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Betty Orr Daniel Wessell


Born: 28 Jan 1934, Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee
Died: 09 Jun 1995, Breckenridge, Wilkin, Minnesota

Betty Orr Daniels was the daughter of James William Daniel (1906-1999) and Frances McWilliams Spears (1906 - 2003).  Betty was born 28 Jan1934 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee.
Children of James William Daniel and Frances McWilliams Spears
Name Birth Death Spouse
Barbara Orr Daniel Abt. 1930
Nashville, Davidson County, TN
  Thomas B. Smiley, Jr.
Betty Orr Daniel 28 Jan 1934
Nashville, Davidson County, TN
09 Jun 1995 1) Jaquelin Ambler Marshall
2) John Charles Wessell, Sr.

James William Daniel moved his family from Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee to Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina around 1931. James Frances and Barbara were living at 5 Dixie Trail, Apt. 2, Raleigh, NC, and he was working at Dunbar & Daniel where he was Vice-President. By 1932 the family was living at 300 Duncan Street, Raleigh, NC. By the time Betty was born in 1934, the family was living at 802 Sunset Ave, Raleigh, NC. By 1935 the family had relocated to Fairview Road, Raleigh, NC. By 1940, James was the proprietor of his own Camera Shop.

The 1940 Census shows the James William Daniel family living in the Raleigh Township, Wake County, North Carolina. James and Frances were both 34 years old and he was working as a Proprietor in a Camera Shop. The family owned their home which was valued at $8000. James had completed high school and Frances had completed one year of college. Daughter Barbara Orr Daniel was 10 years old and Betty Orr Daniel was 6 years old. Betty was named after her maternal grandmother Mattie Bettie Orr Spears, (Mrs. George McDonald Spears)
1940 Raleigh Township, Wake County, North Carolina, Census
Household Name Relation Description Education Place
Residence Occupation
Own or
Value of
Real Estate
Farm Last First Sex Race Age S
City Occ. Trade
O 8000 No Daniel James William Head M W 34 M No H-4 Tennessee Raleigh Proprietor Camera
      ----- Frances S. Wife F W 34 M No C-1 Tennessee R    
      ----- Barbara O. Daughter F W 10 S Yes 4 Tennessee R    
      ----- Betty O. Daughter F W 6 S No 0 Tennessee R    


Broughton High School

Betty grew up in the Raleigh, NC, area - attending Broughton High School. The following yearbook page from the 1948/49 Broughton High School yearbook shows Betty as an 8th grader. There is no indication on Ancestry.com whose yearbook this was, but what a special treat to realize that Betty had signed this yearbook for "Jimmy". It says, "Jimmy, I have enjoyed knowing you and hope to see you next year. Betty Daniel". It also turns out that Betty's sister, Barbara, had also signed this yearbook for Jimmy.


Broughton High School Photos

Freshman (1949-1950), Sophomore (1950-1951), Junior (1951-1952), Senior (1952-1953)

Music Appreciation Club 1950 at Broughton High School - Betty, front row third from left


Broughton High School Chorus 1952 - No Indication Which Student is Betty


The following selection from the 1952-1953 Broughton High School Yearbook shows Bettie as a Senior. Her interests were skating, drawing pictures, turtleneck sweaters and "Forrest" - I wonder who that was and what story was connected with his name. Betty was in the Sociology Club (12th Grade), Spanish Club (11th a& 12th grades), History Club (10th & 11th Grades), English Club (11th Grade), Knitting Club (11th Grade), Music Appreciation Club (11th & 12th Grades), Psychology Club (12th Grade), Current History Club (12th Grade - where she served as President of the Club) and Y-Teens (9th & 10 Grades).

