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For some of you, this might be your first time to visit my family genealogy website. For other, you may have been here many times before. Regardless, since this website was created in 2007, it has grown to over 700 pages and about 50 different family name. This "Where to Find 'Em" page gives an update on what's new and what I've been working on each month. This page includes my four main family names - Loftin, Setzer, Goble & Johnson - as well as the other family names that feed into the four main family names. This page also gives updates on my wife's family - Weeks - my daughter-in-law Leslie's family - Robinson - my son-in-law Brad's family - Seese - as well as DNA and Miscellaneous updates.
2020 has been an unusual year due to the Coronavirus, world-wide lockdowns and the Presidential Election. Our county is divided by political parties in ways we've not seen since the American Civil War. As a result, I've taken the liberty to document these events - as I've seen them. -Curtis Loftin-

2020 November & December

FAMILY: Loftin
(Beatty, Corzine, Cranford, Fisher, Givens, Harwell, Kaiser, Lanier, Lomax, McCorkle, Rudisill, Sherrill, Upright, Washington, Work)
1. Curtis Loftin (Webmaster): "It's a very intertesting time to be alive. I'm 67 and I have seen the world change so much during those years. I was alive when man first walked on the moon (20  July 1969) - when President John F. Kennedy (22 Nov 1963) & Martin Luther King (04 Apr 1969) were assassinated - when the internet and the www first became available to the world (06 Aug 1991) - when Alaska (03 Jan 1959) and Hawaii (21 Aug 1959) become states in the US - when voting age was lowered from 21 to 18 (01 Jul 1971) - War in Vietnam (01 Nov 1955) & Persian Gulf War (16 Jan 1991) - Planes crash into World Trade Center and Pentagon (11 Sep 2001) - Barach Obama becomes the first black US President (20 Jan 2009) - Billionaire businessman Donald J. Trump becomes the 45th US President (20 Jan 2017), creation of the first mobile telephone/cell phone (03 Apr 1973) - the Polio Vaccine (1955) - introduction of the Personal Computer/PC (1977) - Apple & Amazon's Digital assitants, Siri (12 Oct 2011) & Echo/Alexa (06 Nov 2014) - 3D printing (2018) - and COVID-19 (2020).
2. I got an email from Julian Setzer who descends from Jacob Lanier Setzer. He shared information on his Setzer lineage but he also shared information about Matthew Eric Loftin, my grand/great nephew. Matt married Torrey Ward in 2020 and they have a new son, Jaxson Eric Loftin, who was born in 2020. Matt descends from Sam William Loftin -> William "Billy Ray" Ray Loftin -> Leif Eric Loftin. Matt's information was added to the Loftin Descendancy page. Thanks Julian.
3. OBITUARY: Marcella "Marty" Lee Wike, 82, of Sherrills Ford passed away on Friday, 25 Dec 2020, surrounded by her family at Novant Health in Huntersville.

Marty was forn 01 Oct 1938 in Catawba County, NC, to the late Glenn and Allie Loftin Lee. She was a member of Lake Norman Lutheran Church in Denver and retired as owner/operator of Marty's Hair Fashion in Denver.

In addition to her parents, she was preceded in death by her husband of 54 years, Bobby "Bob" Wike, brother G.C.Lee, Jr, and sister Louise Lee Hoyle.

Those left to cherish her memory are:
     Son: Danny Wike and wife Debbie of Catawba,
     Daughter: Kathy Gilbert of Catawba,
     Brothers: Doug (& Peggy) Lee of Catawba and Terry (& Rita) Lee of Conover,
     Sisters: Elaine Martin of Catawba, Janice (& Doug) Bumgarner of Terrell and Vickie (& Ray) Bryant of Catawba,
     Brother-ln-Law: Richard "Rick" (& MaryAnn) Wike of Conover,
     Grandchildren: Aaron Harris and fiance Madison Boles, Lacey Hicks and husband Tyler, and Scott Setzer and fiance Hillary Hopson,
     Great-Grandchildren: Travis Setzer, Simone Setzer, Quentin Setzer, Jacob Setzer, Kaos Harris, Chloe Harris and River Harris,
     Many nieces and nephews.
A graveside service to celebrate Marty's life was held on Tuesday, 29 Dec 2020, at 3:30 p.m. at Center United Methodist Church in Catawba. Rev. Jeff Marquardt officiated. The body lay in state prior to the service from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Bennet Funeral Service, 7878 NC Hwy 16, Newton.

