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Family Tree DNA


How much do you know about DNA Testing? There are basically three different types of DNA testing: the Y-Chromosome DNA Test for males, the Mitochondrial DNA Test for males & females and the Autosomal DNA Test for males & females. This page concentrates on the Y-Chromosome Test.
Y-Chromosome TEST

The Y-Chromosome of a male is passed down to his prodigy virtually unchanged from generation to generation.  My Paternal Great-Grandfather, Grandfather, Father and I (as well as my son) have the same Y-Chromosome pattern.  Females do not receive the Y-DNA so females cannot be tested for the paternal line.  They would need to have a brother, father or uncle tested to find the results.


5 Generations of Loftins
(Left to Right) William Alexander, Alonzo Lester, Sam William, Curtis Dean and Philip Daniel


Our ancestors left clues in our DNA that can determine our deep ancestral origins as well as help us find those long lost relatives.  When you look at old photos of relatives such as parents and grandparents its amazing to see the facial similarities.  Is it surprising that DNA would eventually be able to give us information about our ancestry?


When you compare a 12-Marker Y-Chromosome DNA Test result to another 12 Marker Test result of someone with the same surname, and the results match 12/12 (12 out of 12 chromosomes match), there is a 99% probability that the two of you are related within the last few generations.  If you compare the 12 marker test results to someone who does not have the same surname, but the scores match, you are most likely NOT "recently" related, but more than likely do have a common ancestor within the past 40 generations (1000 years).


Family groups move from state-to-state and even country-to-country over a period of time.  The Loftins have lived in the US since the 1600, and some believe in England prior to that.  A look at common DNA traits may reveal some interesting observations.



In the Fall of 2006, when I started researching my own family genealogy, I decided to do a Y-Chromosome DNA Test through  Family Tree DNA to see just what I could find out about my ancestry.  Family Tree DNA maintains a database - the largest of its kind in the world when comparing male DNA.  They are the pioneer and the world's largest DNA company in the field of genetic genealogy.

As of 22 May 2017, there are 177 individuals with the same 12 Y-Chromosome DNA markers as me at Family Tree DNA.  Some are closely related to me while others are very distantly related. 

As time has passed, additional information has becomes available about Haplogroups.
Since 2007, the specifics of my Haplogroup have been redefined, updated and changed.

This shows how my Haplogroup has changed over the years:

in 2007
E1b1b1 (or E-M35)
as of December 2010
E1b1b (or E-M78)
as of March 2015
E1b1b (or E-M35)
as of May 2017

If you get your DNA tested, chances are you will come across the term “Haplogroup.” What is a Haplogroup and how does it pertain to your family history? At its essence, a haplogroup is an ancestral clan. The Vikings, Native Americans, Celts and Aborignal Australians are examples of Haplogroups. Your Haplogroup tells you where your ancestors came from way back in time.


Haplogroups E1a and E2 (not mine) are found almost exclusively in Africa. Haplogroup E1b1b (mine) is observed in significant frequencies in Europe and Western Asia in addition to Africa. Haplogroup  E1b1a (also not mine) is almost exclusively associated with West/Central/South/Southeastern Africans.


Haplogroup E1b1b (mine) is also common in the Near East (which includes the countries of Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) from where it spread into the Balkans and the rest of Europe. E1b1b (mine) has three common subclades: M78, M81, and M35.


A significant proportion of Jewish male lineages are E1b1b1 (E-M35). It is the second largest Haplogroup for Jews.  Haplogroup E1b1b1 accounts for approximately 18% to 20% of Ashkenazi Jews and 8.6% to 30% of Sephardic Jews. It appears to be one of the major founding lineages of the Jewish population.  12% of Spanish Jews are E1b1b (same as mine), 20% of Eastern European Jews (the ones who migrated east after they moved northward through Italy) are also E1b1b.  Albert Einstein was from the 20% of Eastern European Jews and belongs to the Haplogroup E1b1b.


Of those who have the exact 12-markers as me, Germany, England and Italy are the countries with the largest number of matches, but not necessarily the largest percentage.  It has long been believed that the Loftins came from England, but where were they before England? 

