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               Curtis Dean Loftin


Born: 08 May 1953, Newton, Catawba County, NC



Curtis Dean Loftin was the second child of Sam William Loftin and Willie Aleen Goble.

He was born May 8, 1953 at the Catawba Hospital in Newton, N.C., at 2:19 P.M., almost ten years after the birth of his brother, William (Billy) Ray Loftin.  Curtis weighed 8 lbs. 10 oz. and was 20 inches long. 

DSC01299Sam & Willie were living on E. Bandys Rd. when Curtis was born, but moved to Hwy. 10 in 1954.  Sam was 34-years-old and Willie was 27-years-old.



Curtis' Birth Certificate from the Catawba Hospital in Newton, NC



Curtis' Parents
Sam William Loftin & Willie Aleen Goble



A number of children in the 1950s had a virus that resulted in dysentery that the doctors couldn’t control or get stopped.   

Curtis came down with the same malady.  The Doctors actually gave up on him and said he was going to die, and wouldn’t live through the night. 

Willie and Sam started praying - asking God to heal him.  Suddenly they both stood up at the same time and said, “He’ll be better in the morning!”  Willie's sister, Helen, said, “I don’t believe it.  I heard the Doctor’s say he wouldn’t live through the night.”  But God had other plans and Curtis did live.


Curtis in 1954

In 1954, Sam and Willie moved their family to the last house that Sam built - located on Hwy 10, Catawba, NC.  Their neighbor, Flora Edwards Stewart, kept Curtis as a small boy while Willie was working.

[For more information about Curtis, follow the link to Flora Edwards Stewart's page and go to the bottom of the page]


(Left)  Martin Goble, Curtis & Sam, Fred Isenhour Celebrate May Birthdays
(Right)  Curtis, age 3, at the Balls Creek Campground, 1956






During this time, Curtis’ maternal grandparents, Martin & Nessie Goble, were living with Fred & Lib Isenhour in the old Lowrance house on Lowrance Rd., out of Catawba.  On one occasion, Willie had left Curtis with Grandma Goble for the day.  He and his cousin, Marie (Fred & Lib’s youngest daughter) were playing in the barn with a cat.  One of the two got the bright idea to take some paint they had found and paint the cat.  Well, they did!  When Grandma Goble found out, she was furious - and whipped Marie.  For some reason, she let Curtis slide without a whipping.


(Below) Curtis on the swing outside his house


It was around that time that Sam fell off of a house during construction and broke his leg and was unable to work. During one of those days, when Curtis was 5-years-old, he decided to walk to Catawba Elementary to see his brother, Billy Ray.  He went to his parent’s bedroom, got a clean shirt out of the closet and put it on.  He started walking toward Catawba, but only walked about mile before he got scared and returned home.  That evening, Curtis told Billy Ray that he had started to walk to Catawba in order to see him at school.  Billy Ray told their Dad, and Curtis got one of the few whippings he ever got from his Daddy.


Grandma Nessie Goble died in February 1959, the same year that Curtis started First Grade at Catawba Elementary School.  The school was a two-story building with a basement.  There was only one class for each grade level.  Grades one through four were on the ground floor and grades five through eight (and the library were on the second-floor.  Student bathrooms, teacher’s lounge, custodial storage, and the school store (where they sold ice cream after lunch) was located in the basement.

Catawba Elementary School/High School


My First Girlfriend - Complete with Heartbreak

"I had my first girlfriend in 2nd grade. Irene Davis was our teacher. The girl's name was Patricia and I really liked her - or as much as you can like someone when you're 7 years old. She was a blonde haired beauty whose father had murdered her mother so Pat ended up living with another family in the community. On one particular day, our class had gone to the auditorium to see a movie. I don't remember what it was, but it might have been "The Littlest Angel" because we watched it several times when I was in grammar school. I was sitting beside of Pat and she said to me, "Close your eyes and wipe off your mouth". Those were the most romantic words I had ever heard - and I quickly complied. Pat gave me sweetest kiss - right there on the lips. It was amazing. But love, even young love, doesn't always go the way you planned because Pat eventually broke up with me for a boy in our class named Dwight. I was broken hearted - shed a few tears, too."

