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Robert Fred Loftin




Born: 30 Sep 1907, Iredell County, NC
Died:  16 Apr 1976, Iredell County, NC


Robert Fred Loftin was the last child born to Thomas Smith Loftin (b.1862) and Mary Jane Hartline.  Robert Fred was nicknamed "Jack" and was born 20 Sep 1907 in Iredell County, NC.

The Thomas Smith Loftin family

(Left to Right - Top to Bottom)
4th Row: Thomas Percy, Stokes Mills, Grover Exell
3rd Row: David Moose, Foy Tate
2nd Row: Thomas Smith, Mary Jane, Lillie May, Mary Emma
1st Row: John Havener, Robert Fred, Harry Guy

Children of Thomas Smith Loftin and Mary Jane Hartline
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Lillie May Loftin 19 Feb 1887 20 Dec 1974 William Weldon Brown
14 Nov 1917
Thomas Percy Loftin 19 Mar 1889 03 Sep 1978 Banie Lee Lytton
28 Jan 1915
Grover Exell Loftin 13 Nov 1892 12 Jul 1985 Rosie Snook
05 Jul 1916
Stokes Mills Loftin 20 Apr 1894 05 Apr 1974 Vannie Mae Orren
18 Sep 1915
David Moose Loftin 14 Jul 1896   Edna Alma Compton
16 Dec 1920
Foy Tate Loftin 30 May 1898 05 Feb 1981 Catherine Hethcox
Mary Emma Loftin 07 Mar 1900 23 Dec 1930  
John Havener Loftin 31 May 1902   Shirley Shook
09 Jun 1933
Harry Guy Loftin 12 Jul 1904 08 May 1995 Floy Louise Douglas
10 Jun 1933
Robert Fred Loftin 30 Sep 1907 16 Apr 1976 Lelia Hazel Winecoff
14 Dec 1931
The 1910 shows that the Thomas Smith Loftin family was living on Lewis Ferry Rd. in Fallstown Township of Iredell County.  Robert Fred's age was 2 years old.
1910 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Ate S/M/W Age
# of
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thos. S. Head M 46 Md. 24     NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F 42 Md. 24 10 10 NC None
----- Percy Son M 21 S       NC Farmer
----- L. May Daughter F 23 S       NC None
----- Grover Son M 17 S       NC Farmer
----- Stokes Son M 15 S       NC Farmer
----- Dave Son M 12 S       NC None
----- Mary Daughter F 10 S       NC None
----- Tate Son M 8 S       NC None
----- Guy Son M 6 S       NC None
----- Fred Son M 2 S       NC None
----- John Son M 4 S       NC None

Heritage of Iredell County, Vol. 1

p. 82 (#77)

"South Iredell Schools - Ostwalt School"

  Students on honor roll in March 1916 were Mary and Fred Freeze; Anna and Gaither Menscer; Golda, Ethel and Escar Troutman; John, Guy and Fred Loftin; and Ola and Nellie Troutman.  
The 1920 Census of Fallstown Township in Iredell County indicates that in addition to Thomas and Mary, Thomas' widowed half-sister Emmy Howell (Mrs. Jefferson Howell), age 77, was also living with the family.  Six of Thomas & Mary's children were still living at home: David, Tate, Mary, John Guy and Fred (Jack).  Robert Fred's age was 12.  He attended school and could read and write.
1920 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Race Age S/M/W School Read
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas S. Head M W 53 M   Yes NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F W 52 M   Yes NC None
----- David M. Son M W 23 S   Yes NC Fireman
----- Tate Son M W 21 S   Yes NC Farm Labor
----- Mary E. Daughter F W 19 S Yes Yes NC None
----- John H. Son M W 17 S Yes Yes NC Farm Labor
----- Guy H. Son M W 15 S Yes Yes NC None
----- Fred R. Son M W 12 S Yes Yes NC None
Howell Emma Half Sister F W 77 Wd.   Yes NC None
Robert Fred "Jack" Loftin attended Ostwalt Elementary School in Troutman, NC

Top Row - 2nd from Left - Harry Guy Loftin
Top Row - 3rd Row Right - Robert Fred "Jack" Loftin

Jack attended Troutman High School where he excelled in athletics - participating in football, basketball and baseball.

