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27 Dec 2009




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Born: 2000, Hickory, NC




MARCH 2009



Purim Celebration

The Seese family joined Beit Yeshua for their 2009 Purim Celebration.  Purim is the Biblical Festival that recounts how God used Queen Esther to save the Jewish people from the evil Haman.  Part of Beit Yeshua's Purim Celebration included a Parody Play.  Savanna & Ali's paternal grandfather, Curtis Loftin, writes and directs the Purim play each year.

The 2009 Purim Play was entitled "Purim Wars"
and was a STAR TREK and STAR WARS parody of the Purim Story

Cast Left to Right
Mordechai Kenobi (Andy Melnyk), Princess Lei-Esther (Myrl Peeler), James T. Kirk'shuerus (Joe Melnyk), Queen Vashti (Susan Miles), Yoda  (Sam Melnyk), Darth Haman (Brad Seese),
Zeresh (Melba Finley), R2D2 (Jeremy Eldridge)
The play is "impromptu" and parts are not memorized
Cast are called up from the attendees
In 2009, Brad was called up to play the part of Darth Haman
Cast is costumed as they come to the front of the room
Princess Lei-Esther invites James T. Kirk'shuerus and Darth Haman
to a dinner she has prepared in their honor
At the dinner, Priness Lei-Esther reveals to James T. Kirk'shuerus that Darth Haman has planned to kill all the Jews in Persia-Media and Haman is killed instead
To see additional photos from the 2009 Purim Play, "Purim Wars": CLICK HERE

APRIL 2009


Passover Celebration
Beit Yeshua hosts a Pesach/Passover Seder each year at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, and the Seese family always attends the event that is led by Curtis Loftin and Doug Williams.
An Israeli-themed backdrop is used - as well as regular and low seating
Before the Seder begins, there is a time of Praise & Worship
and Curtis leads the group in some Israeli Folk Dance
The Seder begins
(Left to Right) Paul Miles, Curtis Loftin, Doug Williams, Chuck & Janice Anthony
Brad, Beth, Savanna and Alexandria always sit at the low tables
Savanna asked the Four Questions in 2009
Savanna and Alexandria taste the matza/unleavened bread ...
... and recite the 10 Plagues
Beth Seese and Duke Peeler took photos for the Beit Yeshua website
For additional photos from the 2009 Pesach Seder: CLICK HERE
Yard Work at Poppi & Nonni's House
Savanna and Alexandria came over to Poppi & Nonni's house on 15 Apr 2009 and
had the opportunity to help Poppi & Nonni put out mulch in the back yard.
Even at 6 years old, Ali was always willing to help out with chores around the house
Savanna offers some help, too
Savanna & Ali use their rakes to spread mulch in Great Granny Willie Loftin's yard
There was also some time for a little fun

MAY 2009



Covenant Kids

The Seese family has attended Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC, since 1999 - along with Curtis & Carolyn Loftin.  Covenant has a large children's program including a yearly Kid's musical.  This choral program from 17 May 2009 included both Savanna and Alexandria.
Savanna is on the right side - top row - green shirt - below the "YIELD" sign
Ali is on the left side - middle row - red shirt - below the "Lincolnton" sign
Watching from the audience you can see the back of Beth's head (in yellow with camera), Brad (in gray shirt) and Carolyn (in lime green shirt) - Curtis was taking photos
A closer look at Savanna
Savanna had a solo in the performance - Ali on the left side watching her big sister
The kids choreography usually includes some American sign language

Octoberber 2009


Alexandria's 7th Birthday Party
On 11 October 2009, Beth & Brad hosted a birthday party at their house in Newton, NC, for
Alexandria's 7th Birthday.  All the family was there - as well as lots of friends.

Alexandria & Savanna with their friends - as well as Great-Granny Willie Loftin
and paternal grandmother JoAnn Seese

Ali smiles so Poppi can take the first of many photos at her party

Alexandria opens her birthday cards and presents  while her friends watch
When you're 7, you like EVERYTHING
There was money inside a few of Ali's cards
There were lots of clothes from grandparents, aunts and uncles


"Happy Birthday, Alex"

December 2009


Christmas Day
The Loftin & Seese families got together for Christmas Day lunch.  After lunch, everyone went into the living room and started opening Christmas presents.
Nonni (Carolyn Loftin), Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie Loftin, with Savanna and Alexandria
There was a "special" gift for each of the girls from Philip & Leslie
Savanna: "What is this?"
Little red bags that say "You've Been Naughty" containing lumps of coal
But everyone knew that Philip & Leslie had only been kidding
Alexandria laughed and laughed
Then Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie gave each of the girls
a book bag/purse with their initials on it



Christmas Day Family Photos

Curtis & Carolyn, Brad & Beth, Savanna & Alexandria go over to Philip & Leslie's house each year for family photos.  In 2009, the photos were taken on Christmas Day, after lunch and presents.
(Top Row - Left to Right) Philip & Leslie, Beth & Brad
(Bottom Row) Alexandria, Curtis & Carolyn, Savanna
A Sunday Visit to Poppi & Nonni's House
The Seese family came by Poppi & Nonni's house after church on the Sunday, Dec 27th. 
Poppi took the following photos of Savanna.
A beautiful smile from a beautiful girl


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Savanna, You were the "first" - the first granddaughter - and I was (and still am) so proud of you.  Spending time with you always bring joy and happiness into my life.  You have no idea just how special you are.  May you always follow the LORD and seek His direction for every choice in your life.  May you always have a close and personal relationship with Yeshua/Jesus - He's the only true source of joy and happiness.  I love you and always will.  Poppi