My Second Girlfriend - Africa Here We Come

"In 4th grade, we once again had Irene Davis as our teacher. One of my favorite things as a 9-year-old boy was the old 1930s through 1950 black and white Tarzan movies. I watched them all (including Jungle Jim and Sheena) over at Mrs. Flora Stewarts' house. [Mrs. Stewart was our neighbor and was like a second mother to me. She had even kept me when I was a baby and toddler - teaching me my nursery rhymes. She loved to cook and provided me with ample amounts of cakes, cookies and pies.] What small boy wouldn't admire a hero who swung through the trees, wrestled alligators and lions, and rode on elephants? I for sure did. So when I got my second girlfriend, Faye (who sat behind me in class), I included her in my love for the Tarzan movies. I guess I must have been a romantic little fellow because we planned to move away tot he jungles of deepest-Africa and live just like Tarzan and Jane did - in that wonderful treehouse. I even had a pair of cut-off jeans that were supposed to be my loin cloth. It was a wonderful fantasy, but little did I know that all of Trazan's daring deeds took place in Hollywood. I never did get a kiss from Faye, but she did have one thing in common with Pat. She broke up with me for Dwight. I would have hated him if he wasn't such a nice guy."

1st Grade                                 2nd Grade                                 3rd Grade


4th Grade                                 5th Grade                                 6th Grade


7th Grade                                 8th Grade                                 9th Grade



10th Grade                                 11th Grade                                 12th Grade


At the age of 16, Curtis got his first job working 2nd shift at Betterware Hosiery Mill in Catawba dying socks.  His mother, Willie, worked there and had inquired at the mill about this first job opportunity for Curtis.  Other summer jobs, over the next few years included… (1) bagger & stock boy at Johnson’s Food Store and Twin City # 3 in Catawba, NC, (2) unloading supplies from trucks & driving tow-motor at Basset in Newton, NC, (3) unloading, storing, and supplying foam rubber at Reeves Curon Foam-Rubber in Conover, NC.


He didn't know what he wanted to do when he graduated from high school, but during his Junior year at Bunker Hill, the school Guidance Counselor suggested that he become a school teacher.  She told him that Principals were always looking for men teachers and that the position provided good job security.  Thus, a lifetime career path was chosen.


In the summer of 1970, while attending Bible School at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church, Curtis invited Jesus/Yeshua into his heart and became a Christian. 


To see photos and learn more about the High School Years (1967 - 1971) - CLICK HERE


Appalachian State University Years
Freshman 1971 - 1972, Sophomore 1972 - 1973, Junior 1973 - 1974

Curtis applied and was accepted at Appalachian State University in Boone, N.C.  He graduated from ASU June 1, 1975 with a BS in Elementary Education, Grades 4 - 8, with a concentration in Math.

To see photos and learn more about Curtis' years at Appalachian (1971 - 1975), CLICK HERE

Curtis met Carolyn Janet Weeks during his Sophomore year at ASU at at Charismatic Bible Study he was attending on campus.  What started as a close friendship eventually became something much more.

Curtis Dean Loftin & Carolyn Janet Weeks - 1975


Curtis & Carolyn graduated from Appalachian State University on June 1, 1975 with plans to get married six days later on June 7th.


Curtis & Carolyn with Rev. Bobby Taylor


To see photos and learn more about Curtis & Carolyn's Wedding
and the first year of marriage - CLICK HERE

In the fall of 1975, Curtis got his first teaching job at Sherrills Ford Elementary School, teaching 6th Grade Math, 7th Grade Math & Science, and 8th Grade Math, Science, Health & P.E.

Curtis while teaching at Sherrills Ford, 1976


TeachYear01cCurtis relocated to Catawba Middle School for his second year of teaching, 1976 -1977 and was there for 23 years.

Carolyn became pregnant during this time and gave birth to their first child, Elizabeth Ann Loftin, in September 1976.   

P&b'001aCurtis & Carolyn’s second child, Philip Daniel Loftin, was born in April 1978.

    Carolyn & Curtis with Beth & Philip, 1979



Children of Curtis Dean Loftin and Carolyn Janet Weeks
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Elizabeth Ann Loftin Sep 1976   Bradley Dylan Seese
Philip Daniel Loftin Apr 1978   Leslie Annette Robinson
Philip was born in April of 1978 and Curtis started growing his beard in May of 1978.  Several parents of the students he taught has told him that he looked too young to be the teacher.  He originally grew the beard to make him look a little older, but it soon became a part of who he was.  It didn't hurt, either, that Carolyn loved his beard. He only shaved it off once and that was in the Winter of 1979 during a winter snow storm. One look in the mirror and he started re-growing the beard the very next day.  One of his friends teasingly told him, "I didn't know a beard could cover so much ugly".

(Below) Summer 1978

(Right) Summer 1979: Curtis age 26


(Below) 1985: Curtis age 32, Carolyn age 33, Beth age 8, Philip age 7


Curtis & Carolyn live in this house at 5149 E. NC 10 Hwy., Catawba, NC


One of the benefits of teaching was having the summers off to enjoy the pool with the family

Curtis taught 7th and 8th grade math for the 23 years he was at Catawba Middle School.  During that time he also taught, Reading, Language Arts, Science and Social Studies.
In 1979, after having read the book "D. J.'s Worst Enemy" by Robert Burch, the class wrote a play based on the book and produced a dramatic presentation of the story using slides.  Curtis took the class on a field trip to 5 different locations to get the needed photos for the story.