Betty Orr Daniel (1952-1953) Broughton High School
Betty met and fell in love with Jaquelin Ambler Marshall - more than likely around 1953/54 after he started attending NS State University in Raleigh. Jaquelin was born 08 Feb 1938 in Newport News, Virginia, and was the son of Charles and Madge Marshall from Manteo, NC.
The 1940 Census shows the Charles Marshall family living in Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey. Charles was 28, Madge was 30 and Jaquelin was 5. From the Census we learn that Charles and Jaquelin were born in Virginia while Madge was born in Mississippi. There is a section on this Census that asked where each of the members of the family were living on April 1, 1935. Charles and Madge were living in Williamsburg, Virginia, while Jaquelin was living in Yorktown, Virginia. We also learn that Charles had six years of college and was working as a Jr. Historian for the National Park Service in New Jersey.
1940 Morristown, Morris County, New Jersey, Census
Household Name Relation Description Education Place
Residence April 1 1935 Occupation
Own or
Value of
Real Estate
Farm Last First Sex Race Age S
City   Occ. Trade
R 45 No Marshall Chas. Head M W 28 M No C6 Virginia Williamsburg Virginia Jr. Historian National
Park Service
        Madge Wife F W 30 M No H4 Mississippi Williamsburg Virginia    
        Jaquelin Son M W 5 S No 0 Virginia Yorktown Virginia    
Eventually the Marshall family moved to Manteo, NC. Jaquelin attended Manteo High School in Manteo, NC, from 1949 - 1953. He was active with the Annual Staff, 4-H Club, Football, Baseball and Basketball. After graduating Manteo High School in 1953, he attended North Carolina State University in Raleigh, NC, starting in the Fall of 1953.

Jaquelin Ambler Marshall


N.C. State University Yearbook, Freshman Class 1953-54, Class of 1957

Betty and Jaquelin married on 01 May 1955 at Christ Episcopal Church in Raleigh, NC. Betty was 21 and Jaquelin was 20. The Officiating Officer/Minister was John R. Wooley.

Marriage License Betty Orr Daniel and Jaquelin A Marshall


The following Wake County, NC, Marriage Register shows that Betty Orr Daniel married Jaquelin A. Marshall on "May 1 1955". We also learn that Betty's older sister, Barbara, married Thomas B. Smiley Jr. on 15 Jul 1951 in Raleigh, NC.


Marriage Register - Wake County, NC

Betty and Jaq's marriage produced one son, James Daniel Marshall.
Children of Betty Orr Daniel and Jacquelin AmblerMarshall
Name Birth Death Spouse
James Daniel Marshall 1956
Quantico, VA
  Cheryl (Unknown)

Betty and Jaquelin Marshall divorced before 1960.


Betty married John Charles Wessell on 05 Oct 1960 in the Duke University Chapel in Durham, NC. John was the son of Augustus Diedrich Wessell, Jr, and Ruby May Thompson and was born 09 Mar 1928 in Whiteville, Columbus County, NC. He was 32 at the time of their marriage and Betty was 26.

Marriage License Betty Orr Daniel Lawing and John Charles Wessell

John Charles Wessell joined the U.S. Navy on 04 Oct 1945 and attended Edwards Military Institute. He served in Camp Peary, VA; Gulfport, MS; New Orleans, LA; Pensacola, FL; Corpus Christi, TX; and San Diego, CA.

John Charles Wessell, U.S. Navy

Betty's marriage to John produced the following children:
Children of Betty Orr Daniel Marshall Wessell and John Charles Wessell, Sr.
Name Birth Death Spouse
Barbara Diedrich Wessell 30 Jun 1967
Ahoskie, Hertford Co, NC
09 Jul 1967
Ahoskie, Hertford Co, NC
[Died in Infancy]
John "Johnnie" Charles Wessell, Jr.      
Mary Catherine Wessell      
David Christopher Timothy Wessell      

John adopted Betty's son Dan and his name was changed from James Daniel Marshall to James Daniel Wessell.


Betty and John's daughter, Barbara Diedrich, was born 30 Jun 1967, in Ahoskie, Hertford County, NC, but she only lived for 10 days. She died 09 Jul 1967 as a result of congestive heart failure - where the heart can't fill or pump correctly. She was buried in the Lake Waccamaw Hillcrest Cemetery in Lake Waccamaw, Columbus County, North Carolina.

Death Certificate for Barbara Diedrich Wessell
Grave Marker for John & Betty's daughter Barbara Diedrich Wessell

by Curtis D. Loftin

You might wonder why Betty Daniels Wessell is included on my genealogy website for branches of the Loftin family.  It's been said that in life, you can choose your friends, but you can't choose your family.  Betty was an exception to that rule, because we mutually chose each other as not only friends and also as family.  Some of the most important years of Carolyn's and my lives also includes Betty and her family.  Our story follows ...

