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Notable Ancestors & Relatives


In my opinion, everyone who has lived a "good" life is a "notable" relative. 
There are some, however, who have spent some time in the "spotlight".
This page focuses on them.


Loftin Family


Darcy, Harry

Born: 1860
Relation to Loftins: Married to Louisa Jane Lofting
Notable Achievement:
Songwriter: "Bicycle Built For Two"
Louisa Jane "Jenny" Lofting (1849 - 1930), the youngest daughter of Samuel Lofting (1808 - 1882), married Harry Darcy who famously wrote the song "On a Bicycle Built For Two" around 1892 - which you may also know as "Daisy, Daisy".
When Harry Darce (possibly originally Frank Dean or Henry Decker), an English popular composer, first came to the United States, he brought with him a bicycle, for which he was charged duty. His friend (songwriter William Jerome) remarked lightly: 'It's lucky you didn't bring a bicycle built for two, otherwise you'd have to pay double duty.' Dacre was so taken with the phrase 'bicycle built for two' that he decided to use it in a song. That song, Daisy Bell, first became successful in a London music hall, in a performance by Katie Lawrence.  Its success in America began when Jennie Lindsay brought down the house with it at the Atlantic Gardens on the Bowery early in 1892.

To Hear Nat King Cole sing the song


"Bicycle Built For Two" on the calliope

Harrison, William Henry
Born: 09 Feb 1773
Relation to Loftins: 8th Cousin to Thomas Loftin
Notable Achievement:
9th President of the United States

Ancestor John Loftin married Martha Lanier, daughter of Sampson Lanier Jr.  Sampson's parents were Sampson Lanier Sr. and Elizabeth Washington.  Sampson Jr. and 1st President George Washington were 4th cousins.  It's also through this Lanier and Washington lineage that the Loftin family connects with 9th President William Henry Harrison and his grandson, 23rd President Benjamin Harrison.


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Harvey, Bryan
Born: 02 Jun 1963 [related by marriage]
Married to: Lisa Martin (Granddaughter of Allie Loftin Lee)
Notable Achievement:
Pitcher for the California Angels & Florida Marlins






Bryan & Lisa's home on Hudson Chapel Church Road in Catawba, NC

Lineage [for Lisa Martin Harvey]:
 1] Leonard Loftin & Elizabeth (Unknown)
 2] Cornelius Loftin I & Mary (Unknown)
 3] Cornelius Loftin II & Mary Eldridge
 4] Cornelius Loftin III & Elizabeth Johnson
 5] John Loftin & Martha Lanier
 6] James Loftin & Susannah Sherrill
 7] Thomas Loftin & Sally Lavina Beatty
 8] James Franklin Loftin & Frances Elizabeth Fisher
 9] William Alexander Loftin & Laura Rossie Cranford
10] Alonzo Lester Loftin & Ida Lillian Setzer
11] Glenn Clustus Lee & Sally Allie Loftin
12] Wayne Martin & Phyllis Elaine Lee
13] Lisa Martin & Bryan Harvey
Loftin, Lennie

Loftin Family

Born: Kinston, North Carolina


Notable Achievement & Occupation: Actor

Lennie Loftin is an actor, born in Kinston, North Carolina. Lennie's acting career has spanned over 25 years and includes numerous film and television credits.  He lives in California with his fiancÚ DeLane Matthews and her son.


Lennie is currently working on several scripts, some are with production partner Jason Grey-Stanford.


Obituary for Lenny's Father

KINSTON - Leonard Warren Loftin, 88, of Kinston, a classical singer, passed away peacefully in his sleep on October 29, 2008, in Wallace, N.C.  Survivors include a son, J. K. Loftin and his wife Cathy, and their children, Alex and Logan; a daughter, Alice Loftin Long and her husband Dan; and a son, Lennie Loftin and his family, DeLane Matthews and T.K. Power.  A private family burial was held at Westview Cemetery in Kinston on November 2, 2008.