Percentages above 2% are considered "significant" indicators of our family's origins.
Percentages above 4% are interpreted as "highly significant" indicators of our family's origins.

These countries from my 1-step mutation list are considered "significant" or "highly significant"

The "Significant" family origins from the list below are Serbia, Slovenia, Croatia, Hungary, Slovakia and Italy. The "Highly Significant" family origins are Bulgaria, Greece and Bosnia.
Countries of Highly Significant Matches on 30 Mar 2015
Country Matches Country Total Percentage
Bulgaria 17 324 5.2%
Greece 33 875 3.8%
Bosnia 6 160 3.8%
Serbia 5 167 3%
Slovenia 5 237 2.1%
Croatia 8 329 2.4%
Hungary 24 1678 1.4%
Slovakia 7 706 1.1%
Italy 42 4614 0.9%

Previously it had been assumed that the Haplogroup E1b1b1 (or E-M35) "arose in East Africa" and the Haplogroup was "often incorrectly described as “African,” leaving a misimpression regarding the origin and complex history of this Haplogroup".  According to the International Society of Genetic Genealogy (ISOGG) and National Geographic's Genographic Project, E1b1b1 may have arisen instead in the Near East (which is Turkey, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia) or the Middle East and then expanded into the Mediterranean with the spread of agriculture.

The following DNA matches are individuals that seem to be most significant when compared to my DNA.  As of May 2017 there are 177 individuals who match me on the Y-DNA12 Test (or the 12-Marker Test).  That means that somewhere in the past we share a common ancestor.  Those who have the last name "Loftin" share a more recent ancestor with me and are more closely related.  I've communicated with some of these 177 people and have added the information of the most pertinent individuals  to the chart below.  These "pertinent" individuals also match me on the 25 and 37-Marker Test.
12 Marker Exact Matches
Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
LOFTIN, Curtis Dean USA, North Carolina ENGLAND Exact Match Methodist,
Father: Sam William Loftin
                    (married: Willie Aleen Goble)
Grandfather: Alonzo Lester Loftin
                    (married: Ida Lillian Setzer)
G-Grandfather: William Alexander Loftin
                    (married: Laura Rossie Cranford)
GG-Grandfather: James Franklin Loftin
                    (married: Frances Elizabeth Fisher)
GGG-Grandfather: Thomas Loftin
                    (married: Sally Lavinia Beatty)
*GGGG-Grandfather: James Loftin
                    (married:  Susannah Sherrill)
GGGGG-Grandfather: John Loftin
                    (married: Martha Lanier)
GGGGGG-Grandfather: Cornelius Loftin
                    (married: Elizabeth Johnson)   
GGGGGGG-Grandfather: Cornelius Loftin
                    (married: Mary Eldridge)  
GGGGGGGG-Grandfather: Cornelius Loftin
                    (married: Mary (Unknown))
GGGGGGGGG-Grandfather: Leonard Loftin     

Alonzo Loftin & Ida Lillian Setzer Loftin

The William Alexander Loftin Family 1894

*Curtis Loftin & Raymond Loftin (further down the page) trace their ancestry back to James Loftin & Susannah Sherrill.

If two 12 marker results match for two participants with the same surname, and the genealogy research shows a common ancestor in 1835, the DNA test has validated the research and proven that the two descendents are related. In this example, you have two items of evidence to support that the individuals tested are related…a documented paper trail and the DNA results. In addition, the research provided a precise time frame for the common ancestor. Ray's ancestry is listed further down the page.

Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral


  ENGLAND Exact Match  

Don only took the 12-marker test. We were an exact match on this particular test.  At the time of our communication, Don's most known distant ancestor was Elias M. Lofton (b.1875). We could not find the connecting ancestor at the time.

Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
Honey Brook
ENGLAND Exact Match  

Donald R. Loftin, like Don Lofton, matched me on the 12-marker test but we did not find the common ancestor - unless it was Leonard Loftin.