Betty with Mary Catherine and Johnnie about 1973
Carolyn (Carolyn Weeks Loftin) was the first  of our group of friends at ASU (Appalachian State University) to meet a "Wessell".  Dan Wessell was a student in the Spanish class of Anita Epley at Watauga High School in Boone, NC. Carolyn was serving as a student teacher in the 1973 Spanish class. A friendship developed between Dan, Carolyn and Curtis (Curtis Loftin) when Dan came to the ASU campus to be part of one of the Christian organizations that met there.  The group was called P.O.W. (Peace One Way). 

Dan and a friend perform on the ASU campus Christian event

As the friendship grew, we were soon invited to Dan's home.  After only one trip to his home, we decided we REALLY likef his parents, John and Betty.  As the weeks and months passed we spent lots of time with the family - and I really mean lots of time.  Dan became a "little brother" and Betty (she spelled it "Bettie" at the time) was like a second mother to us during those last two years at ASU (1973-1975)- and beyond. 
Dan was a gifted guitar player and we'd often sit around the piano in the Wessell home and sing songs to the Lord.  Sometimes Ann Hamilton (another ASU friend) would accompany him on the piano.  We also eventually introduced college friends Bill Shearin and Bill Mitchell to our "Boone" family.

Betty strikes a pose while John cuts up



Johnnie and Mary Catherine sit on the deck of the family home in Boone, NC



Mary Catherine (3rd and 4th Grades) and Johnnie (5th and 6th Grades)


Dan Wessell 1974


It was Dan who introduced me to Maranatha Praise & Worship Music and Betty who loaned me her favorite "Praise Album # 1" by Maranatha.  Even though our church backgrounds were different, our mutual love for the Lord caused our relationship to grow and grow.

Curtis snapped these two photos of Dan with their friend Ann Hamilton
while everyone was watching TV in Dan's parent's bedroom in 1974

On one occasion Carolyn, Bill Shearin and I walked from our dorm to the Wessell house through a deep snow, even down a rather steep and wooded hill.  When I got to their house, I realized that I had lost my wallet along the way - somewhere in all that snow. But, remarkably, we prayed and God led us straight to the wallet.
It wasn't unusual for us to have times of prayer with the Wessells.  We prayed with them often and they took us with them to Wilkesboro and other places to hear Christian speakers - including Floy Cox.

Johnnie reads to Curtis - Check out those sideburns on Curtis



Curtis, Carolyn, Dan, Ann and Bill walk around Price Lake on the Blueridge Parkway


Dan attended college at ORU (Oral Roberts University) in Tulsa, Oklahoma, from 1974 to 1978, but continued to write Curtis & Carolyn and visit whenever he was back in the state.

This small portion of a letter from Dan
written while he was at ORU on 04 Nov 1974 states how we all felt


While Dan was away a college, we became constant visitors to the Wessell home - sometimes for a brief visit - sometimes for a long visit - and sometimes for a meal. Sometimes Dan would write to one of us, and sometimes to all of us via Curtis' ASU address.


When summer vacation rolled around, we were always glad to see Dan when he arrived back at home.


Dan accompanies Curtis for a weekend visit to Curtis' parent's home in Catawba, NC. 
Curtis also stayed overnight at the Wessell home on several occasion.


Dan at Curtis' home in Catawba in 1974
Dan with Debbie Shook - a friend of Curtis' from church - the the Loftin's front porch



Dan & Curtis at Curtis' parent's house


Our Wedding - 07 Jun 1975

Carolyn and I graduated from ASU on Sunday, 01 Jun 1975 and were married the following Saturday, 07 Jun 1975.  When Carolyn and I decided to marry, neither her mother or brother came to the wedding. Betty took Carolyn under her wing while she was still at ASU and provided the mothering she needed.  She took Carolyn shopping and bought her three nightgowns for the honeymoon, as well as a Betty Crocker Cookbook (which we still have and use).  Since Carolyn's father was no longer living and Sid wasn't coming, John was the one who gave Carolyn away at our wedding - Bettie stood in for Carolyn's Mom - and Dan was one of my Ushers.

