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Kayli Elise


Born: Aug 2012, 3:29 PM

January 2014
Kayli turned16-months-old at the end of December 2013
Philip & Leslie took these photos of Kayli on 04 Jan 2014
Kayli got a new winter coat for Christmas
February 2014
Philip  & Leslie took the 17-month-old photos of Kayli on 01 Feb 2014

2-Day Snow

On 12 Feb 2014, Catawba County, NC, has a rare two-day snow storm - Kayli had the opportunity to enjoy the fantasy world that all children experience when they see snow.
Kayli enjoys her first snow in the comfort of her warm kitchen floor
Kayli: "It doesn't get much better than this!"
Daddy & Momma help Kayli build a snow rabbit
Kayli: "This is great!  You can eat the snow and eat the candy eyes, too!"
By the second day of snow, the family was outside for some fun
Kayli: "This is fun!  I THINK!!!!"
Kayli makes her first snow angel
Time With Poppi & Nonni
Because of Philip & Leslie's involvement with Woodlawn Baptist Church's Easter drama,
they asked Poppi & Nonni if they would keep Kayli for several dates in February, March & April
Daddy stays with Kayli during this trip to Poppi & Nonni's home on 21 Feb 2014
Daddy wears a Daffodil behind his ear that Kayli gave him
Reading with Kayli
21 Feb 2014 - Philip & Kayli sing "Jingle Bells" - CLICK HERE
21 Feb 2014 - Philip & Kayli sing "Jingle Bells" & "London Bridge" - CLICK HERE
21 Feb 2014 - Philip & Kayli read - CLICK HERE
21 Feb 2014 - Philip, Kayli & Nonni play Hide & Seek - CLICK HERE
21 Feb 2014 - Philip, Kayli & Nonni 1 - CLICK HERE
March 2014
Daddy & Momma took these 18-Month-Old photos of Kayli on 09 March 2014
April 2014
Kayli "usually" enjoys having her photo made
May 2014
Loftin Family Reunion
The Loftin family met on Sunday, 18 May 2014, for the annual Loftin Family Reunion, at the Catawba Methodist Church, in Catawba, NC.  There were about 60 family members in attendance who descend from William Alexander Loftin and his two sons, Alonzo Lester Loftin & Arthur Lee Loftin.
Philip, Leslie, Kayli and Nonni
Daddy & Kayli
Nonni and Great-Granny (Willie Goble Loftin)
Aunt Beth, Uncle Brad, Savanna and Alexandria (Ali) Seese
A New Playhouse
Kayli enjoys the playhouse that Daddy, Mommy, Poppi & Nonni constructed for her.
June 2014
Loftin Studio Photos for June
Kayli poses for Daddy and Mommy
Hunsucker/Catawba Park, Catawba, NC - 16 Jun 2014
Poppi & Nonni took Kayli to the Park in Catawba
She wasn't too sure about the playset at first
At 2.5 months before her second birthday, Kayli did really well climbing this ladder
A little safety help from Poppi for this last BIG step
To See the Video of Kayli Climbing the Big Ladder - CLICK HERE - or Below
The slides were Kayli's favorite part of the large playset
To See Kayli Going Down the Small Slide - CLICK HERE - or Below
To See Kayli Climbing the Chain Ladder and Going Down the Slide - CLICK HERE - or Below
She wasn't sure about the taller slide at first, but she eventually agreed to give it a try
There she goes
To See the Video of Kayli Going Down the Big Slide - CLICK HERE - or Below
She even did the faster curvy slide
What child doesn't love the swings - and the higher, the better
To See Kayli on the Swings - CLICK HERE - or Below
Back over at Poppi and Nonni's house, it's time for a nap
July 2014
27 July Photos at Kayli's House
Kayli loves all the Disney characters, and Tinkerbell is one of her favorites
A change of outfits and props - and then a few more photos
With Great Granny Willie Loftin at Poppi & Nonni's House
August 2014
03 August Photos at Kayli's House
Sitting on the front porch

