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Bunker Hill High School



Curtis: The High School Years

I (Curtis Loftin) attended Bunker Hill High School (BHHS) from 1967 to 1971, coming from Catawba Elementary School.

9th, 10th, 11th and 12th Grade Photos

I'm not sure who was cutting my hair in 1967, but it sure was uneven.  It was also the style to use "hair tonic" on your hair when I was growing up.  My hair wasn't actually dirty in the 9th and 10th grades, but was the result of me wearing Brylcreem - a brand of hair styling products for men.  Their slogan was, "Brylcreem - a little dab will do 'ya".

By the 11th and 12th grade years, I was parting my hair, was wearing it a little longer, and had dropped the hair product.
Freshman Year:  1969 - 1968
During the summer before my 8th grade year at Catawba Elementary School, my parents and I, along with my uncle & aunt (Glenn & Allie Loftin Lee), went to Nashville, Tennessee, to visit the Grand Ole Opry.  Both families loved country music and this was one of the few vacations my family ever took.  We also stopped at Santa's Land in the NC Mountains.

Curtis, age 12, at Santa's Land in Cherokee, NC

After attending Catawba Elementary School for 8 years, I was excited to begin my high school years - but also a little apprehensive.  The teachers wouldn't be walking us to class any more, but we'd walk to our various classes all by ourselves and instead of having just one teacher each year like I did in elementary school, we'd have a different teacher for each class.  There would also be lockers!
Unlike in elementary school, I had to "dress out" for physical education (P.E.) during my Freshman and Sophomore years.  I had a T-shirt from the 1966 family trip to Nashville that said, "Nashville, Tennessee - Home of the Grand Ole Opry" that I chose to use - as well as a pair of cut of jeans.  Around that same time, a song "Nashville Cat" became popular around the county, and with its popularity and my Nashville, Tennessee T-Shirt, I was nicknamed "Nashville Cat" by the guys in the P.E. class.  I didn't particularly like it at the time, but considering one of the other guys was nicknamed "Dead Rat", I didn't have too much to complain about.
I was rather shy during elementary school and didn't start to come out of my shell until my high school years.  I guess I was kind of geeky, too.
Sophomore Year:  1968 - 1969
I turned 16 as the school year came to a close and Mom & Dad bought me a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II. 
Dad sold the car when I went off to college to help pay for my tuition at ASU.  Years later (May 2015) while chatting with Lynn Bustle (the neighbor who bought Claude Jones' house), he told me that he had bought my 1966 Red Plymouth Belvedere II from my Dad.  Lynn said he wasn't even old enough to drive but he really wanted the car.  He said when he talked to Dad, Dad told him, "Bring me the money and the car is yours".  I have no ideal how much Dad sold the car for, but Lynn recounted to me how he picked up soda bottles up and down Highway 10 and sold them to Paul Johnston at Johnston's Grocery Store to get some of the money he needed for the car.  Lynn said, "I loved that car - and I wish I still had it."  What a coincidence that the guy who bought my car would be my neighbor years later.

1966 Plymouth Belvedere II

I had several jobs during my high school years.  My first summer job, when I turned 16, was working in the Dye House at Betterwear Hosiery Mill in Catawba, dyeing socks and tights.  Mom worked at the mill, also, boarding socks during 1st shift hours and had managed to get me the 2nd shift job.  I hated the job and decided I did not want to do that for the rest of my life.  It was after that first summer that I decided that I wanted to go to college and do something different.
Junior Year:  1969 - 1970
During my Junior and Senior years at BHHS I worked at Johnson's Food Store on Hwy 10 about 2 miles out of Catawba on weekends, holidays and even some school evenings.  My job responsibilities included stocking the shelves and sweeping the floor, bagging and carrying out groceries, filling up the drink machines and pumping gas (everything was full-service, not self-service back in those days).
By this time I was seriously considering teaching as my career after college and I joined the FTA Club (Future Teachers of America) during both my Junior and Senior years at BHHS.

FTA - Future Teachers of America CLUB 1969 - 1970

Curtis is on the third row from the front - third person from the right

I loved Spanish when I was in high school and was in the Spanish Club my Sophomore, Junior and Senior years.  At this time I was even considering the possibility of teaching Spanish after college.  Our class was the first group that had the opportunity to take three years of the language.

Spanish Club 1969 - 1970

Curtis is located at the center-top of the photo - right below the name "Bob"

Dad and Mom continued to run Loftin's Clothing Outlet in the block building beside of our family home.  One of the nice side benefits of the business, was that I got to meet and date some of the girls that came in. 
The first girl I ever dated with was Barbara Rhinehardt.  I first met Barbara, a student at Newton Conover, when she came with her mother to Loftin's Clothing Outlet.  Barbara and I spent most of our "dating" time together with her friends Darlene Pitman and Wayne Black at Darlene's house in Lecho Park, in Conover.  We also went to a LOT of dances at the Newton Recreation Center in Newton.  The relationship probably lasted for about a year.

