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Studio Photos
Valentine's Day

Studio Photos

Studio Photos

Studio Photos
NC Zoo
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Studio Photos
The Playset
Poppi & Nonni

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3rd Birthday
Studio Photos

Studio Photos
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Kayli Elise


Born: Aug 2012, 3:29 PM

January 2015
January Studio Photos
February 2015
February Studio Photos
Valentine's Day Studio Photos
Poppi: "I'd buy a few of those kisses"
March 2015
March Studio Photos
April 2015
April Studio Photos
May 2015
May Studio Photos
NC Zoo
The Loftin and Seese Families  went to the N.C. Zoo in Asheboro, NC, on 02 May 2015. 
It had been years since any of us had been there - and it was the first trip for Kayli.
(On Top of the Rock) Savanna and Alexandria
(In Front of the Rock) Brad, Beth, Leslie holding Kayli, Carolyn and Philip
(Curtis: Photographer)
The Lions take a nap in the morning sun
Kayli checks out one of the many animal sculptures around the zoo
Kayli looks a little apprehensive at first
Savanna poses with Kayli while she sits astride a small sculpted elephant
near the elephant exhibit
The Elephants ...
... Giraffes, Zebras ...
... and Baboons
Daddy Philip and Uncle Brad had as much fun with the sculpted animals as Kayli did
One last photo of the family
Kayli's Play set
Because Kayli enjoyed the play set at Catawba so much, her parents decided to invest in one for home.
The Loftin & Seese families were invited over during Memorial Day weekend to help with the construction.
Philip, Leslie and Carolyn spent the week before the construction laying out pieces and screws for
the various parts of the play set so that all would be ready when everyone else arrived to help
The playset was constructed near Kayli's playhouse and the family swing
Pieces laid out in the order they would be needed for the construction
Umbrellas and fans were set up to help with the intense heat
Kayli watched as the playset was constructed
Nonni (Carolyn) was in charge of the Instruction Manual while Leslie and Beth handed pieces to the builders.  Philip, Uncle Brad, Uncle Jimmy and Poppi (Curtis) did the construction.
Savanna and Ali watched Kayli and kept her occupied
The first tower began to emerge
The circular-slide proved to be the most difficult part to understand how to construct
Daddy Philip lets Kayli try out the newly-constructed slide ...
... as well as the first tower
Taking a break as the construction continues
Poppi (Curtis) took most of the photos at the various stages of construction
Philip and Leslie provided lunch and dinner during the two-day project
Savanna, Brad and Alexandria
To See the Video Where Kayli Thanks the Family for Constructing her  Play set
June 2015

June Studio Photos


Enjoying the New Playset

Kayli loves the new playset
Spending the Day With Poppi & Nonni
Kayli usually spends the day with Grandmother Myra Robinson,
but on 10 Jun 2015 she spent the day with Poppi & Nonni Loftin
To See the Video of Kayli with Poppi & Nonni - CLICK HERE - or Below
July 2015
July Studio Photos
Snow White Themed Photos
Kayli loves all of the Disney Princesses.  As a matter of fact, she loves them so much that Philip & Leslie seldom watch anything but Disney movies.  From the very beginning, Snow White has been one of her favorites, so you know she'd have to end up with some Kayli Snow White photos.
Our own little blonde-headed Snow White
Don't eat the apple Snow White!
Beach Themed Studio Photos
August 2015

