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Florence "Flora" Edwards


Born: 27 Jul 1901, Catawba County, NC
Died: 02 Jan 1977, Hickory, Catawba County, NC


Florence "Flora" Edwards was the first child born to Moses Pinkney Edwards and Annie Beauford Wherry.  Flora was born 27 Jul 1901 in Catawba County, NC.
Moses and Annie had at least eight children.
Children of Moses Pinkney Edwards and Annie Beauford Wherry
Name Birth Death Spouse
Flora Edwards 27 Jul 1901 02 Jan 1977 Harry Glenn Stewart
Willie Frances Edwards 1904    
Preston Wherry Edwards 09 Dec 1905 31 Mar 1985 Fannie Naomi Sherrill
Miles Orell Edwards 16 Aug 1908 23 Dec 1989 Sally E. Crews
Mittie Elizabeth Edwards 23 Sep 1910 08 Dec 1975 (Never Married)
Ollie Edwards 1914    
Robert Hope Edwards 10 Nov 1915 26 Nov 1991 (Never Married)
Freda Inez Edwards 22 May 1919 27 Sep 1969 Vernon Huffman
The 1900 Catawba County Census shows Flora's parents, (Moses) Pinkney and Annie, living near her grandparents, Miles and Sarah Allen Edwards, in the Sherrills Ford Precinct.  Pinkney and Annie had been married fore less than a year and had no children.

1900 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Race Sex Birth Month Year Age Yrs
Kids Occupation
Born Living
Edwards Miles Head W M Nov 1831 68 39     Farmer
----- Sarah Wife W F Oct 1841 58 39 10 9  
----- Callie Daughter W F Jan 1866 34        
----- Fritchey Son W M Oct 1873 26       Farm Laborer
----- Etter M Daughter W F Jan 1885 17        
Edwards Pinkney Head W M Sep 1875 24 0     Farm Laborer
----- Annie Wife W F Jan 1878 22 0 0 0  
By 1910, Moses Pinkney and Annie Beauford Wherry Edwards had four children: Flora (age 8), Willie (age 6), Preston (age 4) and Miles (age 1 year and 9 months).  The census also shows that all were born in North Carolina except for Annie - who was born in South Carolina.

1910 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Age Yrs
Kids Birth Occupation Occupation
Born Living
Edwards Moses P. Head M 34 10     NC Farmer General
----- Anna B. Wife F 25 10 4 4 SC None  
----- Flora Daughter F 8       NC None  
----- Willie F. Daughter F 6       NC None  
----- Preston W. Son M 4       NC None  
----- Miles O. Son M 1 9/12       NC None  
The 1920 Census shows Pinkney, Annie and the family living on the Catawba Road of the Mountain Creek area of Catawba County near his brother FritchPinkney and Annie had eight children: Flora, Willie, Preston, Miles, Mitty, Ollie, Robert Hope and InezFlora was 18 years old.

1920 Catawba County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Home
Sex Age Read
Birth Occupation
Edwards Pink Head O M 44 Yes NC Farmer
------ Annie Wife   F 42 Yes SC  
------ Flora (Daughter)   F 18 Yes NC  
------ Willie (Daughter)   F 16 Yes NC  
------ Preston (Son)   M 14 Yes NC  
------ Miles Son   M 11 Yes NC  
------ Mitty Daughter   F 9   NC  
------ Ollie Daughter   F 6   NC  
------ Robert H. Son   M 4   NC  
------ Inez Daughter   F 1   NC  
Edwards Fritch   O M 46 Yes NC Farmer
------ Docia     F 45 Yes NC  
------ Alva     M 14 Yes NC  
------ Eva Mae     F 12 Yes NC  
------ Hary     M 9   NC  
------ Georgia     F 6   NC  
Flora married Harry Glenn Stewart 10 Apr 1923 in Catawba County, NC at the home of Flora's parents.  She was 21 and he was 24.  Harry was born 27 Mar 1899 and was the son of James R. Stewart and Evae May Bynum.  The couple had no children.
Marriage License for Harry Glenn Stewart and Flora Edwards

Harry's World War I Draft Registration Card shows that he was born 19 March 1899 and that he was 19 years old at the time of his registration with brown eyes and dark hair.  He was working as a farmer for his father James R. Stewart.
World War I Draft Registration Card for Harry Glenn Stewart

The 1930 Iredell County Census shows Flora and Harry living in the Shiloh Township of Iredell County, North Carolina.  He was 31 and working as an electrician for Duke Power and she was 28.

