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  Reuben Setzer
aka: Rubin Setser


Born: Abt. 1833
Died:  14 Mar 1862, New Bern, NC


Reuben Setzer was the 10th child born to Daniel Setzer and Polly Wike.  Reuben was born about 1833.  Various documents show his last name spelled both Setzer and Setser.

Children of Daniel Setzer and Polly Wike
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Paul Setzer 15 Oct 1815 16 Sep 1902 Jemima Simmons
05 fEB 1840
Andrew Setzer      
John Wesley Setzer Abt. 1818   Amanda (Unknown)
David P. Setzer      
Franklin Setzer Abt. 1823   Martha (Unknown)
Daniel Setzer Jr. Abt. 1824    
Sarah "Sally" Setzer      
Jacob Setzer 21 Dec 1828 04 Nov 1890 Amy Emmela Herman
Marcus Setzer      
Reuben Setzer Abt. 1833 14 Mar 1862
New Bern, NC
Sophronia Marquis
m. 24 Aug 1859
John E. Setzer      
Phoebe Setzer     Groven Deal
Polly Setzer      
Reuben's mother, Polly Wike Setzer, died about 1842.  That same year his father married Mary Polly Deal, who also went by the name Polly. 


The 1850 Census shows the Setzer family living in Catawba County.  Reuben's age was 17 and he was listed as a farmer.  It also shows that he attended school during the year.

1850 Catawba County Census

Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate
Birth Attended
First Last
Daniel Setzer 60 M Farmer 2178 Catawba  
Polly " 38 F     "  
Marcus Setzer 19 M Farmer   " X
Reuben " 17 M "   " X
John P. " 10 M     " X
Phoebe Setzer 14 F     " X
Polly " 10 F     " X
Margaret " 4 F     "  
Reuben married Sophronia Marquis on 24 Aug 1859 in Caldwell County, NC.  Reuben and Sophronia eventually settled in Catawba County, NC. 
The 1860 Census shows Reuben and Sophronia living in Long Town in Catawba County, NC.  Reuben's age is 27 and Sophronia is 26.  He is working as a "Day Laborer".  The census further states that he could read or write, which is unlikely since he attended school in 1870. 

1860 Catawba County Census

Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate
Birth Can't Read
or Write
First Last
Reuben Setzer 27 M Day Laborer 50 NC X
Sophronia. " 26 F     " X
On 29 May 1860, Reuben & Sophronia became the parents of their only child, Jacob Columbus Setzer, who was born in Caldwell County, NC.
On 06 Apr 1861, Reuben enlisted in the Confederate army, Company A, 7th Infantry Regiment.  Records indicate his age as 26, but he was more than likely 27 or 28.
On 06 Aug 1861, Reuben wrote to neighbor and friend, Alezander "Elick" Barringer:
 Letter from Reuben Setzer to Alexander Barringer

                                                                         Camp Mason    August 6th 1861

Mr. Elick Barringer                                         Dear Sir

I landed safe at camp last Thursday morning.  We are all well in camp at this time hoping these few lines may find you in the same state of health.  I am as well satisfied as I can be.  The Yankees say that the Southern men do not fight like men but like devils.  I never espect (expect) to come up in your country until the war is ended.  In all of my talk to you I have never told you a lie yet.  I think as much of you as my brother that I have got.  I had very bad luck coming from Salsbury (Salisbury) for I lost all of the money that you let me have and I want you to send me five 5 dollars if you please by the return mail.  You need not think that I wasted my money for I did not but took good care of it until I lost it.  Write me all the news that is stiring in your neighborhood.  I want you to go to Uncle Dave Wike and tell him to send me a gallon of good whiskey or brandy and tell them that I am well.  I will now close by saying that corn is very good in this place.