Movie and TV Credits for Lennie Loftin

Movie/TV Title Year "Episode" (Character) Staring Staring
Criminal Minds (TV) 2011 "Out of Light" (Don Owens) Thomas Gibson Shemar Moore
Knight and Day 2010 (Braces) Tom Cruise Cameron Diaz
3:10 to Yuma 2007 (Glen Hollander) Russell Crowe Christian Bale
Reno 911! Miami 2007 (Chief of Police) Lennie Loftin Danny DeVito
Flags of Our Fathers 2006 (Justice of the Peace) Ryan Phillippe Jesse Bradford
Monk (TV) 2005 "Mr. Monk Stays in Bed"
(John DeLancy)
Tony Shalhoub Traylor Howard
The Shield (TV) 2005 "A Thousand Deaths" (Tom)
"Back in the Hole" (Tom)
Michael Chiklis Catherine Dent
Without A Trace (TV) 2005 "Volcano" (John Larabee/Sewall) Anthony LaPaglia Eric Close
CSI:  (TV)
Crime Scene Investigation
"Spark of Life"
(Chief Rick Dysart)
"Down the Drain"
(Bomb Squad Leader)
William Petersen Marg Helgenberger
NYPD Blue (TV) 2004 "In Goddess We Trussed" (Kenneth Welkos) Dennis Franz Mark-Paul Gosselaar
Catch That Kid 2004 (Flagler) Kristen Stewart Corbin Bleu
Blowing Smoke 2004 (Phil) Estella Warren Eyal Podell
Daredevil 2003 (Nick Manolis) Ben Affleck Jennifer Garner
Touched By An Angel (TV) 2003 "And A Nightingale Sang" (Ben) Roma Downey Della Reese
The Sum of All Fears 2002 (Aircraft Carrier Duty Officer) Ben Affleck Morgan Freeman
Path to War 2002 (NSC Officer # 2) Michael Gambon Alec Baldwin
The Time Machine 2002 (Soldier # 1) Guy Pearce Jeremy Irons
Gideon's Crossing (TV) 2001 "The Crash"
(Alex Peterborough)
Andre Braugher Rhona Mitra
The Princess & the Marine 2001   Mark-Paul Gosselaar Marisol Nichols
Seven Days (TV) 2000 "Deloris Demands"
(Deloris - voice)
Jonathan LaPaglia Justina Vail
From Dusk Till Dawn 3:
The Hangman's Daughter
1999 (John Newlie) Mark Leonardi Rebecca Gayheart
Mercy Point (TV) 1999 "Persistence of Vision" Joe Morton Maria del Mar
The X-Files (TV) 1999 "The Unnatural" (Coranado) David Duchovny Gillian Anderson
JAG (TV) 1999
"Silent Service" (XO Eustis)
"Trinity" (Lab Technician)
David James Elliott Catherine Bell
Profiler (TV) 1998 "Die Beautiful" (Ernst Galloway) Robert Davi Julian McMahon
The Truth About Juliet 1998 (Ralph) Karl Wiedergott Samantha Smith
The Practice (TV) 1997 "Spirit of America"
(Guard with Meal)
Sylan McDermott Steve Harris
Brooklyn South (TV) 1997 "Life Under Castro" (Dale) Jon Tenney Dylan Walsh
L. A. Confidential 1997 (Photographer at
Hollywood Station)
Kevin Spacey Kim Basinger
Nightwatch 1997 (Man in Theater) Ewan McGregor Patricia Arquette
Melrose Place 1996 "Sole Sister" (Salesperson) Thomas Calabro Heather Locklear
ABC Afterschool Special 1996 "Me & My Hormones" (Jeff) Lance Kerwin Jodie Foster
Sleepers 1996 (Adam Styler) Brad Pitt Robert De Niro
Roseanne (TV) 1995 "The Last Date" (The Waiter) Roseanne Barr John Goodman
Se7en 1995 (Policeman) Brad Pitt Gwyneth Paltrow
No Way Back 1995 (Terry) Russell Crowe Helen Slater
The Quick & the Dead 1995 (Foy) Gene Hackman Sharon Stone
Amateur 1994 (Taxi Driver) Isabelle Huppert Erica Gimpel
Law & Order (TV) 1991 "Life Choice" (Fogarty) Sam Waterston Chris Noth
Underground 1989 (Boris Pinscher) Doc Dougherty B. J. Geordan
... and many, many, many more

