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Our Story 2



Curtis & Carolyn: The Wedding Rehearsal & Cake Cutting

Carolyn and I had originally hoped to be married at Greenway Baptist Church in Boone, NC - the church we attended during our senior year at Appalachian State University (1974 - 1975) - but they had a policy that only church members could use the church for weddings, so we decided to get married at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church in Catawba, NC - my family church - and the church we attended after we were first married. 
Carolyn and I ask Bobby Taylor, a close family friend, to officiate at our wedding.  Carolyn's mother and brother didn't come to the wedding, so Carolyn asked John Wessell to give her away and Bettie Wessell to sit in the place of her mother.  The Wessell family had been our "adopted family" for the last two years we were at ASU.  Betty took Carolyn under her wing while she was still at ASU and provided the mothering she needed while she was there.  She took Carolyn shopping and bought her three nightgowns for the honeymoon, as well as a Betty Crocker Cookbook (which we still have). 
The wedding rehearsal was on Friday, June 6th, at Mathis Chapel with a prayer meeting at Bobby & Grace Taylor's home afterward.

John Wessell and Carolyn walk down the aisle during the rehearsal

Steve and Janie Harwell hosted the cake cutting at their home.  Steve & Janie attended Mathis Chapel, also, and had been close friends of Curtis' for years.  The girls in the wedding party actually stayed at Steve & Janie's house the night before the wedding, while the guys stayed at Curtis' house (actually the empty building that had once housed Loftin's Tire Service, Loftin's Clothing Outlet, and The Lighthouse Youth Ministry) - and eventually became their home.
Mrs. Flora Edwards Stewart made the wedding cake for Curtis & Carolyn.  Mrs. Stewart had kept Curtis as a baby and he had always considered her a second "Mama" - especially when he was a young boy growing up.  Curtis' sister-in-law, Diane Self Loftin, helped serve food at the reception.

The Wedding Cake


Diane Loftin & Mrs. Flora Edwards Stewart


I have created a "Tribute" page for Mrs. Stewart on the website and there are some additional photos
CLICK HERE to check them out


Curtis & Carolyn pose for a few photos


Getting ready to cut the cake


We froze the top layer and saved it for our one-year anniversary

Sam had been sick for several years prior to the wedding.  When we couldn't get Greenway Baptist as the church for our wedding, we chose Mathis Chapel because Sam wasn't able to travel.  The wedding was in 1975.  Sam died in 1979 at the age of 61.


Sam & Willie Loftin - Curtis' Parents

Carolyn asked Anita Wheeler Tyner, her best friend from high school, to be her matron of honor.

Tony & Anita Wheeler Tyner




Curtis & Carolyn: The Wedding

Carolyn & I got married on Saturday, 07 Jun 1975, 3:00 p.m., at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church.  The Rev. Bobby Lee Taylor officiated.
There was very little money to help with the wedding - none from Carolyn's family, and very little from mine.  Carolyn purchased the satin fabric that was to become her wedding dress and actually made it herself.  In an effort to not ruin the fabric, she first made the dress using an old sheet.  One side was had long-sleeved and the other was short - so she could see which side she liked best.  She settled on the short sleeve and began to cut the fabric and sew the dress.

The "practice' dress


The day of the wedding, Tony Sanford teased me unmercifully.  He'd tell me, "You have three hours till you get married".  "Two hours and thirty minutes".  "Two hours". "One hour and thirty minutes".  "One hour and 15 minutes". "One hour".  ... and so on until it was "Thirty minutes", "Fifteen minutes", and "Ten minutes".  Tony was really enjoying himself - but he was driving a "nervous" groom CRAZY!
There was no money for flowers to decorate the church, so the morning of the wedding, Tony and I went out into the field beside of our house and picked wild flowers: Queen Anne's Lace, Daisies, and so on.  The only flowers purchased were the three long-stemmed yellow roses that Carolyn carried.
College friends Cathy King sang and Charlie Ross played the piano.
There was no money for a photographer.  The only wedding photos were those taken by friends during and after the wedding. Carolyn forgot to get the guest register out of the car, and since we were both nervous, we have no ideal who actually came to the wedding.

Curtis & Carolynn kneeling before Rev. Bobby Taylor


Carolyn presented a yellow rose to my mother, Willie,
and one to Bettie Wessell, who was sitting in place of her mother



Mr. & Mrs. Curtis Loftin


Curtis & Carolyn with Paula Schronce, flower girl (daughter of Curtis' 1st cousin Brenda Isenhour Schronce),
and Nathan Harwell (Steve & Janie Harwell's son), ring bearer


Ann Hamilton, Beverly Loftin, Carolyn, Paula Schronce, Anita Wheeler Tyner and Angela Taylor
Anita Wheeler Tyner was Matron of Honor
(The little girl in the left side of this photo is Mary Wessell - John & Bettie's daughter)

Anita was Carolyn's best friend from high school, Angela was Curtis' "adopted" little sister from Mathis Chapel, Beverly was Curtis' niece (daughter of his brother Billy Ray), Ann was Curtis & Carolyn's closest female friend from ASU, and Paula was the daughter of Curtis' first cousin Brenda Isenhour Schronce.


Bill Mitchell, Dan Wessell, Curtis, Nathan Harwell, Billy Ray Loftin and Bill Shearin
Billy Ray Loftin was Curtis' Best Man

Bill Shearin & Bill Mitchell were college friends of Curtis & Carolyn, Dan had originally been a student of Carolyn's from Wataugh High School but them we "adopted" him and his entire family, Nathan Harwell was the son of Steve and Janie Richardson Harwell, and Billy Ray (William Ray) Loftin was Curtis' older brother.

