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24 Jan 2010

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05 Dec 2010
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Born: 2002, Hickory, NC




January 2010



24 January 2010

The Seese family stopped by Poppi & Nonni's house (Curtis & Carolyn Loftin) Sunday afternoon after church.  The girls were wearing dresses they had gotten from Poppi & Nonni for Christmas 2009.
Savanna & Alexandria

February 2010


Studio Photos
Beth took the girls over to Uncle Philip's house on 14 Feb 2010 (Valentines Day) for some studio photos. He took various shots of them in several different outfits - including dance costumes.
Great photos of two amazing little girls
2009 matching Christmas dresses from Poppi & Nonni
Ali & Savanna are the sweetest little girls ever! 
Dance Photos
Alexandria and Savanna have been involved in dance almost from the time they were able to walk with Ms. Krista at the Krista Whitener Academy of Dance in Conover.  Over the years they traveled to numerous competitions in NC and even out of the state.  Part of that experience included the various dance costumes for the different dance numbers.  Uncle Philip offered to take photos of Alexandria & Savanna in their dance costumes and the date was scheduled for 14 Feb 2010.
Such a beautiful dancer and girl
Thanks Uncle Philip & Leslie for all the variety of photos you've helped provide for the family over the years.

June 2010


Picnic at the Lake
On 19 Jun 2010, Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie invited the Loftin & Seese families over to the Robinson Family Lake for some fishing, games and a picnic.  It was great fun for all.
Savanna was tickled with the fish that she caught
But Uncle Philip had to put the worm on her hook and remove the fish after she caught it
Aunt Leslie, however, was the one who caught the "Whopper" - and that's no fish tale!
Beth even caught a fish - but it was small compared to the fish Leslie & Savanna caught
Even though Nonni (Carolyn) didn't catch a fish, she sure had a good time trying
Philip & Leslie grilled hotdogs and hamburgers while the rest of the family brought the "fixins"
Beth and Brad take it easy while the others continue to fish
Alexandria enjoyed the swing as well as her hotdog
Poppi took the photos but Beth managed to get this photo of Poppi with Uncle Philip
After dinner the family played games

July 2010


Covenant Bible Church Summer Camp
The Loftin & Seese Families (Curtis & Carolyn, Brad & Beth, Savanna & Alexandria) have attended Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, since the Spring of 1999.  Covenant, with a membership of 600+, has large Childrens and Youth Ministries.  Alexandria & Savanna have always looked forward to Summer Camp and the other extra activities that the Children's Ministry provides.  These photos from July 2010 show just how much fun they had.
That's a face that you just HAVE to love - so sweet
Ali with the other girls in her group
Each day included some time in chapel with praise & worship, teaching, prayer
and an opportunity for those children who don't know Jesus to invite Him into their hearts
Ali & Savanna (as well as Jude Anthony) get involved with some praise dancing
Ali & Savanna learn some additional dance moves (John David Parson & Cameron Long)
Family Beach Trip
Brad, Beth, Savanna & Alexandria joined their maternal grandparents, Curtis & Carolyn Loftin,
for a week at the beach - beginning on Saturday 10 July 2010. 
It was a week of sun and fun at Ocean Isle Beach, NC.
The two families stayed at Oceanside West I
The most difficult part of the lodging was the fact that our rooms were on the third floor
and both families had lots of luggage to carry up the three flights of stairs
Our lodging was a bit further from the beach than we had realized when we booked it
But, the rooms were very nice
Brad does a little work in the kitchen
Alexandria & Savanna check out their bedroom
Beth makes up the bed in Brad & her bedroom
Ali checks out Poppi & Nonni's pink bedroom
Ali checks out the bathroom, too
But, this is what everyone had been waiting for!
Curtis and the girls head down to the beach
Brad had to work part of the week so he traveled from home to the beach several times
Savanna and Alexandria waste no time in getting into the water

To See the Video of Savanna & Ali playing in the water Click Below

The girls decided to play in the sand for a while

To See the Video of Savanna & Ali playing in the sand - Click Below

Alexandria shows off her creativity
The girls eventually moved back out into the water

