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Bradley Dylan Seese


Born: 1971, Baltimore, Maryland 




Bradley Dylan Seese was the first child born to Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr. and Joann Denniston.  Brad was born in 1971 in Baltimore, Maryland.

Bradley Dylan Seese


Brad with his Grandfather & Grandmother Seese

Children of Worthington Frederick Seese Jr. and JoAnn Denniston
Name Birth Death Spouse
Bradley Dylan Seese 1971   Elizabeth Ann Loftin
Gardner Garrett Seese 1977   Kristen Raby Seese
Brad's brother Gardner Garrett Seese was born six years later in 1977.


Brad and Gardner with JoAnn




Brad gained a love for auto racing when he was a young boy

Schools That Brad Attended
Name Of School Location Grades Years
Leith Walk Elementary School Baltimore, MD K - 1st  
Thornton Elementary School Newton, NC 1st  
Mt. View Elementary School Hickory, NC 1st - 5th  
Blackburn Middle School Newton, NC 6th - 8th  
Fred T. Foard High School Newton, NC 9th - 12th  
Appalachian State University (ASU) Boone, NC 13th - 16th 1990


Teen Years




High School


Brad shows pride in his letterman's jacket for playing football at Fred T. Foard


While Brad was a student at Fred T. Foard High School, he played football all four years and was a member of the FBLA Club (Future Business Leaders of America) and the Traveling Debate Team.

Brad's graduation photo from Fred T. Foard High School



Adult Life

After Brad graduated from Fred T. Foard he attended Appalachian State University in Boone, NC.  Jeff Neigel was Brad's roommate during his Freshman year (1990).  The two boys lived on the 7th floor of Cone Dorm and a lifelong friendship was born.  Brad and Jeff also roomed together during their Sophomore year at ASU (1991).  Jeff moved out of the ASU dorms during his Junior year (1992) while Brad continued to live on campus.  Brad and Jeff also became friends with Denise McBride while they were at Appalachian.  Jeff and Denise eventually married.

Christmas with Brad and JoAnn




Meeting and Dating Beth Loftin 1995

Brad met Elizabeth "Beth" Ann Loftin in 1995 and shortly afterwards they started dating.  Beth was the daughter of Curtis Dean Loftin and Carolyn Janet Weeks Loftin.  Beth was born in 1975.

Brad & Beth at her parents' home in Catawba, NC


Engagement 1996

During the afternoon of July 19, Brad asked Beth's Dad if he could stop by for a visit.  While he was there, Brad asked Curtis for permission to marry Beth.  Curtis told Brad, "I trust Beth's judgment.  If she says 'Yes', then it's OK with me."
Brad sent a dozen long-stemmed white roses to Beth at work during the day, and asked her to wear her white pant suit when they went out that evening.  All day long she suspected that something was us, but wasn't sure what it was.
Brad had made arrangements to take Beth, some family friends, and Beth's parents out to eat at a restaurant in Rutherford College.  Beth suspected that something was up when she saw the flowers, candles and rose petals on the table, and realized that Brad's mother, Jo, and his brother, Gardner, were already there waiting at the restaurant.

July 19, 1996


Brad had planned to propose to Beth before everyone got inside and seated, but they got separated by family and friends once they arrived at the restaurant and he didn't get a chance to do so.
After everyone was seated at the table, Brad gave Beth's mother, Carolyn, some flowers and thanked her for giving birth to Beth.  Their home-group had been studying ancient Jewish wedding rituals and one of them was the "purchase price" the bridegroom was required to pay.  Brad gave Beth's Dad several coins with the year 1976 (the year Beth was born) on them - reminding everyone of Beth's great value.
Brad gave Beth a package containing a music box, and inside the music box was a small black box containing a heart-shaped diamond ring.  He got on his knee and asked Beth to marry him. 
Amidst tears of joy, she said, "Yes".
Everyone in the room was crying at that point - including the waitress at the restaurant.


Wedding Shower


(Below) A wedding shower shortly before their marriage


First Home of Their Own 1996


Beth and Brad purchased a house and started moving their stuff in on 01 Oct 1996.  Brad lived in the house for a few weeks before their marriage, while Beth continued to live at home.