In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Lake Norman Lutheran Church, Attn: LCEF, 1445 Hwy 16 North, Denver, NC 28037.
Sisters: Marcella, Elaine, Janice & Vickie
FAMILY: Setzer
(Aderholdt, Barringer, Bovey, Bushart, Deal, Heavner, Herman, Ikert, Miller, Motz, Rankin, Witherspoon)
1. Katrina Jill Setzer Stewart (Mrs. Gary Franklin Stewart) and husband, Frank, both had COVID-19 but have recovered. Katrina is the daughter of Ernest Ray Setzer & Johnsie Nell Connor - and the granddaughter of Miles Ernest Setzer & Effie Mae Lowrance.
2. I got an email from Ballie Setzer who had found the website and wanted to share her family information. Baillie is the daughter of Ron Brent Setzer and Stephanie Lynn Hovis. Like most of us here, her lineage comes through Jacob Lanier Setzer and Delila Deal. She comes through his son John Wilburn Setzer while I/Curtis come through his son Patrick Sylvanus Setzer. Her information has been added to the Setzer Descendancy Page. Thanks, Ballie, for sharing.
3. I got an update email from Julian Setzer who descends from Claude Ernest Setzer -> Lonnie Fay Setzer -> Dennis Alan Setzer. Like Baillie Setzer shown above in #2, he descends from Jacob Lanier Setzer and Delila Deal then through his son John Wilburn Setzer.  Julian updated information about his parents as well as a new son born in 2019. Congratulations Julian. He also upadated his contact information. You can find Julian's lineage on the Setzer Descendancy Page.
1. I created a new page called "Southern Foods". It gives information about southern food as well as recipes.
2. 2020! What a year! It seems like we've gone from one misfortune to another. The US, as well as the world, went on lockdown due to the Coronavirus. There were shortages of items like toilet paper, surgical masks, hand sanitizer, as well as many grocery items, as individuals rushed to stock-pile these necessaties. Schools were closed as well as most businesses. Only "essential" businesses were allowed to continue to operate. Small businesses closed their doors for good as many families struggled to pay their bills and feed their families. But it didn't end there. There were massive forest fires in California, many deliberately started, earthquakes, hurricanes and storms. Many states declared that churches were not essential and must close. President Trump, however, signed a Bill saying the churches and places of worship were essential. Democrats, Antifa and Black Lives Matter rioted in cites, looting stores, tearing down historical statues and tombstones, as homicied rates rose to the highest rates ever. Six city blocks in Seattle, Washington, were taken over during a protest on 8 June and self-declared the autonomous zone - their own country. Residents locked themselves in their homes to stay safe. Police and Emergency responders were not allowed to enter the autonomous zone. The area was finally cleard on 01 July. Other Democrat cities were devastated by rioters and police stations were set on fire as the rioters demanded defunding the police. The country is divided by the Democrats and Republicans. There hasn't been anything like it since the American Civil War. In many ways, it's still the North (plus west cost) vs. the South. On top of that, there was a presidential election that for all intents and purposes was stolen by Democrats in certain northern states. Now a month after the election, we still don't know who won the election. Joe Biden was declared President-Elect by the liberal-media but due to voter fraud, President Trump has issued numerous law suits in order to investigate election irregularities and voter fraud.

It is obvious that GOD is speaking, but I'm afraid only a few are listening.
3. The Coronavirus Pandemic continues with over 12,000,000 confirmed cases in the US and over 258,000 deaths. There are currently over 57,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases world wide and over 1,300,000 deaths. 84% of Covid-19 deaths in the US have occured in Democrat states while 16% of deaths occuring in Republican states. I created a new page in March entitled "Illnesses, Virus & Pandemics". There are charts, letters and lots of information. I've continued to update coronavirus information. Be sure to check it out. The countries with the largest number of deaths are the US (258,000), Brazil (168,000) and India (132,000). We don't know the true numbers for China. 

In NC, Governor Roy Cooper has restriced those allowed in homes for Thanksgiving and Christmas to leas than 10. If Biden becomes president, there will be more forced closings in the US.

According to recent information, Catawba County, NC, has become the county with the 3rd highest number of COVID-19 cases. On Saturday, 21 Nov, Catawba County had 53 new cases, 56 in the hospital, 82 deaths thus far and 6,265 total cases thus far.

The number of cases in the state of North Carolina continues to rise. As of Saturday, 21 Nov, 4,860, 430 residents of the state have been tested for COVID-19. I, personally, have been tested twice before I could have two sleep-apnea studies done. Both came back negative. 332,261 people have been diagnosed with COVID-19, with 3,415 newly reported cases, 1,590 currently hospitalized and 5, 005 deaths.