Troutman High School

This is the football team at Troutman High School in 1925.  Seen in the picture, front row, left to right: Herbert Suther, Conrad (Doodlum) Brown, Holwin Brown, Kenneth Suther, Henry Cornelius, John Sherrill, Paul Troutman and Homer Cornelius.  Back row W. T. Long (Coach), Vasteen Lippard, Guy Loftin, J. C. Cavin, Eugent Troutman, Bim Maness, Edwin Kyles, Sam Brown, Jack Loftin and James Orren.  Guy's position on the team was halfback - as was his brother Fred's (Jack).

The 1925 Troutman High School football team


Jack (Fred) and Guy also played basketball at Troutman High School in 1925.  Jack was the Captain of the team and played forward - Guy played center.

The 1925 Troutman High School basketball team

Jack - front row - center;  Guy - front row - right side

Jack (Fred) and Guy also played baseball at Troutman High School in 1925.  Jack was the Captain of the team.

The 1925 Troutman High School baseball team

Jack - front row - third from the left; Guy - back row - second from the left


Troutman High School - 02 Mar 1926

Jack - front row - first from the left
Guy - back row - second from the right


Robert Fred "Jack" Loftin and his brothers


1927 January 21, Monday


Troutman Beats Mooresville 15 to 8

Troutman High School Lads Have Played 13 Games and Won All of Them
     Troutman, Jan. 29 - The Troutman High "Hoopskiteers", for the second time this season, won from Mooresville Friday evening by a score of 15 to 8, the game being played at Mooresville.  The game started off with some fast passing, with both teams maneuvering from strategic positions nears the goals.  Capt. Jack Loftin of Troutman, standing near the center, neatly caged the first field goal.  Mooresville scored two points for fouls.  The winning quintet then forged ahead holding their opponents to two points on fouls in the first half, it ending 10 to 2.
     In the last half, Turner of Mooresville eluded his guard and put one through at fairly long range.  Then Loftin, of Troutman, again made the ball take wings and soar half way over the length of the court to nest in the bottomless net.  E. Troutman of the victors tossed one in at short range.
     Mooresville five in the second half, started a form of rough playing which caused many fouls to be called, and Turner of Mooresville was taken out.

1927 January 24, Monday


Troutman High Trounces Lowell 17 - 6

     Troutman, Jan 21 - Coach Long's undefeated "Basketeers" continued their winning streak here tonight by defeating the strong quint from Lowell, by a score of 17 to 6.  The scoring was started by Sam Brown, local boy, who caged the first field goal.  Another fowl goal put the locals ahead 3 to 0 at the end of the first quarter.  Capt. Jack Loftin, of Troutman, was on in his usual form of shooting, but did some excellent passing work, and made several flashy dribbles through the court.  H. Brown, guarding for the local quint, was the star of the game, consistently breaking up the visitors' offensive work and tries for basket.  H. Troutman and E. Troutman, of the locals also played a good defensive game.  Lowell's players showed good form and pass-work, but were unable to break through the strong defense of Troutman.