Pudding Painting

Kayli: "Oh!  This is gonna be FUN!"
Kayli: "First - a little taste.
When you can't do it all with your finger, try your foot."
It's My BIRTHDAY !!!
Philip and Leslie planned a Tinkerbelle-themed birthday party for Kayli for her second birthday.  As you can see from the photo below, Philip and Leslie are quite creative.  Watermelon was part of the food that was served at the party, but even the rind was used.
A house for Tinkerbelle and her friends
There was even a Tinkerbelle birthday cake
Kayli has her first taste of her special birthday cake - and even ate a flower
All the decorations had a Tinkerbelle theme
All of Kayli's grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins were at the party
- even Great Granny Willie
Uncle Jason, Nonni Carolyn, Cousin Alexandria, Grandmother Myra and Granddaddy Mike
To Hear the Family sing "Happy Birthday" to Kayli and watch her eat some cake
CLICK HERE - or Below
Great Granny Willie, Uncle Brad and Nonni Carolyn
Kayli spends some time with one of her FAVORITE people in the whole world - Cousin Ali
Cousin Alexandria (Alex or Ali) and Cousin Savanna
After the food, Kayli was ready to open up all of her presents
Mom Leslie helped Kayli with presents while everyone else was taking photos and videos
Tissue paper goes flying as Kayli rushes to see what surprises are in the next gift bag
Kayli enjoyed the cards, too - although she did read a few of them upside down
To Watch Kayli open her Birthday Presents - CLICK HERE - or Below
Kayli loved her picnic table and umbrella that came from Granddaddy Mike and
Grandmother Myra and it went perfectly with her playhouse
But, her favorite gift of all was the pedal-car
from Uncle Jason, Aunt Jennifer & Cousin Nathan
Cousin Nathan offers Kayli a few tips about driving her pedal-car
September 2014

