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Thomas Loftin


Born: Abt. 1798, Lincoln (now Catawba) County, NC

Born: Bef. 1860, Catawba, Catawba County, NC


Thomas Loftin was the son of James Loftin and Susannah Sherrill.  He was born about 1798 in Lincoln County, NC. 


There is a Lincoln County marriage bond dated 22 April 1821 for Thomas Loftin’s marriage to Viney Baty.  William Long was the Bondsman and Eldridge Loftin was the witness.  Sally/Sarah Lavinia “Viney” Beatty was the daughter of William Able Beatty and Isabella McCorkle. Viney was born 12 Jan 1798.  There are several different spellings for "Beatty" on historical records - including Beaty and Baty.


Marriage Bond for Thomas Loftin & Viney Beatty, 22 April 1821

State of North Carolina, Lincoln County

Know all men by these present that I Thomas Loftin and William Long, all of the county of Lincoln and State of North Carolina, are hense and firmly bound unto His Exelency Jeseey Franklin and Successors in office in the some (sum) of five hundred pound(s) to be received of the said Thomas Loftin if should not apply or cause to be applied for and take an License to marry Viney Baty of aforesaid state and county where as it appears there are no lawful obstruction of witness our hands and seal this 22 day of April in the year of our Lord 1821
Witness Thomas Loftin {Seal}
Eldridge Loftin William Long  {Seal}

[There has been speculation for some time about the full name of our ancestor Thomas Loftin.  Some say that his full name was "James Thomas Loftin" - and that makes sense since his father's name was James Loftin.  There are, however, no documents to really support this theory.  The one document that may hold the truth is the Marriage Bond for Thomas Loftin and Viney Beatty.  The first line of this bond seems to say, "Know all men by these present that I Thomas Loftin and William Long..." but, in all sincerity, the "I" looks as much like a "J" as it does an "I" and if it is indeed a "J" then the Marriage Bond says, "Know all men by these present that J. Thomas Loftin and William Long"... Time may never reveal if he was "Thomas Loftin" or actually "James Thomas Loftin".]   C.D.Loftin
Children of Thomas Loftin and Viney Beatty
Name Birth Death Spouse
Isabella "Ebba" Caroline Loftin Abt. 1823
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
25 Jun 1893

Catawba Co, NC
James Jones
m. Abt. 1850
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
James Franklin Loftin Abt. 1827
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
16 May 1864
Drury's Bluff, VA
Civil War
Frances Elizabeth Fisher
m. 13 Aug 1847
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
Elizabeth "Betsy" Salina Loftin Abt. 1828
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Abt. 1862*
Catawba Co, NC
Albert Cook**
m. 16 Jul 1847
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC

* Some genealogists list 1853 as the death date for Elizabeth "Betsy" Salina Loftin Cook.  Betsy was also listed on the 1860 Census. The Death Certificate of Betsy & Albert Cook's daughter, Mary Ann Cook Huffman, confirms that Salina was her mother - and not Albert's second wife, Mary Ann Styles, as many believe.  Since Mary Ann Cook Huffman was born about 1857, Salina's death date must be after 1853.  Genealogist John L. Cook from San Antonio, Texas, in a letter dated 09 May 1973 confirms that Albert & Salina Loftin Cooks Children were: Sarah Jane (b.1849), James Monroe (b.1850), France/Francis (b.1853) and Avery (b.1862).  Although not listed in this 1973 letter, Mary Ann Cook Huffman (b.1857) would have been a daughter of Salina & Albert, as well as Etta Cornelia Cook (b.1860).

**Albert married two more times after Betsy's death, (2) Mary Ann Styles and (3) Margaret C. Allen Little
Sarah/Sally Lavina "Viney" Beatty Loftin died on 30 May 1829 in Lincoln/Catawba County, NC, at the age of 31. Was her youthful death the result of illness or did she die in childbirth with Betsy?

