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Eldridge Edward Loftin


Born: 03 Oct 1782, Sussex/Greensville County, Virginia
Died:  26 May 1842, Lincoln County, NC


Eldridge Edward Loftin was born 03 Oct 1782 in Sussex/Greensville County, Virginia.  He was the son of John Loftin and Martha Lanier  from Sussex, Brunswick & Greenvile Co, Virginia.


Eldridge came to Lincoln County around 1800.  His older brother James, sister Elizabeth, and her husband Francis Harwell had already settled near Sherrills Ford.


1800 North Carolina Map showing Lincoln County

The upper part of Lincoln County became Catawba County in 1840.

The following Land Indenture between John Loftin and and Eldridge Loftin at first glance seems to be between Eldridge and his father John. The date of this Land Indenture, however, is October 1804 and Eldridge's father John Loftin died about 1793. The wording also describes Martha Lanier as being "My Mother". This John Loftin was the elder brother of Eldridge and not his father. John Loftin II (b.1777) sold his share of the family land to his brother Eldridge. Since Eldridge was living in North Carolina, the reason for this land purchase is unclear.

John Loftin II & his brother Eldridge Loftin Indenture
Loftin to Loftin Deed Paid

(If words were misspelled, I left them that way. I also left capitalization of words as it was in this document)


This Indenture made the 0th day of October In the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and foure (four) Between John Loftin of the one part and Eldridge Loftin of the other part, Witneseth (Witnessed) that he the said John Loftin for and in consideration of the sum of one hundred and ten Pounds Lawful money of Virginia to him an hand paid by the said Eldridge Loftin at or before the signing and delivering of Thes (these) present the receipt where of he doth hereby acknowledge and for ever acquit the said Eldridge Loftin his heirs & Hath granted bargaind (bargained) Sold Aliend (Aliened) infer offd (offed) release and confirm unto the said Eldridge Loftin his Heirs and assigns for ever one certain Track or parcel of Land containing One hundred and a quarter Acres situate (situated) lying and being in the county of Greenville and part of the said track of Land bounded as followeth by the Land of John Smith, Susanah Pittway and John Iievs containing foure (four) hundred and One Aceres More or less which being the fourth part of the said track to have and to hold after the death of My Mother Martha Loftin the said Land One hundred and a quarter acres Situated as it may be divided with all the appertinances (appurtenances) thereunto belonging or in any wise appertaning (appertaining) to the only proper use and behof of him the Said Eldridge Loftin his heirs and asign forever and the said John Loftin for himself his heirs covenant and agree with the said Eldridge Loftin his heirs and asigns (assigns) that he will warrant and for Ever defend the right title and intrest (interest) of him the said Eldridge Loftin his Heirs in and to the before mentioned Land and the appertinances (appurtenances) there unto belonging from the legal claim or demand of all and evry (every) person or persons whatsoever ____ where of I have here unto set my Hand and affixed my Seal this day and yeare (year) first above written.

Signed Sealed and delivvree                                                                   John Loftin (Seal)
in the presence of

Greenville October Court 1804
This Indenture was acknowledged by John
Loftin a party ______ and ordered to be recorded
                             Teste P. Telham Cyle






Eldridge's brother James married Susannah Sherrill about 27 Dec 1796.  Eldridge married C. Mary Sherrill and their marriage bond is dated 19 Dec 1808.  Mary was the daughter of Adam and Martha Dillon Sherrill.


Marriage Bond Between Eldridge Loftin & Eli Sherrill
For the Marriage of Eldridge Edward Loftin & Mary Sherrill

North Carolina
Lincoln County
Know all men by these presents that we, Eldridge Loftin and Eli Sherrill are held and firmly bound unto the Governor of the State of North Carolina for the time being in the just and full sum of five hundred pounds currency to be paid to the said governor and his successors in office: To the which payment will and truly to be made we bind ourselves, our heirs, Exrs. (Executors) and Admrs. (Administrators) - sealed with our seals and dated this 19th day of December 1808.  The Condition of the above obligation is such that whereas the above bounden Edward (Eldride) Loftin hath made application for a License for a Marriage to be celebrated between him and Mary Sherrill of the County aforesaid. Now in case it shall not appear hereafter that there is any lawful cause it shall not appear hereafter that there is any lawful cause to obstruct the said marriage then the above obligation to be void, otherwise to remain in full force - sealed and delivered in the presence of us.
H Y Webb