August Studio Photos


Philip took the following photos of Kayli on 02 Aug 2015


3rd Birthday

Kayli's family (parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles & cousins) gathered at her house on Saturday, 29 Aug 2015 to celebrate her 3rd Birthday.
Kayli asked her parents for a Little Mermaid themed party
Her parents went out all with the decorations - they're so creative
Crepe paper streamers looked like seaweed - the fish were all homemade, too
There was a large mural and balloons were everywherer
I especially liked the homemade balloon fish and octopus
Kayli greets all the guests with hugs and kisses - including Great Granny Willie
Kayli's Mom & Dad purchased material and asked Nonni to make Kayli a mermaid tail/skirt
Additional Decoration:
The sand (on the left) was actually brown sugar and the sea shells were candy
Kayli with her cousin Nathan, maternal grandparents (Mike & Myrs) & Uncle Jason
Kayli's cousin Nathan is one of her favorite people in the whole wide world
There was pizza, lasagna and salad to eat - with lots of things to drink.
Soon it was time to cut the Little Mermaid cake
Dad snaps a few photos
Mom lights the three candles on Kayli's cake ...
... and Kayli blew them all out
After cake it was time for the pinata
It happened that Kayli was the one who pulled the correct ribbon to release the candy
Kayli organizes her candy while Nathan shows his to his Dad, Mom & Aunt Christy
Uncle Brad, Aunt Beth, cousins Savanna and Alexandria watch Kayli
Next, there was a pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey type game
where you had to put the sea shell in Ariel the mermaid's hand
Kayli "might' have peeked a little bit on that one
Finally, it was time for PRESENTS
Kayli had told Grandmama Myra that she wanted a hummingbird feeder like she had
She loved her Princess Aurora doll from Aunt Christy
(Christy had let her pick it out at the toy store, too)
There was a big Barbie head with long hair that you could comb and fix
Sugar Plum the elf showed up with a birthday present from Santa
- an "Elsa" Christmas ornament
The last present (from Kayli's Dad & Mom) was a battery-powered car
Kayli wasn't a very good driver at first, but she quickly learned to to operate her car
- at least when she was going forward
Off she goes - with Nathan riding shotgun!
Check Out the Video of Kayli Driving Her New Toy Car
Dad has Kayli to stop long enough so he could install some batteries in her radio
The "Frozen" themed car radio played songs from "Frozen"
Kayli sang at the top of her voice as she drove, "Let it go, Let it go"
  To See the Videos From Kayli's Party, Click the Links Below  
  Kayli With her Birthday Cake CLICK HERE  
  Kayli Playing the Little Mermaid Shell Game CLICK HERE  
  Kayli with her Little Mermaid Pinata CLICK HERE  
  Kayli Opens Her Presents 1 CLICK HERE  
  Kayli Opens Her Presents 2 CLICK HERE  
  Kayli With Her Car 1 CLICK HERE  
  Kayli With Her Car 2 CLICK HERE  
  Kayli With Her Car 3 CLICK HERE  
  Kayli With Her Car 4 CLICK HERE  
September 2015
September Studio Photos
Cute photos of 3-year-old Kayli from 05 Sep 2015
Cute B&W photo showing Kayli painting color on the zinnias
Princess Laundry Day
Leslie staged and posed this photo with Kayli's many Disney Princess Dresses
07 Sep 2015 Kayli Statistics
Leslie staged and posed this photo with Kayli's many Disney Princess Dresses
Spending the Day with Poppi
On 10 Sep 2015, Kayli had the opportunity to spend the day with Poppi
Enjoying the swing in Poppi's backyark
They had a great time blowing bubbles
Cinderella Photos
Kayli was Cinderella for Halloween 2015. These photos from September were great.
Philip & Leslie staged these photos showing Kayli as Cinderella
It's midnight and Cinderella looses her slipper as she flees the palace
October 2015
Studio Photos
These photos of Kayli were taken in Philip & Leslie's photo studio on 03 Oct 2015
Halloween Photos
Studio Photos - She's really working hard on the smile
November 2015
Autumn Photos
Sugar Plum, Kayli's own little elf, arrived from the North Pole on 27 Nov 2015. Kayli loved her daily visits and seeing what Sugar Plum left behind for her to fin.

27 Nov 2015 - Sugar Plum arrives at Kayli's house from the North Pole


28 Nov 2015 - Kayli searches for Sugar Plum

December 2015
More Antics from Sugar Plum

03 Dec 2015 - Sugar Plum gets all tied up

Christmas Photos
Family photos at Philip & Leslie's house

Kayli Elise

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