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Kayli Elise - 2012


Born: Aug 2012, 3:29 PM



December 2011

At the end of 2011, shortly after Christmas, Philip & Leslie announced to the family that they were EXPECTING.  We were all THRILLED!  They gave a copy of the following card (framed) as a way of announcing the pregnancy.

Original Birth Announcement


10 January 2012

Because of Leslie's high blood pressure, the decision was make to keep a closer watch on her and the baby - including regular sonograms.  We saw the first one on 19 Jan 2012.

1st Sonogram - 19 Jan 2012


07 April 2012

On Saturday, 07 Apr 2012, the Loftin family went to Philip & Leslie's house to find out the sex of the baby.  Leslie had made cupcakes with pink and blue sprinkle toppings. 

We found out the sex of the baby when we bit into the cupcakes and saw the pink filling.

Since Philip & Leslie knew they were having a little girl, they had already decided on her name.  We all opened envelopes containing letters of the alphabet - some in blue and some in pink.  We had to unscramble the letters to discover her name.

Elise (from German & French) means "Consecrated to God".  It is also a form of the name Elizabeth (from Hebrew) which means "Oath of God" or "God is Satisfaction".
Kayli appears to be made of two parts.  Kay (Greek) meaning "Rejoice" and (French & Irish) meaning "Pure".  Li (Chinese) means "Strength, Powerful & Pretty".

31 May 2012


Sonogram from 31 May 2012 shows Kayli's development


12 August 2012 - Baby Shower

Kayli's baby shower was held at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Conover, NC.  There was a very large turnout of family and friends.  Leslie and Philip spent an hour just opening the numerous gifts they received from family and friends


Leslie & Philip open baby gifts while Aunt Christie records who the gifts are from ...


... including gifts from Grandma Myra & Grandpa Mike ..


... as well as Nonni & Poppi Loftin


Shower Guests


17 August 2012 - Family Photos


Photos of Philip & Leslie shortly before Kayli's birth




17 August 2012 - 3D Sonogram

Normally patients don't get a "3D" photo of the baby, but this one gives the family a first preview of Kayli.

Birth Day

The Day FINALLY Arrived!


31 August 2012 - Kayli's Birth

Because of Leslie's continued high blood pressure, the doctors decided to admit her to the hospital on Friday, 31 Aug 2012 to induce labor.  Philip & Leslie had to be at the hospital at 6:00 am and they broke her water at 8:30.  She had successfully dilated to 10cm by 1:00 pm, when they asked her to start "pushing".  Kayli was born at 3:29 pm - weighing 8 lbs. 2 oz - with a length of 22.5 inches.
The family was finally allowed to go back and see the new baby at 5:20 pm.

Philip gives Kayli her first bottle



First Video of Kayli - CLICK BELOW


Philip & Leslie enjoy their newborn daughter


Video of Philip, Leslie & Kayli - CLICK BELOW


New grandparents proudly pose for a first Loftin family photo


Nonni & Poppi finally get the opportunity to hold their new granddaughter




01 September 2012

Since Kayli was born at 3:29 pm on Friday, she had to stay in the hospital at least 24 hours.  She was doing well but Leslie's blood pressure was still a little high.  Everyone was looking forward to going home.




Video - Kayli Sleeping CLICK BELOW


Poppi holds Kayli ...



... so does Nonni


Video - Nonni holding Kayli - CLICK BELOW


Flowers from Nonni & Poppi for Leslie & Kayli


A beautiful girl



03 September 2012

Poppi, Nonni and Great Granny Willie stopped by Philip & Leslie's for a visit with Kayli.

Nonni holding a 3-day-old Kayli



It was great to get some photos of Kayli with her eyes open


Click Below for Video of Kayli at 3-Days-Old


Poppi spends some time with Kayli, too.




Great Granny gets to see (and hold) Kayli for the first time since her birth.



Nonni volunteers to change Kayli's "messy" diaper - but Dad would only hold the bag for the dirty diaper.
Eventually Nonni even chickened out and it was left to Mama Leslie to do the dirty job.
The process even required a clean outfit for baby Kayli


Nonni: "I don't think I can do this!"
Philip: "I KNOW I'm not doing it!"



Kayli: "That was a lot of work!  It's  time for another nap."


Click Below to see the Video of Philip with Kayli


06 September 2012


Philip & Leslie do some studio photos of Kayli





Studio Photos from Philip Loftin of Loftin Photography


08 September 2012


Faces of a new-born, including a smile



Leslie enjoys her daughter


Another visit from Nonni & Poppi



Click Below to see Video


Nonni gives her her bottle and she's ready for another nap



Click Below to see the Video of Kayli & Nonni (Carolyn)


09 September 2012
"Grandparent's Day"

Philip, Leslie & Kayli stop by to visit with Poppi & Nonni for Grandparents Day.  Kayli is 9-days-old.