Eli Sherrill (seal)
Eldridge Loftin (seal)


The 1810 Lincoln County Census shows that Eldridge is married and had one daughter between the age of 10 - 15.
1810 Lincoln County Census

Name Males
10 - 15
16 - 25
26 - 44
45 & over
10 - 15
16 - 25
26 - 44
Eldridge Loftin 0 0 0 1 0 1 0 1
In 1815, years after Eldridge had settled in Lincoln County, NC, and was married, he sold 202 acres of Brunswick County, VA, property. He seems to have decided that Lincoln County, NC, was now home and didn't need the Virginia property. The land that he sold was property that his mother was living on, however, he sold the land to his brother Edmund Loftin.

Indenture Between Eldridge Loftin & Mary Sherrill and Edmund Lofin
For Purchase of 202 Acres of Property


This Indenture made this thirtieth day of September, A.D., One Thousand Eight hundred and fifteen: Between Eldridge Loftin & Mary his wife, of the County of Lincoln, State of N. Carolina, of the one part, and Edmund Loftin of Greensville County, of the other part:  Witnesseth, that, for, and in consideration of the sum of four hundred & four Dollars, lawful money of Virginia, by the said Edmund Loftin to the said Eldridge Loftin, in hand paid, at, or before the sealing & delivering of these presents, the receipt whereof he doth hereby acknowledge he the said Eldridge Loftin hath granted, bargained, sold, aliened, enfeoffed & confirmed; and by these presents doth grant, bargain, sell, alien, enfeoff and confirm unto the said Edmund Loftin, his heirs & assigns forever, a tract or parcel of land, containing two hundred & two acres, be the same more or less; situate, lying, & being in the aforesaid County of Greensville, (being one full & equal half of the tract of land on which his mother now resides) and bounded by the lands of Wm. Abernathy, David Smith, John Rives.  To have & to hold the said tract or parcel of Land, with all the appertenances thereunto belonging, to the said Edmund Loftin, his heirs & assign forever - & the said Eldridge Loftin & Mary, his wife, for themselves and their heirs, the above granted premises to the said Edmund Loftin, his heirs, & assigns, against the lawful claim & demand of all & every person or persons, whatsoever, will warrant and forever defend by these presents.  In Witness whereof the said Eldridge Loftin & Mary, his wife, have hereunto set their hand & affixed their seals the day and year above written.


Eldridge Loftin  {Seal}
C. Mary Loftin   {Seal}

Signed, Sealed & delivered,
in presence of
Wm. Sturdivant
Augustine Loftin
Hamlin Sturdivant

Wm. Sturdivant was Eldridge's brother-in-law, married to his sister Frances.
Eldridge was an educated man and served as Justice of the Peace in the 1820s and 1830s, and was also a tax collector.

Tax records show that Eldridge owned 235 acres at Sherrills Ford and 408 acres on Leeper's Creek.  He also had several slaves.

Records seem to indicate that Eldridge and Mary had 7 children.
Children of Eldridge Edward Loftin and C. Mary Sherrill
Name Birth Death Spouse
Myra Loftin 02 Jul 1815
Lincoln Co, NC
19 Sep 1894
Lincoln Co, NC
(never married)
Martin L. Loftin   12 Feb 1865
Point Lookout, MD
Mary Lehmans
m. 20 Mar 1849
Langdon A. Loftin  26 Feb 1825
Lincoln Co, NC
Oct 1891
Lincoln Co, NC
Sarah Ann "Cenie" Link
Martha Loftin Abt. 1828
Lincoln Co, NC
  Milton Goodson
m. 26 Nov 1852
Marcus Lafayette Loftin 17 Aug 1831
Linclon Co, NC
22 Jan 1907
Lincoln Co, NC
Mary Withers
m. 22 Aug 1853
Lavina "Vinney" Loftin Lincoln Co, NC   James Calloway
Frances Loftin Lincoln Co, NC    

Eldridge was appointed the first postmaster of Sherrills Ford Post Office on 02 May 1831 and held that position until shortly before his death in 1842.  [Japtha Sherrill became the second postmaster on 13 Apr 1842.]

