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William Waddel McCorkle


Born:  08 May 1808, Mecklenburg County, North Carolina
Death: 11 Mar 1897 in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama

William Waddel McCorkle was the son of William Joel McCorkle and Elizabeth Waddell.  William was born 08 May 1808 in Mecklenburg County, NC.
Children of Joel McCorkle and Elizabeth Waddel
Name Birth Death Spouse
Sarah Miller McCorkle 16 Feb 1805    
William Waddel McCorkle 08 May 1808
Mcecklenburg Co, NC
11 Mar 1897
Colbert Co, AL
Mary Matilda Phillips
m. 27 Feb 1844
Thomas Jefferson McCorkle 29 Sep 1809 24 Dec 1895
Colbert Co, AL
Mary Elizabeth Autry
m. 1832
Jane Adaline McCorkle 12 Jan 1812    
Mary Levina McCorkle 22 Jul 1814    
Esther Carroline McCorkle 22 Sep 1816
Blount Co, TN
23 Oct 1893
Franklin Co, AL
John R. Hurst
m. 11 Jan 1838
Bain Alexander McCorkle 29 Nov 1818   Martha J. Jennings
m. 25 Oct 1855
Loiza Elizabeth McCorkle 30 Jul 1821
Blount Co, TN
  Linus McClung
m. 04 Jul 1848
Isabela Lucinda McCorkle 14 Jan 1824   James Young
m. 16 Sep 1846
William's brother, Thomas Jefferson McCorkle, arrived in Tuscumbia (Spring Hill or McCorkle Gap) in Alabama on 12 Oct 1832 from North Carolina.  William Waddel McCorkle came to Tuscumbia (Spring Hill or McCorkle Gap) from North Carolina in 1833 where he acquired 80 acres. 

William Waddel McCorkle

When William Waddel about 35 years old, he married Mary Matilda Phillips on 17 Feb 1844 in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama.  Mary was born Abt. 1824 and died Abt. 1849 in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama.  Their marriage produced three daughters.
Children of William Waddel McCorkle and Mary Matilda Phillips
Name Birth Death Spouse
Millie Modena McCorkle 24 Jan 1845
26 Jan 1933
William Charles Gray
Martha Isabel McCorkle Abt. 1847
  Roland Cassius Bunnell
m. 14 Dec 1871
Mary Epps McCorkle 15 Oct 1848
16 Jan 1930
(1) Lewis Autry*
(2) John Simpson Gray
m. 09 Nov 1867
*Bible of Iva Hopper Johnson says Mary Epps McCorkle was married to Lewis Autry
Even though she was only four years old at the time of her mother's death, eldest daughter Modena helped raise her sisters. 
William Waddel McCorkel was a farmer and worked hard raising cotton and corn crops in Spring Valley, Alabama.
The 1850 Census shows William McCorkle (spelled McKorkle on this Census) living with his mother (Elizabeth) and three daughters (Modina, age 6; Asabella, age 4; Mary, age 2) in District 5 of Franklin County, Alabama.  William Waddel McCorkle was listed as being 45 years old, but he actually was only 42.  This Census says the he, his mother, and eldest daughter Modina were all born in North Carolina while the two youngest girls were born in Alabama.

1850 District 5, Franklin County, Alabama, Census

Name Age Sex Occupation Birth
First Last
700 Elizabeth McKorkle 70 F Farmer N. Carolina
  William   45 M   "
  Modina   6 F   "
  Isabella   4 F   Ala(bama)
  Mary   2 F   Ala(bama)

William Waddel McCorkel


The 1870 Census shows that William Waddel McCorkle (age 63)  and his daughter Isabella (age 23) were living in Colbert County, Alabama.  The Census lists his birth location as North Carolina.  William's real estate value was $150 (land and buildings)  and his personal estate value was $275 (furniture, clothing, jewelry, farm animals, etc).
William Waddel McCorkle's eldest daughter, Modena McCorkle Gray, and her husband William Charles Gray were living nearby.  William Charles Gray's parents (William & Mahala Gray) were also living nearby.