"D. J.'s Worst Enemy" by Robert Burch


(Left) Dayne Miller, Curtis and Tera McDaniel

(Right) Dayne Miller, Tim Miller, Mrs. Patty Mauney, Tera McDaniel and Curtis




(Left to Right) Curtis, Layman Mitchell, David Hester, Mack Byers and Angile Roth


Catawba County built two new middle schools in the eastern part of Catawba County in 2000.  Catawba Middle School was converted into a 6th Grade school called Catawba Intermediate.  The teachers that had been at Catawba Middle were given a choice between River Bend Middle and Mill Creek Middle.  Curtis chose to go to River Bend Middle School, across the street from Bunker Hill High School.  He was there for six years until he retired at the end of the 2004 - 2005 school year.


During his years of teaching, Curtis was Teacher-of-the-Year on several occasions, including 1994 - 1995.  He was chosen as the Claremont Jaycees Outstanding Young Educator, and he received the Seacor Math & Science Award twice.  In January 2005, Curtis retired from teaching with 30.5 years.  He contracted at that time to finish out the school year and continued working until June 2005.

Curtis' 30 Years of Teaching in Catawba County, NC
School Years # Yrs. Grades
Subjects Taught

Sherills Ford Elementary School

1975 - 1976 1 6, 7, 8 Math, Science, Health, PE
Catawba Middle School 1976 - 1999 23 7, 8 Math, Science, Social Studies,
Reading, English

River Bend Middle School

1999 - 2005 6 8 Math, Science, Social Studies

When Curtis and Carolyn were first married, they were frequently involved in youth-related ministry as a result them both being teachers. While attending ASU, Curtis participated in a Charismatic Bible Study on campus and also had a year of music lessons pertaining to his teaching.  Once back in Catawba, the Lord opened a door for him to become Minister of Music in 1977 at Victory Cathedral in Conover.


Victory Cathedral                         NCCF Praise Team                        Singing at NCCF


Curtis singing "O Jehovah"
at Newton Conover Christian Fellowship - 1986 - Click Here


Curtis & Lynn Stewart sing "It's Only the Beginning"
at Newton Conover Christian Fellowship - 1986 - CLICK HERE



Licenses & Ordinations
Church Date Type

Mathis Chapel Baptist Church

June 4, 1972 Ministry License

Newton Conover Christian Fellowship

Sept 29, 1985 Ministry License

Newton Conover Christian Fellowship

March 29, 1987 Ordination

New Horizon Ministries

June 4, 1989 Ordination

Word of Life Christian Center

Aug 25, 1991 Ordination

Healing Springs Church

1992 Ordination

Olive Branch Ministries

April 3, 1993 Ordination


Curtis served as Minister of Music and Psalmist at the following Churches & Congregations
Church or Congregation Dates Location

Victory Cathedral

June 1977 - Jan 1981 Conover, NC

Word of Life Christian Center

May 1981 - Dec 1982 Newton, NC

Newton Conover Christian Fellowship

May 1983 - June 1990 Claremont, NC

Word of Life Christian Center

Oct 1990 - Dec 1991 Conover, NC

Olive Branch Ministries

April 1992 - Dec 1997 Newton, NC

Gates of Praise

August 2001 - July 2005 Lincolnton, NC
Beit Yeshua August 2005 - Present Lincolnton

In the late 1980s, Curtis & Carolyn came to realize that God wanted to restore the relationship between the church and the Jew and they became involved in the Biblical/Jewish Roots Movement.  Becoming Christian Zionists, they taught Israeli Folk Dance classes, co-led several Jewish Roots/Messianic home groups, all the while teaching those who would listen about the importance of supporting Israel and the Jewish people.



Curtis & Carolyn started several Israeli Folk Dance Troops over the Years
Church or Congregation Dates Location

Newton Conover Christian Fellowship

1987 - 1900 Claremont, NC

Word of Life Christian Center

1990 - 1991 Conover, NC

Olive Branch Congregation

1992 - 1997 Newton, NC

Machol Dance Ministry
(Covenant Bible Church & Beit Yeshua)

2000 - 2014 Lincolnton, NC



Israeli Folk Dance Classes & Conferences
Church or Congregation Date Location

First Methodist Church

2001 Conover, NC

Resurrection Family Church

2001 Hickory, NC

Young Women of the WORD, Covenant

2001 Lincolnton, NC

Practical Applications of Praise & Worship

2001 Lincolnton, NC

Flag & Tabret Workshop

2002 Lincolnton, NC

Zion Center for Worship & Arts / Dance Camp

2002 Charlotte, NC

Zion Center for Worship & Arts / Dance Camp

2003 Charlotte, NC

Zion Center for Worship & Arts / Dance Camp

2004 Charlotte, NC

First Methodist Church (VBS)

