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Born: 2000, Hickory, NC




February 2014


Dance Recital
By 2014, Savanna had given up dance - even though she and Alexandria has taken lesson ever since they were toddlers.  Ali continued until the Summer of 2014.
Ali all dressed up for a Dance Recital on 08 Feb 2014 - with her sister Savanna

April 2014


Savanna's Birthday
The Loftin and Seese families went out to El Paso Mexican Restaurant in Conover, NC, for Savanna and her Uncle Philip's birthdays.  The food at El Paso is always exceptional.

This was Savanna's 14th Birthday and Philip's 36th


Savanna and her family participate in an annual Pesach Seder at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, in the Spring of each year. 
Ali's paternal grandfather, Curtis Loftin, co-leads the Messianic group, Beit Yeshua,
that hosts the annual Messianic Passover meeting
Brad, Beth, Ali and Savanna sitting behind Curtis
There is usually an Israeli Folk Dance performance piece at the beginning of the evening
The Seese family seated to the left of the dancers
With 200+ in attendance, there are regular and low seats
Curtis, along with Doug Williams, lead the Seder
As the 10 plagues that came upon the Egyptians are recited, we're reminded that a great price was paid for the deliverance of the Israelites.  As Believers, we, too, have been purchased with a great price - the blood of Messiah Yeshua/Jesus.

May 2014


Loftin Family Reunion


The Loftin Family Reunion always takes place on the third Sunday in May - for the descendants of William Alexander Loftin and Laura Rossie Cranford Loftin.  Ali's descendancy comes from William Alexander Loftin to Alonzo Lester Loftin to Sam William Loftin to Curtis Dean Loftin to Elizabeth "Beth" Ann Loftin Seese to Ali Seese.

Various members of the family are recognized before the meal
The Loftins and the Loftin-Seese Families
Beth, Brad, Savanna and Alexandria

June 2014


The Beach

The Seese family joined Beth's parents, Curtis & Carolyn Loftin, for a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.  Brad's mother, JoAnn Seese, was also invited to join the group for the summer vacation.
The Loftins & Seeses always try to book lodging at Xanadu when they are at the beach
A view of the beach from the balcony
On the first day of the week-long beach trip, Brad and Beth settled on the beach
while Savanna and Alexandria played a little volleyball
On the second day of the trip, Savanna & Alexandria were the first ones dressed
and ready to head down to the beach
Beth, Brad, Savanna and Alexandria - with just a few others
Savanna & Ali spend the first part of the morning playing volleyball again
To See the Video of Savanna & Ali playing Volleyball - CLICK HERE - or Below
Savanna gives Ali a few pointers
The girls take a little break
Brad and Savanna relax on the beach ...
... while Beth and Ali head into the ocean
As the afternoon progresses, the family starts to pack up to head inside.
Beach Videos
Date Subject Information Link
22 June 2014 Volleyball 1 Savanna & Ali on the Beach CLICK HERE
22 June 2014 Volleyball 2 Savanna & Ali on the Beach CLICK HERE
22 June 2014 Volleyball 3 Savanna & Ali on the Beach CLICK HERE
26 June 2014 Boogie Board 3 Ali with Boogie Board & Savanna CLICK HERE
26 June 2014 Boy on Beach Savanna "checks out" boy on beach CLICK HERE
Later in the week, Brad decided to surprise Beth by taking her and the girls parasailing
All cleaned up, the family relaxed on the balcony with Nonni (Carolyn), Beth,
Ali & Savanna enjoying the afternoon breeze and shade



Heading into 9th Grade

After completing 7th & 8th Grade at River Bend Middle School, Savanna was supposed to go into Bunker Hill High School for the 9th to 12 Grades, but she applied to the Challenger at Catawba Valley Community College and was accepted into the program.  As a result, she is scheduled to attend CVCC for Grades 9 to 12 and when she graduates she will also have a two-year Associates Degree from CVCC.  At that point, she can transfer to a 4-year college (if she wishes) and with only two more years pick up a four-year degree.
9th Grade Photo
Challenger at CVCC

Savanna (Right) with some of her friends at Challenger




Volleyball at Challenger
Savanna decided she wanted to play volleyball at Challenger
Savanna shows everyone just what she can do on the volleyball court
The very best!
To See a Short Video of Savanna Playing Volleyball - CLICK HERE - or Below