Wedding Rehearsal

The decision was made that Beth's wedding would take place in her parent's back yard beside the family pool.  The wedding guest list was limited to 50 of the closest family and friends.
Dennis Hass was the minister who married them.  Beth's maid-of-honor was Denise Hass.  Brad's had two best men: Gardner Seese (his brother) and Jeff Neigel (Brad's college roommate).

(Left) Gardner, Dennis, Jeff, Brad & Beth at the wedding rehearsal
(Right) Gardner, Brad & Beth at their informal wedding rehearsal meal



The Wedding 1996


Bradley Dylan Seese and Elizabeth Ann Loftin were married on Saturday, 12 Oct 1996, at 6:30 PM.  The pool area was decorated with bows, ribbon, flowers, candles floating in the pool, white lights, and a decorative archway.


Last minute preparations before the wedding
(Left) Beth and Denise Hass
(Right) Brad with Jeff Neigel and Gardner Seese


The Wedding Vows



Brad's mother, JoAnn Denniston Seese, with Beth


The Reception following the wedding took place inside the Loftin home





Married Life


Brad and Beth


Brad and Beth had two children. Savanna Lexxi Seese was born in 2000 and Alexandria Alecia Seese born in 2002.
Children of Bradley Dylan Seese and Elizabeth Ann Loftin
Name Birth Death Spouse
Savanna Lexi Seese 2000    
Alexandria Alecia Seese 2002    


A Daughter is Born 2000


Brad spends some time with his newborn daughter, Savanna, April 2000


Happy Grandmothers



Philip Loftin's Wedding 2001

Brad, Beth and Savanna at the marriage of Beth's brother, Philip Loftin,
to Leslie Robinson - May 2001


Turning 30

Brad turns 30 with a surprise birthday party by Beth at her parent's home.  Guests include JoAnn Seese, Jeff & Denise Neigel, Kenneth & Jennifer Knight, Philip & Leslie Loftin, Willie Loftin, Curtis & Carolyn Loftin.

S-U-R-P-R-I-S-E ! ! !


Brad blows out the candles on his birthday cake


Everyone moves to the kitchen for pizza, cake, chips and drinks


Brad shows off the "fun-loving" side of his personality
with his "over-the-hill" birthday magnifying glasses




Everyone in the Loftin's living room


Thanksgiving 2001


The Seeses eat Thanksgiving lunch with the Loftin Family



First Family Christmas Portrait


Brad, Beth & Savanna - First Family Portrait


Christmas 2001


Brad, Beth & Savanna at the Loftin's home on Christmas Day



A Second Daughter is Born 2002


Alexandria was born in 2002



Christmas 2002


Christmas 2002 - Brad, Beth, Savanna and Alexandria



Family Portrait


January 2003 - The Bradley Dylan Seese Family


2003 SNOW


January 2003 - Brad and Beth build a snowman with Savanna at the Loftin's home in Catawba




A New Motorcycle For Brad 2003


March 2003 - Brad shows off his new motorcycle



Some Daddy Time 2003


May 2003 - Brad helps daughter Savanna with riding her new bicycle



The "Real" Brad Seese 2003


Brad makes everyone laugh while eating lunch at Burger King
after church on Sunday 2003 with the family


Brad, Beth and Alexandria




Feb 28, 2004 - Brad spends time with the girls while at the Loftin's home on Sunday afternoon


Easter Egg Hung 2004


April 2004 - Hiding Easter Eggs at Poppi & Nonni's house (Curtis & Carolyn Loftin)




2004 Family Studio Photo


Birthday Party for Savanna 2004


April 2004 - The Seese & Loftin Families get together to celebrate Savanna's Birthday

(Left to Right) Leslie Robinson Loftin, Carolyn Weeks Loftin, Alexandria Seese,
Beth Loftin Seese, Brad Seese, JoAnn Denniston Seese and Philip Loftin



Statesville Balloon Rally 2004


June 5, 2004 - the Balloon Rally in Statesville, NC
Brad, Beth, Savanna & Alexandria with Poppi & Nonni (Curtis & Carolyn Loftin)