4. The 2020 Presidential Election is a "HOT" topic. The candidates, Republican, and current President, Donald Trump, and Democrat, Joe Biden, are as different as day and night - as are the two parties. The Republican Party is Anti-Socialism, Anti-Obama-Care, Anti-Abortion and Antii-LGBTQ and Pro-Christian, Pro-2nd Amendment (Right to Bear Arms/Own Guns), and Pro Freedom of Speech.
President Donald Trump was first elected in 2016 and I was really unsure about him in the beginning; but he has been the best president I've seen in my lifetime - trying his best to keep all of his political promises, refusing to take a salary but instead donating it to various charaties and has even taken a personal financial loss of millions of dollars while trying to run the country and not his own business empire.
President Trump's accomplishments are many, but you would never know by listening to the Democrat-controlled liberal media. He achieved many of these goals while surviving a corrupt impeachment investigation by the Democrats, the Russia-Hoax instigated by the Democratic party, hostility by a liberal press and a continuing pandemic of epic proportions. This is only a short listing of his accomplishments. He's also had 3 nominations for the Nobel Peace Prize and has help broker peace in the Middle East between Israel and Sudan, Bahrain and United Arab Emirates.
Some of President Donald Trump's Accomplishments
A short list of accimplisments includes: (a) Lower taxes for Americans, (b) Record unemployment, (c) U.S. becomes self-sufficient in therms of oil and is now the leading exporter, surpassing Saudi Arabia & Russia, (d) U.S. Embasy in Jerusalem, (e) Brokered peace treatys between Israel and United Arab Emirated, Bahrain and Sudan, (f) nominated three times for the Nobel Peace Prize, and (g) 371 miles of new border wall between the US and Mexico.
The following is a longer list but still doesn't cover everything he has accomplished - with GOD's help.
01. Almost 4 million jobs created. 26. Opened ANWR & approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.
02. More Americans employed than ever in recorded history. 27. Record number of regulations eliminated.
03. Manufacturing jobs growing at fastes rates in 3 decades. 28. Obamacare individual mandate penalty GONE.
04. Unemployment claims hit a 49-year low. 29. More affordable healthcare options.
05. Median Household income hits highest level ever recorded. 30. FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever in history.
06. African-American unemployment at lowest rate ever. 31. Reformed Medicare to stop overcharging seniors for drugs.
07. Hispanic-American unemployment at lowest rate ever. 32. Signed Right-To-Try legislation for terminally ill patients.
08. Asian-American unemployment at lowest rate ever. 33. Secured $6 billion in new funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
09. Women't unemplyment at lowest rate in 65 years. 34. Reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16%.
10. Lowest unemployment rate for Americans without high school diploma. 35. Expanded VA services, walk-in-clinics and same-day health care.
11. Almost 3.9 million Americans lifted off of food stamps. 36. Increased our coal exports by 60%.
12. The biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. 37. U.S. oil production recently reached all time high.
13. After tax cut, over $300 billion poured back into the U.S. 38. U.S. becomes a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.
14. Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. 39. Withdred the U.S. from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.
15. Helped win U.S. - Mexico - Canada's united bid for 2026 World Cup. 40. Cancelled the illegal, anti-coal, so-called Clean POwer Plan.
16. Secured $700 billion in military funding; $716 billion next year. 41. Started BUILDING THE WALL that separes U.S. from Mexico.
17. The U.S. Space Forth becomes the 6th branch of Armed Forces. 42. Improved vetting and screenings for regugees.
18. Confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new administration. 43.Net exports on track to increase by $59 billion this year.
19. Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch. 44. Breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.
20. Confirmed Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh. 45. Concluded a historic US-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA.
21. Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Amy Coney Barrett. 46.Issued Esecutive Order to keep Guantanamo Bay open.
22. Withred from horrible, one-sided Iran Deal. 47. Moved the U.S. Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.
23. Passed Russia & Saudi Arabia to become largest producer of crude oil. 48. Supported pro-life bills.
24. More than 20 American hostages held prisoners in other countries have  been brought home. 49. Iposed tariffs on China in response to China's forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their abusive trade practices.
25. Affirmed the administrations pro-life positions. 50. Churches & Synagogues declared "Essential" during Covid-19.
*Another detaled listing of accomplishments:
under a Biden presidency I would expect the appointment of hundreds of judges who take the law in their own hands and even consider themselves to be above the original meaning of the Constitution, laws that allow abortion up to the moment of birth and even after, the use of tax money to pay for abortions and gender reassignment surgery, the crippling of our economy with ever-increasing government control and ever-increasing taxes, increased unemployment, a weaker military unable to counter the increasing aggressiveness of China in the world’s oceans, a Jimmy Carter-like foreign policy of appeasement, abandoning Israel to fend for itself in the Middle East, adding additional seats to make a liberal majority on the Supreme Court, draconian laws that compel artistic professionals to affirm the validity of same-sex marriage even when contrary to their consciences, a reinstatement of the Obama-era guidelines that required schools to allow biological males to use girls bathrooms, locker rooms and showers and to allow them to compete in women’s sports, a massive increase in energy costs, ever-increasing restrictions on police forces, leading to an increase in crime, and the proliferation of violence and intimidation to nullify freedom of speech (in practice) for those who disagree with the liberal political agenda, open borders, sanctuary cities, and a complete federal takeover of our healthcare system.
In Trump's second term, I look forward to the appointment of more judges (who will interpret the laws and not make new laws on their own), further legal restrictions on abortion, greater protections for religious freedom and freedom of conscience, lower taxes, fewer government regulations, a rapidly growing economy, low unemployment rates (especially significant for ethnic minorities), increased prosperity for people at every income level, additional history-making agreements between Israel and additional Arab nations, a clearheaded recognition of the economic, military, and information threat from China, a high value placed on human freedom and on personal accountability for committing crimes, increasing numbers of children eligible for taxpayer-supported school choice, a secure border followed by a comprehensive reform of our immigration system, and an increase in police presence in high crime neighborhoods, with a resulting decrease in crime.
These are two vastly different kinds of nations. The first one features increasing freedom, personal responsibility, and human flourishing. The second one features ever-increasing government control of every aspect of our lives, significant losses of freedom, and the implementation of many laws and regulations that are contrary to the moral teachings of the Bible. That is why voting for Trump is the best choice for a Christian.
Historically there has not been any US President that has done more in his first four years of office than President Donald J. Trump.
Also, check out "100 Times President Trump Supported Israel"
As of 19 Nov 2020, there is no final declaration of who the winner of the 2020 Presidential Election. Former Vice-President Joe Biden and his team, as well as the leftist-media, have declared Biden the winner, but all states have yet to declare the final vote calculations. President Donald J. Trump and his team have issued law suits in a number of swing states due to irregularities during the election.
  1. In several of these states, Republican poll-workers were kept away from counting rooms and tables so they could not monitor other workers.
  2. People voted in Nevada and another state also.
  3. Hundreds of US citizens have signed affidavits that they have seen illegal practices at the polls.
  4. In the state of Pennsylvania, a law was changed to accept late votes. This, however, could only have been done through the state legislature.
  5. In Wisconsin, a day after the election, Biden receives a dump of 143,379 votes at 3:42 a.m. and Trump didn't get a single vote.
  6. Some counties had more voters than people who lived in the county.
  7. US citizens discovered that they "supposedly" voted in locations where they no longer lived.
  8. Some counties had more voters than people registered to vote.
  9. Dead people voted/ Geporgia had 4,2000 dead people to vots.
10. Some people showed up to vote only to be told they had already voted by mail.
11. Presidnet Trump won the largest minority vote share in Republican Party history in the last 60 years.
12. Philadelphia mail-in voter registration was 30 times more than 2016 - statistically improbable in spite of increased vote.
13. Dates were changed on mail-in ballots.
14. Democrats in some cities coached voters on how to vote.
15. Thousands of late Biden votes mysteriously showed up.
16. Wisconsin, Michigan, Philadelphia and Georgia under performed in every city except Milwalkee, Detroit, Philidelphia and Atlanta -
      the 4 cities where voter fraud took place.
17. Pollsters said Republican would lose 15 to 20 seats in the US House of Representatives during the election, but voters proved them wrong.
      US House Republicans are expecting to gain up to 13 new seats in the US House.
18. There were 100,000 mail in ballots without applications.
19. There are thousands of sworn witness affidavits for these allegations.
20. Dominion Software that was used to count votes in 30 states, was previously used in Venesuella to change the outcome of elections by
      changing votes. Venezuelan politicians Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro used Dominion to win elections.
21. Pennsylvania judge sides with GOP, halting election certification.
22. Biden "supposedly" won the election without winning Ohio and Florida. That has NEVER happened before.
23. Pennsylvania mailed out 1.8 million ballots "BUT" received 2.5 million mail-in ballots - 700,000 ballots the state did NOT mail out.