Poppi (Curtis), Nonni (Carolyn) & Great Granny (Willie) with Kayli




Great Granny holding Kayli, Click Below


Leslie & Kayli


Kayli gets a bottle from Mom, Click Below


Savanna & Ali get to hold their cousin.




Aunt Beth holds Kayli, Click Below


Time to go










23 September 2012

Nonni, Poppi, Beth, Brad, Savanna and Ali stop by for a visit with Philip & Leslie and Kayli.

Leslie & Nonni spend some time with Kayli


YouTube Video from our September 23rd visit - CLICK BELOW

Poppi & Kayli


Aunt Beth with Kayli


Kayli - Pretty as a Picture - and twice as sweet


Two Months Old - October 2012

One of the nice things about having a photography studio is your house is the fact that Dad & Mom are always prepared to get some new photos.  These were made in October 2012.

Kayli wearing the little dress they chose for her Baby Dedication in November



Dad & Mom with Kayli


Baby Dedication - November 04, 2012

The family gathered together on Sunday, 04 Nov 2012, for Kayli's Baby-Dedication at Woodlawn Baptist Church in Conover, NC.  Dr. Ed Yount was the Senior Pastor.

Philip, Leslie & Kayli pose for some photos outside of the church after the service


Poppi takes some additional photos of Kayli & Leslie

After the service, the babies and their parents, as well as their grandparents, met in the Children's Ministry room for lunch - catered from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  A cake with the names of the 3 children to be dedicated and colorful decorations dressed up the room.

Abigail - Kayli - Alexander


Christmas Family Photos

The Loftin family gathered at Nonni & Poppi's house for lunch on Thanksgiving Day.  After lunch, everyone went back over to Philip, Leslie & Kayli's house to have some Family Christmas photos taken.

Poppi & Nonni with their children and grandchildren

(Top Row) Savanna (age 12), Philip, Leslie, Beth, Brad; (Bottom Row) Kayli (3 months), Poppi, Nonni, Ali


Nonni & Poppi with Kayli, Ali (Left) and Savanna (Right)





The Robinson Family
Leslie's parents (Mike & Myra Robinson)
with her siblings, Christie (Jimmy) and Jason, and nephew Nathan


Kayli with her cousin, Nathan Robinson



Kayli's First Christmas


Christmas Photos at Kayli's House


It looks like Kayli has all of her bases covered - she's left cookies and hot chocolate for Santa



... and it looks like it worked!  Lots of presents!


Mom & Dad pose with Kayli



Time to open some Christmas presents


"What's this?  Did I get a new sister for Christmas, too?"


"The gifts are really nice - but I really like this colorful stuff on the outside - so tasty!"


Loftin Family - Christmas Day 2012

Philip, Leslie & Kayli joined Philip's parents as well as his sister Beth's family at Poppi & Nonni's house for Christmas day.  Everyone arrived prior to 11:30 ready for lunch.

"What do you mean we have to wait till after lunch to open the Christmas presents?"


Savanna, Ali, Kayli & Leslie

Poppi & Nonni celebrate Hanukkah - but still remember the birth of Yeshua (Jesus)


Leslie keeps Kayli occupied with toys while the family eats lunch


Kayli is the first 1st-Cousin for Savanna (and Ali)
so they enjoy spending time with the new baby in the family when they can



Kayli helps Mama & Poppi open her presents (with a little assistance from Savanna & Ali)




Poppi & Nonni love buying clothes for their newest granddaughter




Kayli, however, is more interested in the toys


"Is that ALL of my presents?"





"Then I might as well take a nap with Poppi!  Close your eyes Poppi!"


"Awake now with a dry diaper - what more could a girl want!"



"Now I'm ready for some fun time with Nonni!"



Kayli was such a good baby all day - laughing and smiling - letting everyone hold her.


Philip got a great photos of Kayli with Great-Granny, Willie


Christmas Book

Philip, Leslie, and of course Kayli, wanted to find just the right Christmas gift for the grandparents, aunts and uncles.  At first they considered doing a 2013 calendar with photos of Kayli for each month, but decided that after 2013 was over the calendar wouldn't be of much use (except for the photos of course).  They finally decided to do a "Blurb-Book" with photos of Kayli for the various seasons of the year - a gift that could be saved and enjoyed time and time again.  The size of the book was 8 inches by 8 inches.  Everyone loved it!

They titled the book, "Smiles For Every Season"


Lying on the Bible - which is opened to Psalm 139:13
"For thou hast possessed my reins: thou hast covered me in my mother's womb."


Baby, It's Cold Outside


Will You Be My Valentine?


Happy Springtime



Pretty Little Lady


Splish!  Splash!  I was Takin' a Bath!



Beach Babe


Have Tea With Me


Sleeping Beauty


Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice
That's What Little Girls Are Made Of


Merry Christmas

*This was also the photo Philip & Leslie used on their Christmas card for 2012


The most precious jewels you will ever wear around your neck are the arms of your children


The Back Cover of the Book


Four Months Old - December 2012


Philip & Leslie get some great four-month-old photos of Kayli








Kayli Elise

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