Father: Hody Homer Loftin (married Jeanette Greenwood) - from Alabama
Grandfather: Columbus O. Loftin (married Ada Jane Lybrand) - from Geraldine, Alabama
G-Grandfather: Richard Harine Franklin Loftin (married Sarah Penelope Archer)
GG-Grandfather: James W. Loftin (married Marther Catherine Baxter)
GGG-Grandfather: Richard Y. Loftin (married Penelope Loftin - daughter of Samuel Loftin)
GGGG-Grandfather: James Loftin (married: Lovissa Loftin - daughter of Francis Loftin)
GGGGG-Grandfather: Elkanah Loftin (married: Rachel Herring)
GGGGGG-Grandfather: Benoni Loftin (married: Susannah Burtonsall)
GGGGGGG-Grandfather: Leonard Loftin (married: Elizabeth) - born in 1654 in Philadelphia, PA
GGGGGGGG-Grandfather: Leonard Loftin - born 1616 in England
Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
LOFTIN, James Coldman USA, Texas ENGLAND Exact Match  
My 2012 email communication to James Coldman Loftin was through Belinda Jacks.  At the time, James was in his late 90s and he did not do email. 

Belinda says, "This Loftin family is from Thicket Texas.  They descend from Ezekial Loftin who lived in Georgia and Mississippi. He was a minute man but his ancestors go back  to Leonard Loftin.  As I understand it, he is the only one of the brothers who left the North Carolina area.  My story is kind of convoluted.  My actual descendant is Martha Ann Loftin whose father was Jesse Loftin.  We paid for the DNA test of another descendant hoping to connect our ancestor.  This definitely proves that Ezekials descendants are connected to Leonard."

Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
LOFTIN, Raymond USA, Texas ENGLAND Exact Match  
Father: Raymond Loftin
Grandfather: Grayson Augustus Loftin
G-Grandfather: James Loftin (married Victoria Day, daughter of Haner Day; buried in E. Mombo)
GG-Grandfather:  Edmund Loftin (married Dovey Newman)
*GGG-Grandfather: James Loftin (married:  Susannah Sherrill)
GGGG-Grandfather: John Loftin (married: Martha Lanier)
GGGGG-Grandfather: Cornelius Loftin (married: Elizabeth Johnson)   
GGGGGG-Grandfather: Cornelius Loftin  (married: Mary Eldridge)  
GGGGGGG-Grandfather: Cornelius Loftin  (married: Mary (Unknown))
GGGGGGGG-Grandfather: Leonard Loftin 

Ray has been to Catawba several times for the Loftin Reunion and knows Peggy Brotherton. Unfortunately, Ray has passed away since we last communicated.

*Raymond Loftin & Curtis Loftin both go back to James Loftin and Susannah Sherrill.

If two 12 marker results match for two participants with the same surname, and the genealogy research shows a common ancestor in 1835, the DNA test has validated the research and proven that the two descendents are related. In this example, you have two items of evidence to support that the individuals tested are related…a documented paper trail and the DNA results. In addition, the research provided a precise time frame for the common ancestor.

Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
ADCOX, Ken USA   Exact Match  
Most distant relative: Thomas Adcock and Molly Polly Wilkins.  No additional information at this time.
Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
GARCIA, Raul USA, Texas Spain
Canary Islands
Exact Match Jewish
Assembly of God
Daughter: Marleen Pedroza
Self: Raul Garcia (age 85 in 2008)
Father: Jose Garcia
Grandfather: Isidoro Garcia
G-Grandfather: Francisco Garcia
GG-Grandfather: Menachem Gershoni ben Shofat
GGG-Grandfather: Isidoro Gershoni
My email communication was with Raul's daughter, Marleen Pedroza.

Marlene said, "When the family migrated from Spain to Mexico, they changed their name from Gershoni to Garcia".