1930 Iredell County Census

Last Name First Name Relation Home
Sex Age Age
Birth Occupation Industry
Stewart Harry G. Head R 5 M 31 24 NC Electrician Power
------ Flora Wife     F 28 22 NC None  
Harry registered for the Draft during World War II at the age of 42.  He was working at Duke Power Co at the Lookout Dam Location in Catawba County, NC.
World War II Draft Registration Card for Harry Glenn Stewart

Flora and Harry traveled all over the United States.  She collected miniature glass shoes (similar to the ones in the photo below) from the various places they visited and displayed many of them in a curio cabinet in the living room.  She even had a full-sized set of wooden Dutch shoes.

The 1940 Census shows that Harry and Flora are living on Sharon School Road in the Shiloh Township of Iredell County, NC.  He was 41 and she was 38.  They were renting their home and he was working as an "Operator" at the "Power House" (or Duke Power).  Harry had completed 7 years of school, while Flora had completed 3 years of high school.
1940 Iredell County, NC, Census

Last Name First Name Relation Sex Race Age S/Md School Birth Occupation Industry
R Stewart Harry G. Head M W 41 M 7 NC Operator Power
  ------ Flora Wife F W 38 M H3 NC None  
Harry died on 19 Dec 1954 at the age of 55.  His Death Certificate lists the cause of death as "Increased Intracranial Pressure" caused by a "Cerebral Tumor".
Death Certificate for Harry Glenn Stewart


The Stewart home on Hudson Chapel Road in Catawba County, NC

The quaint, one-story frame cottage stands at the corner of of the intersection of NC Highway 10 and Hudson Chapel Road.  It is three bays wide, weather-boarded and built with a front-gable L-plan.  A rear addition was made sometime after the original circa-1900 construction.  A gable roof dormer balances the gable front and both gables feature circular ventilators.  The front porch roof is supported by turned posts, with sawn brackets.  The house was built by a local carpenter, Alexander Gabriel, and shortly thereafter sold to Mr. James R. Stewart.



Layout of the Stewart House


Storage Shed and Grainery on the Stewart Property

At one time, the property had a barn as well as a well-house that was built over old well.  Flora would can fruit and vegetables and store them in the cool well house for later use.

The front view of the house shows a window from the main bedroom (on the left) -
door to the front hallway (middle) - and window (on the right) to the guest bedroom


The back view of the house shows the add-on kitchen (left) and dining room (right)


Flora with Curtis Loftin in 1964 on his 11th birthday


Flora with Beverly Loftin (daughter of Billy Ray Loftin & Diane Self)

In 1974 when Curtis Loftin was home from college visiting with his family, they decided to go to Connor's Park & the Bunker Hill Covered Bridge for a cookout and picnic.  Flora was a second "Mama" to Curtis so she was there, too.

(Left) Billy Ray Loftin, Curtis holding Crystal Loftin, Sam Loftin holding Eric Loftin and Flora Stewart
(Right) Diane Loftin, Sam holding Eric, Flora, and Curtis holding Crystal



Flora waits as the hamburgers are grilled and everything is prepared


Flora made birthday, wedding and anniversary cake for many people in the community.  When Curtis Loftin and Carolyn Weeks got married in 1975, she was ready to make a cake for them, too.

Flora posing with the cake she made for Curtis & Carolyn Loftin when they got married


To See Video of Flora Stewart, CLICK HERE, or Below


These photos of Mrs. Stewart's house were made in November of 2012
The Fall foliage is amazing





The tree-lined road into the house


February 2014 Snow Storm



Flora went into the Catawba Hospital at the age of 76 to have her bladder "tacked up" and died 02 Jan 1977 of complications associated with the surgery.  She is buried at Smyrna Reformed Church in the Sherrills Ford area of Catawba County, NC.

