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Patrick Sylvanus Setzer


Born: 11 May 1843, Catawba County, NC
Died:  20 Apr 1923, Catawba County, NC




Patrick Sylvanus Setzer was the son of Jacob "Sawmill Jake" Lanier Setzer and Delila Deal.  He was born 11 May 1843 in Catawba County, North Carolina.  Patrick was the ninth of Jake & Delila's ten children.


According to the 1850 Catawba County Census, Jake and Delila were living in Catawba County with their nine children and a Mulato woman by the name of Rachel Harbrok.

Patrick’s siblings were Marcus Elkanah Setzer (born 1830), Lena Louise Setzer (1832), Elizabeth Mahalya "Betsy" Setzer (1833), William Able Setzer (1835), Jacob Harvey Setzer (1837), Noah Monroe "Joe" Setzer (1838), John Wilburn Setzer (1840), Ann Catherine Setzer (1841) and Henry Theodore Setzer (1846).

According to the 1850 Catawba County Census, the Jacob Setzer family was living near Miles Rankin Witherspoon and his family.  Miles and Sarah Aderholdt Witherspoon had a 4-year-old daughter, Margaret, who would have been childhood friends with Patrick Sylvanus Setzer (who was 6-years-old at the time of the Census).  Eventually Patrick and Margaret would marry.

1850 Catawba County Census

First Name Last Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real Estate Birth County School
Miles Witherspoon 33 M   Farmer   Catawba  
Sarah " 30 F       "  
Margaret " 4 F       "  
James P. " 2 M       "  
John H. " 1 M       "  
First Name Last Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real Estate Birth County School
Jacob Setzer 44 M   Farmer $1500 Catawba  
Delilah Setzer 42 F       Catawba  
Marcus Setzer 20 M   Farmer   Catawba  
Abahuly Setzer 18 F       Catawba X
William Setzer 16 M   Farmer   Catawba X
Jacob Setzer 14 M       Catawba X
Noah Setzer 12 M       Catawba X
John Setzer 10 M       Catawba X
Anna Setzer 9 F       Catawba X
Patrick Setzer 6 M       Catawba X
Henry Setzer 5 M       Catawba  
Rachel Harbrook 42 F Mulato     Catawba  
On 14 Oct 1850, Jacob Setzer's wife, Delila, died.  Jacob married Nancy Malinda Fraisure on 23 Sep 1851 but their marriage produced no children.
According to the 1860 Catawba County Census, seven of the children were still living on the family farm.  Patrick was 17-years-old at the time and still attending school.

1860 Catawba County Census

First Name Last Name Age Sex Race Occupation Personal Estate Birth School
William Setzer 24 M   Farmer $150 N.C.  
Harvey Setzer 23 M       N.C.  
Noah Setzer 22 M       N.C.  
Wilburn Setzer 20 M       N.C.  
Patrick Setzer 17 M       N.C. X
Theodore Setzer 14 M       N.C. X
Ann Setzer 18 F       N.C. X
Things changed in the United States in 1861 when South Carolina succeeded from the Union.  Fighting commenced on April 12, 1861, when Confederate forces attacked a Federal military installation at Fort Sumter in South Carolina.
All seven on Jacob & Delila Setzer's sons served in the Civil War.  On July 4, 1862, Patrick, at the age of 19, as well as his brothers, Marcus Elkanah Setzer, William Able Setzer, Jacob Harvey Setzer, and Henry Theodore Setzer enlisted as part of the Confederate Army.
William Able Setzer, Jacob Harvey Setzer, John Wilburn Setzer, Henry Theodore Setzer