In a second email she said, "Being that our ancestors were from Spain, we assumed we were of Sephardic roots.  However, my Dad's DNA test shows that he is actually of Ashkenazi roots, but there are a couple of hits from the Sephardic lineage, too. When my Dad's forefathers assimilated in Mexico they became Catholic.  His father was originally Catholic but became a Protestant.  My dad is a pastor of an Assembly of God church in San Antonio, Texas.  So there have been changes over the generations.
Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
LOWERY, Jerry Wayne USA, Louisiana   Exact Match  
Self: Jerry Wayne Lowery
Father: Joe C. Lowery
Grandfather: Joe Lowery
G-Grandfather: Joseph E. Lowery
GG-Grandfather: Martin Lowery (Arkansas)
GGG-Grandfather: Edward Lowery (From Ireland thru the Port of New Orleans)
Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
McGUIRE, Hudson Lee, Jr. USA, Kansas
Irish Exact Match Methodist

Self: Hudson Lee McGuire, Jr., Wife: Judy McGuire
Father: Hudson Lee McGuire
Grandfather: Clarence McGuire
G-Grandfather: Thomas Hopkins McGuire
GG-Grandfather: James McGuire

Lee's wife, Judy, says, "James McGuire may well be the break in the link because we "think" he might have been illegitimate and his mother was the McGuire.  Her father was John McGuire and we believe he was connected with the Revolutionary War."

She further says, "We've got a pretty good idea of when the McGuire clan came from Kentucky and landed in Oklahoma.   A large number of them stayed in Indiana and that's why I've found other McGuires (quite by accident) who are still in that area.  My McGuires migrated from Kentucky through Missouri and then stayed in Oklahoma for some time.   Just a few came up to Kansas."

"Lee's grandfather was Methodist and we are Lutheran so that's another tidbit.  Most distant relative is may be an UNKNOWN Stephens and Jane McGuire. "
Name Location Ancestral
Y-DNA12 Ancestral
STEPHENS, Ralph Wayne USA, Texas   Exact Match Baptist
GGG-Grandfather: Mathew Stephens married Society Loftin.
Mathew Stephens was a young man who was adopted by the Loftin family and moved to Mississippi with them.  Family Records indicate that Society Loftin descended from Leonard Loftin from England.  Matthew was said to be a Baptist circuit preacher even though he couldn't read or write.  Mathew and Society had a daughter, Nancy Stephens who never married.  She is Ralph's GG-Grandmother.  Nancy had a son, Thomas Jefferson Stephens (Ralph's G-Grandfather).  Ralph has a 25-point proven match between himself and one of his father's cousins.  A branch of the Loftin family lived near the Stephens household and it seems quite possible that Nancy Stephens could have had a relationship with one of them.
Thomas Jefferson Stephens and his descendents were Mormon.  Ralph's Dad and his Dad's 1/2 first cousin are two of the few descendents from Thomas that are NOT Mormon.
There seems to be a connection to the Loftin line both through Ralph's GGG-Grandmother, Society Loftin, and also through his G-Grandfather's "Unknown Father".
Ralph's 67 point study provided him with a Haplogroup match (E3b1a) which has origins in North AFRICA, and then seems to migrate from there through Greece, Italy, England and finally the US.  Even the names of Society's ancestors (Benoni Loftin & Leonard Loftin) seem to have had roots in Italy.

Paternal Lineage:
G-Grandfather: Thomas Jefferson Stephens
GG-Grandfather: (Unknown), GG-Grandmother: Nancy Stephens
GGG-Grandfather: Mathew Stephens, GGG-Grandmother: Society Loftin
     GGGG-Grandfather: Ezekiel Loftin (b. 1792, GA)
     GGGGG-Grandfather: Ezekiel Loftin (b. 1750, Dobbs County, NC, fought in American Revolution)
     GGGGGG-Grandfather: Benoni Loftin (b. 1704/05, Yeopin River, NC)
     GGGGGGG-Grandfather: Ludovick Loftin (b. 1654, PA)
     GGGGGGGG-Grandfather: Leonard Loftin (b. 1616, Kent, England)


Family Tree DNA is one of the world's leading authorities in the field of Genetics.  The Y-DNA 12 Marker Test "was" available at a cost of about $150. 


July 2008 DNA Update


In May 2008, I was encouraged by Ralph Stephens to have my Family Tree DNA Test upgraded from a 12-Marker Test to a 25-Marker Test.  The cost of the upgrade was $49.  DNA is kept on file at Family Tree DNA for years and upgrades can be acquired easily.  The results from the 25-Marker Test arrived on 01 Jul 2008.  Needless to say, if a person matches me on the 25-Marker Test, we're more closely related. As of May 2017, I have sixty three 25-Marker matches.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
13 24 13 10 16 18 11 12 11 13 11 30 15 9 9 11 11 26 14 20 33 14 16 17 19
25 Marker Matches
(Significant Matches Listed First)
Name Location Test Genetic

LOFTIN, Curtis D.