There were irregularities in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Georgia, Arkansas and Nevada. Even North Carolina dragged it's feet in declaring a winners in the election, except for Governor Roy Cooper who declared that he had won.
President Donald Trump is not your "usual" Republican. He won't back down without a fight and until he knows that only every "legal" vote was counted.
I was pleased to "finally" see North Carolina go to President Trump and that Catawba, Lincoln & Iredell Counties went Republican - as did most counties in the US. Only 25 counties went "blue", Democrat, the other 75 counties went "red", Republican. Unfortunately Democrat Governor Roy Cooper was re-elected - or so we were told. What is interesting is that Governor Cooper was able to declare that he was the winner of his part of the election, but NC was unable to declare a presidential winner for 7 days after election day, Nov 3. Also in NC, Republican Senator Thom Tillis was able to win over Democrat Cal Cunningham.
President Trump's current term officially ends on 20 Jan 2021. At that time, either Trump or Biden will be the president.
According to "The New Revolution", formerly conservative and No. 1 news  FOX NEWS completly crashed as a result of the way they handled the election. Viewers were cut in half in 3 weeks - many moving to NEWSMAX NEWS. My family was one of those that moved to  NEWSMAX because of the way Chris Wallace treated President Trump during the election debates and for the way Neil Cavuto handled White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEneny, cutting her off during a new update briefing. We will watch Sean Hannity, Judge Jeanine Pirro, Jesse Waters, Laura Ingraham and Mark Levin - but otherwise, its NEWSMAX.
Due to censoring and supposedly "fact-checking", many conservatives have moved from Facebook & Twitter and gone to either MeWe or Parler. One Trump supporter in Illinois, was "sick and tired" of Facebook. A video he had posted in September of a woman reportedly being arrested for not wearing a mask was flagged for spreading "misinformation", and last week during the election, a screengrab he shared hinting at false claims of eletoral fraud in Lancaster County, PA, was similarly flagged by the platform.
In the end, Joe Biden will become the "new" president of the USA. In my personal belief, he didn't win the election. There were too many spineless Americans in politics who wouldn't stand up and challenge all the fraud and discrepencies. GOD is our only hope - as he's always been. He is still GOD and ultimately He will have the last word in each of our lives.