1870 Colbert County, Alabama, Census

Name Age Sex Race Occup. Real Estate
Estate Value
Birth Mth Born
in 1870
Last First
32 Gray John S. 27 M W Farmer 250 200 Ala   X
  Gray Mary 21 F W Keeping House     Ala    
  ----- Mahala 1 F W       Ala    
33 Gray William 53 M W Farmer     Ala    
  ----- Mahala 49 F W Keeping House 100 200 Ala    
  ----- Cordilia 16 F W At Home     Ala    
  ----- Ivanna 13 F W At Home     Ala    
36 Gray William 24 M W Farmer 400 200 Ala    
  ----- Modena 25 F W Keeping House     Ala    
  ----- Mary 3 F W       Ala    
  ----- Zera 2 F W       Ala    
  ----- William 8/12 M W       Ala Oct  
37 McCorkle William 63 M W Farmer 150 275 NC    
    Isabella 23 F W Keeping House     Ala    

William McCorkle's (1860 - 1862) Southern Claims Record
03 March 1871

Name: William McCorkle Occupation: Farmer
Age:  66
Farm:  80 acres (15 -16 acres in cultivation)
Did not have a brother or son in Confederate Service, but did have nephews, all of Franklin Co. Alabama: Lewis McCorkle
Thomas Hurst
Marion Hurst
He (William Waddel McCorkle) was a guide with the advance of said command, Robert H. Hyde from William's residence to Suggs Shop, about 5 miles from William's home and 1/2 mile beyond Suggs Shop. He was then discharged & returned home.
William testified his family living at home at the time of the incident were his daughters Modena McCorkle, Martha I. McCorkle, Mary E. Grey.
Signed: Wm. McCorkle Witness' for Wm. McCorkle were:
James Osborne, age 42, no relationship, lived about 4 miles from Wm. Robert Tharp Jr. age 43, farmer - no relationship; lived 2 miles from William.
Robert H. Hyde age 26, lived in Colbert Co. Alabama; was clerk in grocery store. Was with said command as a guide at claimants home.
Also witness:
Mary Epps Grey (formerly McCorkle) age 24 - lived Colbert County, Alabama,  daughter of Wm. McCorkle
Signed: Mary E. Gray
The 1880 Census shows William McCorkle living in Colbert County, Alabama.  He is 83 years old and working on his farm.  The Census shows that he and both of his parents were born in North Carolina.  From the Census, it appears that the John Robertson family is also living with him, as well as a black single female farm laborer and her 3 year old son. 

1880 Colbert County, Alabama, Census

Name Race Sex Age Relation S/M
Occupation Birth
Last First Self F M
208 McKorkle William W M 73   Wd Farmer NC NC NC
  Robertson John W M 52   M Farmer Tenn Ga Ga
    Mary A. W F 47 Wife M Keeping
Georgia Tenn Tenn
    Harvey N. W M 19 Son S Farming Ala Tenn Tenn
    Mary V.B.E. W F 14 Daughter S At Home Ala Tenn Tenn
    Annie M. W F 11 Daughter S At Home Ala Tenn Tenn
  Kee Nitha B F 20 Foarder S Farm
Ala Ala Ala
  ----- John B M 3 Son     Ala Ala Ala

From DEED BOOK 9 - Page 179
Russelville, Franklin County
Alabama Courthouse

December A.D. 1884. Wm. J. Duley, Justice of the Peace
The State of Alabama, Franklin County
I hereby certify that the within Conveyance was filed in this office for record on the 22 day of Aug. 1902 at 11-30 o'clock a.m., and duly recorded on the 23rd day of Aug. 1902 in Record Book Vol. Deed No. 9 page 178-179 and examined.

R.J. Moody, Judge of Probate.