Loftin, William Carey



Loftin Family

Born: 31 Jan 1914, Blountstown, Calhoun Co, Florida
04 Mar 1997, Huntington Beach, Orange Co, California

Occupation: Stuntman & Actor

Carey Loftin (also credited as Cary Loftin) was an American actor and stuntman.  His amazing driving and stunt skills were utilized in dozens of Hollywood productions over a period of nearly fifty years.  Carey broke into movie stunt work in the late 1930s.  His expertise with motor vehicles, including cars, trucks & motorcycles, saw him involved in contributing his skill to numerous cult films.

One of William Carey Loftin's most famous roles was as the truck driver in Steven Spielberg's "Duel", although his face was never seen.  He also performed some stunts for Steve McQueen in "Bullitt", especially during the film's famous car chase.  Carey also drove the truck that killed Edith Keeler in the "Star Trek" episode, "The City on the Edge of Forever".

A notable demonstration of stunt driving that Carey performed was the car chase scene in "Against All Odds" (1984).  He was the driver of the black Ferrari.  According to the movie's director, Taylor Hackford, Carey was sixty-eight when he did the stunt.  At first Hackford was reluctant to hire the aging stuntman but stunt coordinator Gary Davis convinced Hackfort that even at sixty-eight, Carey was by far the best car man in the business at that time.

Carey also appeared in front of the camera as an actor in over 70 minor roles during his long career.
He was inducted into the motorcycle Hall of Fame in 2011.
Carey died of natural causes in Huntington Beach, California, on 04 Mar 1997.