Rev Bobby Taylor was the minister who married us
Curtis' Groomsmen: (Left to Right) Bill Mitchell, Dan Wessell, Curtis Loftin with Nathan Harwell, Bill Loftin, Bill Shearin



Carolyn's Bridesmaids: (Left to Right) Ann Hamilton, Beverly Loftin, Carolyn Weeks with Paula Schronce, Anita Tyler, Angela Taylor
(Right) Carolyn gives one of her three yellow roses to Curtis' mother and the other one to Betty



After the wedding, (Left) Bill Mitchell, Dan Wessell and Bill Shearin; (Right) Bill Loftin, Curtis & Carolyn Loftin



(Right) Carolyn with college friend Ann Wallis
(Left) A surprised John gets photographed after the wedding at Curtis' parent's house

On our honeymoon, where did we go?  Even after years in Boone, we still went back to Boone and even stopped by the Wessells before we headed back home to start our married life.

Dan is invited by the Loftin family to spend a weekend with them
at the Balls Creek Campground in Catawba County, NC, August 1976


While Dan was at ORU, John and Betty moved to Wilkesboro - living in several houses over the next 20 years.

Even though Bettie had three children - Dan, Johnnie and Mary Catherine - she had long wanted another little girl.  At the age of 42 Bettie became pregnant and gave birth to a little boy that she and John named David Christopher Timothy Wessell.  We were surprised and honored when Bettie asked if we'd consider raising David along with our own two children if anything ever happened to her and John.

David with Mary & Johnnie in 1977


Dan with Johnnie, Mary and David

A 1983 Visit from the Wessel Family to the Loftin's Home
Betty gave us a call in 1983 letting us know that Dan and Cheryl were in town and asked if they could come over for a visit. We were thrilled to see them all.

Bettty with Rebekah Wessel (Dan & Cheryl's daughter) and our daughter Beth Loftin (Beth was 7)


Dan, Cheryl and Rebekah



We swapped visits with Betty whenever possible - and Christmas Cards between all of us yearly.  I guess I kept them because Betty and the Wessell family meant so much to us.

Christmas Card 1


A Christmas card from the Wessell Family around 1973


Christmas Card 2: From Bettie


Dearest "Family"
Thank you so much for your precious note.  I love you all so dearly - you are very special to me, and always have been.  (1) And should you ever need me for any reason - all you have to do is call.
     (2) I had hoped that we would be able to come over this weekend, but would you believe it if I told you that my dear husband has the house completely torn up - furniture heaped in middle of rooms - sawdust all over.  Paneling has just been completed - now he is getting ready to paint and wall paper.  I hope we can get (the) tree up by Monday.  I am at peace & taking it in my stride - thus far.  It may be after Christmas before we can get over, but I am going to try & get over one day next week if I possibly can.  What day will you be through with school & baby sitting.  Let me know.  John does want to come just as soon as he can.  I don't know what on earth moved him to do all this now but praise God anyway - Perhaps it'll get it sold "soon".  "Pray for me".
     Mary Catherine & Johnnie will both be home Tuesday.  Johnnie is really in the army now.  Can't remember he he was when you were her or not.
     I might be able to work out coming over Monday - is your school out then - or not?  Then again, if John will be painting all day Saturday, I might get over then.  Anyway - I'll be in touch.
                                                                                                                                                                       Much Love,
Don't laugh at me - but how about Wednesday?

Our Dearest Love in Christ,
John & Betty
Johnnie, Mary Catherine,
David Christopher


Bettie loved to draw and this was doodled on the card, too

Comment 1:  That's just the way that Bettie was.  She was such an wonderful example of Christ's love - always smiling - had an unforgettable laugh - and was such a giving person.
Comment 2: Busy schedules and finances as a young married kept us from visiting as often as we would have liked to.  Once our two children came alone, it slowed us down considerably more, but we still managed to visit with one another - just not as often as we would have liked.

Christmas Card # 3: From Bettie

How long has it been since we've seen one another?  Much too long.  You might as well be in Texas or such.  I think of you so often & plan to drive over - I just never get there.  (1) We moved into our home on the Brush Mt. last summer & what a time we've had.  We had no heat or water or electricity at the time - what an experience.  We are finishing the house bit by bit.  Would so love for you to come over - you know where we are.  Should you be able to come over the holidays, let me know & I'll feed you supper.  You both have always been very special & dear to me - and always will be.  I hope you know that.  Do try to come -
     May God Bless your richly in this coming year - Have a happy Christmas.