2020 August & October

FAMILY: Loftin
(Beatty, Corzine, Cranford, Fisher, Givens, Harwell, Kaiser, Lanier, Lomax, McCorkle, Rudisill, Sherrill, Upright, Washington, Work)
1. Congratulations to my granddaughter, Alexandria Seese, who graduated from Challenger Early-College High School and Catawba Valley Community College (with an Associates Degree) on Saturday, 01 Aug 2020.
1. The Coronavirus Pandemic continues with over 5,000,000 confirmed cases in the US and over 165,000 deaths. There are currently over 20,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases world wide and over 745,000 deaths. I created a new page in March entitled "Illnesses, Virus & Pandemics". There are charts, letters and lots of information. I've continued to update coronavirus information. Be sure to check it out.
FAMILY: Seese (This branch of the family is for my wife, children and grandchildren)
(Denniston, Earnshaw, Gardner, Hameister, Hart, Seese)
1. I've updated the 2020 page for my granddaughters Alexandria Seese.
2. Congratulations to my granddaughter, Alexandria Seese, who graduated from Challenger Early-College High School and Catawba Valley Community College (with an Associates Degree) on Saturday, 01 Aug 2020.

2020 June & July

FAMILY: Loftin
(Beatty, Corzine, Cranford, Fisher, Givens, Harwell, Kaiser, Lanier, Lomax, McCorkle, Rudisill, Sherrill, Upright, Washington, Work)
1. OBITUARY: Randy Carlton Abernathy of Claremont, NC, passed away on Sunday, 07 Jun 2020, at the age of 71. Randy was born on 27 Apr 1949. He was preceded in death by his father, Paul Edward Abernathy, and mother, Betty Jo Loftin Abernathy, brothers, Paul Jerry Abernathy and Theodore Banks Abernathy and grandchild, Amina Zahra Zniber.
     Randy was owner and operator of Handy Randy's in Claremont and a member of First United Methodist Church in Conover for many years. Randy had a passion for the outddors, cooki8ng and his Christmas morning meal where he made his famous creamy rice and red-eyed gravy. He loved to tell jokes and hang out with his friends at the Pool Room in Claremont for Friday morning breakfast.
     He is survived by wife of 50 years, Jeanne Bolick Abernathy of the home, daughters Dana A. Little (and husband Chip of Claremont), Candace A. Zniber (and husband Salim of Newton, NC), grandchildren Aaron Lewis Little, Mya Katherine Shook, Mack Carlton Little, sister-in-laws Melissa Hunsucker of Claremont and Susan Long of Conover.
     A memorial service was held on Thursday, 11 Un 2020, at 3:00 p.m., at Burke Mortuary Chapel in Newton with Pastor Dr. Gary Poyals officiating.
(Left) 1968 & (Right) More Recently
2. June DNA Matches & Research suggests that the mother of Martha Lomax Cranford was Lucy Hulin. This new DNA information opens the door for the Hulin Lineage - going back several additional generations on a line that had previously come to an end. Martha was the mother of Laura Rossie Cranford Loftin (wife of William Alexander Loftin and mother of Alonzo Lester Loftin).
FAMILY: Setzer
(Aderholdt, Barringer, Bovey, Bushart, Deal, Heavner, Herman, Ikert, Miller, Motz, Rankin, Witherspoon)
1. Nothing new thus far this month.
(Babst/Bobst, Douglas, Faber, Fulbright, Hefner, Meinhert, Miller, Pabst/Bobst, Robinson)
1. OBITUARY: William "Bill" Clifton Eggers, Jr., age 92, of Maiden passed away on Friday, 19 Jun 2020 at Abernethy Laurels in Newton, NC. Bill was born 11 Nov 1927 to the late William Clifton Eggers, Sr.  and Josephine Newton Eggers, in Murphy, NC. He served his country in the U.S. Navy, as a diver and an underwater welder. After serving his country, Bill started his own welding business that serviced oil rigs in the petroleum industry. Bill was a member of Journey Baptist Chursh.
     In addition to his parents, Bill was preced in death by one son, William "Skipper' Clifton Eggers, III, one daughter, Marqueeta Eggers Johnson, one brother, Eugene Eggers and one sister, Lois Hyatt.
     Bill is survived by his beloved wite of 70+ years, Elgevia "Gevia" Goble Eggers, of the home, one son, Citabron "Tab" C. Eggers and wife Stephanie of Morganton, NC; two daughters, Sheila Helms and husband Rick of Claremont, NC, and Billie Moore of the home, one sister, Louise Korn of Gastonia, ten grandchildren, eight great-granchiildren, six great-great-grandchildre, his best friend Grady Smith, and many other cherished relatives and friends.
     The Eggers family received friends from 2 p.m. to 3 p.m. on 24 Jun 2020, at Goodin-Drum Funeral Home in Maiden. The funeral service followed at 3 p.m. on 24 Jun 2020 in the chapel at Goodin-Drum Funeral Home. Pastor Bill Murphy officiated.
Bill and Gevia with Sheila & Marqueeta about 1952
FAMILY: Johnson
(Corzine, Fink, Hamilton, Kaiser, Leslie, Lewis, Moore, Sherrill, Upright, Wilkinson)
1. Nothing new thus far this month.
1. The Coronavirus Pandemic continues with over 2,000,000 confirmed cases in the US and over 110,000 deaths. There are currently over 7,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases world wide and over 400,000 deaths. I created a new page in March entitled "Illnesses, Virus & Pandemics". There are charts, letters and lots of information. I've continue to update coronavirus information. Be sure to check it out.
2. DNA has opened up some previously closed lineages that I'm currently in the process of researching. Previously I knew that the mother-in-law of Manley Wilson Cranford was Lucy Lomax but I did not know Lucy's maiden name. Ancestry DNA suggests that it was "Hulin" and allowed me to extend that lineage back several generations.