Movie and TV Credits for William Carey Loftin

Movie/TV Title Year Contribution Staring Staring
The Rookie 1990 Stunts Clint Eastwood Charlie Sheen
Days of Thunder 1990 Stunts Tom Cruise Nicole Kidman
License to Drive 1988 Stunts Corey Haim Corey Feldman
Harry & the Hendersons 1987 Stunts John Lithgow Don Ameche
The Goonies 1985 Stunts Sean Astin Josh Brolin
Fletch 1985 Stunts Chevy Chase Tim Matheson
Against All Odds 1984 Stunt Driver: Ferrari Jeff Bridges
James Woods
Rachel Ward
Swoosie Kurtz
Sudden Impact 1983 Stunts Clint Eastwood Sondra Locke
The Fall Guy (TV) 1982 Stunt Driver Lee Majors Heather Thomas
The China Syndrome 1979 Stunt Coordinator Jane Fonda Jack Lemon
The Deer Hunter 1978 Stunt Coordinator Robert De Niro
Meryl Streep
John Savage
Christopher Walken
Steel Cowboy 1978 Stunt Coordinator James Brolin Melanie Griffith
Stingray 1978 Stunt Christopher Mitchum Sherry Jackson
The Cat From Outer Space 1978 Stunt Player Ken Berry
Sandy Duncan
Harry Morgan
Roddy McDowall
Return From Witch Mountain 1978 Stunt Player Bette Davis
Christopher Lee
Kim Richards
Ike Eisenmann
Walking Tall, Pt 2 1975 Stunts Bo Svenson Leif Garrett
Thunderbolt and Lightfoot 1974 Stunts Clint Eastwood Jeff Bridges
Magnum Force 1973 Stunts Clint Eastwood Tim Matheson
Walking Tall 1 1973 Stunt Coordinator Joe Don Baker Leif Garrett
The Hot Rock 1972 Stunt Coordinator Robert Redford Charlotte Rae
Diamonds Are Forever 1971 Stunt Driver Sean Connery
Jill St. John
Lana Wood
Jimmy Dean
The French Connection 1971 Stunts Gene Hackman Roy Scheider
Duel 1971 Stunts (Truck Driver) Dennis Weaver Eddie Firestone
Vanishing Point 1971 Stunt Coordinator,
Stunt Double, Stunt Driver
Barry Newman Dean Jagger
Patton 1970 Stunts
(Gen. Bradley's Driver)
George C. Scott Karl Malden
The Great Bank Robbery 1969 Stunts Clint Walker
Kim Novak
Claude Akins
Larry Storch
The Love Bug 1968 Stunts, Stunt Driver Dean Jones
Michele Lee
David Tomlinson
Buddy Hackett
Bullitt 1968 Stunts Steve McQueen
Jacqueline Bisset
Robert Vaughn
Robert Duvall
Spinout 1966 Stunts Elvis Presley
Una Merkel
Shelley Fabares
Deborah Walley
Munster Go Home 1966 Stunt Coordinator Fred Gwynne
Al Lewis
Yvonne De Carlo
Butch Patrick
The Great Race 1965 Stunts Tony Curtis
Jack Lemon
Natalie Wood
Vivian Vance
Goodbye Charlie 1964 Stunts Tony Curtis
Debbie Reynolds
Pat Boone
Joanna Barnes
Viva Las Vegas 1964 Stunts Elvis Presley
Cesare Danova
Ann Margaret
William Demarest
It's a Mad Mad Mad Mad World 1963 Stunt Double
(Terry Thomas),
Stunt Driver,
Stunt Supervisor
Spencer Tracy
Milton Berle
Buddy Hackett
Mickey Rooney
Phil Silvers
Terry Thomas
Edie Adams
Ethel Merman
The Fugitive (TV) 1963 Stunt Driver David Janssen William Conrad
Hatari 1962 Stunts John Wayne Red Buttons
Spartacus 1960 Stunts Kirk Douglas
Laurence Olivier
Charles Laughton
Tony Curtis
Jean Simmons
John Gavin
On the Beach 1959 Stunts Gregory Peck
Fred Astaire
Ava Gardner
Tony Perkins
Some Like It Hot 1959 Stunt Driver Tony Curtis
Jack Lemmon
Marilyn Monroe
George Raft
The Perfect Furlough 1958 Stunts Tony Curtis
Janet Leigh
Keenan Wynn
Linda Cristal
Thunder Road 1958 Stunt Driver Robert Mitchum
James Mitchum
Gene Barry
Sandra Knight
The Young Lions 1958 Stunt Driver Marlon Brando
Monty Clift
Dean Martin
Hope Lange
Barbara Rush
Maximillian Schell
Rebel Without a Cause 1955 Stunts James Dean
Sal Mineo
Natalie Wood
Jim Backus
Abbott & Costello Meet
the Keystone Kops
1955 Stunts Bud Abbott
Lou Costello
Fred Clark
Lynn Bari
20,000 Leagues
Under the Sea
1954 Stunt Coordinator, Stunts Kirk Douglas James Mason
A Star is Born 1954 Stunt Coordinator Judy Garland James Mason
Adventures of Superman (TV) 1952-1954 Stunts George Reeves Noel Neill
Mighty Joe Young 1949 Stunts Terry Moore Ben Johnson
Adventure of
Frank & Jesse James
1948 Stunts Clayton Moore Noel Neill
Jesse James Rides Again 1947 Stunts Clayton Moorre Linda Stirling
House of Dracula 1946 Stunt Double
(Oslow Stevens)
Lon Chaney Jr. John Carradine
Jungle Queen 1945 Stunt Double
(Edward Norris)
Edward Norris Ruth Roman
The Mummy's Curse 1944 Stunts Lon Chaney Jr. Virginia Christine
House of Frankenstein 1944 Stunts Boris Karlott
Lon Chaney Jr.
J. Carrol Naish
John Carradine
Tucson Raiders 1944 Stunts Bill Elliott
George Gaggy Hayes
Robert Blake
Alice Fleming
... and many, many, many more
Lofting, John