Patrick was part of Company E, 57th Infantry Regiment North Carolina.  He was on rolls on 31 October 1863.
While Patrick was serving in the 57th Infantry, the Confederate army engaged the Union army at Rappahannock River in Virginia. Major-General John Sedgwick was ordered to push the Confederate troops across the river at Rappahannock Station, VA, before dark. All afternoon the Federal artillery kept up a vigorous fire upon the Rebels, but apparently without effect, as the Confederates replied just as vigorously. Just at dusk, the Union’s Major-General Sedgwick ordered an assault that was acknowledged to be one of the most gallant in history. The Federal losses in the affair was 83 killed, 330 wounded and 6 missing.  The Confederate losses were 6 killed, 39 wounded and 1,629 captured, besides 8 colors, a battery, 2,000 stands of small arms and a pontoon train.
Patrick was taken Prisoner of War at Rappahannock Station, VA, on 07 November 1863, at the age of 20, and was confined on 11 November 1863 at Point Lookout, MD, a prison camp for Confederate prisoners of war. 
In the two years during which the camp was in operation, 1863 to 1865, Point Lookout overflowed with inmates, surpassing its intended capacity of 10,000 to a population numbering between 12,500 and 20,000. In all, over 50,000 men, both military and civilian, were held prisoner there.
Unfortunately for Patrick, the system of prisoner exchange was suspended for the duration of the war. 
The camp was laid out into a series of streets and trenches, and was surrounded by a fourteen foot parapet wall. Prisoners lived sixteen or more to a tent and were continually subjected to short rations and limited fire wood in winter.  Physical conditions were extremely difficult for prisoners. The flat topography, sandy soil, and an elevation barely above high tide led to poor drainage, and the area was subjected to every imaginable extreme of weather, from blazing heat to bone-chilling cold. There were problems with polluted water, inadequate food, clothing, fuel, housing, and medical care.  Approximately 4,000 prisoners died there over a 22 month period.

Patrick’s brother, William Able Setzer, age 28, was wounded during battle, captured and carried to Point Lookout where he was retained for sixteen months.  His brother, Henry Theodore Setzer, age 17, was also a POW for 16 months at Point Lookout, as was Marcus Elkanah, age 33.  All of Patrick’s siblings, however, weren’t as fortunate.  Jacob Harvey Setzer, age 26, was captured at Rappahannock Station, VA and died in the hospital at Point Lookout.  Marcus Elkanah Setzer also died during the war at the age of 34.


After 16 months as a Prisoner of War, Patrick was paroled on 24 February 1865 at Aiken’s Landing, VA, returning home from the war at the age of 21.

By 1870, the War Between the States was over and Patrick was living back on the family farm with his father Jacob, step-mother Malinda and brother Henry.  The 1870 Census has his age listed as 22, but since he was born in 1943, his correct age would have been 27.  Henry’s correct age would have been 24.


Miles Rankin Witherspoon’s family was still living near Jacob and Malinda Setzer.  Both families were listed on p. 22 on the 1870 Catawba County Census.  Margaret Witherspoon was listed on the Census as being 23 years old at the time but she was actually around 25.  Patrick's age is listed as 22 but he was actually around 27.

1870 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real Estate Personal Estate Birth Age 21+
Setzer Jacob 65 M W Farmer $5000 $200 N.C. X
------ Malinda 55 F W Keeping House     N.C.  
------ Patrick 22 M W Farm Laborer     N.C. X
------ Henry 21 M W ------     N.C. X

Patrick Sylvanus Setzer, age 28, married Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon, age 26, on 27 Dec 1871.  Margaret was born 02 Nov 1845 to Miles Rankin Witherspoon and Sarah Elizabeth Aderholdt.  Margaret was the oldest of seven children born to Miles and Sarah.


(Above) Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon Setzer

(Right) Patrick Sylvanus Setzer

Patrick and Margaret marriage license was acquired on 22 Dec 1871 and they were married on 27 Dec 1871 (see bottom half of license).

Marriage License for Patrick Sylvanus Setzer & Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon

According to the 1880 Catawba County Census, Patrick and Margaret had started their own family and had four sons, Jacob Eli Setzer, Miles Ernest Setzer, Jones Garland Setzer and John Marion Setzer.  They lived on a large farm 2 miles south of Claremont.