Harry & Flora's grave marker in the Smyrna Church Cemetery



My Personal Memories of Flora Edwards Stewart
By Curtis Loftin

To my knowledge, there is no blood relationship between Flora Edwards Stewart and the Loftins, Setzers, Gobles or Johnsons.  Then why did I create this page for her, you may ask?  Well, that's simple. I loved her and she had no children of her own. This is simply a "Tribute Page" to her memory and her family. 

Mrs. Stewart, as I called her, played an important part in my life - especially my early childhood.  She was my second mother, keeping me in her home when I was a baby and toddler.  My parents, Sam William Loftin and Willie Aleen Goble Loftin, moved to Rt. 2 Catawba (currently 5151 E. NC 10 Hwy) the year after I was born.  I have no recollection of Mrs. Stewart's husband, Harry Stewart, however.  He died in 1954 prior to the time that she kept me.

Mrs. Stewart was a short woman in stature, probably only about 5 ft. 2 inches, but her love and kindness made her seem like a giant to me.  One of the ways that she supplemented her income after Harry's death was by cooking and baking for the community.  She made wonderful homemade cakes, cookies, pies and fudge which she sold to everyone for miles around.  I was never lacking for sweets to eat because she always trimmed the cakes so that they would be perfectly flat before she iced them - and I always had my share of cake scraps as well as extra cookies.

It was she who taught me my nursery rhymes as a child.  I'd sit on her lap in the big rocking chair in her living room and hear all of the now familiar rhymes - Humpty Dumpty - Jack & Jill - Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater - Bah Bah Black Sheep - Sing a Song of Six Pence - and many many more as she'd rock me to sleep.  She told me how I'd sit on the steps outside the kitchen door on Monday morning after I had been in church on Sunday - and how I'd sing all the church songs that I was beginning to learn in Sunday School - including "Jesus Loves Me" and "Jesus Loves the Little Children".

I remember her laughing and telling me that when I was little and she'd ask me what I wanted for breakfast, I'd tell her I wanted an "agg"(egg).

When I was about 4 or 5 years old, Mrs. Stewart accepted a job as cafeteria manager for the local Catawba Elementary School - and I got a new daily baby sitter, Mrs. Preston (Maggie) Brown, who lived on Murray's Mill Road.  Mrs. Stewart never stopped baking at home.  I always had a "free" cake for my birthday - and presents when I was a child at Christmas.  Mrs. Stewart was also the person who made my wedding cake when I married Carolyn Weeks in 1975.

I loved to help clean her house - and she was always willing to let me do just about anything as I cleaned - including moving the furniture.  Did she spoil me?  Most definitely!  Did she love me?  Absolutely! 

One of my favorite places to play was in the old barn on the Stewart property.  There were stalls for animals and a loft with hay - but I don't ever remember her having any animals in the barn.  To me, it was a magical place where I could play and let my imagination run wild.

Mrs. Stewart had a small garden on part of the property where she grew vegetables and lots of flowers.  She loved flowers and had all kinds - including Iris, Zinnias, Daffodils and Lillys.

I loved to play in her yard, too.  The oak trees there were very old and very tall.  One particular tree had 3 or 4 branches that flattened out horizontally about 8 feet up and made a wonderful place for a tree house.  With an old ladder that belongs to dad and few personal belongings, I'd spend hours up in the old tree. 

Mrs. Stewart taught me how to take big leaves from the oak trees and use small twigs to attach them together to make a hat. 

She also taught me how to look for or "doodle" for "doodle-bugs" in the sand as well as the chant that went with it.  "Doodle-bug, doodle-bug, please come out, we're going downtown" or "Doodle-bug, doodle-bug, please come out, your house is on fire" (which you'd say while stirring the sand with a small twig and looking for the doodle-bugs.  Doodle-bugs were actually *Antlions.

As I grew slightly older, she even let me sew on her electric sewing machine - and gave me scraps of fabric to use if she had them.

