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Ida Lillian Setzer


Born: 25 Apr 1884, Catawba County, NC
Died:  25 Dec 1964, Burke County, NC




Ida Lillian Setzer was the sixth child born of Patrick Sylvanus Setzer and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon.  Ida and her twin brother Ivy Lee were born 25 Apr 1884 when Margaret was 38 and Patrick was 40.  Ivy only lived nine months and died 02 Feb 1885.

Below is a list of all of the children born to Patrick and Margaret.

Ida’s parents and siblings resided in Claremont, NC and attended Bethlehem Methodist Church.  Patrick & Margaret, as well as many of Ida’s siblings, are buried in the church cemetery.

(Right) Ida as a teen-aged girl

(Below) Chart listing the children of Patrick Sylvanus Setzer and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon

Children of Patrick Sylvanus Setzer and Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon
Name Birth Death Spouse
Jacob Eli Setzer 29 Dec 1872 11 Feb 1957 Minnie Elizabeth Connor
Miles Ernest Setzer 28 May 1874 18 Feb 1939 Effie Mae Lowrance
Jones Garland Setzer 23 May 1877 22 Jul 1889  
John Marion Setzer 08 May 1879 27 Apr 1946 Emma Leola Lowarnce
Sallie Ann Mae Setzer 29 Jan 1882 19 Oct 1960 Ransom Edgar Little
Ida Lillian Setzer 25 Apr 1884 25 Dec 1964 Alonzo Lester Loftin
Ivey Lee Setzer 25 Apr 1884 02 Feb 1885  
Elizabeth Pearl Setzer 20 Apr 1887 12 Nov 1960 Emanuel Iravus Sigmon
Daisy McNeill Setzer 15 Jun 1889 06 Nov 1985 Leslie Burette Sigmon

Two of Ida’s brothers, Miles and John, married the sisters of Alonzo Loftin’s first wife Cornelia.


After the death of Alonzo's first wife Cornelia, some in the Setzer family started thinking of Ida as a possible match for him.  According to Peggy Loftin Brotherton, Alonzo first met Ida at the Balls Creek Campground.  She was wearing a blue-tiered chiffon dress and when he saw her he said, “There goes the woman I’m gonna marry.”  Alonzo got up and pursued her.  Alonzo and Ida were married just a few months later in November 1904. He was 28 years old and she was 20. 

The marriage was a big change for Ida.  When she married Alonzo, she became the step-mother to his 5 children: Nannie, Lillie, Roy, Floye and Verdie Lee.  All but Verdie Lee had been living at an orphanage.
Within a year Alonzo and Ida had started a family of their own and soon started to bring the other children home from the orphanage.

Their first child Charlie Roosevelt Loftin was born 22 Oct 1905.   

Alonzo was a staunch Republican and a fan of Theodore Roosevelt, so when his second son was born, Alonzo and Ida named him Theodore Roosevelt Loftin.    Both Charlie and Theodore had Roosevelt as their middle name.  Theodore was called “Speedo”. 

In 1908, another infant son was born to Alonzo and Ida but he didn’t live.


Theodore Roosevelt Loftin


(Left to Right) Speedo, Allie, Charlie and Sadie Loftin

Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and Ida Lillian Setzer
Name Birth Death Spouse
Charlie Roosevelt Loftin 22 Oct 1905 30 Sep 1988 Edna Jones
Theodore Roosevelt Loftin 25 Dec 1906 20 Dec 1969 Fannie Marie Hoke
"Infant Son" Loftin 1908 1908 (Died in Infancy)
Sadie Elizabeth Loftin 08 Jun 1909 15 Dec 2007 (1) Paul Abraham Murray
(2) Vernon Asbury Lee
Willie Thelma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 Nov 1977 (1) Dewey D. Connor
(2) Dewey M Lanier
Callie Elma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 June 1992 John Henry Huffman
Sallie Allie Loftin 12 Sep 1913 10 Feb 1986 Glenn Clustus Lee
Daisy Pearl Loftin 06 Jun 1914 07 Jan 1994 Ruel Franklin Herman
"Infant Son" Loftin 06 Jun 1914 13 Jun 1914 (Died in Infancy)
Mike Whitener Loftin 18 Feb 1916 24 Feb 1949 Eleanor Carolyn Ervin
Sam William Loftin 13 May 1918 18 Sep 1979 Willie Aleen Goble
Oscar Sherrill Loftin 22 Oct 1920 22 Jul 1986 Annie Ruth Travis
* "Infant Son" Loftin 26 Oct 1922 27 Oct 1922 (Died in Infancy)
Glennie Frances Loftin 13 Jul 1926 17 Sep 2015
Age 89
Robert Alvin Cook
** "Infant Son" Loftin 1928 1928 (Died in Infancy)

* The Catawba County Birth Index for this child shows that he was born 22 Oct 1922 (the same day and month as his older brother Oscar).  This child's Death Certificate shows that he died 27 Oct 1922 and says that he lived for 1 day and 2 hours - so it's more likely that the child was born on 26 Oct 1922 - instead of 22 Oct 1922 as the Birth Index shows.  Cause of death was "malformation of upper air passage".