Our Dearest Love,
John, Bettie
Johnnie, Mary Catherine,
David Tim

Comment 1:  John and Bettie lived in several homes in Wilkesboro - but I always believed she especially loved the house up on the mountain.

Christmas Card # 4: From Bettie


I have certainly missed you folks.  It's been much too long.  I think of you often, but have been so sick with asthma that getting over has just been impossible.  I'm standing strong though - believing Jesus for total healing.  I am healed for I was healed by His striped.  I need it manifest & it will be.  Your letter to me in Texas last year really ministered when you stated you loved me - always had & always would.  You dear ones are very special to me & i love you - always have & always will.
     Give the children a hug from us & have a very happy Christmas.

Our Dearest Love,


Christmas Card # 5: From Bettie



Hi -
     Just a quickie - I think of you so often.  I've moved so much that I guess you wonder where we're going next (David & me).  Well, surprise - we're in Texas.  Not permanently, just for 2 or 3 months.  I'm being tested for allergies & have already been put on some allergy shot.  I have learned to give myself shots - surprising what we can do when we have to.  Allergies to grasses - molds - grass molds - formaldehyde - & others.  Prednisone brought the immune system down & more allergies came forth.  But I had a dream & not a regular dream.  It was a God given Dream & I was healed in my dream & when I woke up I was saying "I'm healed" over & over.  I am healed & it will become "The Seen."  I'm here so I can stay on planet earth until the unseen becomes seen.  It won't be long.

My love to each of you -


Christmas Card # 6: From Bettie

I loved your cards - and bless you for your prayers.
     (1) I feel fairly sure that we will be moving to Wahpeton - sometime after March.  I feel God is moving us in this direction, but I wish He'd yes & real loud so I'd know for sure.  It's a scary move - so far away.
     Though we've not seen alot of each other through the years, you've always been so very special to me.
     (2) I loved you those years we were together in Boone.  What fun filled times we had together - and with sweet Jesus.  A bond of Christ love knit us together in those early days and remains through the passage of time.
     I remember the many hrs. we spent on our knees in the living room enjoying the Lord.
     (3) I remember how you laughed at me for pulling down windows.
    (4) As Curtis & I cut up celery for supper on nite, I got so carried away that I began talking to him in tongues.  How he laughed.
     (5) The time I was almost "dumped" over the balcony.
     (6) When you though we had adopted a black baby (but was actually a black puppy).
     (7) I remember when Carolyn showed me something in the Bible the Lord had showed her - we were in the hall - Do you remember what it was?
     My regret is that thru the years as my breathing got so bad, I was no longer able to camp on your doorstep, but I've always held you in my heart.
     And as my house became divided, you'll never know how much your love has meant to me.
     Please continue to pray for Mary Catherine & David for salvation before the Rapture - me for healing.
     Give your beautiful "almost grown children" a hug from me.
With Dearest Love,
Comment 1: Bettie had been living in Texas with her sister - but at this time is planning to move to Wahpeton, North Dakota, to live with Dan & Cheryl.
Comment 2:  She's so very correct about the bond of love that was there between us.
Comment 3:  Hey!  What can I say!  We were young (20/21) - we were Charismatic - and we were loud when we prayed (even in our dorm rooms - got us into trouble on more than one occasion for that)!  We laughed and laughed and laughed at Bettie for checking to be sure the windows were closed so that the neighbors couldn't hear us.
Comment 4:  I had forgotten about this one until I recently re-read the card.
Comment 5:  That would have been me (Curtis) - picking her up and teasing that I was gonna dump her over the edge of the balcony.  Seems like I did that to Ann, too, over at the dorms on the ASU campus.
Comment 6:  We had written and made plans to get together, and she talked on and on and on about the sweet little black baby she and John had adopted.  We'll, our eyebrows certainly went up.  I still remember going to their house for the first visit after that letter (Carolyn & I were married at the time) and walking slowly - looking to see that "black baby".  As we walked out on the deck I finally saw Bettie's sweet little black baby "PUPPY" in a play pin (if I remember correctly).  We laughed and laughed over that one, too!
Comment 7:  That scripture was more than likely the one that the LORD gave to Carolyn, showing her that she and I would be getting married.  That's another remarkable story.