As the years passed, I eventually met and got to know many members of her family - Robert Wherry Edwards (the nephew who lived with her and she helped raise) - her siblings Preston (& Naomi) Edwards, Miles (& Sally) Edwards, Inez (& Vernon) Huffman, Willie, Mittie, Ollie, and Robert Hope (who also lived with her off and on).

I didn't stop spending time with her even as I grew older.  I'd go to her house and spend hours visiting, talking and watching TV.  It was on her old small black and white TV that I first watched the original "King Kong" from 1939, most of the "Tarzan" movies - as well as "Jungle Jim" and "Sheena". I loved those adventure pictures when I was a kid.

Even after her death she has still remained a part of me - because I still dream about her from time to time.  She was a wonderful blessing to me as well as a loving influence in my life.
*U.S. antlion folklore probably dates back to the earliest days of colonization. The most common type of U.S. antlion folklore takes the form of a charm about the colloquial "doodlebug." Perhaps the most well-known example of a doodlebug charm was published in 1876, when writer Mark Twain included one in his novel The Adventures of Tom Sawyer: "Doodle-bug, doodle-bug, tell me what I want to know


The Edwards Family Descendancy

1 Robert Edwards, b. 1662 Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glen, Wales, d. 1738 NY
  + Margaret Cuelin, b. 1666, d. 1738
  2 Thomas Nathaniel Edwards, b. 14 Oct 1690 Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Wales, d. 11 Feb 1781 North Carolina
    + Sarah Isabel Downing, b. 1692 Llandaff, Cardiff, Whales, d. 1783, m. 17 Mar 1714 Denbighshire, Wales
    3 Robert Edwards, b. 1716 Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, d. 18 May 1788, Glamorgan County, Wales
    3 Joshua Edwards, b. 12 Mar 1718, Cardiff, Wales, d. 19 Mar 1805, Halifax, NC, m. 26 Aug 1754, Randolph, NC
      + Rebecca Ward, b. 1725, Glen Morganshire, Wales, d. 1790, Halifax, NC
      4 James Edwards, b. 23 Aug 1757, Randolph, NC, d. 20 Dec 1832
    3 William B. Edwards, b. 09 Apr 1720, Cardiff, Glamorgan, Wales, 20 Jun 1801, Gallatin, KY
      + Polly Cramer, b. 1723, Orange Co, NC
      + Jane Taylor, b. England
    3 Thomas Nathaniel Edwards, b. 07 Jul 1723, Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glen, Wales, d. 30 Jan 1791, Culpepper, VA
      + Elizabeth Dent
      + Jennie Dickens
      + Elizabeth Nichote
    3 Leonard Edwards, b. 08 May 1725, Glen Wales, d. 03 May 1795, Span, Johnson, Georgia
      + Mary Glasscock
      + Elizabeth Nightingsle
    3 John Crawford Edwards, b. 1727, d. 1830 Bladen, NC
      + Ruth Turbyfill, b. 1730, VA, d. Lincoln Co, NC, m. 1760, VA
      4 James Edwards, b. 07 Oct 1776, VA, d. 06 Oct 1878, Pelstine, Lee, Mississippi, m. 27 Feb 1800
        + Anna Reynolds, b. 11 Jul 1775, VA, d. 15 Jan 1875, Itawamba, Mississippi
        5 James Edwards, b. 1801, d. 1878
        5 Joseph Edwards, b. 1803, d. 1890
        5 Catherine Edwards, b. 1805
        5 Samuel Edwards, b. 1813
        5 Hiram Edwards, b. 1815, d. 1869
      4 John Wheeler Edwards, b. 1783, Catawba Co, NC, d. Catawba Co, NC, m. 19 Sep 1825