Eldridge bought 408 acres of land in 1836 from Joseph Graham and Alex Brevard.  This property was located in the "Ore Banks" area of Lincoln County and there was hope of making a future in the iron industry. Census records lists Eldridge's family as farmers but it is possible that this could have been a side business.
From the 1840 Lincoln County Census, it appears that Eldridge is in his 50s and has 6 children living at home, with two of them being less than 15 years old and the other four being between the ages of 20 - 30.

1840 Lincoln County Census

Name Males Females
5 - 10 20 - 30 50 - 60 10 - 15 20 - 30 40 - 50
Eldridge Loftin 1 2 1 1 2 1

Eldridge's Will, dated 29 Jan 1842, lists various livestock, farming equipment, furniture and other household goods that would indicate his wealth.


Will of Eldridge Edward Loftin

(The following is a transcript of his will and the spelling is exactly as the will was originally written)

In the name of God, I, Eldredge Loftin, of the County of Lincoln, State of North Carolina, being of a sound and perfect mind and memory, blessed be God, do this the twenty-ninth day of January, A. D., One Thousand Eight Hundred and Forty-Two, make and publish this my last will and testament in maner/manner and form as followes/follows.
1. I wish all my past debts to be paid.
2. I leave and bequeth/bequeath to my wife, Mary Loftin, during her materiel/material life, or widow-hood, three Nigros/Negros named as followed.  One Nigro/Negro boy, Ephram/Ephriam.  One name Jack, and Nigro/Negro girl by the name of Barbery, also one tract of land that I now live on joining lands of Jep Sherrill, Edmund Loftin and others, also one tract of land lying on Leperds Creek joining lands of Martin Kener, Henery Darr, John Srum and others with all my household and kitchen furniture, with some exceptions, also all my farming tools of every description, one wagen and give all my stock of every description with these exceptions - Frankey (Frances), Myra and Marthey (Martha) my three single daughters to have the mintanience/maintenance of the above described lands during their life.
3.  I gave/give and bequeth/bequeath to my daughter Viney Calaway one Nigro/Negro woman by the name of Alise/Alice and her increase with all that I have heretofore given her to be in posession/possession of the above named property at my death.  Also I give and bequeth/bequeath to my daughter Frances Loftin after the deth/death or marrieg/marriage of her mother, one Nigro/Negro boy Ephran/Ephriam, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one chist/chest, also I give and bequeth/bequeath unto my daughter Myra Loftin one Nigro/Negro girl by the name of Barbory and her increase and one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one chist/chest.  I also give and bequeth/bequeath unto my daughter Marthey Loftin one Nigro/Negro boy by the name of Jace, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, one chist/chest.  I also give and bequeth/bequeath unto my son Martin Loftin the tract of land I now live on containing two hundred and thirty five acres, also the young bay horse, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf.  I also give and bequeth/bequeath unto my two sons Langdon Loftin and Lafate/Lafayette Loftin my tract of land lying on Leperds Creek, to be devided/divided equal in _____ betwene/between them.  I also give Langdon one brown filey/fillie, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf.  I give to Fate/Lafayette one horse beast, one bed and furniture, one cow and calf, and all frane/grain and provision of every description to be for the use of the family and after the death of my wife or marage/marriage the balance of the household and kitchen furniture to be equally devided/divided betwene/between my three sons and I here by make and ordane/ordain my two worthey/worthy friends Adam Sherrill and Hiram Sherrill exectors/executors of this my last will and testamen/testament in witnes/witness whereof I the said Eldredge Loftin have to this my last will and testament set my hand and sele/seal the day and yere/year first above riten/written signed, seled/sealed by the said Eldredge Loftin, the testator as his last will and testament in the presants/presence of us who were presand/present at the time of signing and sealing thereof.
Test:  Wm. Long (jurist)                                                           Elderidge Loftin (seal)
Test:  Adam Sherrill
State of North Carolina
     Lincoln County                                                                      June Sessions 1842
     Lincoln County
The within will was proven in open court by the oath of William Long, a subcribing witness and recorded.
                                                                                                Witness: H. Cansler, Clk.
Eldridge died on 26 May 1842.

It is thought that he may be buried in the old Sherrill family cemetery or in the Rehobeth Methodist Church Cemetery.

Deeds and census records indicate that Eldridge Loftin's whole family, with the exception of Viney Loftin Calloway and Frances Loftin, moved to Lincoln County prior to 1850. They had formerly lived in what became Catawba County in 1840.