Born: 1659? Holland

Died: 15 Jun 1742

Father: Herman Loftingh

Mother: Johanna (Unknown)

(1) Hester Basse (sister of Jeremiah Basse, NJ Governor in 1700's)
(2) Mary Carter

Notable Achievement: Invented the Thimble & Pumping Fire Engine




1 Herman Loftingh, b. Abt. 1625 Netherlands
   + Johanna (Unknown)
   2 Reyneier Loftinck, b. 1655 Netherlands
   2 Walter Loftyn, b. 1656 Holland
   2 Hiddo Loftinck, b. 1662 Lingen, Province of Utecht
   2 Moritz/Maritz Loftinck, b. 1662 Netherlands
   2 John Lofting, b. 1659 Holland
      + (1) Hester Basse, b. 08 Feb 1670 Mortlake Surrey, England, m. 03 May 1689, d. 23 Jul 1709 Great Morrow
      3 Francis Lofting
      3 Daniel Lofting, b. Great Maorrow, Bucks
      3 Thomas Lofting
      3 Maria Lofting, b. 1690, c. 10 Dec 1690 Dutch Church, Austin Friars, London
      3 John Lofting 1692
      3 William Lofting, b. 30 Jul 1694, c. 14 Aug 1694, d. 1768
      3 Benjamin Lofting, b. 05 Jan 1696, d. 09 Jan 1696, d. 1759
      3 Samuel Lofting, b. 1696 London, d. 1779
         + (1) Mary Edmonds, m. 1720
         + (2) Barbara Whitaker, m. 1730
         + (3) Hester Beckford, m. 1769
      + (2) Mary Carter
      3 Thomas Lofting
      3 Mary Lofting
      3 Elizabeth Lofting
It's been suggested that the US Loftins are descended from John Lofting but DNA testing seems to suggest otherwise. I (Curtis Loftin) took my first DNA Test for genealogy research purposes in 2007. In Dec 2010 I got the following email from Phil Lofting in England.  This is what he had to say:

I found your family history website the other day and found it most interesting!  I'm descended from John Loftingh (who you mention on your website) who emigrated from Holland in 1688 with King William III, part of the 'Glorious Revolution'.  Over the last few years I have conducted a one-name study of all Loftings (and UK-born Loftins) as we all seem to be descended from either John or his nephew Walter, who emigrated to the UK as well to work with John.  I have not found a link from 'my line' to 'your' Loftin who left England for the US...not to say there is no link though!  I have recorded almost all Loftings, including the families of emigrants - the tree currently has 1800 people in it! My estimation is that there are around 700 Loftings alive today... My next step is to take a 37 Marker Y-DNA test with (like you did).  My thoughts align with others who felt the family originated in Norway, although I noticed there were no Scandinavian people in your DNA results!  I am in touch with a Danish Lofting - it would be great to get him to take the test too.

Unfortunately, when Phil's DNA test results came back, we discovered that we were not related.  We were both in a completely different Haplogroup.  So, even though I have John Lofting listed on this page, currently there is no proof that we are related.  For more information on my DNA test, check out the DNA TESTING webpage.

The Royal Lineage

The Loftin family connects to the Royal Families of England, France and Scotland.  If there was a relation to one of them, you were usually connected to almost all of them because thy married cousins.

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Sherrill, Adam
Born: 1697 in Cecil County, MD
Parents: William "the Conestoga Fur Trader" Sherrill and Margarette Rudisil
Web Page:
Notable Achievement:
Adam is known as "the first permanent white settler west of the Catawba River"

There was nothing but wilderness west of the Catawba River in the 1740's. The only inhabitants of this area were the Indians who hunted and fished and had all the land to themselves. All the early settlers coming westward stopped on the eastern side of the Catawba River and settled there. The western side was most uninviting and not knowing anything of this area, the settlers did not venture to find just what was there. It was not until 1747 that the first white settler and his family of eight sons ventured across the Catawba River and settled on the western side.  