        + Hannah Lnu, b. 1779
        5 Alexander Edwards, b. Catawba Co, NC, d. Catawba Co, NC
        5 Robert Poston Edwards, b. 1809, Catawba, NC, d. 24 Jul 1891, Catawba, NC
          + Millie D. Clark, b. 1817, d. 1903
          6 Elisabeth "Bettie" Edwards, b. 24 Oct 1845, d. 22 May 1915, Catawba, NC
          6 Martha Edwards, b. Oct 1847, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Maryann Edwards, b. 14 Feb 1850, d. 21 Dec 1918, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Hannah Edwards, b. 1855, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Ruth Josephine Edwards, b. 1857, Catawba Co, NC, d. 15 Jun 1910, Catawba Co, NC
            + David Anderson Lanier, b. 1842, d. 1928
            7 Laura Essie Lanier, b. 01 Dec 1891, d. 16 Nov 1988
              + Marshall Lee Sipe, b. 25 May 1892, d. 11 Feb 1948
            7 Myrtle Claudia Lanier, b. 22 Sep 1893
            7 Robert Dewitt Lanier, b. 06 Mar 1896, d. 07 May 1968
              + Ila Cordelia Lanier, b. 27 Oct 1894, d. 26 May 1973
            7 Dewey Mailalieu Lanier, b. 07 May 1898, d. 04 Jan 1977
              + Willie Thelma Loftin, b. 31 May 1911
          6 Millie Edwards, b. 1860, Catawba Co, NC
        5 David Logen Edwards, b. 27 Sep 1813, Catawba Co, NC, d. 25 Jan 1880
          + Susan Mitchell Clark, b. 1819, d. 1882, m. 21 Jan 1839
          6 Effie M Edwards, b. 1840, d. 1912
          6 Gilbert W. Edwards, b. 1846, d. 1914
          6 William Patrick Edwards, b. 23 Dec 1851, d. 01 Feb 1915
          6 John Worth Edwards, b. 02 Oct 1853, d. 02 Jun 1926
          6 Forney Edwards, b. 1856
          6 Mary Susan Edwards, b. 1857, d. 1932
        5 Sarah A Edwards, b. 1813
        5 John W. Edwards, b. 17 Aug 1817, Catawba Co, NC, d. 25 May 1864
        5 Hannah T. Edwards, b. 1820
      4 Stephen C. Edwards, b. 1784, NC, d. 1874, Catawba Co, NC
        + Sarah (Unknown), b. 1793, d. 1865
        5 Seth Edwards, b. 1815, d. 16 May 1888, Catawba Co, NC, m. 13 Mar 1844
          + Mary Jane Suggs, b. 1825, d. 1885
          6 Jezebelle Edwards, b. 1846, d. 1913
          6 William Turner Edwards, b. 1848, d. 1918
          6 James Warren Edwards, b. 1850, d. 1912
          6 Ardelia Ann Edwards, b. 1859, d. 1907
          6 Mary F. Edwards, b. 1862, d. 1889
          6 Alvirado Edwards, b. 1863, d. 1897
          6 Jeanette Edwards, b. 1865, d. 1888
          6 Mary Frances Edwards, b. 1866, d. 1902
          6 Joel Marcellus Edwards, b. 1869, d. 1910
        5 Sophia Edwards, b. 1819
        5 Joseph Temple Edwards, b. 18 Jul 1820, Mt. Creek, Catawba, NC, d. 16 May 1903
          + Mary Paulina Holdsclaw, b. 1824, d. 1897
          6 John A. Edwards, b. 1849, d. 1894
          6 Jane Sophia Edwards, b. 1852, d. 1889
          6 Rachel E. Edwards, b. 1854, d. 1932
          6 Mary Ann "Mattie" Edwards, b. 1855, d. 1895
          6 Lewis F. Edwards, b. 1860, d. 1860
        5 Spencer Edwards, b. 1825, d. 28 Aug 1871, Catawba Co, NC, m. 02 Jan 1860
          + Martha Ann Sigmon, b. 1833, d. 1926
          6 Woodberry Alexander Edwards, b. 1860, d. 1940