Family Beach Trip - July 2010 - All the Videos

Date Subject Additional Information Link
July 2010 Beach Savanna & Ali 1 - Playing in Ocean CLICK HERE
July 2010 Beach Savanna & Ali 2 - Playing in Ocean CLICK HERE
July 2010 Beach Savanna & Ali 3 - Playing in Sand CLICK HERE
July 2010 Beach Savanna & Ali 4 - Waving Good-Bye CLICK HERE
July 2010 Beach Ocean Waves CLICK HERE
An Evening Stroll on the Beach
Ali and Savanna are ready to head down to the beach
Savanna decides to give her little sister a ride
Curtis, Carolyn, Beth, Savanna & Ali strolled along the beach
One of everybody's favorite activities was walking on the beach during the cool of the evening
Savanna and Alexandria check out the water
Stopping to pose for a photo for Poppi
Savanna and Alexandria play with the sea shells that they found
"O C E A N   I S L E"
Poppi takes a few creative photos of the girls
Poppi's Girls: Alexandria, Beth, Carolyn and Savanna
Beth gets a photo of Curtis with Carolyn and the girls
Cleaning us as we headed back to our rooms
In addition to enjoying the sun, sand and water, the two families ate out part of the time, played putt-putt, stopped to get ice cream and even did some shopping.
Carolyn, Beth and Brad each brought their laptop to the beach so even on vacation
they didn't get too far from email, the internet or various projects
Ali kept Beth company while she was on her computer ...
... but Savanna was with her Dad

August 2010


Alexandria's Baptism
At the age of seven, Ali invited Jesus into her heart.  As a result of that experience, she was baptized on Sunday, 23 Aug 2010, by Pastor Mike Divine at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC.
Moments before she is baptized in the church's baptistery pool ...
... and right after her baptism

September 2010


Family Bowling
On 11 Sept 2010, the Loftins (Curtis & Carolyn, Philip & Leslie) and the Seeses (Brad, Beth, Savanna & Ali) decided to do a family outing and chose bowling as the activity.
Current Scores:
Philip (61), Leslie (48), Brad (46), Beth (44), Savanna (15) & Ali (29)
Beth and Alexandria demonstrate their techniques
Beth gives Savanna a little coaching
"I think I've got this thing figured out now.  Just don't look at my "red" bowling ball!"
After Alexandria gets her bowling ball, Beth gives her some advice, too
Philip and Brad demonstrate how "they" do it
Current Scores This Game:
Philip (61), Leslie (39), Brad (27), Beth (27), Savanna (15) and Ali (29)
Hey! Maybe that photo above was Ali giving Beth bowling tips instead of the other way around
Alexandria: "I'll be glad to give YOU ALL some tips if you need them!"
"Now that's how it's done!!!"

December 2010



05 December 2010

The Seese Family stopped over at Poppi & Nonni's house (Curtis & Carolyn Loftin) on Sunday afternoon after church.  The girls got to open an early Christmas present.
Poppi & Nonni started  a tradition with the girls when they were very small of letting them
open a Christmas gift each Sunday during the month of December
These homemade cloth bags with deer corn, from Nonni can be heated up in the microwave for 2 minutes and help keep little girls (or big girls) warm on a cold winter day - watching TV or in bed
What could be in this second gift?
These two bottles of perfume will make the girls smwell like little princesses
or with too much, drive their Mama crazy
Christmas Day
Brad, Beth, Savanna & Ali - as well as Philip & Leslie - always eat lunch with Poppi and Nonni on Christmas day.  2010 was no exception.
Poppi & Nonni's TV had a fireplace with festive Christmas music
The kitchen tables and bar had Christmas china and glasses with holiday table cloths
The Seese family got a new little female Yorkie named Gravie for Christmas
Alexandria opens Christmas gifts from Poppi & Nonni
A beautiful necklace from Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie
8 year old Ali models three dresses she got from Poppi & Nonni for Christmas
26 Dec 2010 SNOW
The December 2010 North American blizzard was a major nor'easter and historic blizzard affecting the United States and portions of Canada from December 5–29, 2010.  Late on December 24, the winter storm began absorbing an ample amount of Gulf stream energy; as a result, the storm was able to reorganize. The core of the storm eventually moved southeast into the Gulf of Mexico then abruptly turned sharply northeastward into the Florida panhandle and state of Georgia.  The low pressure system intensified off the North Carolina coast.  A secondary heavy snow band formed across Eastern Massachusetts the night of December 26. North Carolina was one of six US states where a state of emergency was declared due to the storm.  Snow totals in the state ranged from 1 to 10 inches in the east, from 5 to 12 inches in the central part of the state and along the I-95 corridor, and from 3 to 15 inches in the western part of NC.
Poppi & Nonni's house and yard with 6 to 10 inches of snow

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Ali, I love you so very much.  Every photo that I've added to this page made me smile - and reminded me just how special you are.  You're kind, sweet and gentle.  May you always follow after the ways of the LORD and may you grow up to serve Yeshua/Jesus with zeal and passion.  Only "true" happiness comes from Him.  Love you, Poppi.