USA, NC Y-DNA37 0 E-M78


USA Y-DNA37 1 E-L117

LOFTIN, James Coldman

USA, Texas Y-DNA67 1 E-M78


USA Y-DNA37 1 E-L117
GARCIA, Raul C. USA, Texas Y-DNA37 2 E-M78

LOWERY, Jerry Wayne

USA Y-DNA37 1 E-V13

McGUIRE, Hudson Lee, Jr.

USA, Kansas Y-DNA25 1 E-M78
STEPHENS, Bobby E. USA Y-DNA25 1 E-M78

STEPHENS, Ralph Wayne

USA, Texas Y-DNA67 1 E-M78


USA Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
ALEXANDER, Dr. David Phillip   Y-DNA67 1 E-L117
ALEXANDER, Robert   Y-DNA37 2 E-M78
ALEXANDER, Russell Glynn   Y-DNA67 2 E-M78
BENJOY, Paul   Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
BIGFORD, Roland   Y-DNA37 2 E-L143
CRESPI, Pedro Luiz   Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
CALLAWAY, Geoffery Alan   Y-DNA25 2 E-M78
CRUZ- Rodrigo De La   Y-DNA37 2 E-M78
DINNING, Geoff   Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
FOSS, Fredrick Francis   Y-DNA111 2 E-M78
FOSS, Robert Wayne   Y-DNA111 2 E-M78
GALLE, Paul   Y-DNA25 2 E-M35
GARZA, Hector J., Sr.   Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
GHIZARI, Peter   Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
GRISWOLD, Charles   Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
HAIMAKAINEN, Timo Finland Y-DNA67 2 E-L117
HOWELL, Bob   Y-DNA37 2 EZ16242
HOLMES, Alan Toronto, Canada
Liverpool, ENG
Y-DNA111 2 E-L143
HRISTOV, Nikola Bulgaria Y-DNA67 2 E-Y3183
KEISLER, Peter Germany Y-DNA67 2 E-L117
JORDAN, Kenneth USA, Arkansas
Y-DNA25 2 E-M78
JORDAN, Richard Clayton, Sr. USA, SC Y-DNA37 2 E-M78
KRONEN, Karl Axel Vilhelm Bulgaria Y-DNA111 2 E-M78
LIAEFF, Chris Aristotle Bulgaria Y-DNA25 2 E-V13
LIPOWIECKI, Jaroslaw   Y-DNA37 2 E-M78
LITVINOV, Sergey   Y-DNA67 2 E-117
PAPPAS, John   Y-DNA37 2 E-A7136
PENCE, Dr. Norman Eugene   Y-DNA37 2 E-M78
POZOS, Frank Garcia Mexico Y-DNA37 1 E-M78
RENDON, Crispin Dario Mexico Y-DNA67 1 E-L117
REPO, Tapani   Y-DNA67 2 E-L117
SMITH, Jeffrey Marshall USA, W. Virginia Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
STRETENOVIC, Nikola Serbia Y-DNA37 2 E-L117
SUTTERFIELD, George W.   Y-DNA111 2 E-L117
WOLFINGER, Richard Coyle   Y-DNA37 1 E-M78
All ten of my significant matches on the 25-Marker Test had been "Exact" matches on the 12-Marker Test - when means that all "12" of our genetic markers (or numbers) were exactly the same.  When they were tested on the 25-Marker Test, they all had a genetic distance (or change) of "1" on one of the 25 markers. Those 10 individuals are "more recently" related to me.  Those on the bottom part of the list share a common ancestor with me but our connection is much farther back in time.

September 2008 DNA Update


In September 2008, I decided to upgraded my 12-Marker Test and 25-Marker Test to a 37-Marker Test.  Ralph Stephens was once again a match - in the beginning, my only match, but that changed as the years passed.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25
13 24 13 10 16 18 11 12 11 13 11 30 15 9 9 11 11 26 14 20 33 14 16 17 19
27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37                            
10 11 19-20 17 12 17 17 32 33 11 10                            
37 Marker Matches
Name Location Test Genetic

LOFTIN, Curtis D.

