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Charles Ivey Loftin, Sr.


Born: 10 Jan 1878, Lincoln County, NC
Died: 15 Sep 1943, Gaston County, NC

Charles Ivey Loftin, Sr., was the first child born to John Amenns Loftin and Martha Ann Beatty.  Charles was born 10 Jan 1878 in Lincoln County, NC.
John Amens Loftin and Martha Ann Beatty had at least nine children - according to the 1900 Gaston County Census.
Children of John Amenns Loftin & Martha Ann Beatty
Name Birth Death Spouse
Charles Ivey Loftin, Sr. 10 Jan 1879 15 Sep 1943 Martha Jane Jackson
Letty Loftin Abt. 1880    
Minnie Loftin May 1887   Joseph H. Sellers
William "Willie" Loftin Jun 1891    
Mary Loftin Jul 1894   (Unknown) Brown
The 1880 Census shows John Amenns Loftin and his wife, Martha, living in the Mountain Creek Township of Catawba County, NC.  John's age was 24, Martha was 23, Charlie was 2 and Lettie was 6 months old.

1880 Catawba County, NC, Census

Name Race Sex Age Relationship S/M Occupation Birth
Last First Self Father Mother
Loftin John W M 24 Head M Works on Farm N. Carolina NC NC
----- Martha W F 23 Wife M Keeping House N. Carolina NC NC
----- Charley W M 2 Son S   N. Carolina NC NC
----- Letty W F 2/12 Daughter S   N. Carolina NC NC
By 1900, the John Amenns Loftin family is living in the Gastonia Township of Gaston County, NC.  John was 44 and Martha was 43.  Her "Sex" was incorrectly listed as "M".  The Census does reveal that Martha had given birth to 9 children, but only 4 were still living.  Daughter Lettie, who was born about 1880, had died prior to the 1900 Census. Oldest son, Charlie (Charles Ivey) was 22 and was working as a "Printer.  The Census further shows that John and Martha owned their home.

1900 Gaston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S/M Yrs
Children Birth Occupation Home
Last First Month Year Born Alive
Loftin J.A. Head W M Mar 1856 44 M 23     NC Foreman ??
Blind Factory
----- M.A. Wife W M Nov 1856 43 M 23 9 4 NC House Keeper  
----- Charlie Son W M Jan 1878 22 S       NC Printer  
----- Minnie Daughter W F May 1887 13 S       NC At School  
----- Willie Daughter W M Jun 1891 8 S       NC At School  
----- Mary Daughter W F Jul 1894 5 S       NC    
Charles married Martha Jane "Janie" Jackson around 1906.  Janie was born 01 Jul 1878.

Charles Ivey Loftin and Martha Jane "Janie" Jackson  

Charles and Janie's first child, Mary Louise Loftin, was born 12 May 1907 - but she 14 Jun 1908.
The 1910 Census shows them living in Ward 2 of the Gastonia Township in Gaston County, NC.  Charles was 32 and Janie was 31.  The Census shows that they have been married for four years and that Janie had given birth to a child who was no longer living.  Charles was still working as a "Printer".

1910 Gaston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S/M Yrs
Children Birth Occupation
Last First Born Alive Self Dad Mom
Loftin Charles I. Head M W 32 M1 4     NC NC NC Printer
----- Janie J. Wife F W 31 M1 4 1 0 NC SC NC None
Much of the information on this copy of Charles' WW1 Registration Card is hard to read, but we can tell that his eyes were "Blue", his hair color was "Light", his height was tall and his build was medium.  His wife, Janie, is listed as his "Nearest Relative".  He also lists his date of birth as "Jan 10, 18878".

Charles Ivey Loftin's WW1 Registration Card

By 1920, Charles & Janie were living in Ward 6 of the Gastonia Township of Gaston County, NC.  They had three children: Charles Ivey Jr, age 8, John Frank, age 5, and Martha Jackson, age 3 and 2 months.  The family owned their home, mortgage free.  The Census shows that Charles Sr. and Janie could both read and write and that Charles Jr. and John were in school.

