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Pettigrew II

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James "The Immigrant" Pettigrew II


Born: 13 Apr 1713, Crilly House, Aughnacloy, Tyrone, Ulster, IRELAND
Died:24 Dec 1784, Abbeville County, Sough Carolina

James Pettigrew II was born 13 Apr 1713 in Tyrone, IRELAND to James Pettigrew I (1659 - 1753) and Martha Moore (1690 - 1786).

Counties in Ireland

Tyrone, Ulster, IRELAND

James had a classical education which embraced the study of literature, poetry, drama, philosophy, history, art, and languages - but never went to college. 
At the age of 18, James Pettigrew II married Mary Cochran, the daughter of Capt. George Cochran and Rachel Higginbotham who lived at a place called "the Grange".  Martha was born Oct 1713 in Tyrone, IRELAND.
After the birth of their first four children, James II and Mary left family and friends and immigrated to American in 1740 where they landed at New Castle, PA. They left their oldest daughter Rachel with her grandmother in Ireland. Sometime later they sent for Rachel but she died on shipboard while crossing the ocean. [The Pettigrew family migrated through Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina and finally settled in Abbeville District of South Carolina.]

After his arrival in Pennsylvania, a Dr. Franklin wanted him to study physics but he declined. James II got a tract of 300 acres on March Creek where he lived until the War of 1755 (The French & Indian Wars).  Braddock's Defeat, was a failed British military expedition which attempted to capture the French Fort Duquesne (modern-day downtown Pittsburgh) in the summer of 1755. The expedition takes its name from General Edward Braddock, who led the British forces and died in the effort. Braddock's defeat was a major setback for the British in the early stages of the war with France and has been described as one of the most disastrous defeats for the British in the 18th century.


Shortly after General Braddock's defeat, James Pettigrew II sold his land for 80 pounds and moved to Virginia to the Lunenburg Old Court House area, and rented a piece of land. After staying there three or four years, the family moved to Granville Co, NC where James II and bought 300 acres of land from Howell Lewis.

When James II and Mary moved the family moved to North Carolina, they brought the eight youngest children with them: James, Charles, George, Ebenezer, William, Jane, Elizabeth and Nancy. By that time Mary, Martha and John were married and out on their own. Daughter Martha Moore Pettigrew and her husband John Witherspoon came to North Carolina about the same time as the rest of her family. Daughter Mary Cochran Pettigrew married John Verner, Sr. who had come with the Pettigrew family from Ireland in 1940. [He would have been about 15 when he immigrated to the US.]

James II and Mary Cochran had at least thirteen children.

Children of James Pettigrew and Mary Cochran
Name Birth Death Spouse
Rachel Pettigrew 1732
Tyrone, Ulster, IRELAND
At Sea - Voyage to America
(Never Married)
Mary Cochran Pettigrew 29 Sep 1733
Tyrone, Ulster, IRELAND
Anderson, Anderson Co, SC
John Verner, Sr.
m. 1757
Martha Moore Pettigrew 1734
Tyrone, Ulster, IRELAND
10 Apr 1796
Wilkesboro, Wilkes Co, NC
John Witherspoon
m. 1747
John Pettigrew 1736
Tyrone, Ulster, IRELAND
09 Nov 1806
Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC
Sarah Matthews
m. 1753
James Pettigrew 17 Dec 1738 07 Oct 1789
Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC
(Never Married)
Rev. Charles Pettigrew 20 Mar 1742
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
08 Apr 1807
Tyrell Co, NC
(1) Mary "Polly" Blout
m. 29 Oct 1778
(2) Mary Lockhart
m. 12 Jul 1794
George Pettigrew 14 Apr 1746
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
07 Mar 1818
Jackson Co, GA
Elizabeth Jane Long
m. 1775, Abbeville, SC
Jean Jane Pettigrew 1750
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
Gwynette Co, GA
Stephen Tilley Sr.
m. 1768, Granville, NC
Elizabeth Pettigrew 1751
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
15 Sep 1779
Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC
(Never Married)
Ebenezer Pettigrew 1752
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
25 Mar 1795
Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC
Sarah McLean
m. 30 Jul 1782, SC
"Infant Daughter" Pettigrew 1754
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
(Died in Infancy)
Nancy Pettigrew Jul 1756
Chambersburg, Franklin Co, PA
11 Aug 1779
Abbeville, Abbeville Co, SC
(Never Married)
William Pettigrew 26 Feb 1758
Lunenburg Co, Virginia
23 Jan 1837
Badwell, Abbeville Co, SC
Louise Guy Gilbert
m. 1788, Abbeville Co, SC

After hearing a good report about Long Cane, Abbeville District, SC, James II sold everything and set out at end of October 1768 for South Carolina. The family arrived three weeks later traveling by covered wagon.  The Pettigrew family settled on what was at the time called "Jews' land", about six or seven miles above Abbeville Court House.  James II and his family lived there until 1775 when we removed to land bought from John Du on Little River.