USA, NC Y-DNA37 0 E-M78


USA Y-DNA37 *1 E-L117

LOFTIN, James Coldman

USA, Texas Y-DNA67 **2 E-M78


USA Y-DNA37 ****4 E-L117

LOWERY, Jerry Wayne

USA Y-DNA37 *1 E-V13

STEPHENS, Ralph Wayne

USA, Texas Y-DNA67 *1 E-M78


USA Y-DNA37 ***3 E-L117
* When tested on the 37-Marker Test, a few of the genetic markers changed "slightly" for my significant matches. Don Lofton, Jerry Wayne Lowery and Ralph Stevens still matched me exactly on 36 of the markers with a slight change on 1 on the markers. 
** James Coldman Loftin's genetic distance had increased from "1" to "2".
*** D.J. Stone's genetic distance had increased from "2" (on the 25-Marker Test) to "3".
**** Ken Adcox's genetic distance had increased from "1" to "4"

Unfortunately Donald R. Loftin and Raymond Loftin have only taken the Y-DNA12 test.  I believe further testing would have shown our DNA connection on the 25-Marker and the 37-Marker Tests.  Through correspondence with Raymond Loftin, I know that our common ancestor was James Loftin (& Susannah Sherrill). 


Also, Hudson Lee McGuire, Jr., and Bobby E. Stephens only took the 12 and 25-Marker Tests.  Had they taken the 37-Marker Test, I feel sure they would have also been matches



Orville & Wilbur Wright


The Wright brothers, Orville (August 19, 1871 – January 30, 1948) and Wilbur (April 16, 1867 – May 30, 1912), were two Americans who are generally credited with inventing and building the world's first successful airplane and making the first controlled, powered and sustained heavier-than-air human flight, on December 17, 1903.

The Wright Brothers belonged to Y-DNA haplogroup E1b1b1 (the same as our Loftin DNA), subclade E1b1b1a2 (V13). They were supposedly descended from Robert Wright of Brook Hall, Essex, England.


A look at Wright DNA Project reveals the following 12-Markers:


Wright DNA Project

Locus   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  
DYS#   393 390 19 391 385a 385b 426 388 439 389-1 392 389-2  
Alleles   13 24 13 10 16 18 11 12 12 13 11 29  

"My" Loftin DNA Project

Locus   1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12  
DYS#   393 390 19 391 385a 385b 426 388 439 389-1 392 389-2  
Alleles   13 24 13 10 16 18 11 12 11 13 11 30  
There was definitely a common ancestor with the Wrights and Loftins but without the same last name, it could have been 40 generations back.

30 Mar 2015 Update

The E1b1b (or E-M78) lineage is estimated to have originated in North Eastern Africa.  Some of its branches exited Africa and today can be found in the Middle East and Europe.

From: Haplogroup E1b1b (E-M78)

Outside Europe, E1b1b is found at high frequencies in Morocco (over 80%), Somalia (80%), Ethiopia (40% to 80%), Tunisia (70%), Algeria (60%), Egypt (40%), Jordan (25%), and Lebanon (17.5%).  On the European continent it has the highest concentration in Kosovo (over 45%), Albania and Montenegro (both 27%), Bulgaria (23%), Macedonia and Greece (both 21%), Cyprus (20%), Sicily (20%), South Italy (18.5%), Serbia (18%) and Romania (15%).

Nowadays E1b1b is the only Mediterranean haplogroup consistently found throughout Europe, even in Norway, Sweden, Finland and Baltic countries.

E-V12 is the most common subclade of E-M78 in southern Egypt (over 40% of the population).


Jan 2016 - Second DNA Test


In January 2016, I decided to take my next DNA test - this time through Ancestry.com.  For $80 I ordered the test that would give me a specific breakdown of where my ancestors came from by percentages.   To see this "Ethnicity Estimate" from my Autosomal DNA, CLICK HERE.



Family Tree DNA


If you have photos or additional information about the Loftin family, please contact me.