Barbara and Curtis at the Loftin's tent at the Balls Creek Campground in 1969


(Left) Darlene Pitman & Wayne Black; (Right) Curtis & Vickie Drum


Our family continued to "tent" at the Balls Creek Campground all through my high school years.  I had developed a friendship with a group of sisters, the Drums, who tented on the same row as my family.  I never really dated any one of the sisters, but usually spent my time with all three of them - at the campground, in their home, and even riding around the square in Newton.  I suppose I'm at least partially responsible for all three of them meeting their husbands.  Peggy Drum met Richard Sherrill, who was a friend of mine at the campground.  Vickie and Janice met Paul Goble and David Woodring as a result of one of the times we were riding around the square in Newton.  Paul & David were friends of mine from BHHS. 
I also wrecked the  Plymouth Belvedere while the Drum Sisters were with me in the car.  I had taken them down Hot Rod Rd, which was a dirt road at the time, to show them the fish pond that Dad had created on his property there.  Like most young foolish guys, I decided to show off with a little speeding as we headed back up the road toward my house - when I lost control of the car and hit a tree stump.  The bumper had a different "shape" as I drove the car back home and had to tell Dad & Mom what I had done.  Fortunately, the girls were all OK.
It wasn't unusual for me to date one girl on Friday night and a different girl on Saturday night. As a result of that friendship with the Drum Sisters, I dated their cousin Patty Campbell once or twice, and their friend Cynthia Singleton. Even though I dated a lot, I wasn't really serious with any of the girls at the time.
I don't remember where I found the shirt in the photo below, but I loved it.  It lased up the front and I thought I was so cool when I wore it.  I even had a large gold medallion necklace that I wore with it. It was the 60s/70s after all. I had seen the leather vest with leather fringe and wanted it, but didn't really have the money to buy it.  When my Aunt Helen Goble Sigmon learned that I wanted it and wasn't going to be able to get it, she bought it for me.  I think it costs $25 - a lot of money for those times.

Curtis sitting on the hood of the Plymouth Belvedere behind his parents' home

I enjoyed dancing - at the Recreation Center in Newton and even on the wood-shaving floor at Pendry's Grill at the Balls Creek Campmeeting as the jukebox played - so it was no wonder I was looking forward to my Junior Senior Prom.  I invited Joyce Killian to be my date for the event.

All dressed up for the Jr. & Sr. Prom - photo outside of neighbor's home (Ruth Jones Fulbright)


My date for the prom was a good friend, Joyce Killian

Like most teenagers do, I started slipping around and doing a few things that I knew my parents wouldn't approve of - including smoking cigarettes and even drinking a little beer.  I actually bought my cigarettes at Johnson's Food Store where I worked. I wasn't old enough to buy beer, but Darlene Pitman has a friend who was.

June 1970:  Smoking a cigarette at my Brother Bill's house and trying to show how "cool" I was
I only smoked off and on for a few years - totally quitting during my first year at Appalachian

The most important event of my life occurred on 04 Jun 1970, when I was "born again".  I had attended Mathis Chapel Baptist Church my entire life and was used to hearing the preacher give an invitation to come to the altar each Sunday, but I had never stepped out.  During the Summer of 1970 I was helping to teach Vacation Bible School at the church but was also spending part of that time in the youth class that was being taught by our Pastor Varshel Lockee.  On that particular evening as Pastor Lockee concluded the class, he asked, "Who in this class is a Christian".  I raised my hand and said, "I think I am".  He responded, "If you've been saved, you'll KNOW that you've been born again".  I was slightly crushed by his response, but he didn't stop there.  He asked, "Is there anyone here tonight who would like to ask Jesus to come into your heart?".  I sat there looking around the classroom, wanting someone else to raise their hand so that I could do it, too, but I heard the Lord speak to my heart for the first time.  He said, "You did that a year ago at Campmeeting when that entire group of young people went up to the altar - but you weren't sincere.  This time it needs to be your choice".  As I raised my hand, the Pastor moved over to where I was and prayed with me individually as I invited Jesus to come into my heart.
The summer between my Junior and Senior year at Bunker Hill, I once again worked at Betterwear Hosiery in Catawba.  I was pleased to be out of the dye house and this summer I also worked first shift.  Steve Lowery and I worked together in the Sherrill Warehouse up in town and put together dumps and totes - boxes used to ship out the socks and tights from Betterwear.
Senior Year:  1970 - 1971
I really enjoyed my Senior year at Bunker Hill High School.  My grades were good, I was on the Honor Roll, and was dating Jone Richardson from Newton.

Curtis with nephew Eric Loftin


FTA - Future Teachers of America Club 1970 - 1971

Curtis is on the left side of the photo - third row from the front - on the end of the row

Spanish Club 1970 - 1971

Curtis is on the left side of the photo - third row from the front - on the end of the row

By my Senior year at BHHS, I had decided to become a teacher.  Mrs. Gallimore, the school counselor, suggested that I consider elementary school because they were always looking for men teachers.  I only remember applying to one university - Appalachian State University - and I was thrilled when I learned that I had been accepted as a Freshman for the 1971 - 1972 college year.  Finances were slim with my family since Dad was sick and Mom was only working part-time, but fortunately for me I applied for and received the NC Prospective Teacher's Loan.  That particular loan was given and did not have to be paid back if you taught in the state for four years.  With that and several other educational grants and loans I finally had the finances to attend Appalachian.
As my Senior year at BHHS started to come to a close, I learned that Evangelist James Robinson was scheduled to hold a large crusade in the Lincolnton area.  I signed up for and agreed to be a counselor during the crusade altar call.  Due to the training session and crusade, I was not able to attend the school Baccalaureate Service on Sunday evening and had to have special permission in order to miss it.

The Bunker Hill High School Class of 1971
Curtis is on the second row from the top - 8th from the right


A photo of Curtis at his house before graduation


Walking back to my seat with my BHHS diploma


Graduation Cap and Gown

During the summer of 1971, I got a summer job working with Bassett Furniture in Newton, NC.  My job was to unload incoming trucks using a toe-motor.  I also did a little sanding and a few other odd jobs when I wasn't busy.

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