** It's possible that this last "Infant Son" of Alonzo and Ida was born in 1927.  It is also possible that the grave marker for this "Infant Son" born in 1928 was incorrectly dated and should have been for the 1922 "Infant Son".

Ida had her picture taken each year at the Balls Creek Campground and gave one to a different child each year.  Many of the photos we have today are as a result of Ida and her children having these campground photos made.

While Alonzo was tending the stores he owned and operated in the town of Catawba, NC, Ida was taking care of the children and the farm. 
With the Great Depression of 1929, that lasted most of the 1930s, Alonzo and Ida went through many hardships. When the Depression came, many people couldn't pay Alonzo the money they owed him at the feed and fertilizer store.  He refused to declare bankruptcy as many others had done and lost most of his wealth as a result.

Alonzo and Ida owned a lot of property in the area of the family home on Sherrills Foard Rd. and E. Bandys Rd.  Alonzo owned and operated Loftin’s Fish Lakes and the family would have big “get-togethers” there.  During the depression, Alonzo lost the property to Kannie (Candes) Witherspoon Shufford.

Ida sold property she had inherited from her father Patrick Sylvanus Setzer in Claremont in order to keep the family home on Sherrills Ford Rd.  All the kids and their spouses had to "sign" the deed in order for her to do this, since Patrick had willed the Claremont property to Ida and her children.

Ida spent most of her life taking care of the home and raising children, but she did work for a short period of time at Elliotts Knitting (which eventually became Betterware Hosiery) in Catawba.  In 1930, daughters Thelma, Elma and Allie were all working at Elliotts.  Frances Loftin Cook said she even worked there when she was a Junior at Balls Creek High School.  Family was concerned that Frances wouldn’t go back to finish her schooling, but she did and was the first of the Loftin children to graduate from high school. 

Frances said that Ida also had a cotton patch for one year.  Since Frances didn’t like working in the field, she occasionally cooked for Sam’s wife, Willie, who would take her turn in the cotton field.

Ashamed at having lost his money, business and most of his property in Catawba County, Alonzo opened a new store in the Charlotte area.  Because of the distance from Charlotte to Catawba County, he rarely came home.  Frances said either Charlie or Speedo would drive Ida and her to Charlotte in an old T-Model on weekends to visit him.
Alonzo died the day before his 61st birthday on 04 Feb 1937.  At the time of his death, Ida was 52, Charlie 31, Speedo 30, Sadie 27, Thelma & Elma 25, Allie   23, Daisy Pearl 22, Mike 20, Sam 18, Os 16 and Frances 10.

4 Generations: (Left to Right)
Ida with daughter Sadie Lee, and grand-daughter Joyce Murray Setzer holding Paulette Setzer


Additional campground photos of Ida over the years


Ida with daughter-in-law, Edna Jones Loftin - Charlie Loftin's wife

Alonzo and Ida's House

Thanks to Peggy Loftin Brotherton for helping me pull together memories of Alonzo and Ida's House Plan

Alonzo and Ida's home only had 5 rooms.  The Parlor was the room where the family gathered and spent time with visiting friends and family.  The family owned an old pump-organ - the kind that you pump the pedals with your feet in order to get sound when you played the keys.  Peggy remembers the pump-organ in the Front Bedroom - I remember it in the Master Bedroom - but it was probably initially in the Parlor.  The Front Bedroom had several beds in it - and considering Ida had 14 children, the beds were probably full of "young-uns".  Frances Loftin Cook said that by the time she came along Alonzo was living and working in Charlotte - she shared the Master Bedroom with her mother - and the boys (Mike, Sam & Os) were in the other bedroom. The Master Bedroom had an iron bed and a dresser.  There was a fireplace with a mantle board above it.  A 16 x 20 inch photo of a younger Ida standing behind a chair hung above the fireplace.  The Dining Room had a pie safe and a big round table.  There was another piece of furniture in the Dining Room with lots of drawers for storage and a mirror hung above it.  The Kitchen was smaller than the other rooms and housed a wood stove that was used for cooking.  There was a table, as well as diagonal corner shelves for storing coffee and other frequently used items.  A small window had been cut out of the wall between the Dining Room and Kitchen and allowed for easily passing food once it was prepared between the two rooms.
The release of the 1940 Census revealed some additional information about Alonzo & Ida's family.  The family continued to live in their home in Catawba County and the home was "Owned" and valued at $500.  The census states that the section that lists Ida and the children was from Sherrills Ford Rd. to Catawba Rd.  Ida and the three youngest children were listed on the census - indication that the other children were either married or living on their own.  Ida's age was 55, Sam was 21, Oscar (Os) was 19, and Frances was 13.