1] William "the Conestoga Trader" Sherrill & Margarette (Rudisill) Reutzel
2] Adam "the Pioneer" Sherrill & Elizabeth Corzine
3] Adam Sherrill & Cina Corzine
4] Susannah Sherrill & James Loftin
5] Thomas Loftin & Sally Lavinia Beatty
6] James Franklin Loftin & Frances Elizabeth Fisher
7] William Alexander Loftin & Laura Rossie Cranford
8] Alonzo Lester Loftin & (1) Cornelia Estelle Lowrance & (2) Ida Lillian Setzer
Washington, George

Loftin/Lanier/Washington Ancestry Line

George Washington was the 4th cousin four times removed of James Franklin Loftin


(Left) Washington at age 40, 1772, by Charles Wilson Peale
(Right) Washington at Trenton, 1792, by John Trumbull


c. Public Domain


Born: 22 Feb 1732, Westmoreland County, VA

Died: 14 Dec 1799, Mount Vernon, VA

Father: Augustine Washington

Mother: Mary Ball Washington

Wife: Martha Dandridge Custis

Notable Achievement: 1st US President


George Washington served as the first President of the United States from 1789 to 1797 and as the commander of the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War from 1775 to 1783. Because of his significant role in the revolution and in the formation of the United States, he is often revered by Americans as the "Father of Our Country".


This  is a listing of the direct lineage from the Loftins, to the Laniers and Washingtons George was not an ancestor, but was indeed a cousin.

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Washington, Sir Lawrence

Loftin/Lanier/Washington Ancestry Line

Born: Abt. 1568, Sulgrave,Northampton,ENGLAND
Parents: Robert Washington & Elizabeth Lyte
Web Page:
Notable Achievement:
Sir Lawrence is the Great-Great-Great Grandfather of George Washington

Lawrence married Margaret Butler, daughter of William Butler and Margaret Greeke, on 03 Aug 1588 in St. Leonard's Church, Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire, England.  Margaret was born about 1570 of Aston le Walls, Northamptonshire, England.  Lawrence's marriage to Margaret gave the family some of the noble luster well coveted in those times.  She came from a well connected family descended from the Plantagenet Kings of England.


George Washington's lineage comes through the following ancestors (1) Sir Lawrence Washington & Margaret Butler, (2) Lawrence Washington & Amphyllis Twigden, (3) John Washington & Anne Pope, (4) Lawrence Washington & Mildred Warner, (5) Augustine Washington & Mary Ball (the parents of George Washington).

Loftin Lineage from Sir Lawrence: George's Lineage from Sir Lawrence:
1] Sir Lawrence Washington & Margaret Butler 1] Sir Lawrence Washington & Margart Butler
2] Richard Washington & Frances Browne 2] Lawrene Washington & Amphyllis Twigden
3] John Washington & Mary Flood Blunt Ford 3] John Washington & Anne Pope
4] Richard Washington & Elizabeth Jordan 4] Lawrence Washington & Mildren Warner
5] Elizabeth Washington & Sampson Lanier 5] Augustine Washington & Mary Ball
6] Sampson Lanier Jr. & Elizabeth Chamberlain 6] George Washington & Martha Custis Dandridge
7] Martha Lanier & John Loftin  
8] James Loftin & Susannah Sherrill  
9] Thomas Loftin & Sally Lavina Beatty  
10] James Franklin Loftin & Frances E. Fisher  
11] William Alexander Loftin & Laure R. Cranford  
12] Alonzo Lester Loftin & (1) Cordelia Estelle Lowrance, (2) Ida Lillian Setzer  
Sampson Lanier Jr. and George Washington were 4th cousins.

