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David Moose Loftin




Born: 14 Jul 1896, Iredell County, NC
Died:  16 Apr 1947

David Moose Loftin was the fifth child born to Thomas Smith Loftin (b.1863) and Mary Jane Hartline.  Dave was born 14 Jul 1896 in Iredell County, NC.

The Thomas Smith Loftin family

(Left to Right - Top to Bottom)
4th Row: Thomas Percy, Stokes Mills, Grover Exell
3rd Row: David Moose, Foy Tate
2nd Row: Thomas Smith, Mary Jane, Lillie May, Mary Emma
1st Row: John Havener, Robert Fred, Harry Guy

Children of Thomas Smith Loftin and Mary Jane Hartline
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Lillie May Loftin 19 Feb 1887 20 Dec 1974 William Weldon Brown
14 Nov 1917
Thomas Percy Loftin 19 Mar 1889 03 Sep 1978 Banie Lee Lytton
28 Jan 1915
Grover Exell Loftin 13Nov 1892 12 Jul 1985 Rosie Snook
05 Jul 1916
Stokes Mills Loftin 20 Apr 1894 05 Apr 1974 Vannie Mae Orren
18 Sep 1915
David Moose Loftin 14 Jul 1896   Edna Alma Compton
16 Dec 1920
Foy Tate Loftin 30 May 1898 05 Feb 1981 Catherine Hethcox
Mary Emma Loftin 07 Mar 1900 23 Dec 1930  
John Havener Loftin 31 May 1902   Shirley Shook
09 Jun 1933
Harry Guy Loftin 12 Jul 1904 08 May 1995 Floy Louise Douglas
10 Jun 1933
Robert Fred Loftin 30 Sep 1907 16 Apr 1976 Lelia Hazel Winecoff
14 Dec 1931
The first census to show information about Thomas Smith Loftin's family is the Iredell County Census of 1900, where the family was living in Fallstown Township.  The census lists Thomas & Mary Jane's children as: Lillie M., Thomas P., Grover E., Stokes M., David M., Foy T., and Mary E.  David Moose Loftin's age was 3 years old.
1900 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Birthdate Age Yrs.
# of
# Kids
Birth Occupation Read &
Last First Month Year
Loftin Thomas Head M Dec 1863 36 15     NC Farmer Yes
----- Mary J. Wife F Mar 1866 34 15 7 7 NC   Yes
----- Lillie M. Daughter F Feb 1887 13       NC   Yes
----- Thomas P. Son M Mar 1889 11       NC   Yes
---- Grover E. Son M Nov 1991 8       NC   Yes
----- Stokes M. Son M Apr 1994 6       NC    
----- David M. Son M Jul 1996 3       NC    
----- Foy T. Son M May  1998 2       NC    
----- Mary E. Daughter F Mar 1900 2/16       NC    
The 1910 tells that the family was living on Lewis Ferry Rd. in Fallstown Township of Iredell County.  David's age was12.
1910 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Ate S/M/W Age
# of
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thos. S. Head M 46 Md. 24     NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F 42 Md. 24 10 10 NC None
----- Percy Son M 21 S       NC Farmer
----- L. May Daughter F 23 S       NC None
----- Grover Son M 17 S       NC Farmer
----- Stokes Son M 15 S       NC Farmer
----- Dave Son M 12 S       NC None
----- Mary Daughter F 10 S       NC None
----- Tate Son M 8 S       NC None
----- Guy Son M 6 S       NC None
----- Fred Son M 2 S       NC None
----- John Son M 4 S       NC None

Sons of Thomas Smith Loftin

In 1915 David Moved to Wilmington, Deleware to work on the Pennsylvania Rail Road as a Fireman. 
During World War 1 the Rail Road drafted him for the duration of the war.  After the war, he did carpenter work in and around Troutman, NC.
On 05 Jun 1918, David Moose Loftin registered for the US military draft.  He was 22 years old.  Most interesting was the fact that he was not living in North Carolina, but was living at 3611 Fairmount Dr, Philadelphia, PA, and working as a fireman.  His eye color was listed as grey and hair color as dark brown.


The 1920 Census of Fallstown Township in Iredell County shows that David Moose Loftin is back home living with his parents and siblings.  His age as 23 and his occupation is still that of a fireman.
1920 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Race Age S/M/W School Read
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas S. Head M W 53 M   Yes NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F W 52 M   Yes NC None
----- David M. Son M W 23 S   Yes NC Fireman
----- Tate Son M W 21 S   Yes NC Farm Labor
----- Mary E. Daughter F W 19 S Yes Yes NC None
----- John H. Son M W 17 S Yes Yes NC Farm Labor
----- Guy H. Son M W 15 S Yes Yes NC None
----- Fred R. Son M W 12 S Yes Yes NC None
Howell Emma Half Sister F W 77 Wd.   Yes NC None
Dave married Edna Alma Compton on 16 Dec 1920.  Alma was the daughter of Thomas Jefferson Compton and Mary Emma Troutman.  Edna was born 14 Apr 1901.Their marriage produced four children.