1880 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Race Sex Age Relationship Occupation Birth
Setzer Patrick S. W M 37 Head/Husband Farmer N.C.
Setzer Margaret W F 34 Wife Keeping House N.C.
Setzer Jacob E. W M 7 Son   N.C.
Setzer Miles E. W M 6 Son   N.C.
Setzer Jones G. W M 3 Son   N.C.
Setzer John M. W M 1 Son   N.C.
By 1890 Patrick and Margaret had nine children.
Children of Patrick Sylvanus Setzer and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon
Name Birth Death Spouse
Jacob Eli Setzer 29 Dec 1872 11 Feb 1957 Minnie Elizabeth Connor
Miles Ernest Setzer 28 May 1874 18 Feb 1939 Effie Mae Lowrance
Jones Garland Setzer 23 May 1877 22 Jul 1889
Died from Polio
(Died as a child - age 12)
John Marion Setzer 08 May 1879 27 Apr 1946 Emma Leola Lowrance
Sallie Ann Mae Setzer 29 Jan 1882 19 Oct 1960 Ransom Edgar Little
Ida Lillian Setzer 25 Apr 1884
25 Dec 1964 Alonzo Lester Loftin
Ivey Lee Setzer 25 Apr 1884
02 Feb 1885 (Died in Infancy)
Elizabeth Pearl Setzer 20 Apr 1887 12 Nov 1960 Emanuel Iravus Sigmon
Daisy McNeill Setzer 15 Jun 1889 06 Nov 1985 Leslie Burette Sigmon

Children of Patrick & Margaret Setzer
(Left to Right) Ida Lillian Setzer Loftin, Jacob Eli Setzer, Daisy McNeill Setzer Sigmon,
John Marion Setzer and Elizabeth "Lizzie" Pearl Setzer Sigmon


Jacob Eli Setzer and John Marion Setzer


(Top Row) Lizzie Sigmon, Ida Loftin, Daisy Sigmon, Sallie Little
(Bottom Row) Emma Leola Lowrance (Mrs. John Setzer) & John Setzer


29 Jul 2010
Frances Loftin Cook recalls her Setzer Aunts & Uncles, including:
Miles & Effie Lowrance Setzer
John & Leola Lowarance Setzer
Daisy Setzer Sigmon
and some of her favorite foods from the older women in her life as a child

YouTube Video

The 1900 Catawba County Census shows Patrick & Margaret as living in Newton Township with seven children.  Jones Garland born 23 May 1877 had died 22 Jul 1889 and Ivy Lee Setzer (twin to Ida Lillian Setzer) born 25 Apr 1884 had died nine months later on 02 Feb 1885.  The Census shows Miles as being married, but his wife, Effie, is listed as a "boarder" instead of a "Daughter-in-Law".

1900 Catawba County Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S/M/W Yrs
Last First Month Year # Live
Setzer Patrick S. Head W M May 1843 57 M 29  
------- Margaret E. Wife W F Nov 1845 54 M 29 9 7
------- Miles E. Son W M May 1874 26 M    
------- John M. Son W M May 1879 21 S    
------- Sallie A. Daughter W F Jan 1882 18 S    
------- Ida L. Daughter W F April 1884 16 S    
------- Lizzie P. Daughter W F April 1887 13 S    
------- Daisy M. Daughter W F Jun 1889 10 S    
Setzer Effie Boarder W F Jul 1880 19 M 6m  
Patrick's age in 1900 is listed as 57 and Margaret is 54.
According to the 1910 Census, Patrick, age 67, and Margaret, age 64, were living on the Claremont Rd. in Catawba County.  Of their nine children, seven were still living, but only Lizzie, age 23, and Daisy, age 20, were still at home.

1910 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Marriage Yrs. # Kids Kids Living Occupation
Setzer Patrick S. Head M W 67 38 - - Farmer
Setzer Margaret Wife F W 64 38 9 7  
Setzer Lizzie Daughter F W 23        
Setzer Daisy Daughter F W 20        
According to the 1920 Catawba County Census, Patrick, age 76, and Margaret, age 74, were living on Island Ford Rd.  The Bunker Hill Covered Bridge had been built in 1895 when Catawba County Commissioners called on nearby owners of Bunker Hill Farm to build and maintain a bridge that would cross Lyle’s Creek on the old Island Ford Road, a former Native American trail.

1920 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age Read Write Occupation Birth
Setzer Patrick S. Head M W 76 Yes Yes Farmer N.C.
------ Margaret E. Wife F W 74 Yes Yes None N.C.

Patrick Sylvanus Setzer died 20 Apr 1923
and Margaret died 06 Dec 1932.

They were buried in the
Bethlehem Methodist Church
Cemetery in Claremont, NC.