Betty and John eventually divorced. She never remarried. With declining health, Betty spent the latter part of her life living with her son, Dan, in Wahpeton, Richland County, North Dakota.


Betty Orr Daniel Marshall Wessell died 09 Jun 1995 in Breckenridge, Wilkin County, Minnesota, as a result of COPD, with emphysema being a primary complication. She was buried at the Raleigh Memorial Park in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina.

Gravemarker for Betty Orr Daniel Wessell


John Charles Wessell, Sr, died 31 May 2013, in Wilmington, New Hanover County, NC, at the age of 85. His obituary reads as follows:


John Charles Wessell, Sr, Obituary

John Charles Wessell, Sr, 85, of Wilmington, NC, passed away Friday, May 31, 2013. John was born in Whiteville, NC, March 9, 1928, grew up in Hallsboro, NC, and graduated from NC State University in Raleigh with a degree in Forestry. He served his country in the Navy during World War II, owned a sawmill, worked for the N.C State Forestry Service, then became a consulting forester until he retired.
He lived his life as a man of quiet dignity, firm values, and a belief in God and the Bible, that guided him through his years. He treated his fellow man with friendship and respect, and his family with love. He taught his children the value of honesty and integrity in all things and was always there for them in times of adversity.
John was preceded in death by his first wife, Betty Daniel, and their fourth child, Barbara. He later reconnected with his childhood sweetheart Annette Pierce and they fell in love, married, and shared adventures together, going where the winds and their hearts took them; she preceded him to heaven. He is survived by his children Dan Wessell and wife Cheryl, John Wessell, Jr, Mary Destiche and husband Greg, David Wessell and wife Molly, Bill Kavanaugh and wife Debbie, Larry Kavanaugh and wife Linda, Mark Kavanaugh and wife Sarah, Tim Kavanaugh, Teri Kavanaugh, Ginny Conway and son Jonathan; 9 grandchildren and 13 great-grandchildren. A Celebration of Life Service will be held on Saturday, June 8, 2013 at 3:30 p.m. at the Lake Waccamaw Hillcrest Cemetery with Pastor James D. Wessell officiating.
Gravemarker for John Charles Wessell, Sr.

John and Betty's daughter, Barbara Diedrich Wessell, was also buried in the same cemetery - as were his parents, August & Ruby Thompson Wessell
Barbara Orr Daniel

Betty's elder sister, Barbara Orr Daniel, was born bet 1930/1933 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee. Like Betty, Barbara attended Broughton High School in Raleigh, Wake County, North Carolina. She married Thomas Bryan Smiley, Jr., and they eventually moved to Texas to live.

For Additional Information on Barbara Orr Daniel Smiley - CLICK HERE


Betty's parents were: James William Daniel (b.18 Jun 1906 - d.16 Apr 1995) and Frances McWilliams Spears (b.08 Mar - d.19 May 2003).

Betty's paternal grandparents were: William Aurelius Daniel (1882-1944) and Drucie Ella Nance (1885-????).

Betty's maternal grandparents were: George McDonald Spears (1878-1957) and Mattie Bettie Orr (1881-1972).

Betty's paternal great grandparents were: William Willis Daniel (1856-1917) and Deborah Ann Swain (1857-1928).

Betty's paternal great grandparents were: James Blanton Nance (1839-1910) and Drucilla "Drucie" Sampson (1846-1897).
Betty's maternal great grandparents were: J.L. Spears and Louisa McDonald .

Betty's maternal great grandparents were: Carson Reed Orr (1839-1916) and Mary Beverly "Mollie" McWilliams (1844-1928).




Another View of Betty Orr Daniel Lineage


William Willis Daniel & Deborah Ann Swain - James Blanton Nance & Drucilla Sampson   -   J.L. Spears & Louisa McDonald - Carson Reed Orr & Mary Beverly McWilliams

William Aurelius Daniel      &      Drucie Ella Nance      -     George McDonald Spears      &      Mattie Bettie Orr

James William Daniel     &    Frances McWilliams Spears

Betty Orr Daniel


Curtis & Carolyn Weeks Loftin's personal memories, letters, cards and photos

Ancestry.com for being such a wonderful resource

Thanks to Elizabeth Marshall for the help with Jaquelin Ambler Marsher - her father's first cousin - lizmarshall819@gmail.com