According to the 1830 Lincoln County Census, there were 3 living in the Thomas Loftin home, 1 male under 5 years of age (James Franklin), 1 female under 5 years of age (Elizabeth Salina) and a male between 30 - 40 years old (Thomas).  There is no indication where Isabella Caroline was living - more than likely with other relatives. She would have been about 7 years old.

1830 Lincoln County Census
First Last Under 5 Years Of 30 and Under 40 Under 5 Years
Thomas Loftin 1 1 1
    James Franklin Loftin Thomas Loftin Elizabeth Salina Loftin
After Viney's death, Thomas married Margaret Fisher in 1830 or 1831.  Margaret was about 10 years younger than Thomas.  At the present, there is no knowledge who her parents. From the 1850 Catawba County Census we deduce that she was born about 1808. Thomas and Margaret's marriage produced at least seven children.
Children of Thomas Loftin and Margaret Fisher
Name Birth Death Marriage
* William A. Loftin 1833
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
**20 Oct 1861
03 Dec 1862
Civil War
Catherine "Katie" S. Drum
m. 26 Nov 1854
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
David Loftin Abt. 1834
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
20 Sep 1863
Chickamauga, GA
Civil War
Rebecca (Unknown)
m. Abt. 1859
Caldwell Co, NC
Sally L. Loftin Abt. 1835
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
  John Watts
m. Abt. 1854
Catawba Co, NC
d. Civil War
Martha Ann Loftin 1837
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Jackson Loftin 1839
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Eli Anderson Loftin Apr 1841-1946***
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
25 Apr 1913
Sherrills Ford,
Catawba Co, NC
Margaret Harrison
m. Abt. 1866
Catawba Co, NC
* William Pinkney Loftin 1844
Catawba Co, NC
15 Sep 1861
Manassas, VA
Civil War
* Some may question the validity of Thomas and Margaret having two sons named "William": namely William A. Loftin and William Pinkney Loftin.  The 1850 Catawba County, NC, Census shows that Thomas & Margaret had a son William (age 17) and another son William (age 6).   [See Census Below]
** Civil War sources vary on the exact day of William A. Loftin's death
*** The 1850 Census indicates that Eli was 9 years old, meaning he would have been born in 1841. 
"The Catawba County Soldier" says he was born in 1845.

According to the 1840 Lincoln County Census (becoming Catawba County in 1842), there were 7 living in the Thomas Loftin home, 1 male under 5 years of age (Jackson), 2 males between 5 -10 years old (William A. and David), 1 male between 30 - 40 (Thomas), 1 female under 5 years of age (Martha Ann), 1 female between the age of 5 - 10 (Sally L), and 1 female between 20 - 30 years old (Margaret).  There is no indication where Thomas' three older children by his first marriage (Isabella "Ebba" Caroline, age 17, James Franklin, age 13 and Elizabeth "Betsy" Salina, age 12) were living.


1840 Lincoln County Census

First Last Under 5 5 & Under 10 30 & Under 40 Under 5 5 & Under 10 20 & Under 30
Thomas Loftin 1 2 1 1 1 1
    Jackson William A.
& David
Thomas Martha Ann Sally L. Margaret
In 1842 the northern third of Lincoln County became Catawba County. 
According to the 1850 Catawba County Census, Thomas was 53 and Margaret was 42.  The couple had seven children living on the family farm - William (age 17), David (age 16), Sally (age 15), Martha Ann (age 13), Jackson (age 11), Eli (age 9) and William (age 6).  His children from his marriage to Viney were all out of the family home.  His Real Estate was listed as $200.

1850 Catawba County Census

First Name Last Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate
Birth 20+ Can't
Read & Write
Thos. Loftin 53 M Farm $200 Catawba  
Margaret " 42 F       X
William " 17 M "      
David " 16 " "      
Sally L. " 15 F        
Martha Ann " 13 "        
Jackson " 11 M        
* Eli A. " 9 "        
William " 6 "        
The 1850 Catawba County Agricultural Census gives us some additional information about Thomas and his family.  He had 20 acres of "Improved Land" - meaning land that had been cleared for the family home and for farming. He also had 165 acres of "Unimproved Land" - probably still a wooded area with trees.  He had 2 horses, 1 milk cow and 14 swine/hogs - with 10 bushels of wheat, 20 bushels of oats and 200 bushels of Indian corn (the multi-colored corn that frequently shows up in Fall Centerpieces and wreaths". 

