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Thomas Percy Loftin




Born: 19 Mar 1889
Died:  03 Sep 1978

Thomas Percy Loftin was the second child born to Thomas Smith Loftin (b.1863) and Mary Jane Hartline.  Thomas Percy was born 19 Mar 1889.

The Thomas Smith Loftin family

(Left to Right - Top to Bottom)
4th Row: Thomas Percy, Stokes Mills, Grover Exell
3rd Row: David Moose, Foy Tate
2nd Row: Thomas Smith, Mary Jane, Lillie May, Mary Emma
1st Row: John Havener, Robert Fred, Harry Guy

Children of Thomas Smith Loftin and Mary Jane Hartline
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Lillie May Loftin 19 Feb 1887 20 Dec 1974 William Weldon Brown
14 Nov 1917
Thomas Percy Loftin 19 Mar 1889 03 Sep 1978 Banie Lee Lytton
28 Jan 1915
Grover Exell Loftin 13Nov 1892 12 Jul 1985 Rosie Snook
05 Jul 1916
Stokes Mills Loftin 20 Apr 1894 05 Apr 1974 Vannie Mae Orren
18 Sep 1915
David Moose Loftin 14 Jul 1896   Edna Alma Compton
16 Dec 1920
Foy Tate Loftin 30 May 1898 05 Feb 1981 Catherine Hethcox
Mary Emma Loftin 07 Mar 1900 23 Dec 1930  
John Havener Loftin 31 May 1902   Shirley Shook
09 Jun 1933
Harry Guy Loftin 12 Jul 1904 08 May 1995 Floy Louise Douglas
10 Jun 1933
Robert Fred Loftin 30 Sep 1907 16 Apr 1976 Lelia Hazel Winecoff
14 Dec 1931
The first census to show information about Thomas Percy's family is the Iredell County Census of 1900, where the family was living in Fallstown Township.  The census lists Thomas Smith & Mary Jane's children as: Lillie M., Thomas P., Grover E., Stokes M., David M., Foy T., and Mary E.  Thomas Percy's age was listed as 11 and his birthday is Mar 1889.
1900 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Birthdate Age Yrs.
# of
# Kids
Birth Occupation Read &
Last First Month Year
Loftin Thomas Head M Dec 1863 36 15     NC Farmer Yes
----- Mary J. Wife F Mar 1866 34 15 7 7 NC   Yes
----- Lillie M. Daughter F Feb 1887 13       NC   Yes
----- Thomas P. Son M Mar 1889 11       NC   Yes
---- Grover E. Son M Nov 1991 8       NC   Yes
----- Stokes M. Son M Apr 1994 6       NC    
----- David M. Son M Jul 1996 3       NC    
----- Foy T. Son M May  1998 2       NC    
----- Mary E. Daughter F Mar 1900 2/16       NC    
The 1910 tells that the family was living on Lewis Ferry Rd. in Fallstown Township of Iredell County.  Thomas Percy's age is 21 and he's still living with his parents and siblings.
1910 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Ate S/M/W Age
# of
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thos. S. Head M 46 Md. 24     NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F 42 Md. 24 10 10 NC None
----- Percy Son M 21 S       NC Farmer
----- L. May Daughter F 23 S       NC None
----- Grover Son M 17 S       NC Farmer
----- Stokes Son M 15 S       NC Farmer
----- Dave Son M 12 S       NC None
----- Mary Daughter F 10 S       NC None
----- Tate Son M 8 S       NC None
----- Guy Son M 6 S       NC None
----- Fred Son M 2 S       NC None
----- John Son M 4 S       NC None

Sons of Thomas Smith Loftin

Thomas Percy married Banie Lee Lytton/Litton on 28 Jan 1915.  Banie was born 24 Oct 1892.
The 1920 Census of Fallstown Township in Iredell County lists Thomas Percy's age as 30 and Banie as 27.  They had 3 daughters: Hazel, Virginia and Eugenia.  The two youngest girls were twins
1920 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Home
Sex Race Age S/M/W Read
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas P. Head R M W 30 M Yes NC Farmer
----- Banie L. Wife   F W 27 M Yes NC None
----- Hazel J. Daughter   F W 3 11/12 S   NC  
----- Virgina Dan Daughter   F W 2 10/12 S   NC  
----- Eugenia Clan Daughter   F W 2 10/12 S   NC  

1923 February 22, Thursday


Opposes Consolidation

Mrs. T. P. Loftin is Opposed to Consolidation in the First place and with Throutman in the second place - Rural communities must hold on to school.
Statesville, R-3, Feb 21 - Our correspondent from this community seems to have drawn a beautiful picture with our school moved over to Troutman and our children going to and from school in a truck.  Now, I believe I express the sentiment of the majority of the people of the Ostwalt school community, when I say, "we want to keep our school where it is as long as it is possible", and so long as the people are opposed to consolidation, it seems to me, we have a right to keep it.  The constitution of the United States ays our government is a government of the people for the people and by the people, and so it should be, but in some things it may be for the people, but it is not by them.  The time was when we could vote for our county superintendent but we are denied the privilege that any more.  So we have to take what is thrust upon us.  It is true the enrollment in our school has grown less in the last few years, but the average attendance being changed from 30 to 38 has hurt our school more than anything else.  It seems that the change from 30 to 38 before a school can have two teachers was made in order to bring about consolidation sooner.  I am not in favor of consolidation at all, but if I were I would prefer to consolidate with the other rural schools, rather than with the Troutman High.  I think too many children are being rushed through the grades now in order to complete high school at 16 or 17 years of age, regardless of whether they really know anything or not.  A child's mind should have time to develop in order to fully understand what he is studying.  But now they must complete one grade a year or be regarded as "stupid."  And another thing: I think we country folks should strive to keep more of our boys and girls in the country, and it is harder to do this if we have to send them to school in the towns, for they will naturally be influenced by their surroundings, and by the time they are through school, too many are through with the country, too.  I say, keep our town and country schools apart.  I, for one at least, have not become resigned to the idea of consolidation, and of having to send children off to school in a truck some of which would be mere babies, you may say.  For even with a careful driver, there is danger, for the "careful driver" always has to contend with those who are not carful, therefore there is always danger of meeting with accidents.