Give Alfred Setser my howdy and oblige.
                                                                             Rubin Setzer to
                                                                             Elick Baringer, Esq

                                   Direct your letter to Rubin Setser
                                                                             Graham, Alamance Co, NC

                                                Care of J. L. Hill
                                                     7th Regiment

In December 1861, David Wiel writes a letter to Alexander Barringer on behalf of Shofronia Setzer requesting money that has been set aside to support her and Reuben's child.
 Letter from David Wiel on behalf of Shofronia Setzer to Alexander Barringer

                                                                         Johns Biven    December 5th 1861

Mr. Elexander Beringer                                         Dear Sir

                                                                                                                      I take
this opportunity of writing to you to let you know I am in need of some money.  please to send me 10 or $15 and you will oblige me very much.  please to send it in a letter the money belonging to Ruben Setser estate to the support of his wife & child.  please to let me no if all of Rubens Brothers & Sisters is well or not & David Wiek (Wike).
Your Respectfully  Sphrona Setser

Direct your letter to Colletsvile Post Office

On 14 Dec 1861, Reuben writes to his old friend Alexander Barringer telling him of the difficult situations he is enduring as part of the 7th Regiment.
 Letter from Reuben Setzer to Alexander Barringer - page 1

                                                                     Camp Graham     December 14, 1861

Dear Sir

i take my pen in hand to let you know that i am well at present hoping to find you injoying (enjoying) the same blessing.  i want you to come and see about taking me away for they are using me very bad now.  the ordlery (orderly) sergant (Sergeant) puts me on extra duty.  Just when he pleases. Just because i am so quiet they impose on me.  they put me on guard four days without Stoping.  you don’t know how they use me.  if you don’t come and take me away i will run away and go somewhere else.  i don’t want to Stay where they are all imposing on me.  i know you can take me if you want to becase (because) you are my garddine (guardian).  i want you to come as Soon as you can if you please.  they have put me in the guard house for nothing.  Just on accont (account)

of the ordlery (orderly) sergant (Sergeant) and they are going to try me.  I don’t know the punishment they will put on me.  John Nox (Knox) me on the and Coxed me to Joine (join) the company without your leaf (leave).  let Sophrona have som (some) money when she calls for it.  the Company nox (knocks) me about just as they please.  one of the men cocked a pistle (pistol) on me and said he would shoot me if i did not do as he said.  we are taking up winter quarters at Sheperdsville and building log houses but they will not be built in two months.  if you come and take me home, i will Stay with you as long as i live and work hard fro (for) you as long as i live.  the biggest part of Charleston is burnt Down and the poor has nothing to eat or houses to

 Letter from Reuben Setzer to Alexander Barringer - page 2

live in.  The Captain’s got ten Dollars of my money and wont give it to me.  i have not told you no story about it.  every word is true.  i would be more than ten thousand times oblige to you.  i will pay your are up and down if you will come.  we are staioned (stationed) 30 miles from newburn (New Bern).  inquire for Sheperdville. 

                                               no more at present but i
                                               Remain yours to Death

                                                            Ruben Setser

please Don’t let my wife know anything about it becase (because) She mit (might) feal (feel) Bad about it.

we are one mile from Sheperdville
Graham.  The cars stops at the Camp – Camp Graham
Ruben setser


Unfortunately, Reuben died three months later on 14 Mar 1862 in New Bern, NC.  He was only 28 (or 29) years old.

The 1870 Caldwell County, NC, Census shows Sophronia Setzer and little Jacob living with Rutherford & Caroline Church in the Johns River Township.  Sophronia's age is listed as 30.  If she was 26 in 1860, she would have actually been 36.  Jacob's age is 10.  Sophronia's occupation is listed as a "domestic laborer".  It's not known if Sophronia was domestic help for the Church family or if they were relatives - or both. 

1870 Caldwell County Census

Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth Can't
Last First
Church Rutherford 33 M W Farmer NC   x
------- Caroline 38 F W Keeping House NC   x
------- Joseph 16 M W Farm Laborer NC x x
------- Ervin 14 M W Farm Laborer NC x x
------- Darcy 12 F W at Home NC x x
------- Mira A. 3 F W at Home NC    
------- Madison 10 M W at Home NC x x
------- William 3 M W at Home NC    
Setser Sophronia 30 F W Domestic Laborer NC    
------- Jacob 10 M W at Home NC    

In 1880, Sophronia and Jacob were still living in the John's River Township of Caldwell County, NC, but they were no longer living with the Church family and appear to be living on their own.  Sophronia's age is listed as 44 and Jacob is 19.  There is a new daughter, Sarah Setser, who is 7 years old.  There is no indication who the father was.