Setzer Family

(Setzer), Jemima Boone
Born: 27 May 1786, Burke Co, NC
Death: 09 Dec 1876, Caldwell Co, NC
Parents: Jonathan Boone (b. Abt 1750) & Susannah Nixon
Spouse: Jacob Setzer
Notable Achievement:
From the same lineage as "Frontiersman" Daniel Boone
Daniel Boone Escorting Settlers through the Cumberland Gap by George Caleb Bingham
c. Public Domain
Jemima Boone and Jacob Setzer were married 04 Oct 1810.  Jacob's Will, dated 25 Oct 1861, was executed 1861. The family Plantation went to his wife, Jemima until she dies, than to Jacob M. McCall, son of John McCall, his friend. There was no mention of any children.
Setzer Lineage: Boone Lineage:
1] Johannes Adam Setzer (b. Abt. 1710) 1] Squire Boone & Sarah Morgan
2] Jacob Setzer I & Mary Magdalene Bovey 2] Israel Boone & Margaret Ann (Unknown)
3] Adam J. Setzer Sr. & Elizabeth Arney 3] Jonathan Boone & Susannah Nixon
4] Jacob Setzer & Jemima Boone 4] Jemima Boone & Jacob Setzer

Squire Boone & Sarah Morgan had four children: Daniel (the "Frontiersman") Boone, Sarah Boone, Israel (Jemima Boone Setzer's Grandfather) Boone, and George Boone.  Daniel Boone would have been Jemima Boone Setzer's GrandUncle (brother to her Grandfather, Israel Boone). 

Daniel Boone married Rebecca Bryan and had at least ten children: James Boone (b. 1757, d. 1773), Israel Boone (b. 1759, d. 1782), Susannah Boone (married William Hays), Jemima Boone (married Flanders Calloway, 1777), Levina Boone (married Joseph Scholl), Rebecca Boone (married Philip Goe), Daniel Morgan Boone (married Sarah Griffin Lewis), Jesse Bryan Boone (married Chloe Van Bibber), William Boone (b. 1775) and Nathan Boone (married Olive Van Bibber)

On Sunday, 14 Jul 1776, Jemima Boone and her two friends, Elizabeth & Frances Callaway, were canoeing on the Kentucky River when they were captured by a small party of Cherokee and Shawnee men.  The fortified settlement of Boonesborough, where the girls lived with their families, was greatly alarmed and sent out a rescue party organized by Daniel Boone.  After three days of searching, Boone and his party found Jemima and the Callaway girls across the Ohil River.  This image of the rescue was published in an 1851 book titled Heroic Deeds of Former Times.
Setzer, Maggie Mae
Born: 21 Dec 1890
Parents: John Sidney "Jack" Setzer and Cordelia Henry
Notable Achievement:
Her name was selected for the mountain valley community of Maggie Valley, NC

Ten years after Maggie Mae Setzer was born in a small mountain community, her father, John Sidney "Jack" Setzer, decided that the community ought to have a post office. Jack wanted to establish a post office in his home because he was tired of having to hire someone to ride 5 miles to pick up mail for the valley. Jack wrote to the US Postal Department asking permission to establish his home as a new post office that would serve the area. He was asked to provide the needed service for the settlement for the next six months, keeping careful records of all postal activity. One corner of Setzer’s home became the post office.  Jack built a wooden box to file the incoming letters and newspaper. At the end of six months, he submitted his records to the US Postal Department along with an application for a permanent post office in their valley community.  His application was accepted and he was asked to submit three names for the town. The first three names that he submitted were rejected because they were already in use. On 10 May 1904, Jack submitted the names of his three daughters, Cora, Mettie and Maggie Mea, plus the name Jonathan Creek, the creek that ran through the Setzer’s property. Jack didn’t tell his daughters that he had submitted their names. He received an official letter from the US Postmaster General, Frank Hitchcock, telling him that the post office authorities had made their decision and the official name of the mountain settlement post office was to be Maggie, NC. The town had been named for a pretty 14-year old mountain girl with long blond hair and deep blue eyes.  As first Maggie was embarrassed when she heard the news. She burst into tears and ran up the mountain to the old log vacation where she had been born. At the age of 17, Maggie married Ira Pylant of Nashville, TN. The couple moved to Texas, but Maggie came back to her beloved valley several times before her death in 1979 at the age of 88.

