  In 2002, when these pictures were taken, the name of the same restaurant was Joe's Place.

The Old Union Grill / Warren's Restaurant / Joe's Place


In addition to working at The Old Union Grill, Al worked as a coupler for the railroad and as a salesman for Atlantic Tobacco Company.

Sidney and Carolyn in front of the family home on 201 East Aycock Street, Raleigh, NC
Carolyn was 7-years-old and Sidney was 5-years-old

Al smoked cigarettes - as was the custom among many during that time - and he eventually acquired lung cancer as a result.
Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks died on 21 Jun 1960 in Raleigh, NC.  His Death Certificate states that the cause of death was "Extensive bronchogenic carcinoma of right lung with metastasis".  He was only 55 years old at the time of his death - Viola was 41.  He was working at Warren's Restaurant in Raleigh, NC, at the time of his death.

Al's Death Certificate


Al's Obituary and Funeral Pamphlet from 1960



Al was buried at Raleigh Memorial Park





Carolyn and Sid at Al's grave

Al's daughter Madalene came by his house in the months prior to his death to visit with her father.  Carolyn was 7-years-old (2nd grade) at the time and remembers that initial meeting, but Al's children didn't connect again until 42 years later.  In 2002 Carolyn was contacted by a relative who told her that her half-sister Madalene would like to meet her - if she was interested.  After several phone calls, Carolyn and Madalene planned a meeting at Madalene's beach home at the NC Outer Banks.  In December 2002, Carolyn introduced Madalene to their brother Sidney.

2002 Family Reunion


 Sidney met his half-sister Madalene for the first time in December, 2002
(Below) Joe's Place - previously named The Old Union Grill and then Warren's Restaurant
where their father Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks had worked


Sidney, Carolyn and Madalene at their father's grave


Al & Viola Weeks' Homeplace in 2007


Al & Viola's home at 201 East Aycock Street, Raleigh, NC, from 14 Jan 2007






A special thanks to Sid Weeks for sharing the additional photos of Viola and the family

Thanks to Carolyn Weeks Loftin for her help with information on her dad and family

"History of the Automobile" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_automobile

If you have additional information or photos of Albert Sidney Weeks please contact me