The State of Alabama, Franklin County
This indenture made and entered into this 21st day of November 1861 between Louis Hide and his wife Nancy Hide of the first part and William W. McCorkle of the second part all of said County and State witnesseth that the said Lewis Hide for and in consideration of the sum of sixty dollars to him in hand paid by the said William W. McCorkle the receipt where of is hereby acknowledged has this day bargained sold and conveyed and by these presents do hereby bargain sell and convey the unencumbered fee simple title to the following tract or parcel of land lying & being in the county of Franklin & State of Alabama and known by the No. as flows the North West fourth of the North West quarter of Section No. 2 Township No. 6 and range No. 11 together with all and singular the herditraments and apertenances there unto belonging to the same but nevertheless the said Hide is to have full access to a certain spring on said land and known as the Oak flat spring but the land is hereby converyed to said McCorkle to have and to hold the same unto the said W. W. McCorkle his heirs and assigns forever and the said Lewis Hide against himself his heirs and all other persons claims shall and will warnt and defend the title to same forever in testimony whereof we have set our hands & seals this 21 day of November 186..
Lewis Hyde (Seal)
Nancy Hyde (Seal)
The State of Alabama, Franklin County
Personally appeared before me W. S. Gray an acting Justice of the Peace in & for said County Nancy Hide wife of Lewis Hide and who is known to me acknowledged to me after being informed of the contents of the foregoing conveyance she signed the same voluntarily of her own accord the day the same bares date. Given under my hand and seal this 21st day of November 1861.
Wm. S. Gray J.P. (Seal)
The State of Alabama, Franklin County
I hereby certify that the within Conveyance was filed in this office for record on the 22 day of Aug. 1902 at 6 o'clock and duly recorded on the 23rd day if Aug, 1902 in Record Book Vol. Deed No. 9 page 179 and examined.
R.J. Moody, Judge of Probate
The State of Ala. Colbert County
Know all men by these presents that I William McCorkle for considerations to be hereafter named that I have this day deeded to John S. Gray the South half of the West half of the North West quarter of Section Two Township Six Range Eleven and where as agreed to give and did give to my daughter Modena Gray wife of William C. Gray said land and whereas by reason of an agreement made by contract by Modena Gray wife of W. C. Gray to sell and did sell said .... (Deedbook 9 - page 180, Russellville, Franklin County, Alabama Courthouse) hereby acknowledged and whereas the require me to execute a deed to said John S. Gray Now I therefore for the considerations above stated covenant and agree to and with the said John S. Gray that I am seized and possessed with full power and Rite to deed the same in fee simple absolute. Now I therefore in accordance and by the request of the contracting parties deed & convey unto the said John S. .... his heirs and assigns the above tract of land and I bind my self my heirs and my legal administrators to forever warrent and defend the title of the within tract of land to him the said John S. Gray and his heirs forever. In testimony whereof I hereunto signed my name and affixed my seal this 28 February 1885.
Signed sealed and delivered
W. McCorkle  (Seal)
In the presence of Wm. S. Gray
The State of Alabama, Franklin County
I hereby certify that the within Conveyance was filed in this office for record on the 22 day of Aug. 1902 at 6 o'clock P.M., and duly recorded on the 23rd day of Aug. 1902 in Record Book Vol. Deed                          
From Jill Jobe:
It has been said that William was blind in his latter years.
William Waddel McCorkle died 11 Mar 1897 in Tuscumbia, Colbert County, Alabama, at the home of his daughter, Mary Epps McCorkle Gray.
March 19, 1897


According to the North Alabamian, March 19, 1897, published in Tuscumbia, AL, in a social column on LITTLEVILLE, ALA., March 16 --

"Died at the residence of his son-in-law, Mr. John (Simpson) Gray, on March 12th (Family history says 11th), Mr. Wm. McCorkle, aged 90. His remains were interred in the family burial grounds in the presence of a number of relatives and friends."  


Headstone for William Waddel McCorkle

A special thanks to Jill Jobe (and her research partner of many years, Richard Austin Bain), who shared photos and information about McCorkle family - including William Waddel McCorkle and his daughter Modena McCorkle Gray.  You can contact Jill at .

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