1] Johannes Adam Setzer
2] Jacob Setzer I & Mary Magdalene Bovey
3] Jacob Setzer II & Maria Elizabeth Hildebrand
4] Jacob Setzer III & Mary Treffelstet
5] Jacob M. Setzer & Martha Miller
6] John Sidney "Jack" Setzer & Cordelia Henry
7] Maggie Mae Setzer & Ira Pylant
Setzer, Mitchell Smith
 Born: 196?
Parents: William Neil Setzer & Dorothy Jane Annas
Notable Achievement:
Mitchell is a member of the North Carolina General Assembly (NC House of Representative)
representing the state's 89th House district, including constituents in Catawba & Iredell Counties


1] Jacob Lanier Setzer & Delilah Deal
2] John Wilburn Setzer & Evaline Tabitha Smith
3] William Augustus Setzer & Laura Etta Hass
4] Smith Robinson Setzer & Antha May Yount
5] William Neil Setzer & Dorothy Jane Annas
6] Mitchell Smith Setzer
Setzer, Ned Ronald
Born: 11 Jun 1934
Died: 29 Jul 1975
Parents: William Augustus Setzer and Cora Etta Campbell
Notable Achievement:

Ned Ronald Setzer at a race in Augusta, Georgia


Ned Setzer, the "Redhead," could have driven with the best on the Winston Cup circuit, but elected to remain home with his family, run a well-drilling business and restrict his racing career weekends, mostly on short tracks, the so-called "bull rings" on Friday and Saturday nights.


Ned  Setzer, a NASCAR driver from Claremont, NC, competed in ten Nextel Cup Series events in his career.  His debut was in 1965, when he competed in the Daytona Speedweeks. Starting 15th in the Qualifier event (then a points race), Ned crashed out on the first lap and finished 22nd. Luckily, he still managed to transfer into the Daytona 500, finishing 34th after an early fuel pump issue. Even better, Setzer rebounded nicely, finishing in the top-ten in three of his next four races. He earned a pair of career-best - 6ths at Spartanburg and Charlotte and then 9th at Weaverville before closing out the year with midpack efforts.  Ned's final two races came in the 1966 season and both came again in the Speedweeks festivites. With his 15th place effort in the Qualifier, he again made the Daytona 500, finishing 30th after mid-race wheel issues.


Goble Family


Johnson Family

Sherrill, Adam
Born: 1697 in Cecil County, MD
Parents: William "the Conestoga Fur Trader" Sherrill and Margarette Rudisil
Web Page:
Notable Achievement:
Adam is known as "the first permanent white settler west of the Catawba River"

There was nothing but wilderness west of the Catawba River in the 1740's. The only inhabitants of this area were the Indians who hunted and fished and had all the land to themselves. All the early settlers coming westward stopped on the eastern side of the Catawba River and settled there. The western side was most uninviting and not knowing anything of this area, the settlers did not venture to find just what was there. It was not until 1747 that the first white settler and his family of eight sons ventured across the Catawba River and settled on the western side.  

1] William "the Conestoga Trader" Sherrill & Margarette (Rudisill) Reutzel
2] Adam "the Pioneer" Sherrill & Elizabeth Corzine
3] Uriah Sherrill & Judith Lewis
4] David Sherrill & Rachel Hamilton
5] Alfred M. Sherrill & Elizabeth Moore
6] Levina C. Sherrill & Pinkney C. Johnson
7] John Henry Johnson & Nancy Caroline Leslie
8] Beulah Vernesta Johnson & Martin Luther Goble
If you have additional information or photos of notable family members
please contact Curtis D. Loftin