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Born: 2000, Hickory, NC




February 2015



Skiing Trip to the NC Mountains

Jeff and Denise Neigel along with their two daughters Karlie and Lyndsy, invited Brad, Beth, Savanna and Ali to join them for a skiing trip to the NC mountains.  Neither Savanna nor Ali had ever skied before, but they still had a wonderful time in the snow.
The slopes at Sugar Mountain in Banner Elk, NC
Now which one is Savanna and which one is Ali?
Even more important, who is that sitting on her "butt" after a fall? 
Can you tell by the eyes?

February 2015


Pesach / Passover
Savanna, Ali, and their parents attend Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC - as do their maternal grandparents.  Beit Yeshua (a Messianic Jewish-Roots group at Covenant) hosts a Pesach/Passover Seder at the church annually.  Brad, Beth, Savanna and Ali are always there.  Ali's grandfather, Curtis Loftin, co-leads Beit Yeshua.
Curtis works with last-minute preparations at the low-seating tables
Shofarot are sounded at the start of the meeting - Brad sitting on left side of photo
Curtis talks to the 200+ guests and invites everyone to join in with the Israeli Folk Dance
Brad, Beth & Savanna  sitting behind him
Praise & Worship, along with Israeli Folk Dance, is always part of the Passover experience
The dancers lift up praise to the LORD - Beth & Brad are at the top right side of this photo
Curtis Loftin & Doug Williams co-lead Beit Yeshua and the annual Pesach Seder

MAY 2015



NC Zoo

The Loftin and Seese Families  went to the N.C. Zoo in Asheboro, NC, on 02 May 2015. 
It had been years since any of us had been there - and it was the first trip for Kayli.

Savanna, Kayli & Ali get ready to head into the African Safari followed by the North American Safari later in the day
Learning where the animals come from in Africa


And off they go - We were fortunate enough to have our own personal "tour guide", Brad


Stopping to get a photo of the group

(On Top of the Rock) Savanna and Alexandria
(In Front of the Rock) Brad, Beth, Leslie holding Kayli, Carolyn and Philip
(Curtis: Photographer)

The Lions take a nap in the morning sun


Kayli checks out one of the many animal sculptures around the zoo


Savanna poses with Kayli while she sits astride a small sculpted elephant near the elephant exhibit


Everyone always like the elephants


Savanna checks out the elephants


Ali gets a ride from Dad
The Seese Family - Savanna, Brad & Ali, Beth


(Left to Right) Even Savanna got a lift from Dad; (Right) Carolyn discusses where the group wants to go next


Stopping to look at the giraffes


Giraffes & Zebras


Pausing for a closer look and a photo by Poppi


The Babboons ... and Chimpanzees

To See a Short Video of a Chimpanzee Swinging from a Rope - CLICK HERE - or Below

Philip & Brad had as much fun with the sculpted animals as Kayli did


No - No one fell in - Everyone just stopped to look at all the turtles in the lake


One last photo of the family


The animals were fun, but the best part of the day was being with family

The Loftin Family Reunion
The annual Loftin Family Reunion was held on Sunday, 17 May 2015 in the Family Life Center of the Catawba Methodist Church in Catawba, NC

As family members arrive, Peggy Loftin Brotherton chats with Willie Goble Loftin

Time To Eat

(Left) Savanna choses from a large variety of family prepared foods
(Right) Brad & Uncle Philip make their food choices


The Curtis Loftin Family

(Left to Right) Ali, Savanna, Kayli, Leslie & Philip, Willie, Curtis & Carolyn, Beth


Ali's Great-Grandmother Willie Goble Loftin (age 89) was recognized as being the oldest family member present
(Left) Willie & Kayli Loftin; (Right) Kayli with her mother, Leslie


(Left) Savanna with cousin Kayli; (Right) Kayli and  Leslie

Constructing Kayli's Play Set
Because Kayli enjoyed the play set at Catawba so much, her parents decided to invest in one for home.
The Loftin & Seese families were invited over during Memorial Day weekend to help with the construction.
The playset was constructed near Kayli's playhouse and the family swing
Nonni helps everyone get materials laid out
Ali & Savanna played with Kayli while the adults worked on the construction
(Left) Uncle Philip lets his daughter Kayli try out the newly-constructed slide
(Right) Beth hands supplies to the men
Taking a break as the construction continues
Philip and Leslie provided lunch and dinner during the two-day project
Savanna, Brad and Alexandria sit at the portable picnic table that Brad brought with him
Savanna swings Kayli on one of the new swings
Poppi/Curtis took most of the photos of the playset construction
To See the Video Where Kayli Thanks the Family for Constructing her  Play set