Studio Photos for the Month of September - 01 Sep 2014

Always a smile on her face - well, almost always
A Trip to the Beach
Philip, Leslie and Kayli packed up the car and headed to Myrtle Beach, SC,
for the week of 12 Sep 2014 to 12 Sep 2014.  Favorite place for lodging: Xanadu.
07 September 2014
Not only Philip & Leslie, but also the rest of his family always choose to stay at Xanadu when
they are at the beach - Xanadu is right on the beach and every room has a balcony
Kayli is decked out in her two-piece swimsuit and shades
while Mom pulls her on the surf board
Mom and Kayli head to the water
An afternoon stroll along the beach
09 September 2014
Granddaddy Mike and Grandmother Myra join Philip, Leslie & Kayli
at the beach for part of the week
Having a good time - but somebody looks a "little" tired
Grandaddy offers Kayli a little help
Grandmother Myra demonstrates what grandmothers do best
Mom and her sleepy girl give Dad a few more photos
before they head back to the room for a nap
An afternoon stroll along the beach
10 September 2014
Kayli: "Can we go now? Can we go now? Can we go now? Can we go now?"
Kayli: "What? Smile for a photo first?  OK!  How's this?"
Kayli: "Can I help, Daddy?" 
Kayli: "Daddy says he has a surprise for me but I really don't know about this!"
Kayli: "Let me see if I've got this straight.  You want me to climb into that hole? I don't know ..."
"... and you want me to smile for a photo, too?  OK, here goes!"
Kayli: "If this is my surprise, I'm not impressed!"
Kayli: "Now that's much better!  Look, I'm Ariel the Little Mermaid!"
After all that hard work, Kayli and Daddy relax on the beach
Kayli: "It's too hot up here.  I'm headed down to the water where Mommy is."
Kayli: "Much better!"
All cleaned up and ready for some family photos
11 September 2014
Kayli: "Can we do that, too, Daddy?"
Daddy: "Maybe, When you get a little bit older"
Kayli: "OK!"
Kayli: "Let's get in the water.  You, too, Mommy."
Kayli: "Oh, lookie - a really pretty shell"
Kayli: "Trust me, Daddy.  You're gonna love this.  It's just like suntan lotion!"
(Left) Kayli: "It's getting a little HOT out here"
(Right) Kayli: "MUCH better!"
Everyone cleans up and heads out for some dinner and Putt-Putt
Kayli: "Go in - Go in - Go in!"
Kayli: "Well, maybe I can help it just a little bit!"
Kayli: "I think I've got this one!"
The evening ends with some ice cream - the perfect way to end a day at the beach
12 September 2014
Kayli: "They brought all my good stuff out today.  This is gonna be GREAT!"
Kayli: "Let me see - I need this - and a little sand and some water."
Daddy: "I can help you, Kayli"
Kayli: "Great.  I'll have to show you how it's done so you can do it right"
Daddy: "Thank you, Kayli"
Kayli: "Mommy knows how to do it better!"
Kayli gets a morning siesta out on the beach
Kayli: "I think I'm a little sad.  It's our last day at the beach until next year."
Time to go back home
October 2014
October 2014 Studio Photos
An Autumn Visit to Poppi & Nonni's House
Kayli loves the Pergola and other outside buildings in Poppi & Nonni's back yard
To Watch Kayli Playing Outside at Poppi & Nonni's House - CLICK HERE - or Below
November 2014
November Studio Photos
December 2014
December Studio Photos
Yes, She does have dimples
Christmas Studio Photos
Cookies for Santa
Elf - On - A - Shelf
Philip and Leslie used Elf-on-a-Shelf after Thanksgiving and until Christmas as a
daily reward system for when Kayli's behavior was good.  They named the female elf Sugarplum.
There was a message for Kayli on 28 November that said,
"Hi! My name is Sugarplum.  Santa sent me to keep watch and make sure you are being a good girl.  Each night I will travel back to the North Pole to tell Santa about your day, so make sure to look for me each morning.  I brought you a special book to read.  I hope you like it.  Santa says hello and to remember to be a good girl.  Love, Sugarplum"
On the first day, Sugarplum arrived from the North Pole in a hot-air-baloon
Each morning Kayli would look for Sugarplum
One morning there were bows and lights around the bathroom mirror
where Sugarplum had decorated the bathroom ...
... and another day she put stickers all over Tinkerbelle
On 02 December, Sugarplum left Kayli a message with building blocks
On 06 December, Sugarplum left Kayli a message on the white board.
It said, "Hey Kayli, You were such a good girl yesterday,
I made you a special necklace. Love, Sugarplum"
The necklace was made out of Fruit Loops so Kayli could even eat the necklace
On 07 December, Sugarplum left Kayli a special Christmas Card
on the mantle over the fireplace
On 13 December, Sugarplum left a message that said, "Happy Birthday Kayli's Mom"
and there were cookies for Kayli, Leslie and Philip
On 14 December there was a Christmas cookie and Christmas milk
On 15 December there was a new Christmas stocking for Kayli
and on 17 December there was a new photo of Kayli with her cousin Nathan
On 18 December Kayli saw where Sugarplum had taken a bath
On 20 December, Sugarplum left a funny picture of Daddy/Philip
with a red nose like Rudolph - Sugarplum and Kayli thought that was funny
Christmas Day at Poppi & Nonni Loftin's House
Kayli insisted on eating lunch beside Cousin Alexandria
After lunch, Kayli started unwrapping her Christmas presents
There were lots of pretty dresses from Poppi and Nonni
Lots more to open
From Uncle Brad, Aunt Beth, Savanna and Ali there was a
Disney "Frozen" Treasure Chest full of all sorts of goodies
Aunt Beth and Cousin Savanna offer a little help
Philip, Leslie and Kayli gave Poppi & Nonni a book with photos
of Kayli from her "second" year
Philip, Leslie and Kayli gave Savanna and Ali each a BIG box for Christmas
Each box was full of balloons
Some of the balloons had money in them
but you had to pop the balloons to get to the money
Before the day was over, Kayli had fallen asleep on Poppi & Nonni's couch
with dreams of Sugarplum Fairies and Christmas 2015

Kayli Elise

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