James Pettigrew II was a strong Whig, and with several of his sons, sons-in-law and grandsons, served as a Private with the Colonial Troops in the South Carolina militia during the Revolutionary War. He also provided supplies for the troops. James II was somewhat skilled in medicine and there being few practitioners in the country he was often called upon to give medical aid, which he did impartially to Whig and Tory alike, and for this reason, in the turbulent days that followed the fall of Charleston, when the life of no man was safe in the country, James Pettigrew II's family was little disturbed. ["Leaves From the Family Tree", Penelope Johnson Allen]


Last Will & Testament of James Pettigrew - Transcript

In the name of God amen. I James Pettigrew of the District of Ninety six, South Carolina, being weak in body, but of perfect mind & memory, thanks be given unto God, calling to mind the mortality of my body, and knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die, do make & ordain this my last Will and Testament;
that is to day, principally & first of all, I give & recommend my Soul into the hand of the Almighty Redeemer that gave it, and my body I recommend it to earth to be buried in decent Christian burial at the discretion of my executors, nothing doubting but at the Resurrection, I shall receive the same again by the mighty power of God.
And as touching such worldly estate wherewith it has pleased God to bless me in this life, I give, demise & dispose of the same in the following manner and form
Imprim I give & bequeath to Mary my dearly beloved wife & companion in all my tribulations for & during her life, the one half of the Tract of Land on which I now live dividing line, beginning at the corner Northeast & running to the South West, with all the improvements thereon; likewise my Negro man named Jack, & Negro woman named Phillis, likewise two horse & two cows, to be chosen by her out of my stock as also all the sheep, hogs and _______.


I give & bequeath to my daughter Martha Witherspoon, to my son John Pettigrew, to my daughter Mary Verner & to my daughter Jean Tilly, to each, one dollar if demanded, likewise to my sons James & George Pettigrew each one dollar.


I give & bequeath to my son Ebenezer, the one half of the Tract of Land on which I now live, the part which we now possess, together with all the improvements thereon, to be his for ever together with what ever I have given them heretofore.


I give & bequeath to my son William the one half of the Track of land on which I live, the partupon which I dwell, to be possessed by him peacably at his Mother's death, and to be his forever; likewise my Negro man Jack, together with all the stock left to my wife her lifetime & other stock I possess to be, at her death his forever; except, on milk cow, which I give & bequeath to my daughter Jean Tilly to be put into her possession at her mothers death.


I will & bequeath that my Negro woman named Phillis shall at my wife's death be valued by two judicious men & that one half of her value shall be paid to my son Ebenezer by my son William & that said Phillis remain with her husband & be my son William's forever
and I do hereby revoke and utterly disanull all and every other former Will or Testament do ratify & confirm this to be my last Will & Testament, in witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand & Seal, this the eighteenth day of December, one thousand seven hundred & eighty four ---
Signed Sealed Delivered in presence of Us                                                                                                James Pettigrew (S.S.)
Handy Harris
Jas. Pettigrew
Wm. Pettigrew

Recorded in Will Book 1, Page 14, Box 76, Pkg 1847,        Proven August 14, 1789, Recorded Oct. 6, 1789

Last Will & Testament of James Pettigrew - Original
The Crilly House In Ireland

The Crilly House is located in County Tyrone, Ireland, 3 miles from Aughnacloy.  It is about an hour for the Belfast International airport.

King William III granted James Pettigrew (1659-1753) a tract of 300 acres where he built his home in 1690 and named it “The Crilly House.”  The stone and slate house still stands.  It has three stories that were originally covered by a thatched roof that was removed in 1814 by Robert Pettigrew, a grandson of James. The house was remodeled again in 1850 by Vaughn Montgomery who had married Robert Pettigrew's granddaughter Margaret Pettigrew. Ownership remained in the Pettigrew family until 1909. 


"Leaves From the Pettigrew Family Tree", by Penelope Johnson Allen, CLICK HERE


Pettigrew Family Shetch