Billy Ray, Curtis & Carolyn greet guest as they exit the church



Bill Mitchell, Dan Wessell and Bill Shearin (David Shearin & John Wessell in the background)





Following the wedding, everyone went back over to Curtis' parents house for a small reception.


Ann sits on Sam's lap; Carolyn with former college roommate Carol Perkins



(Left) Kathy King and Charlie Ross, (Right) Diane & Billy Loftin


Kathy sang at the wedding and Charlie Ross played the piano. 
Charlie actually played the piano for the contemporary gospel singing group the Imperials for a while.


Tony & Anita Wheeler Tyner


(Left) Dale Shearin and Beverly Loftin, (Right) John Wessell - Carolyn and Willie Loftin in the background


Tony Sanford and Ann Hamilton with Eric & Crystal Loftin (Curtis' niece and nephew)


The Observer-News-Enterprise Newspaper


Curtis & Carolyn: Our Honeymoon

On our honeymoon, where did we go?  We went to Blowing Rock and even stopped off in Boone.  We spent the weekend at one of the mountain-overlook hotels.  The room only had a bedroom, bathroom and a nice overlook.  The place would eventually be converted to condominiums years down the road, called "The Village Gate".

The hotel became the The Village Gate condominiums



 We drove up to the Blue Ridge Parkway and spent Sunday afternoon sitting by the lake and enjoying the scenery. 

Sitting in the Price Lake dam overflow on a warm sunny day

We even drove by Boone later that afternoon and stopped by the Wessell's house for a short visit.

Curtis & Carolyn: Our New Home

Our "New Home" actually wasn't so new.  After our weekend honeymoon, we drove back to Catawba and moved in with my parents.  We lived with them for 18 months until Beth was born. 

Mom & Dad's house as photographed in 2004

Even though I was teaching at the time, Carolyn was only teaching part time at Fred T. Foard High School in Catawba County, NC, and we had a new born daughter.  We looked at a beautiful new house in the Catawba area but it was $35,000 and we thought that was too much for us to be able to afford. Looking back on that years later, we realized just how inexpensive new houses were back then.
We decided to remodel the inside of the building that had been Loftin's Tire Service and make it into our home.  We added walls, paneling, carpet, linoleum, kitchen cabinets, and a pantry to the inside but made no changes on the outside.  Dad was sick, but he would sit on a chair and using his carpentry background told me what to do.  We had purchased a new bedroom suit while we were still living with Mom and Dad so we already had that.  Mom & Dad bought us a kitchen table and chairs.  I cashed in a small childhood insurance policy and bought a deep-freezer.  We took any old furniture that we could get from relatives.  Our first credit card was from Sears, so we purchased our kitchen stove and refrigerator from there - paying off the "charge" as quickly as possible.  The second bedroom (Beth's room) in the house didn't have carpet - only painted cement floor.  Midway carpet gave us several old carpet sample books, so Carolyn and I took those and sewed them together with yarn - making a patchwork carpet that was used for years until we were able to purchase new carpet.
My college friend Bill Mitchell was renting a one-bedroom apartment in Hickory and was paying $350 a month.  We originally planned to live in the simple block-building until we saved some money and then hoped to rent it for some additional income, and then buy a new house.

This is the building as it appeared in 1967 when it was still Loftin's Tire Service - I had just started high school


The building as it appeared in 1973 when it was being used as The Lighthouse Youth Ministry
High School friend Joyce Killian
That's my red Pylmoth Belvedere and Dad & Mom's truck
The blue and white car belonged to Bobby & Grace Taylor

As the years passed, we added additional improvements to the house.  We also enjoyed the fact that we didn't have a 30-year-mortgage. We decided to stay in the house next door to Mom & Dad.  Dad asked cousins and uncles, who were carpenters and brick masons, to help with the house - including my Uncle Floyd Sigmon & Cousin T.A. Potter (who worked exclusively on the gable roof) and Bubber Loftin (who added the new brick veneer). We replace the original garage door in the building with sliding glass doors when we first moved in, but eventually upgraded those to nicer atrium doors. 

This is the same building in 2004 after multiple upgrades
including a gable roof, atrium doors, new windows, adding 2 bedrooms and another bath and lots of landscaping


Curtis & Carolyn: Work After College and Before Teaching

Carolyn and I, both, found jobs the summer after our  wedding while we looked for teaching jobs for the new school year (1975 - 1976).  Carolyn worked at the Harris Teeter Gas Station in Newton (that no longer exists) and I was re-hired by Reeves Curron in Conover to work in the receiving department.  Reeves cut foam-rubber into cushions that were used by local furniture factories for chairs and sofas.  My job was to unload the foam from the trucks when they came in, and to move it to the storage area.  During my down time, I moved foam to the different cutting stations.  This was my third summer to work there. They must have liked me because they were interested in me moving into a leadership position - but I had my heart set on teaching.
I applied for teaching positions in Catawba County, Iredell County, Statesville City, Newton-Conover City and Lenoir City Schools.  After several interviews, my first choice was Statesville City Schools, 2nd choice was Lenoir City Schools (we loved the NC mountains) and 3rd choice was Catawba County Schools.  I signed my contract with Catawba County School and got job offers from both Statesville City Schools and Lenoir City Schools the next week.

1977: Curtis & Beth


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