1850 Catawba County Agricultural Census

Name of Owner: Thomas Loftin   Value of Livestock: $100   Wheat, # of Bushels: 10
Improved (Land): 20 acres   Horses: 2   Oats, # of Bushels: 20
Unimproved (Land): 165 acres   Mules: 0   Indian Corn Bushels: 200
Cash Value of Farm: $200   Milk Cows: 2   Ginned Cotton Bales: 0
Value of Farm Implements : $4   Working Oxen: 0   Wool: 0
    Other Cattle: 1    
    Swine: 14    

Indian Corn

Corn does not grow wild anywhere in the world.  This domesticated plant evolved through human intervention and is a form of wild Mexican grass. Originally cultivated in the Americas, corn was brought to Europe by Christopher Columbus in the late 1400s; thanks to other explorers and traders, it soon made its way to much of the rest of the globe. In America, the early colonists learned how to cultivate it from the Indians, for whom it was a dietary staple.  Indian Corn, or flint corn, is one of the oldest varieties of corn, a type that Native Americans taught the early colonists how to cultivate. Its kernels, which come in a range of colors including white, blue and red, have “hard as flint” shells, giving this type of corn its name. Indian/Flint corn kernels contain a small amount of soft starch surrounded completely by a larger amount of hard starch, which means the kernels shrink uniformly when drying and are dent-free and less prone to spoiling (and therefore ideal for autumnal décor). Despite its tough exterior, this type of corn can be consumed by livestock and humans, and is used in such dishes as hominy and polenta.
Thomas Loftin died prior to 1860.  The exact date is currently not known.

According to the 1860 Census, Margaret was living in Catawba Station with her sons Andrew age 19 and (William) Pinkney age 17.  Her age is listed as 40.  On the 1850 Census, however, her age was listed as 42.


1860 Catawba County Census

First Name Last Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate Personal Estate Can't Read/Write
Margaret Loftin 40 F Farmer   $50 X
Anderson    " 19 M Day Laborer      
Pinkney    " 17 M Day Laborer      
When the Civil War broke out, three of Thomas Loftin & Margaret's sons enlisted in 1861.

According to The CATAWBA SOLDIER, William Loftin enlisted 6 Jun 1861 at the age of 28 and was part of the 23 Regiment - Company F, along with his brothers Pinkney and Eli The CATAWBA SOLDIER further states that William died on 20 Oct 1861.


Other sources say that William was part of the 23rd Regiment, Company A where he served as a Private, and was present April thru December 1862.  He was sent to the hospital Sept 12/Oct 12 1862 and died 03 Dec 1862 in Catawba County.


Pinkney Loftin enlisted 6 Jun 1861 at the age of 17 (or 18) and was part of the 23rd Regiment - Company F where he served as a Private.  Captain Hilton of the 23rd Regiment gives Pinkney's death as 15 Sep 1861 of disease near Manassas, and states that back pay was due his heirs.  Pinkney owed $7.25 for clothing and the final settlement to Pinkney's mother, Margaret Loftin, was made 12 Nov 1864 for $54.91.  Monthly pay for a soldier a the time was $11.


Eli Loftin was also a Private in the 23rd Regiment - Company F.  According to some sources his age was 16.  Other sources show his age to have been 19.  He was shot in the knee 1 July 1863 at the Battle of Gettysburg and his left leg was amputated to the thigh.  He lay on the battlefield several days and nights, not being moved until after the battles of Gettysburg were all over.  The leg, however, was removed by a surgeon on the field.   Eli spent the next year in various hospitals.  He was admitted to Camp Letterman USA Hospital in Gettysburg on 08 Aug 1863; transferred 03 Nov 1863 to General Hospital in Baltimore, MD; moved to the hospital at Point Lookout, MD on 12 Jan 1884; admitted to Chimborazo Hospital, Richmond, VA on 04 May 1864.  He was finally exchanged and admitted to the Salisbury, NC hospital in December 1864.