1924 July 10, Thursday


Newsy Week at Troutman

     Mr. Dave Loftin has about completed an elegant little bungalow on his lot.  He will occupy the house shortly.
Children of David Moose Loftin and Edna Alma Compton
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
David Moose Loftin, Jr. 06 Jul 1922   Elfreda Irene Ambrose
10 Jun 1945
Kenneth Loftin 06 Nov 1923
  Esther VanCleave
05 Mar 1944
Mary Helen Loftin 12 Jul 1926   Eldridge Larry Burnthorne
06 Jun 1952
William Halton Loftin 24 Jul 1928   (1) Betty Ruth Dover
28 Jun 1950
(2) Diane Stump - 1974

(Below) Edna Alma, holding Mary, and David Moose Loftin
with David Jr. (right) and Kenneth (left)


1928 May 28, Monday


Evidence For the State

     R. H. Kale, superintendent of a cotton mill at Troutman, when called to the stand by the State, gave Blaine Compton a good name.
     Blaine Compton, brother of Mrs. Bessie Orren, wife of the deceased, Butler Orren, testified that he was present at Orren's home Sunday afternoon before the shooting occurred on Tuesday, and never heard the deceased make any threats against Harrison Troutman.
     Dave Loftin, who married Mrs. Bessie Orren's sister, a daughter of Tom Compton, stated that he had never heard Butler Orren threaten to take the life of Harrison Troutman.
     Thomas Compton, son of Blaine Compton, and grandson of Thomas Compton, said he never heard Orren make threats against Troutman.
     Henry Brown gave good characters for Dave Loftin, Mrs. Bessie Orren and Pomp Compton.
     Good characters for Mrs. Bessie Orren and Pomp Compton were given by the following witnesses: a. Q. Waugh, Lax Watts, Mart Troutman, C. A. Kyles, Oscar Murdock and Monroe Adams.
     J. T. Smith and I. N. Brown were called and gave Dave Loftin a good character.
     A. S. Alley testified that the character of Blaine Compton is good as far as he knew.
     John Pool testifies that Butler Orren had been working for him on a house the day of the shooting.  They quit work that afternoon about 5:30 o'clock and drove out the Mountain Road, Butler driving in front, the witness stated.
     Pomp Compton was called in rebuttal and testified that Butler was standing in the road, with his hands by his side, when shot.  Compton stated he was about 100 feet from the deceased when the fatal shot was fired.

1929 January 3, Thursday


Funeral For Mrs. Alma Compton Loftin Wednesday Afternoon

     The funeral service for Mrs. Alma Compton Loftin, wife of Mr. David M. Loftin, of Troutman, who died Monday, was held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock at Bethel Baptist church, with interment in the Bethel cemetery.  The service was in charge of Rev. John Cline, assisted by Rev. J. A. McKaughan, Rev. J. I. Hood and Rev. E. F. Troutman.
     Mrs. Loftin is survived by her husband and four small children; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Compton; three brothers, Messrs. Blaine, Ben and Pomp Compton; and two sisters, Mrs. Butler Orren, and a younger sister who lives with her parents.  Mrs. Loftin was 25 years olf.
Alma died on 31 Dec 1928 from pneumonia, leaving Dave with four small children.  She was 25 years old.  She was buried at Bethel Baptist Church near East Monbo, NC.
Alma Compton/Croupton Loftin's Death Certificate


OBITUARY for Edna Alma Compton Loftin


1929 April 15


Troutman News

     Mr. David M. Loftin is improving after several weeks of serious illness.
The 1930 Fallstown Township Census shows Dave living on his parents farm.  His age is 33, his occupation is that of a carpenter, and he's a widower. 
1930 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Home
Sex Race Age S/M/W Age at
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas Head O M W 66 M 23 NC Farmer
----- Mary Jane Wife   F W 63 M 18 NC None
----- Mary Daughter   F W 30 S   NC Nurse
----- John Son   M W 27 S   NC Teacher
----- Guy Son   M W 25 S   NC Farmer
----- Fred Son   M W 22 S   NC None
----- Dave Son   M W 33 Wd. 23 NC Carpenter
The 1930 Forsyth County Census shows two of Dave and Alma's children living in the Children's Home in Winston Salem - Kenneth, age 7, David Jr., age 8, and Mary Helen, age 3.  There is no indication where the youngest child, William Halton Loftin, age 2, was living.
1930 Forsyth County Census - Winston Salem, NC