          6 Mary Elizabeth Edwards, b. 1863, d. 1929
          6 Laura A. Edwards, b. 1863, d. 1948
          6 Sallie M. Edwards, b. 1866, d. 1960
          6 Fannie Edwards, b. 1868, d. 1943
          6 Catenrie Edwards, b. 1871
        5 Jane Edwards, b. 1832
      4 John Edwards, b. 02 Apr 1787, Catawba, NC, d. 30 Jun 1861, Catawba, NC, m. 1814
        + Nancy Abernathy, b. 22 Nov 1791, Catawba, NC, d. 07 Nov 1880, Catawba, NC
        5 Sarah Almira Edwards, b. 13 Nov 1815, d. 09 Apr 1893
        5 Herbert Edwards, b. 13 Jan 1817, Catawba, NC, d. 12 Apr 1883, m. 09 Nov 1856
          + Abigail Abernathy, b. 1825
          6 Jacob Monroe Edwards, b. 17 Aug 1857, d. 09 Apr 1940
          6 Susan V. Edwards, b. 07 Nov 1858, d. 23 Oct 1939
            + Wheeler M. Keever, b. 1857
          6 Nancy V. Edwards, b. 1860, Catawba, NC
          6 Martha Edwards, b. 1862, Catawba, NC
          6 Victoria Edwards, b. 1863, Mt. Creek, Catawba, NC
          6 Laura Edwards, b. 1864, Mt. Creek, Catawba, NC
          6 Ann Edwards, b. 1865, Mt. Creek, Catawba, NC
        5 Jacob Edwards, b. 05 Apr 1818, Catawba, NC, d. 06 Apr 1896, Mt. Creek, Catawba
          + Mary Patterson, b. 14 Sep 1842, Iredell Co, NC, d. 21 Jan 1918, Catawba, NC
          6 Israel Edwards, b. 17 Dec 1862, Catawba Co, NC
          6 James P. Edwards, b. 17 Dec 1862, d. 05 Aug 1935
            + Susan Murph, b. 1863, d. 1939
            7 Ralph L. Edwards, b. 1895
            7 Fannie K. Edwards, b. 1899
          6 Charles R. Edwards, b. 25 Jul 1866, Catawba, d. 04 Feb 1935, Statesville, Iredell, NC
            + Caroline Cruse, b. 1847, d. 1931
          6 Sarah Edwards, b. 1869, Catawba, NC, d. 03 Aug 1935, Morganton, Burke, NC
            + George Taylor Ingram, b. 1846, d. 1921
          6 William Herbert Edwards, b. 09 Dec 1871, Catawba Co, NC, d. 19 Oct 1947
          6 John Edwards, b. 1875
          6 Edney Edwards, b. 1879
        5 John Edwards, b. 08 Jun 1819, Catawba, NC
          + Sophia (Unknown), b. 1819
          6 Ludenia Edwards, b. 1852, d. 1934
        5 Sally Edwards, b. 13 Nov 1819, Catawba Co, NC, d. 21 Jan 1902, Catawba Co, NC
        5 Lewis Franklin Edwards, b. 08 Dec 1821, Catawba, NC, d. 08 Apr 1897, Catawba, NC
          + Levina S. (Unknown), b. 1839, d. 1910
          Bruce Edwards, b. 1867
        5 Ephraim Edwards, b. 04 May 1823, Catawba, NC
        5 Elisha Askew Edwards, b. 30 Jun 1826, Catawba, NC
        5 Moses Edwards, b. 13 Apr 1829, Catawba, NC
        5 Miles Aaron Edwards, b. 08 Nov 1831, Catawba, NC, d. 24 Jan 1906, m. 20 Oct 1861
          + Sarah S. Allen, b. 02 Oct 1840, Lincoln, NC, d. 12 Dec 1910, Sherrills Ford, NC
          6 Lewis Franklin Edwards, b. 1863, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Rhoda Ellen Edwards, b. 19 Mar 1864, Catawba Co, NC, d. 27 Feb 1948
          6 Callie Edwards, b. Jan 1866, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Margaret Caroline Edwards, b. Jan 1866, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Nancy Luvinia Edwards, b. 30 Oct 1867, Catawba Co, NC, d. 12 Jun 1955
            + Thomas Jones
          6 Julia Ann Edwards, b. 18 Jul 1869, Catawba Co, NC, d. 25 Aug 1927, m. 1892