2020 April & May

FAMILY: Loftin
(Beatty, Corzine, Cranford, Fisher, Givens, Harwell, Kaiser, Lanier, Lomax, McCorkle, Rudisill, Sherrill, Upright, Washington, Work)
1. OBITUARY: Thomas Alexander "T.A." Potter, 94 of Catawba, passed away on Friday, 08 May 2020, at his residence. T.A. was born on 06 Jun 1925 in Caldwell County, NC, to the late Thomas A. Potter and Margaret Virginia Elizabeth Bowman Potter. He was a member of Mathis Chapel Baptist Church in Catawba and a United States Army Veteran where he served as Sereant during WWII. He retired from the construction industry after many years of service.
     In addition to his parents, T.A. was preced in death by his brothers, John Potter, Cainey Potter, Plez Potter and Nathan Potter; and sisters, Patricia "Pet" Moffitt, Tilda Lunsford, Martha Williams and Alma Reel.
     Those left to cherish his memory are: wife of 7w years, Louise Loftin Potter; son Gary W. Potter and wife Penny of Catawba; daugher Barbara P. Edmonson and husband Ronnie of Newton; grandchildren Michelle "Shellie" Young, Kenny Joyner, Jeremy Joyner, Jimmy Edmonson and wife Julie, Trent Hoke and Matthew Adams; great-grandchildren Dylan Young, Kynna Joyner, Logan Howard, Brenna Adams, Georgie Adama, Maddox Spires, Mason Edmonson, Sawyer Edmonson, Bella Hoke, Wyle Hoke and James Hoke.
     A service to celebrate T.A.'s life will be held on Monday, 11 May 2020, at 2:00 p.m., in the Chapel of Bennett Funeral Service in Newton. Rev. Travis Triplett and Chaplain Cindy Jordan will officiate. Burial with military honors by American Legion Post 544 will follow at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church Cemetery in Catawba, NC. His body will lie in state on Sunday, 10 May 2020, from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Bennett Funeral Service in Newton.
2. I've updated the World War 2 page with information about Thomas Alexander "T.A." Potter.
3. I've updated the 2020 pages for my granddaughters Savanna Seese and Alexandria Seese.
1. The Coronavirus Pandemic continues with over 1,400,000 confirmed cases in the US and over 82,000 deaths. There are currently over 4,000,000 confirmed coronavirus cases world wide and over 200,000 deaths. I created a new page in March entitled "Illnesses, Virus & Pandemics". There are charts, letters and lots of information. I continue to update coronavirus information. Be sure to check it out.
2. I've updated the Civil War page with a bit more information.
FAMILY: Seese (This branch of the family is for my wife, children and grandchildren)
(Denniston, Earnshaw, Gardner, Hameister, Hart, Seese)
1. I've updated the 2020 pages for my granddaughters Savanna Seese and Alexandria Seese.

2020 February & March

FAMILY: Loftin
(Beatty, Corzine, Cranford, Fisher, Givens, Harwell, Kaiser, Lanier, Lomax, McCorkle, Rudisill, Sherrill, Upright, Washington, Work)
1. Howard Alexander Smith, Jr, 94, of Newton, passed away on Monday, 09 Mar 2020, at Carolina Caring on Robinson Road. He was born 24 Dec 1925 to the late Howard A. Smith Sr. and Nadean Justus Smith Whitworth. Howard served in the United States Marine Corps during World War II and saw service in the Pacific Campaign, earning the rank of Serfeant. Most of his adult career was in sales, primarily textiles and carpet. We worked into his early 80s and retired from H&A Carpet in Hildebran, NC. Howard was a lifelong member of the First United Methodist Church in Newton and also a member of American Legion Post 16 in Newton since his discharge from the Marine Corps. He was also an avid rock collector.

 Those left to cheris his memory are: Wife of 71 years (Wadine Martin Smith) of the home; Son (John H. Smith) of Newton; Daughter & Husband (Nancy Buffy Lail & Donnie Lail) of Garden City, SC; Grandson & Wife (Eric & Holly Lail) of Garden City, SC; Grandson (Corey Lail) of Garden City, SC; Great-Grandson (Joseph Alexander Lail) of Garden City, SC; Sister (Betty Lynch) of Hickory, NC; Nephew & Wife (Tom & Jane Herman) of Hiddenite, NC.

A service to celebrate Howard's life was held on Wednesday, March 11, 2020, in the Chapel of Bennett Funeral Service in Newton. The Rev. Josh Sherfey officiated. Burial with military honors by Catawba Valley Marine Corps League followed at Eastview Cemetary in Newton, NC
2. Louise Lee Hoyle, 87, of Catawba, NC, passed away on Tuesday, 10 Mar 2020, at Carolina Caring in Newton. Louise was born 29 Dec 1932 in Catawba County, NC, to the late Glenn & Allie Loftin Lee. She was a member of Center United Methodist Church in Catawba and the United Methodist Women. She loved cooking, feeding her family, shopping and traveling.