James Franklin Loftin entered the Civil War as part of the Confederacy on 03 Mar 1863 as a Private at the age of 35/36. He was killed in action near Drewry’s Bluff, VA., on 16 May 1864. 
Thomas' son David M. Loftin also served the Confederacy during the American Civil War. When war broke out David had married Rebecca (Unknown) and had a son named Thomas. David enlisted on 05 Jul 1862 at the age of 28 (some records say 19) in Caldwell died on 20 Sep 1863 at Chickamauga, GA.
Thomas and Elizabeth's daughter Sallie married John Watts. John enlisted in the Confederacy on 13 Mar 1862 at the age of 30. He died seven months later on 02 Oct 1862 at Jordan Springs, VA. He was buried in the Stonewall Confederate Cemetery in Winchester, VA.
What an extremely difficult time for this family with the death of four brothers and a brother-in-law. Thus is the price of war.
Margaret Fisher Loftin died sometime before 1870.
Hand Written by Cordie Loftin Wilson (1894 - 1981)
[Great-Granddaughter of Thomas Loftin and Granddaughter of James Franklin Loftin]


Thomas Loftin (1798 - 1860)

Date Age Event Place Source Notes
1798 0 Birth Lincoln Co, NC 1850 Census  
1803 4 Birth of Sister: Mary E. Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   12 Aug 1803
1815 16 Birth of Brother: Edmund Loftin Lincoln Co, NC    
1815 17 Birth of Sister: Nancy Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   06 May 1815
1821 23 Marriage: Sally Lavina Beatty Lincoln Co, NC Marriage Bond m. 22 Apr 1821
Daughter of William Albe Beatty
and Isabella McCorkle Beatty
1823 24 Birth of Daughter: Isabella Caroline Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   Abt. 1823
1827 28 Birth of Son: James Franklin Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   Abt. 1827
1828 29 Birth of Daughter: Elizabeth Salina Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   Abt. 1828
1829 30 Death of Wife:
Lincoln Co, NC   30 May 1829
1830 32 Residence Lincoln Co, NC 1830 Census The upper part of Lincoln County became Catawba County in 1842
32 Marriage: Margaret Fisher Lincoln Co, NC    
1833 34 Birth of Son: William A. Loftin Lincoln Co, NC 1850 Census Abt. 1833
1834 35 Birth of Son: David Loftin Lincoln Co, NC 1850 Census Abt. 1834
1835 36 Birth of Daughter: Sally L. Loftin Lincoln Co, NC 1850 Census Abt. 1835
1836 38 Death of Father: James Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   07 Oct 1836
1837 38 Birth of Daughter: Martha Ann Loftin Lincoln Co, NC 1850 Census Abt. 1837
1839 40 Birth of Son: Jackson Loftin Lincoln Co, NC 1850 Census Abt. 1839
1840 42 Residence Lincoln Co, NC 1840 Census The upper part of Lincoln County became Catawba County in 1842
1840 42 Death of Mother: Susannah Sherrill Lincoln Co, NC   Abt. 1840
1844 45 Birth of Son: William Pinkney Loftin Catawba Co, NC 1850 Census Abt. 1844
1845 47 Birth of Son: Eli Anderson Loftin Catawba Co, NC 1850 Census Apr 1845
1850 52 Residence Catawba Co, NC 1850 Census The upper part of Lincoln County became Catawba County in 1842
1860 61 Death Catawba Co, NC    

THE CATAWBA SOLDIER, 1911, Edited & Compiled by Prof. George W. Hahn

Peggy Loftin Brotherton

Cordie Bland Loftin Wilson


Additional photos or information, contact Curtis D. Loftin.