Martin Loftin, the oldest son, inherited the 235 acre homestead in Sherrill's Ford.  He sold the property and lived in the Amity Church area with his wife Mary Lehmans.  They were married 20 Mar 1849.
Marcus Lafayette "Fate" Loftin was born 17 Aug 1831 and died 22 Jan 1907.  He is buried at the Old Ore Bank Lutheran Church (now St. Lukes) in Pumpkin Center, Lincoln County, NC.  Lafayette had sons J. A. Loftin and E. L Loftin who lived in Monroe, Louisiana, and daughters, Catherine (wife of P. E. Campbell) and Etta (wife of D. H. Thornton).  Lafayette married Mary Weathers 25 Aug 1853, by Elisha Saunders, J.P.
Mira/Myra Loftin was born 02 Jul 1815 and died 19 Sep 1894.  She is buried at St. Matthews Church Cemetery in Lincoln County, NC.
Martin Loftin was deceased by May 1866, leaving a wife, Mary, and eight children: Susan, Frances, Emma, Rhoda, Hetty, Eldridge, Henry and Ella.
The 1850 Census shows two households on the property along Leeper's Creek that was left to Langdon and LafayetteLangdon had married Sena (Cenie) Link around the year 1845. They lived in one house with their three small children.  Mary S Loftin, Layayette, Myra and Martha lived together in another.  Martha married a neighbor, Milton Goodson, on 26 Nov 1852.  Lafayette married Mary Weathers on 22 Aug 1853.  They continued to live with his mother and Myra who never married.  Mary S. Loftin died around 1856.  Her will was probated Oct 20th of that year; Langdon and Lafayette divided their inheritance from Eldridge shortly afterwards.

The Civil War and Afterwards

All three brothers served in the Confederate Army.  Langdon (age 36) and Lafayette (age 30) enlisted together on 25 Mar 1862 and served in the 52nd N.C. Reg. Comp. H. Langdon enlisted as a Private, but according to "American Civil War Soldiers", Lafayette enlisted as a Corporal.
Langdon was discharged 28 May 1862; the exact reason is unknown but possibly it was his age, illness or wounds.  Later in the war, the Confederacy was desperate for men and he re-enlisted on 01 Nov 1864.  He served in the 23rd N.C. Reg. Comp. B for the remainder of the war.
Lafayette stayed with the 52nd and was promoted to Sergeant.  He was captured at Falling Waters, Maryland, on 14 Jul 1863 and held prisoner at Point Lookout, Maryland for over a year. He was hospitalized 20 days for acute dysentery at Chimborazo Hospital No. 3 in Richmond, Virginia, and convalesced for another month.  He was exchanged in either July or August 1864 and returned to duty.  On 02 Apr 1865 he was captured at Sutherland's Station, Virginia, and returned to Point Lookout where he remained until the end of the war.  He was released and pardoned 28 Jun 1865 after taking the oath of allegiance.
Martin did not enter the conflict until near the end of the war.  He enlisted with the 11th N.C. Reg. Comp. E on 01 Oct 1864 at the age of 39.  He was captured near Petersburg, Virginia, on October 27th, of the same year.  He was confined at Point Lookout, MD, where he died of typhoid fever on 12 Feb 1865.  Hopefully his brother Lafayette, also a prisoner, was able to see him before his death.  Martin left behind a widow and eight children: Susan, Francis, Rhoda, Hetty, Eldridge, Henry and Ella.
Langdon lived to the age of 66; he died 07 Nov 1891.  Cenie Link Loftin lived another twenty years and was able to draw a widow's pension for her husband's military service.  Their children are as follows: Epsie, Marion David, Caleb Murchison, Vardrey Forney, Jacob Philo, Alonzo Kelly, Margaret Frances, Sarah Elizabeth and Ida Lavinia.
Lafayette and Mary L. Loftin had at least six children: John A, Eldridge L, Catherine, Mary Etta, Martha and JamesLafayette died 22 Jan 1907 at the age of 76.  He and Mary are buried at St. Luke's Lutheran Church Cemetery (formerly Ore Banks).

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"The Lincoln County Loftin" by Reneee Loftin Clemmer


Thanks to Ben T. Loftin for his article on Eldridge Loftin in the book Lincoln County Heritage.


Thanks to Renee Loftin Clemmer for her article "The Lincoln County Loftins"


"Loftin Family Notes" - Complied by James Walter Jonas
Shared with me by Kevin Loftin. Thanks Kevin.

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