1880 Caldwell County Census

Name Race Sex Age Relation S/M/W Occupation Can't
Last First
Setser Sophronia W F 44   W Farmer x x NC
------- Jacob W M 19 son S Laborer x x NC
------- Sarah W F 7 daughter S       NC

Jacob married Jennetta Braswell on 24 May 1885.  Jennetta was born 31 May 1861.

Sarah married Jacob Vance Bowman prior to 1894.


The 1900 Caldwell County Census shows Sophronia living with Jacob & Jennetta and their 5 children in the John's River Township.  Sophronia's name is listed as "Elder S. Setzer" and her birth date as May 1840.  This census incorrectly says that Sophronia had only had one child born to her. 


1900 Caldwell County Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S/M/W Yrs
Kids Birth Occupation
Last First Mth Yr Born Living
Setzer Jacob C. Head W M May 1861 39 M 15     NC Farmer
Setzer Jennetta W. Wife W F May 1865 35 M 15 7 5 NC House Keeper
Setzer Lillie M. Daughter W F June 1889 10 S       NC  
Setzer John W. Son W M Feb 1892 8 S       NC  
Setzer Maud Daughter W F May 1896 4 S       NC  
Setzer Mamie G. Daughter W F June 1898 2 S       NC  
Setzer Cora G. Daughter W F June 1899 1 S       NC  
Setzer Elder S. Mother W F May 1840 60 Wd   1 1 NC  
In 1910, Sophronia was living in the John's River Township of Caldwell County, NC, with her grandson, Jacob Cardall (Caryile) Bowman.  Cardall was the son of Sarah Setser and Jacob Bowman
Sophronia's age is listed as 68.  Caryile/Cardall was 16 and working at the Lumber Yard.
The 1910 Census shows that Sophronia had 5 children, but only 1 was still living, suggesting that daughter Sarah had died.

1910 Caldwell County Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S/M/W Kids Birth Occupation Work Can't
Last First Born Living
Setser Sophronia Head F W 68 W 5 1 NC Laborer Farm x
Bowman Caryile Grandson M W 16 S     NC Laborer Lumber Yard x
Children of Sophronia Marquis Setzer
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Jacob Columbus Setser/Setzer  29 May 1860
Caldwell, NC
01 Apr 1943 (1) Jennetta W. Nettie Braswell
m. 24 May 1885
(2) Lola G. West
m. 20 Sep 1911
Sarah Setser/Setzer Abt. 1873 Bef. 1910 Jacob Vance Bowman
Julius Setzer   Died in Infancy  
Daniel Setzer   Died in Infancy  
(Unknown) Setzer   Died in Infancy  

Sophronia died 06 Nov 1917 in Lenoir, Caldwell County, NC at the age of "about 80 years old".  Her Death Certificate lists her date of birth as "unknown".  Her father is listed as Will Markus (but may have been Marquis) and her mother as Mary Penel.  The informant was J. C. Setser (son, Jacob Columbus Setser).


Sophronia Setser's Death Certificate


Jacob married Lola G. West on 20 Sep 1911.  She was born 17 Oct 1879.


Jacob Columbus Setzer died 01 Apr 1943 as a result of a "cerebral hemorrhage".  He was almost 83 years old.  The informant was his daughter Bernice (Hood).  His Death Certificate lists his father as "Reuben Setzer' and his birth date as 29 May 1860.  At the time of his death he was still married to Lola West.  Lola died 26 Jun 1944.

Jacob Columbus Setzer's Death Certificate
Children of Jacob Columbus Setzer and Jeanette Braswell
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Lillian Margaret Setzer Jun 1889    
John Wesley Setzer 18 Feb 1891 06 Aug 1955  
Maud Elizabeth Setzer May 1896    
Mamie G. Setzer 10 Sep 1897 05 Mar 1963  
Cora Jeannette Setzer Jun 1899    
Jacob Filmere 24 Dec 1900 10 Jul 1947  
Ethel Jodia Setzer      
Annie Elizabeth Setzer      
Children of Jacob Columbus Setzer and Lola G. West
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Bessie Lola Setzer Abt. 1919    
Bernice Cozella Setzer Abt. 1917   (Unknown) Hood
Mary Onie Lee Setzer Abt. 1919    
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