The Beach 2004


June 29, 2004 - a Seese & Loftin trip to the Beach


Brad & Beth with Savanna


Brad and Alexandria


Rinsing the sand off before going back into the condo


Time for something to eat - Carolyn Loftin, Savanna with Brad, Beth, Leslie & Philip Loftin


The family heads out for some mini-golf as it gets dark


Camping 2004


Brad invests in a camper for the family to go camping over the 4th of July



Roasting marshmallows over a fire




Ali and Savanna take advantage of the pool


Hanukkah 2004


December 2004 - Sharing Hanukkah with Poppi & Nonni Loftin


Poppi & Nonni had gifts for the girls for Hanukkah

The Loftins are not Jewish but believe that the Biblical Festivals are also important for Christians, too


Hmong New Year 2005


Brad, Beth and the girls join Poppi & Nonni Loftin at the Hmong New Year
at the Caldwell County Fairgrounds



A Day at the Park 2005


March 2005 - Spending some time with the family at the park in Catawba, NC

Savanna, Brad, Beth and Alexandria


(Left) Brad, Beth & Alexandria; (Right) Brad & Nonni/Carolyn Loftin



Christmas 2005


December 25, 2005 - Christmas with the Seese and the Loftin Families






Swimming at Poppi & Nonni's Pool 2006


June 24, 2006 - Enjoying Poppi & Nonni's pool


Beth tries to keep Brad from burning in the sun



At Gardner Seese's Wedding 2007


September 2007 - Brad, Beth, Savanna & Alexandria at Brad's brother Gardner's wedding



A New Home 2008


July 2008 - The Seese family moves into Brad's Grandfather Denniston's home in Startown, NC
They lived in the house until July 2014


Beth's parents helped with painting the entire inside of the house


Master Bedroom (Left) and Kitchen (Right) colors




A Birthday Party For Ali 2008


October 2008 - Brad & Beth have Alexandria's 6th Birthday Party at their home


October 2009 - Brad & Beth have Alexandria's 7th Birthday Party at their home

Brad's mother JoAnn Sees (Ali's Grandmother) and Beth's Grandmother Willie Goble Loftin
(Ali's Great-Granny) were two of the family members at the party


Brad's brother, Gardner, and his wife, Kristin, as well as Brad's mother, JoAnn



Brad's 40th Birthday


Beth surprised Brad once again with a birthday party - this time as he turns 40
As he enters the Loftin's home, he given a safety vest and a cane


Kevin Kilpatrick looks on as Brad and the girls (Lindsey Neigel, Ali, Sophie Kilpatrich
& Savanna) take a closer look at his nifty walking cane


(Left) Serina & Kevin Kilpatrick were two of the the guests at the party
Serina is Beth's best friend - the Kilpatricks also attend Covenant Bible Church

(Right) Brad gets a little birthday lovin' from his Mama


Philip & Leslie Loftin, Kristen & Gardner Seese, Jeff Neigel and his daughter Carley


In addition to the nice gifts, Brad also received quite a few novelty gifts



Blowing out "ALL" of those candles




JoAnn Seese and Beth Loftin Seese


The Annual Loftin Family Reunion 2013



(Left to Right) Willie Goble Loftin, Bradley Dylan Seese, Alexandria Alecia Seese,
Beth Loftin Seese, Savanna Lexi Seese, Leslie Robinson Loftin, Kayli Loftin,
Philip Daniel Loftin and Carolyn Weeks Loftin



Spending Time with His Three Girls 2013


June 2013 - Brad and the girls




July 26, 2013 - Brad, Beth and Alexandria at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC


Christmas with the Loftins 2013


Philip, Leslie and Kayli Loftin with Brad & Beth Seese


A Christmas money scavenger hunt for Savanna & Ali - courtesy and Poppi & Nonni Loftin


Nonni helps the girls with the GPS and one of the outside clues
It's fortunate that this was a warm Christmas Day



Beach 2014


The Seese Family enjoys a trip to North Myrtle Beach, SC, during June 2014


Brad surprises Beth and the girls with parasailing


Beth & Brad fix dinner for Brad's mom and Beth's parents - as well as Savanna & Ali