Mrs. T. P. Loftin


1923 June 18, Monday


Busy Days Down on the Farm

     Eugenia, little daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Loftin, has been suffering with a very sore foot.  Dr. Talley lanced it Sunday and she is doing nicely.
     The following named persons have bought new ranges within the last few weeks:  Messrs. R. E. Troutman, T. P. Loftin, H. M. Litton, John Clodfelter, T. C. Ostwalt, W. A. Suther, H. B. Collins, D. I. Troutman and possibly others.

1923 July 12, Thursday


Mr. T. P. Loftin

     Mr. T. P. Loftin is going on crutches as a result of having two boils on his knee.  Dr. Talley is treating them.

1923 September 13


At Long's Sanatorium

     Mr. T. P. Loftin, of Statesville, R-3, who had been a patient at Long's Sanatorium, has returned hom.  New patients are Miss Minnie Cloer, Granite Falls; Miss Edith Kyles, Troutman; Master Joe Moose, Newton; Master Lowrance Patterson, Houstonville.

1923 September 17


Mr. T. P. Loftin Has Nose Surgery

     Mr. T. P. Loftin who went to Long's Sanatorium Saturday, for the removal of some pieces of shattered bone from his nose, returned home Wednesday and is doing very well.  It will be remembered that his nose was broken about two weeks ago, during a baseball game between Newton and Ostwalt's.  Mr. Loftin says he is through playing baseball.

1923 September 27


The News of Statesville, Route Three

     Little Eugenia Loftin has been right sick for more than a week, but was thought to be slightly improved yesterday.
     Little Louise Collins is sick with tonsillitis.  She became ill Monday while visiting at  Mr. T. P. Loftin's.
The 1930 Iredell County shows Thomas Smith Loftin and Mary were still living in Fallstown Township.  Two of their sons, Thomas Percy and Stokes Mills, were renting property nearby their parent and making their living as farmers. 
Thomas and Banie had five children: Hazel, age 14, Virginia & Eugenia, both age 12, Forest, age 5, and Thelma, age 2.
1930 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Home
Sex Race Age S/M/W Age at
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas Head R M W 41 M 26 NC Farmer
----- Vany Lee Wife   F W 36 M 21 NC None
----- Hazel Daughter   F W 14 S   NC None
----- Virginia Daughter   F W 12 S   NC None
----- Eugene Daughter   F W 12 S   NC None
----- Forest Son   M W 5 S   NC None
----- Thelma Daughter   F W 2 S   NC None
Children of Thomas Percy Loftin and Banie Lee Lytton
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Hazel Jane Loftin 08 Jan 1916    
Virginia Dale Loftin 10 Dec 1917    
Eugenia Clare Loftin 10 Dec 1917 20 Jun 2006  
Forest Lee Loftin 08 Oct 1924    
Thelma Lenora Loftin 11 Dec 1927    

1945 May 28


Forrest L. Loftin Honored at Dinner

     Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Loftin, of Statesville, Routhe 3, entertained at dinner Friday evening, in honor of their son, Forrest L. Loftin, G M 3-C, of Little Creek, Va., who was at home on a short leave. 
     Guests, in addition to Mr. Loftin, were Mr. and Mrs. Tate Loftin, Miss Audrey Loftin, Mr. Eugene Collins and Mr. William Loftin.

Thomas Percy Loftin and Banie Lee Lytton Loftin


Thomas Percy Loftin died 03 Sep 1978 and Banie died 30 Aug 1981 in Statesville, NC.

Obituary for Thomas Percy Loftin


Obituary For Bannie Lee Lytton Loftin

       Banie had a will of iron.  A homemaker, mother, wife and a strong-hold of the community.  It is certain that her passing is felt by everyone who was fortunate to have know her.  
       A rare gift of wit and wisdom, was a feature most prominent with Banie.  Very outspoken and very aware of the world around her.  I could listen to her for hours.  Overcoming hardships and facing obstacles, large and small, she came through with a lesson for all.  
       Dessie once wrote to me "if the world could obtain a small piece of the wisdom and insight that Banie possessed, what a place on earth this would be!"  
       She loved young people.  They loved her.  Her 88 years were full.  Each year a chapter in a book now complete.  What is left is what we have of Banie.  
       Priceless memories; valued insights on life; and the warmth of her love, as we remember Banie.  And what a remembrance it is, and shall be.  
                  Curtis W. Fortner
Statesville, NC



1946 April 4


Forrest L. Loftin Home From Navy

     Forest L. Loftin, Gm 2-C, son of Mr. and Mrs. T. P. Loftin of Route 3, is at home and his dad says he "talks like he may help farm this summer."
     This fall he will go back to Brevard to complete a college course that he was engaged in when he went into service.
     Forest entered service in October, 1942, and served on the U.S.S. L.S.M.R  ?17.  He has the American Area Medal, Victory World Ward II Medal, European African Area and Good-Conduct Medals.  He had his Honorable Discharge from service at Camp Shelton, Va., on April 2.




Thomas Smith Loftin Lineage information by  by David Moose Loftin Jr. & Elfreda A. Loftin


A special thanks to Harry Guy Loftin of Troutman, NC, for sharing the photos and information on his family.
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