October 2014


SUKKOT / The Feast of Tabernacles

The Seese family helps Poppi & Nonni (Curtis & Carolyn) get the fabric up in order to convert their Pergola into a sukkah for the Biblical Feast of Sukkot/Tabernacles.
Nonni poses with Brad, Beth, Savanna and Ali while Poppi snaps a photo
After a few decoration have been added to the inside
The Amazing Maize Maze
On 18 Oct 2014, as the recommendation of Savanna's Uncle Philip, the Seese family (along with Poppi & Nonni Loftin) went to Huntersville, NC, to participate in The Amazing Maize Maze.
This is where it all happens
The maze is located in this large cornfield in Huntersville
Only one way in and one way out
Entrance to the Maze
Carolyn, Beth, Brad, Ali, Savanna and Curtis
Savanna & Ali pose for a photo as the family waits to begin the maze
As we started our trek into the maze, we soon separated into two groups
Ali & Savanna went off on their own leaving the adults to fend for themselves
Brad carried the flag for the adults
Signs like this gave pieces of baseball trivia as we trekked through the maze
Kernel of Knowledge #1 Down
1. Willie Maize is our Maze character and you are standing in his hat.  In his career, the real Willie Mays had 3,283 hits, 568 homeruns, won Rookie of The Year in 1951, and played in 4 World Series
Kernel of Knowledge # 3 Across
3. The term "hotdog" was coined in 1931 at the New York Parks Grounds where the vendors were yelling "Get your dachshund sausages while they're red hot!"  A sports cartoonist heard the vendors & drew a cartoon of a barking dachshund nestled warmly in rolls.  Not sure how to spell "dachshund" he simply wrote "hot dog!"  The cartoon was a sensation and the term "hot dog" was born.
There were mailboxes throughout the maze that held tape and pieces of a map
Your goal, collect all the pieces of the map and find your way out of the maze
Brad, Beth and Carolyn confer as to where they think the next mailbox is located
Which way do we go from here?
Both groups finally connected at the end and exited together
The Exit from the Maze
Ali and Savanna show their completed maze map
The Completed 2014 Maze



Thanksgiving Lunch with Poppi & Nonni

The Loftin and Seese families always get together on Thanksgiving Day for lunch at Curtis & Carolyn's house. 
Savanna with her cousin Kayli Loftin
Family Photos
After Thanksgiving lunch, everyone heads over to Philip and Leslie's house to have family photos made.
The Entire Loftin Seese Clan
(Back Row) Savanna, Alexandria, Brad, Beth, Philip, Leslie and Kayli
(Front Row) Carolyn & Curtis
Curtis & Carolyn with all three of their beautiful granddaughters


Savanna & Ali with Kayli


Savanna & Ali


Brad & Beth with Savanna & Ali




In the day-and-time when literally everyone has a cell phone with a built in camera, "Selfies" have become the rage because you can take a photo of yourself anytime you want to then quickly upload it to Facebook with the very same cell phone.  Here are a few of Savanna's "Selfies".
01 Dec 2014
06 Dec 2014
Panthers Football Game
On 21 December, Brad took Beth, Savanna and Ali to a Panthers Game in Charlotte, NC,
as part of their Christmas gift.  They all loved it.
Fun for the whole Seese family
Christmas Day
The Loftin & the Seese families always spend Christmas day with Curtis & Carolyn. 
After lunch, everyone moves to the living room and starts opening Christmas presents.
Family members arrive as Carolyn and Curtis make last minute preparations
On the bar there was potato salad, deviled eggs,
biscuits, coconut cake and banana pudding
Beth fills the glasses with ice for everyone
Uncle Philip and Aunt Leslie go through the lunch line
which included country-style steak, chicken & dumplings, mashed potatoes & gravy,
green beans, squash casserole and Carolyn's famous broccoli pie
The Seese Family - Ali, Beth, Savanna and Brad
Kayli was the first to open her Christmas presents
Poppi & Nonni gave Savanna & Ali money for Christmas, but Philip, Leslie & Kayli had two really big boxes for the girls - but the boxes weren't too heavy
What could it be?
Two big boxes full of BALLOONS !
They soon found out that the balloons had money in them
but they had to pop the balloons in order to get the money out
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Savanna, You were the "first" - the first granddaughter - and I was (and still am) so proud of you.  Spending time with you always bring joy and happiness into my life.  You have no idea just how special you are.  May you always follow the LORD and seek His direction for every choice in your life.  May you always have a close and personal relationship with Yeshua/Jesus - He's the only true source of joy and happiness.  I love you and always will.  Poppi