1920 Gaston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S/M School Read
Birth Occup.
Last First O/R F/M Self Dad Mom
Loftin Charles I. Head O F M W 41 M   Yes NC NC NC Printing
----- Janie J. Wife     F W 40 M   Yes NC SC NC None
Loftin Charles I. Son     M W 8 S Yes   NC NC NC None
----- John F. Son     M W 5 S Yes   NC NC NC None
----- Martha J. Daughter     F W 3.5 S     NC NC NC None

At 20 years old, Charles Ivey Loftin Sr. was barely a man, but was already shouldering a man’s responsibilities. Out of school and on his own, he worked as a printer for the Gastonia Gazette. While preparing type in the Gazette’s “back shop,” he got to know George Glenn, a machinist. As the acquaintance blossomed into friendship, Glenn saw something in the young Loftin that he liked and trusted. Eventually, Glenn asked Loftin to leave the Gazette and become a partner in his printing firm. Doing so, the two formed Glenn & Loftin, Printers in 1898.
Glenn & Loftin endured until 1903, when Glenn left to enter the plumbing business. With $500 provided by a silent partner, Loftin bought Glenn’s interest, and the firm was rechristened Loftin & Company (the “& Company” reflected the presence of the silent partner, as business law then required).
The stock market crash of 1929 and the Depression that followed posed challenges for Loftin & Company. However, Loftin & Company made it through the 1930s without missing a payroll or declaring bankruptcy, and the firm survived the shortages of World War II without problem.


The 1930 Census shows the Charles Ivey Loftin, Sr., family still living in Ward # 6 of the Gastonia Township of Gaston County, NC.  Charles was operating his own business at Loftin Printer Company, but no one else in the home was working.  Charles and Janie owned their home, which was valued at $15,000.
In addition to their children (Charles Ivey Jr, age 18; John Frank, age 15; Martha Jackson, age 12; William "Billy" Earl, age 10), Charles' mother (Martha Ann Beatty Loftin, age 73) was also living with them.  The Census lists the relationship as "Mother" and the sex as "F", so we know it was Martha instead of Charles' father, John A., as the Census says. 
Charles' eldest daughter, Mary Louise Loftin Brown, age 36, had divorced and moved back home with her parents.

1930 Gaston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S/M
School Read
Birth Occup. Occup.
Last First O/R Value Self Dad Mom
Loftin Charles I. Head O $15,000 M W 52 M 29 No Yes NC NC NC Printer Loftin
Printer Co.
----- Janie J. Wife     F W 51 M 27 No Yes NC SC NC None  
----- Charles I Son     M W 18 S   Yes Yes NC NC NC None  
----- John F. Son     M W 15 S   Yes Yes NC NC NC None  
----- Martha J. Daughter     F W 13 S   Yes Yes NC NC NC None  
----- Billy E. Son     M W 10 S   Yes Yes NC NC NC None  
Loftin John A. Father     F W 73 Wd 20 No Yes NC NC NC None  
Brown Mary Daughter     F W 36 D   No Yes NC NC NC None  
By 1940, Charles and Janie were living alone except for their son William "Billy" Earl Loftin, age 20.  Charles was 62, still living in Gastonia, and still working as a printer.

1940 Gaston County, NC, Census

Home Name Relation Sex Race Age S/M Education Birth Occupation Job
O/R Value Last First School
This Year
O $6000 Loftin Charles I. Head M W 62 M No   NC Printer Printing
    ----- Janie Wife F W 62 M No   NC    
    ----- William E. Son M W 20 S Yes   NC    

Children of Charles Ivey Loftin Sr. & Martha Jane "Janie" Jackson

Name Birth Death Spouse
Mary Louise Loftin 12 May 1907 14 Jun 1908 [Died in Infancy]
Charles Ivey Loftin, Jr. 06 Jun 1911 09 Jun 1966 Carolyn Browne Highsmith
John Frank Loftin 04 Aug 1914 30 Jan 1945 Anita Smith
Martha Jackson Loftin 13 Oct 1916 28 Apr 2006 Hubert Glenn Whaley
William "Billy" Earl Loftin 10 Jan 1920   Martha Jane Enck
Charles died 14 Sep 1943 in Gastonia, Gaston County, NC.  He was 65 years old.  Janie died 25 Feb 1961 at the age of 82.  They were buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Gastonia beside of their infant daughter, Mary Louise Loftin.

Headstone at Oakwood Cemetery in Gastonia, NC


Janie's Death Certificate reveals that her cause of death was "congestive heart failure".  It further shows that her parents were John Frank Jackson and Mary Isabell Adams.  She was living at 213 W. Third St, Gastonia, NC, at the time of her death.  Her son, Charles Ivey Loftin, Jr., was the death informant.

Martha Jane "Janie" Jackson Loftin's Death Certificate


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