Patrick's Death Certificate shows that he was born in 1844 but his actual birth date was 11 May 1843 - according to his gravestone and other records (including the 1900 Census above).  His age at time of death was 79 years, 11 months, 9 days as the Death Certificate shows.  Cause of death was listed as "Cerebral Hemorrhage".  Patrick's father is correctly listed as "Jacob Setzer" but his mother is incorrectly listed as "Eliza Deal" (unless that was her middle name, but if that is the case, no other document has shown "Eliza" as her name).  Patrick's mother was "Delilah/Delia Deal" Setzer.  The "Informant" was "J. E. Setzer" (Jacob Eli Setzer, eldest son of Patrick).

Death Certificate for Patrick Sylvanus Setzer



Patrick Sylvanus Setzer - Timeline (1843 - 1920)

Date Age Event Place Source Notes
1843 0 BIRTH Catawba Co, NC Headstone Born: 11 May 1843
1850 6 Residence Catawba Co, NC 1850 Census 23 Jul 1850 (actually age 7)
1850 6 Attended School Catawba Co, NC 1850 Census 23 Jul 1850 (actually age 7)
1860 17 Residence Catawba Co, NC 1860 Census 28 Sep 1860
1860 17 Attended Catawba Co, NC 1860 Census 28 Sep 1860
1861 18 Civil War Begins Ft. Sumter, SC   Entire Family Affected
1862 19 Enlisted Civil War NC Civil War Records 04 Jul 1862 - All 7 Brothers Enlisted
1863 20 Served in Civil War NC Civil War Rolls 31 Oct 1863; Comp. E, 57th Inf.
1863 20 Prisoner of War Rappahannock Station, VA Civil War Records 07 Nov 1863
1863 20 Confined to
Prison Camp
Point Lookout, VA Civil War Records 11 Nov 1836 for 16 months
1865 21 Paroled Aiken's Landing
Civil War Records 24 Feb 1865
1870 27 Residence Hamilton Township
Catawba Station
Catawba Co, NC
1870 Census 29 Jul 1870
Living with Father & Step-Mother
1871 28 Married Catawba Co, NC Marriage License 27 Dec 1871; Margaret Witherspoon
1872 29 Son Born Catawba Co, NC Death Certificate 29 Dec 1872; Jacob Eli Setzer
1874 31 Son Born Catawba Co, NC Headstone 28 May 1874; Miles Ernest Setzer
1877 34 Son Born Catawba Co, NC Find-A-Grave 23 May 1877; Jones Garland Setzer
1879 35 Son Born Catawba Co, NC Death Certificate
08 May 1879; John Marion Setzer
1880 37 Residence Newton Township
Catawba Co, NC
1880 Census 21 Jun 1880; Farmer
4 children at home
1882 38 Daughter Born Catawba Co, NC Death Certificate 29 Jan 1882; Sallie Ann Mae Setzer
1884 40 Daughter Born Catawba Co, NC Death Certificate 25 Apr 1884; Ida Lillian Setzer (Twin)
1884 40 Son Born Catawba Co, NC Family History 25 Apr 1884; Infant son (Twin)
1885 41 Twin Son Death Catawba Co, NC Family History 02 Feb 1885; Ida's Twin Brother
1887 43 Daughter Born Catawba Co, NC Death Certificate
20 Apr 1887; Elizabeth Pearl Setzer
1889 46 Daughter Born Catawba Co, NC Headstone 15 Jun 1889; Daisy McNeill Setzer
1889 46 Son's Death Catawba Co, NC Family History 22 Jul 1889; Jones Garland Setzer;
Died from Polio; age 12
1900 57 Residence Newton Township
Catawba Co, NC
1900 Census 13 Jun 1900; Farmer;
6 Children at Home
1910 67 Residence Newton Township
Claremont Rd.
Catawba Co, NC
1910 Census 29 Apr 1910; Farmer
2 Children at Home
1920 76 Residence Newton Township
Catawba Co, NC
1920 Census 09 Jan 1920; Farmer
1923 80 DEATH Catawba Co, NC Headstone 20 Apr 1923
A special thanks to Daisy Lemyre Sigmon for the photos of Patrick & Margaret.
A special thanks to Glennie Frances Loftin Cook for the photos of Ida Setzer Loftin & her siblings.


If you have additional photos or information about Patrick or Margaret, please contact me.



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