In addition to her parents, Louise was preceded in death by her husband, Johnny M. Hoyle and brother G.C. Lee Jr.

Those lfet to cherish her memory are: Son Morris & Melinda Hoyle of Vale, Reggie & Donna Holye of Claremont; Daughter Tammy & Johnny Drum of Catawba; Brothers Doug & Peggy Lee of Catawba and Terry & Rita Lee of Conover; Sisters Marcella Wike of Sherrills Ford, Elaine Martin of Catawba, Janice & Doug Bumgarner of Terrell and Vickie & Ray Bryant of Catawba; Grandchildren Kevin Hoyle, Bryan Hoyle Kristen (& Josh) Prestwoo, Jennifer (& Marty) Sharpe, Glenn (& Whitney Drum), Brandi (& Josh) Queen, Dustin (& Lucy) Martin, Caleb Hoyle, Brooke (& Tyler) Eades, William (& Shannon) Setzer; Great-Grandchildren Nathan Hoyle, Makayla Hoyle, Madalyn Sharpe, Alice Sharpe, Ruth Sharpe, Mason Prestwood, Scarlett Prestwood, Penelope Prestwood, Evelyn Drum, Elisha Queen, Ethan Queen, McKinleigh Martin, Maddux Martin, Cora Eades, Ethan Hoyle, Jeremiah Yoyle, Austin Setzer and Weston Setzer.

A service to celebrate Louise's life was held on Saturday, 14 Mar 2020 at 11:00 a.m. at Center United Methodist Church in Catawba. Rev. John Love officiated. Burial followed in the church cemetery. The family received friends prior to the service from 9:45 to 10:45 a.m. at the church. Those serving as pallbearers were: Kevin Hoyle, Bryan Hoyle, Glenn Drum, Caleb Hoyle, Dustin Martin, Elisha Queen, Ethan Queen and Nathan Hoyle.
(Babst/Bobst, Douglas, Faber, Fulbright, Hefner, Meinhert, Miller, Pabst/Bobst, Robinson)
1. I was contacted by William Blake Goble by phone and email. William is the son of William Dale Goble, the grandson of Carl "Bud" Goble, the Great-Grandson of James Henry "Leggs" Goble, and Great-Great-Grandson of Martin Luther Goble (b. 1888). I have added both William and his father to the Goble Family Descendancy page. You can contact his at nbvfd252@gmailcom .
1. With the 2020 Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic, it caused me to start thinking about the number of ancestors who have died as a result of flu, pneumonia, dysentary, diphtheria, typhoid fever, polio, cholera and as well as other virus. As a result, I created a new page entitled "Illnesses, Virus & Pandemics". There are charts, letters and lots of information. Be sure to check it out.
FAMILY: Seese (This branch of the family is for my wife, children and grandchildren)
(Denniston, Earnshaw, Gardner, Hameister, Hart, Seese)
1. I've added photos of my "middle" granddaughter, Alexandria, from her Homecoming Dance to her 2020 page.

2020 January

FAMILY: Loftin
(Beatty, Corzine, Cranford, Fisher, Givens, Harwell, Kaiser, Lanier, Lomax, McCorkle, Rudisill, Sherrill, Upright, Washington, Work)
1. I've updated the 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 webpage on my youngest granddaughter, Kayli.
2. I've updated the page for Mary Martha Lomax (Jan 1829 - 21 Dec 1910), wife of Rev. Manley Wilson Cranford. As a result of DNA matches to me and additional research, suggested that her parents were John Lomax (06 Nov 1794-1880) and Lucy Lomax (1801-1851), and that she had at least five siblings: James Addison Lomax, Noah Lomax, Margaret Lomax, William Nelson Lomax and Nancy Lomax.
3. I've completed a family tree for Mary Martha Lomax Cranford. I had a tree previously but had been unable to correctly place Mary Martha. As a result of the DNA Test matches at, I was finally able to place her in the Lomax Family Descendancy as the daughter of John & Lucy Lomax.
4. I updated the page for William Lomax (1764 - 1835), father of John Lomax and grandfather of Mary Martha Lomax Cranford.
5. I added 5 more generations to the Cranford Family Descendancy starting now with James Cranford who was born about 1700. I have also updated the Cranford Family Tree.
(Babst/Bobst, Douglas, Faber, Fulbright, Hefner, Meinhert, Miller, Pabst/Bobst, Robinson)
1. Wayne Clifton Goble of Maiden, North Carolina, passed away on Thursday, 16 Jan 2020. Wayne was born in Catawba, North Carolina on 26 Aug 1948. He is preceded in death by his parents Harlee Goble and Alean Helms Goble, and his wife Nancy Cline Goble. He is survived by step-children, Krissy Price (and husband Ethan) and Robbie (& fiancee Jennifer Davis) Little of Maiden; a sister, Denise Goble Short and husband Tommy of Maiden; and two brothers, Boyd & wife Janice Goble of Newton and Kevin & wife Debbie Goble of Maiden.