June 2015


As cell phone cameras became more and more improved, "Selfies" became a common term for photos taken of yourself
with the camera on your cell phone.  Savanna had lots of these.
Savanna grew into a real beauty - but I don't think she ever realized it
Savanna turned 15 in April and shortly thereafter got her driver's permit
Savanna and her new friend Nathan spent lots of time together over the summer of 2015
"Selfie" Rules to Savanna from Poppi
1. Be sure to take LOTS of "Selfies"  so "I" have more to choose from
2. Always have your Mom to serve as look-out especially if you're trying to sneak a "Selfie" of someone else
3. You can even take "Selfies" at the pool  but it's always nicer if you have a friend to share the experience with
4. It's OK to take a few FUNNY FACE "Selfies"
5. Just be sure to get some good ones, too
6. Be sure to post them on Facebook so I can get copies and add them to my website

June 2015


Covenant Bible Church Youth Trip
Ali & Savanna joined the other youth from Covenant Bible Church for a trip to Myrtle Beach, SC, in July of 2015.  The hardest part of the trip for the girls was giving up their cell phones for several days.  Aaron Grooms is the Youth Pastor at Covenant.
The girls are in the middle-right part of this photo toward the top - can you find them?
Family Photos at Poppi & Nonni's House
Poppi (Curtis Loftin) decided that he hadn't taken many photos of Alexandria & Savanna lately and decided to take some on Sunday, 26 Jul 2015, when the Seese Family came over to his house after church.
Alexandria & Savanna
Alexandria & Savanna with Beth
Alexandria & Savanna with their maternal grandfather, Curtis Loftin
Savanna / Vanna
(Depending on who you're talking to)
Savanna checking out a black butterfly on the ground
The Entire Seese Family
Brad, Beth, Savanna & Alexandria

August 2015

02 August 2015 Photos at Poppi & Nonni's House
Savanna & Alexandria looked so pretty on Sunday, 02 Aug 2015, that Poppi decided he needed to take some additional photos of the girls.
Savanna & Alexandria sitting on Poppi & Nonni's (Curtis & Carolyn Loftin's) front porch
A close up of Savanna
In Poppi & Nonni's front yard
In Great-Granny Willie Goble Loftin's back yard
Sitting in the swing on Great-Granny Willie Loftin's front porch
Sitting on Poppi & Nonni's porch
Murray's Mill Photos - August 30 2015
Poppi took Alexandria and Savanna to Murray's Mill on Sunday, 30 August 2015, to take some additional photos of the girls.
Savanna & Alexandria pose in front of the 1913 Catawba County mill
To see the rest of the photos from that Sunday afternoon - CLICK HERE

September 2015

Poppi & Nonni Loftin's Home - 15 Sep 2015
It's been nice watching this relationship between sisters turn into one of friendship, too

October 2015

Church Photos
The Seese and Loftin families attend Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, and have since 1999.
In October 2015, Church photos were made for a new church directory - and we had to buy some of the best ones.
The Seese Family - Brad, Beth, Savanna and Alexandria
Alex and Savanna with their Mom
Alex and Vanna with their Dad
S - I - S - T - E - R - S
Sometimes Savanna - Sometimes *Seven - Sometimes Vanna - Always LOVED
* Her Dad was a STAR TREK fan - Think "Seven-of-Nine"

November 2015

Family Photos
The Seese Family always goes to Savanna and Alexandria's paternal Grandparents' house (Curtis & Carolyn Loftin) for Thanksgiving.  Thursday, 26 Nov 2015 was no different.  Brad, Beth, Savanna & Alexandria (as well as Beth's brother Philip and his family - Philip, Leslie and Kayli) arrived at the Loftin's home at 12:00 - ready for a big lunch - which consisted of country-style steak, mashed potatoes & gravy, green beans, squash casserole, corn casserole, potato salad, deviled eggs, sweet potatoes, biscuits, pumpkin roll and pecan pie.
After lunch, everybody heads over to Philip, Leslie & Kayli's house for some family photos - We do that every year on Thanksgiving, too
(Top Row) Savanna, Brad, Beth, Alexandria, Philip, Leslie & Kayli
(Seated) Carolyn & Curtis
Nonni & Poppi with all three of their granddaughters
Savanna and Alexandria
Brad and Beth Philip, Leslie and Kayli
Savanna with her Dad
Savanna: "Can I have just a LITTLE bit more, please?"