2006 Catawba, NC

Zion Center for Worship & Arts / Dance Camp

2007 Charlotte, NC

Highway to Zion Ministries

2011, 2012, 2013 Charlotte, NC

Teaching an Advanced Class of dancers at the Zion Center for Worship & Arts / Dance Camp in 2003


Curtis and a group of about 25 dancers perform
the Israeli Folk Dance "Ashreinu" at An Evening Honoring Israel in 2011


Israeli Folk Dance to the song "Ashreinu" at Beit Yeshua's 10-Year Anniversary - CLICK HERE


When Curtis and Carolyn joined Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, they also started a Friday Shabbat Home Group that eventually became known as Gates of Praise and then renamed Beit Yeshua (Hebrew for House of Salvation). 


Leading a Passover Seder at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, 2011


Speaking at An Evening Honoring Israel in 2011


Curtis speaks about Jerusalem, Israel - the place where God put His Name
at An Evening Honoring Israel in 2011


As Leader of the group, Curtis is continually trying to lead the congregation to a deeper relationship with Yeshua/Jesus through Praise & Worship, Israeli Folk Dance, observing Shabbat and the Biblical Festivals, as well as teaching and Torah discussion. 

One of the goals of the group is to break down walls of separation between Israel & the church - to bless and support Israel both spiritually and financially.

(Left) Curtis holding the Lulav & Etrog, part of the Sukkot/Feast of Tabernacles celebration

Curtis & Carolyn had wanted to go to Israel for many years.  In October 2005, their dream finally came true.  With six of their friends, they joined Barry & Batya Segal (Vision For Israel), toured all over Israel, and were involved in the Segal's Christian Celebration of the Feast of Tabernacles in Jerusalem.

Their trip, which lasted for two weeks, took them from Joppa and Tel Aviv to Casesarea, Tiberias & the Sea of Galilee - from Qumran and the Dead Sea up to Jerusalem.  They even marched in the Jerusalem Day Parade while they were there to show their support for the nation of Israel.




(Left) Curtis in the amphitheatre in Caesarea, Israel
(Right) Curtis & Carolyn on the Mt. of Olives looking toward the Old City area of Jerusalem


Dancing on the Old City walls of Jerusalem at David's Citadel
(Left to Right) Doug & Lynda Williams, Curtis, Greg


Curtis & Carolyn took their second trip to Israel in October 2011.


Visit the Machol Dance Ministries web site to find out more.


Stopping to pose for a photo while visiting Helen, Georgia
(Left to Right) Brad & Beth Loftin Seese, Carolyn & Curtis Loftin


(Right) Curtis with granddaughter Savanna Seese


Curtis & Carolyn with their children and grandchildren, 2006


Another great benefit of teaching is retiring at the age of 52!



January 2008



Carolyn & Curtis, July 2008


Curtis & Carolyn with their Children and Grandchildren - December 25, 2008
(Back Row) Philip, Leslie, Beth, Brad
(Front Row) Alexandria, Carolyn, Curtis, Savanna

Upon their deaths, Curtis & Carolyn will be buried at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church in Catawba County, next to Curtis' parents, Sam and Willie Goble Loftin.
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Tribute Pages
These pages were created to honor special people in my life - who are not related by blood.  They helped mold me, influence me, and make me into the person I am today (at least the good parts of me).  Several have no children, thus their lineage ends - and I didn't want their memory to be lost.
Sanford, Tony Francis  (1954 - 1997)
Tony was one of my college friends when I attended Appalachian State University in Boone.  Tony was also at least partially responsible for Carolyn & I getting together while we were at ASU.  Tony died from cancer at the age of 41 - without children.
Stewart, Flora Edwards  (1901 - 1977)
Mrs. Stewart was a neighbor who kept me when I was a child.  She taught me my nursery-rhymes and "petted" me way too much as a child - but I always loved her for it.  It was in her yard where I had my first treehouse and she taught me how to make hats out of leaves and twigs.  She had no children and I only have a few photos of her but I do have some wonderful memories.  She also made our wedding cake.
Wessell, Betty Orr Daniel  (1934 - 1995)
Betty was Carolyn and my college "Mama" for the last two years we were at Appalachian.  Her son Dan became one of my best friends and her husband,  John Wessell, gave Carolyn away at our wedding.  The time we spent with Betty and her family was frequently spent in prayer, singing around the piano while Dan played the guitar - as well as with lots of fellowship and lots and lots of laughter.
If you have additional photos of Curtis, please contact me.