Wayne was a member of Gospel Light Baptist Church in Newton, retired from Ethan Allen in Maiden afer 37 years of service and was a US Army veteran.

A reception was held on Sunday 19 Jan 2020, from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM, at Burke Mortuary, 2516 N Main Ave, Newton, NC 28658. A funeral service will be held on Monday, 20 Jan 2020, at 2:00 PM, at Gospel Light Baptist Church, 1824 Mr. Olive Church Rd, Newton, NC 28658.
1. updated my autosomal DNA results in January 2020. In early 2019, I was 64% England, Wales & NW Europe, 19% Germanic Europe and 17% Ireland & Scotland. In January 2020 they had changed slightly to 75% England, Wales & NW Europe, 14% Ireland & Scotland, 8% Germanic Europe and 3% Norway & Iceland. One of the reasons for this change may have been the number of people who have taken the DNA Test and matched as cousins with me. The number of DNA matched cousin has doubled to at least 2000+.

Elaine Lee Martin took the DNA autosomal DNA test - as did her daughter Lisa Martin Harvey and Lisa's son Kris Harvey. Elaine was correctly identified as my 1st cousin. Barbara Potter Emondson also took the test and is listed as a 1st or 2nd cousin. Barbara's mother, Louise Loftin Potter, is my first cousin. In actuality, Barbara, like Lisa Harvey, are my 1st cousins once removed. All of us descend from Alonzo Lester Loftin and Ida Lillian Setzer.

Pamela Loftin Williamson is incorrectly identified as a 3rd or 4th cousin. Her father was Arthur Lee Loftin - the brother of my grandfather Alonzo Lester Loftin. Pam's dad, William Ray Loftin, and my dad, Sam William Loftin, were 1st cousins, making Pam and myself 2nd cousins.

These DNA matches and Ancestry's research have given me a couple dozen possible ancestry matches on some of my lines that had stopped - due to dead ends. I've already added some information to the page for Mary Martha Lomax Cranford - including information about her parents and siblings.

Descendants of Alonzo Lester Loftin

Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and (1) Cornelia “Nelia” Estelle Lowrance
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Nannie May Loftin 08 Nov 1895 15 Jul 1982 Wade Vernon Martin
m. 1915
Lillie Stamey Loftin 06 Sep 1897 04 Aug 1988 [Never Married]
Roy Henry Loftin 27 Jul 1899 24 Jun 1972 Sarah Mae Morrow
m. 22 Jun 1925
Floye Hovis Loftin 26 Jul 1901 06 Jan 1973 William Ellers
Verdie Lee Loftin 07 Sep 1903 06 Mar 1993 (1) Fitzhugh Boggs
(2) Ralph Copeny
(3) Harold Yount
Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and (2) Ida Lillian Setzer
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Charlie Roosevelt Loftin 22 Oct 1905 30 Sep 1988 Edna Jones
Theodore Roosevelt Loftin 25 Dec 1906 20 Dec 1969 Fannie Marie Hoke
"Infant Son" Loftin 1908 1908 [Died in Infancy]
Sadie Elizabeth Loftin 08 Jun 1909 15 Dec 2007 (1) Paul Abraham Murray
(2) Vernon Asbury Lee
*Willie Thelma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 Nov 1977 (1) Dewey D. Connor
(2) Dewey M Lanier
*Callie Elma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 June 1992 John Henry Huffman
Sallie Allie Loftin 12 Sep 1913 10 Feb 1986 Glenn Clustus Lee
**Daisy Pearl Loftin 06 Jun 1914 07 Jan 1994 Ruel Franklin Herman
**"Infant Son 2" Loftin 06 Jun 1914 13 Jun 1914 [Died in Infancy]
Mike Whitener Loftin 18 Feb 1916 24 Feb 1949 Eleanor Carolyn Ervin
Sam William Loftin 13 May 1918 18 Sep 1979 Willie Aleen Goble
Oscar Sherrill Loftin 22 Oct 1920 22 Jul 1986 Annie Ruth Travis
*** "Infant Son 3" Loftin 26 Oct 1922 27 Oct 1922 [Died in Infancy]
Glennie Frances Loftin 13 Jul 1926 17 Sep 2015 Robert Alvin Cook
**** "Infant Son 4" Loftin 1928 1928 [Died in Infancy]
* Willie Thelma Loftin and Callie Elma Loftin were twins - born on 31 May 1911 in Catawba County, North Carolina.
**Daisy Pearl Loftin and "Infant Son 2" Were twins - born on 06 Jun 1914. "Infant Son 2" only lived a few days before his death.
*** The Catawba County Birth Index for this child, "Infant Son 33, shows that he was born 22 Oct 1922 (the same day and month as his older brother Oscar).  This child's Death Certificate shows that he died 27 Oct 1922 and that he lived for 1 day and 2 hours - so it's more likely that the child was born on 26 Oct 1922 - instead of 22 Oct 1922 as the Birth Index shows.  Cause of death was "malformation of upper air passage".
**** It's possible that this last "Infant Son" of Alonzo and Ida was born in 1927.  It is also possible that the grave marker for this "Infant Son" born in 1928 was incorrectly dated and should have been for the 1922 "Infant Son".




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