In 1930, David moved to Iowa.
On 02 Dec 1931, David married Bertha Lenora Snook.  Bertha was born 26 Sep 1909 in Poweshiek Co, Iowa.  She was the daughter of Mark Edward Snook and Mary Alice Gilbreath.  Their marriage produced three children.
Children of David Moose Loftin and Bertha Lenora Snook
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Glenn Ray Loftin 29 Mar 1933 07 Jun 1953 Betty Gregory
01 Jun 1952
Wayne Eugene Loftin 19 Sep 1934   Jean Stone
09 Dec 1956
Barbara Jean Loftin 04 May 1949   Robert Alan Brotherson
25 Feb 1967

1946 August 8


T.S. Loftin's Sons Visit

     Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Loftin enjoyed a gathering of their children and grandchildren Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tate Loftin in Troutman.  Dinner was served picnic style on the lawn and the family spent a happy day together.
     Members of the family present for the gathering were John Loftin, a son, from Borger, Texas; Mr. Percy Loftin, a son, with his family; Mrs. W. W. Brown, a daughter, and Mr. Brown; another son, Mr. Guy Loftin, and family, all of the Troutman community; Private Robert F. Loftin, of the Army Postal Terminal, New York City, and his family; and Mr. Tate Loftin and family of Troutman.
David Moose Loftin's Signature


"Dave Loftin holds the trophy he received April 19 for being the oldest bowler to participate in the state's 27th annual Senior Bowl bowling tournament.  The trophy is engraved with his name and says "90 years old" on it but Dave says that's stretching things a little because he won't be 90 until this July.  The tournament was held in Iowa Falls this year and a total of 1100 bowlers participated, including several from this area, Loftin said."




David Moose Loftin Jr. married Elfreda Irene Ambrose on 10 Jun 1945 on Maui, Hawaii.  She is the daughter of Ben Mereiros Ambrose and Eliza Jardin.  Elfreda was born 07 Jun 1922 in Paia, Maui, Hawaii.  She attended Kaunoa School on Maui and Sacred Hearts Acadamy in Honolulu, Oahu, Hawaii.  During World War II she worked for the Navy at the Puunene Air Advance Training Center on Maui.  David served in the U.S. Marine Corps during World War II from October 1942 until October 1945.  He received an Honorable discharge.  He attended the Stat University of Iowa and received LLB from Blackstone School of Law in Chicago.  He moved to Maui, Hawaii in 1949 and worked for Libby McNeill & Libby A. Industrial Engineer.  He moved to Texas in 1959 and was plant industrial engineer for Crown Zellerbach.  He made a company move in 1968 to Tampa, Florida, and retired from Crown Zellerbach in 1982.
Mary Helen Loftin married Eldridge Larry Burnthorne on 06 Jun 1952.  Eldridge was the son of Luke Marion Burnthorne and Mary Ann Reid.  Larry was born 05 April 1927 in Folsom, Louisiana.  Mary Helen grew up in Winston Salem, NC.  In 1941, she moved to Montezuma, Iowa, and attended Montezuma High School.  She moved to Houston, Texas, in April 1949 where she met Larry, who was then a Captain of the Oil tanker George McDonald. 

William Halton Loftin married Betty Ruth Dover on 28 Jun 1950.  She was the daughter of Audry Isa Dover and Nanny Josephine Stowe.  Betty was born in Harrisburg, NC.  William was Mayor of Lakeland, Florida in 1963.  Some years later, he was President of the Lakeland Area Chamber of Commerce.  He was very active in Commercial Real Estate and community affairs.

Christmas Card from Bill, Betty and girls (Sandra, Sharon & Stephanie)




Glenn Ray Loftin  married Betty Gregory on 01 Jun 1952 in a double ring ceremony in the Montezuma Methodist Church.  Glenn was killed on 07 Jun 1953 in an automobile accident.  He was only 20 years old at the time of the accident.  Glenn had been married less than a year and a child was on the way.
Wayne Eugene Loftin married Jean Stone on 09 Dec 1956.  Wayne graduated from Montezuma High School and moved to the west coast.  He served three years in the U.S. Marine Corps during the Korean Conflict and was Honorably discharged 12 Jan 1957.
Barbara Jean Loftin married Robert Alan Brothersen on 25 Feb 1967.  Robert was the son of Harold Brothersen and Genevive McGivern.




Thomas Smith Loftin Lineage information by  by David Moose Loftin Jr. & Elfreda A. Loftin


A special thanks to Harry Guy Loftin of Troutman, NC, for sharing the photos and information on his family.
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