            + Thomas Hilliard Robinson, b. 1873, d. 1971
          6 J. Fitch Edwards, b. 30 Oct 1873, Catawba Co, NC, d. 04 Sep 1952
            + Laura Docia Sigmon, b. 1874, d. 1939
            7 Alva Edwards, b. 1906
            7 Eva Mae Edwards, b. 1908
            7 Mary Edwards, b. 1911
          6 Moses Pinkney Edwards, b. 03 Sep 1875, Catawba Co, NC, d. 09 Nov 1952, NC, m. 1900
            + Annie Beauford Wherry, b. 09 Jan 1878, d. 09 Jul 1946, Catawba Co, NC
            7 Flora Edwards, b. 27 Jul 1901, Catawba Co, NC, d. 02 Jan 1977, Catawba Co, NC
              + Harry Glenn Stewart, b. 27 Mar 1899, d. 19 Dec 1954
            7 Willie Frances Edwards, b. 1904
            7 Preston Wherry Edwards, b. 09 Dec 1905, Catawba Co, NC, d. 31 Mar 1985
              + Fannie Naomi Sherrill, b.
              8 Robert Wherry Edwards, b. 05 Dec 1941, Iredell Co, NC
                + Nancy Sue Shook, m. 26 Jan 1975
              8 David Sloan Edwards, b. 08 Sep 1943, Iredell Co, NC
            7 Miles Orell Edwards, b. 16 Aug 1908, 23 Dec 1989, Kernersville, Forsyth, NC
              + Sally E. Crews, b.
            7 Mittie Elizabeth Edwards, b. 23 Sep 1910, d. 08 Dec 1975
            7 Ollie Bell Edwards, b. 16 Nov 1915, d. 05 Nov 2003
            7 Robert Hope Edwards, b. 10 Nov 1915, Catawba, NC, d. 26 Nov 1991, Catawba, NC
            7 Freda Inez Edwards, b. 22 May 1919, NC, d. 27 Sep 1969, Statesville, Iredell Co, nC
              + Vernon Huffman, b.
              8 Rita Huffman
              8 Wanda Huffman
              8 Verna Jane Huffman
                + Max Lee
          6 George Ivey Edwards, b. 10 May 1878, Catawba Co, NC, d. 21 Mar 1935
          6 Etter/Esther M. Edwards, b. Jan 1883, Catawba Co, NC
        5 Benjamin Perry Edwards, b. 16 Jul 1834, Catawba, NC, d. 05 Mar 1915, Catawba, NC
          + Sarah Sanatha Fisher, b. 07 Nov 1842, Catawba Co, NC, d. 17 Apr 1925, Catawba Co, NC
          6 Beulah Edwards, b. 07 Jul 1874, Catawba Co, NC, d. 07 Nov 1957, Rowan, NC
            + William M. Biggers, b. 1874
          6 Mamie Samantha Edwards, b. 12 Jul 1878, Catawba Co, NC, d. 03 Mar 1963
            + James Barnett Drum, b. 1871, d. 1952
          6 Sarah Emma Edwards, b. 13 Nov 1880, Catawba Co, nC, d. 20 nov 1951
            + George Ivey Drum, b. 1885, d. 1970
          6 Mattie A. Edwards, b. 30 Jun 1883, Catawba Co, NC, d. 12 Jan 1965, Burke, NC
            + Davis Knox Hoke, b. 1878, d. 1948
          6 Benjamin Louis Edwards, b. 12 Jun 1886, Catawba Co, NC, d. 20 Mar 1963
            + Sarah Gertrude Brinkley, b. 1885, d. 1943
      4 Charles N. Edwards, b. 05 Jan 1789, NC, d. 31 May 1865
      4 Elias Edwards, b. 1789, Bladen, NC, d. Oct 1865, Bladen, NC
        + Lanora (Unknown), b. 1817
    3 Jacob Edwards, b. 08 Aug 1729, Glen Morganshire, Wales, d. 12 Mar 1780, NC
      + Effie Spears
    3 Joseph Washington Edwards, b. 1730, d. 1784, Halifax, NC
      + Maryann (Unknown)
    3 Martha Edwards, b. 1731, Edwards Hall, Cardiff, Glen, Wales, d. 1799
    3. Soloman Edwards, b. 1732, d. 1765, VA


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