December 2015

Christmas 2015
The Seese family joined Philip, Leslie & Kayli Loftin for Christmas lunch at Curtis & Carolyn Loftin's house.  As always, lunch was great, but the highlight for Savanna, Alexandria & Kayli was probably opening their Christmas presents.
One of the gifts the Seese family got for Kayli was a bank jar that counted the coins as they were inserted
After presents were opened at Poppi & Nonni's house, everyone packed up and went to Uncle Philip's house
so that Savanna & Alexandria could get their present from Philip, Leslie & Kayli
Stopping briefly so Poppi can snap a photo
Some people just give gifts but in the Loftin family you have to work for them
Savanna had to follow the green string and Alex had to follow the red one wrapping the string into a ball
Aunt Leslie had spend a lot of time the day before just getting this "String Maze" ready for the girls
then Philip, Leslie and Kayli had to live with it like that until the next day when Savanna & Alex would be coming to their house
Red and green string everywhere you looked
Savanna's green string leads her into Philip & Leslie's bedroom
... and her first clue
To watch the short video of Savanna, CLICK BELOW
The green string leads her into the guest bathroom ...
To watch the short video of Savanna, CLICK BELOW
... and into Kayli's bedroom where Kayli offers Savanna a little help
Back to the den and around the coffee table
Outside?  Really?  But just onto the back and front porches
Aunt Leslie said if it had not been raining on the previous day, the sting would have also gone around the outside of the house
The green string leads Savanna to the inside of the washing-machine
Inside the cute Christmas boxes - MONEY
Christmas Through the Years
Christmas is always fun when family is involved.  With the Loftin & Seese families, it's also a little work.
We didn't always take pictures of these activities, but there were a few years when we did.
2013: "The Amazing Christmas Race"

In 2013 Nonni hid money all around the inside and outside of their house then created an elaborate game for the girls
In order to get the money, they had to work together, solve clues, sing and much much more
CLUE # 1: Go to Nonni's room.  Find something you drink with.  Bring Nonni the money you find there.  Now go to the den and sing (together) the first 6 verses of "The Twelve Days of Christmas".  If you don't remember them, it might be a good idea to go to the back of the house and rehearse together, since you have to sing the verses correctly, and with "personality" ... be creative!  It's a performance!  Once you have SUCCESSFULLY performed the song, Poppi will hand you your next clue.  Remember, NICE is the main word for your hunt.
CLUE # 3: Remember playing the game, "Hot or Cold"?  Well ... you're COLD.
Find the cold cash, but bring it back, warm and dry, to Nonni.  Next,
lead the whole family in singing the 1st verse and chorus of "We Three Kings." 
If everybody (except Kayli) sings all the way through,
your Mom will give you your next clue. 
If not, you'll have to ask everybody to start over.
CLUE # 6:  There once was a tiny chipmunk.  He lived inside the Loftin home, but no one ever knew he was there, because he was so shy.  He loved to play in the kitchen, though.  He found over a hundred windows that he could peek through to watch what was going on whenever someone was in the kitchen cooking.  Your task is to count his windows.  The correct number will earn you the final clue.  If you're wrong the first time, the other sibling will have to go to Nonni with your answer.  Rotate back and forth until you are correct.
The cash was in an ice block in the freezer The girls counted the slats in the louvered pantry door thinking those might be the windows
Both girls were very accommodating during the Amazing Christmas Race treasure hunt
Singing "Jingle Bells" on Poppi & Nonni's front porch at the top of their voice
The Amazing Christmas Race - "Jingle Bells" - CLICK HERE
In 2014 Savanna & Alex each got a big box full of balloons from Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie with money inside of them
But of course you had to pop each balloon to get the money
2015: The String Maze
At Uncle Philip and Aunt Leslie's house, Savanna and Alexandria had to roll up string in order to find their Christmas present.
Savanna had to follow the green string and Alex had to follow the red one

Savanna & Alexandria

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Savanna, You were the "first" - the first granddaughter - and I was (and still am) so proud of you.  Spending time with you always bring joy and happiness into my life.  You have no idea just how special you are.  May you always follow the LORD and seek His direction for every choice in your life.  May you always have a close and personal relationship with Yeshua/Jesus - He's the only true source of joy and happiness.  I love you and always will.  Poppi