1940 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Age Wd
Birth **
Occup. Industry Wks
$500 Loftin Ida S. Head F 55 Wd 7 NC          
  ----- Sam Son M 21 S H1 NC 40 Knitter Hosiery
26 $351
  ----- Oscar Son M 19 S H1 NC 60 Laborer Saw Mill 28 $252
  ----- Frances Daughter F 13 S 6 NC          
* Highest Grade of School Completed: H1 is 1st year of High School
** The Number of Hours Worked during the week of March 24 - 30, 1940
    Each year the family would have a birthday dinner for Ida.  With 19 children, their spouses and their children - as well as Ida's siblings and their families - the Loftin house was too small for such an event.  Fortunately it was spring so the birthday dinner could be held outdoors.

Willie Loftin said, "Ida always wanted Sam to set the tables up."

After Ida's death, Peggy Loftin Brotherton continued Ida's birthday celebration and it became the Loftin Reunion.  Originally the reunion was held at the Balls Creek Campground, but it has also been held at Center Methodist Church - the Loftin Family home church.  The Loftin Reunion is currently held on the 3rd Sunday in May of each year at 1st Methodist Church in Catawba.

(Left) Ida with some of her family members - sister Daisy Sigmon (left), grandson Davis Loftin (in front of Ida), niece Nannie Sigmon (right of Ida), and sister Lizzie Sigmon (lady with flowered-dress)

Ida, Center Left.  On the right side of the table are Marie  (leaning in) & Theodore "Speedo" Loftin, "Unknown Man" & Elma Huffman, Loretta Huffman, Willie Goble Loftin (Sam's wife) and "Unknown Little Girl".


Birthday Dinner Group Photo - Ida with "most" of the Children
(Left to Right) Sadie Loftin Murray Lee, Frances Loftin Cook, Verdie Lee Boggs,
Allie Loftin Lee, Ida, Os Loftin, Nannie Loftin Martin, Mike Loftin,
Thelma Loftin Connor Lanier and Elma Huffman


Ida with "most" of the kids at another birthday dinner
(Left to Right) Elma Loftin Huffman, "Speedo" Loftin, Charlie Loftin, Thelma Loftin Connor Lanier, Frances Loftin Cook, Roy Loftin, Ida, Sadie Loftin Murray Lee, Verdie Lee Loftin Boggs, Lillie Loftin, Mike Loftin and Nannie Loftin Martin


(Left) Ida in front of the Loftin family home

(Right) Ida in 1953

Frances Loftin Cook (daughter of Ida & Alonzo) said that her mother was a good cook and that she especially loved her mother's vegetable soup.
Peggy Loftin Brotherton (daughter of Theodore Roosevelt Loftin) and Lois Loftin Mundy (niece of Alonzo and daughter of Arthur Lee Loftin) both talked about what a good cook Ida was, too.  Lois said that she especially loved to eat fish at her Aunt Ida's house.  Peggy said that Ida would fry the fish in fatback grease from the hogs they killed - and that was what gave them their wonderful flavor.
Ida would spend time with the children and grandchildren.  Elaine Lee Martin remembers her grandmother Ida would come and spend a few days with them when her father, Glenn, was killing a hog.  Frances Loftin Cook said that Ida would even ride the school bus with her in order to get over to Glenn and Allie’s house during this time. 

Many of Alonzo and Ida’s children smoked cigarettes.  Ida did not smoke but she did dip snuff. 
Ida suffered from diabetes and lived with her daughter, Frances, during the later years of her life.  
Ida died on Christmas day 25 Dec 1964 at 1:30 AM. 
Ida's Death Certificate shows that she died while living at Thomas Nursing Home, Quaker Meadows Township, Morganton, Burke County, NC.  She had been living there for two months at the time of her death.  The cause of death was listed as "cardiovascular accident". 

Ida and Alonzo are buried at Center Methodist Church in Catawba County, NC - as well as several of their children.

Death Certificate


Ida lying-in-state on 26 Dec 1964



(Above) Headstone for Alonzo & Ida 
(Below) Ida's Footstone



(Left) Alonzo & Ida's headstone
(Center) Alonzo & Ida's footstones as well as those of the sons who died in infancy

A special thanks to Frances Loftin Cook, Willie Loftin Goble and Louise Loftin Potter
for the photos of Ida and her family.

Thanks to Melody Myrick Herring for sharing the Death Certificate for "Infant" Son Loftin.  You can contact Melody at

If you have additional photos or information about Ida Setzer Loftin please contact me.