1927 March  21, Monday


Troutman Scores Two Victories


The Golden Cyclones Win Out Over harmony Boys by Score of 27 to 13

     Displaying the poorest exhibition of basketball they have shown this season, the Harmony High & Farm Life School basketball rim shooters were outclassed Tuesday night by the husky clever Golden Cyclone Five of the Troutman High School on the Harmony court by a score of 27 to 13.
     The Troutman quinted led by the redoubtable (Jack) Loftin simply played rings around the Harmony team and were never headed during the entire game.  The Harmony team played out their varsity five and three of their first-string substitutes in an endeavor to get a combination that could stop the speedy golden sweatered aggregation from the southern part of Iredell County, but every attempt was in vain.
     The first points of the game were talled by Loftin of the Troutman Five, who sank a "snowbird".  Next on the program Bohannon caged on from the floor to tie the score at two all.  Loftin looped one from near the center of the court to untie the score, and Sam Brown followed with another pretty field goal to give his team a four-point lead.  Watts for the Harmony five sank a pretty "hawker" from the side of the court to bring his team up to within two points of a tie with he Troutman five.  As the first quarter ended, Loftin sent the leather whizzing through the meshes to give his team an 8 to 4 lead at the end of the first quarter.
     Always trailing, the Harmony five put on a spurt in the second quarter and managed to add three more points to their total while holding the speeding Troutman five to a single field goal scored by Gene Troutman.  The score at the half time was 10 to 7, in favor of the Troutman lads.
     After the second half had gotten underway, the Golden Cyclone five put on a little rally all of its own.  Sam Brown sank a "snowbird", right under the basket.  Loftin then sent a "Hawker" right through the meshes for two more points.  C. Brown followed this up with a pretty two-pointer.  Loftin then sank two pretty field goals in quick succession.  The Troutman five had scored 10 points in quick order at the beginning of the second half before the Harmony lads scored a single point.  Fletcher, the tall rangy center of the Harmony team broke through teh Troutman defense to sink a pretty field basket.  A foul was called on a Troutman lad for holding Bohannon and he missed and made a foul.  Fletcher sank his third field goal of the game as the third quarter drew to a close.  A Harmony player fouled as the quarter ended and H. Brown sent the ball through the meshes for a one-pointer for his team.
     As the final quarter got underway, Gene Troutman, the brilliant left guard of the Troutman Golden Cyclone five, sank two pretty field goals in quick order.  Then C. Brown got away from his guard and scored a "snowbird", from under the basket.  Just before the end of the game, F. Reid scored a one-pointer to bring the score up to 27 to 13 as the game ended.
     The work of Loftin stood out like a candle in the darkness among the Troutman players.  Loftin, the rangy center of the Troutman Five, probably playing his last game for the Golden Cyclones of the Troutman High School, scored a total of 12 points for his team. 
The 1930 Iredell County shows Thomas and Mary Loftin were still living in Fallstown Township.  There were five of their children still living on the family farm: Mary, John, Guy, Fred and Dave.  Robert Fred's age was 22.  Fred is the only one with no listed occupation - possibly because he was the US Military.
1930 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Home
Sex Race Age S/M/W Age at
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas Head O M W 66 M 23 NC Farmer
----- Mary Jane Wife   F W 63 M 18 NC None
----- Mary Daughter   F W 30 S   NC Nurse
----- John Son   M W 27 S   NC Teacher
----- Guy Son   M W 25 S   NC Farmer
----- Fred Son   M W 22 S   NC None
----- Dave Son   M W 33 Wd. 23 NC Carpenter

1930 December 11


Family Visits Miss Loftin

     Mr. Fred Loftin returned to Portsmouth, Va., Sunday to resume his work with the U.S. Navy.  Mr. Grover Loftin returned to his home in Grinnell, Iowa, Thursday.  They have spent some days here on account of the serious illness of their sister, Miss Mary Loftin, a graduate nurse in the Wilkesboro Hospital.  Miss Loftin is somewhat improved though still in a very serious condition.
* Grover's sister, Mary, died 23 Dec 1930
Robert Fred (Jack) Loftin married Lelia Hazel Winecoff on 14 Dec 1931.  They were married in York, SC, in secret because Lelia was a school teacher and married women were not allowed to teach school at the time.  Lelia was the daughter of Thomas Edward Winecoff and Ola Eliah Murdock.
Robert Fred served one term in the United States Navy in the Early 1930s and during Word War II he served in the United States Army. 
The following immigration record list Robert Fred Loftin, age 26, and married to Lelia Hazel Loftin, traveling from Haiti to the US.  His home is listed as Statesville, NC, and the document shows his birthdate as Sept 30, 1907.  Fred was sailing on the S.S. Cristobal from Port Au Prince, HAITI, on 22 Nov 1933 and was to be arriving at the Port of New York, NY on 27 Nov 1933.
The USS Cristobal was one of the two ships the the American Government used for transportation of Canal Zone employees, to go to the United States. 


Thursday, November 29, 1932


R. F. Loftin Chosen U.S. Navy's Best Basketball Player

     Port-Au-Prince, Haiti  - Fred Loftin, better known as "Jack", was chosen as the U.S. Navy's best basketball player by F. O. Huntsinger athletic officer, in a recent athletic survey.  In publishing his report, he made the following announcement as to Who's Who in the athletic roll.
     "I have been asked many times what prompted the figures in the athletic rolls at the heading of my report.  Well, it has been a sort of secret, but I will let the cat out of the bag and tell you who they are.  In my own mind, and to my way of thinking, they represent six of the finest athletes the hospital corps has ever produced.  They represent to me six of the Navy's finest.  They are 'Freddy' Loftin, in basketball; Henry Patrick Klahn, in track; 'Pat' Daly and 'Ray' Bohannon in boxing; Richard Sykes, in football, and 'Wild Bill' Donovan in baseball.  Of course there may have been better, we may have better today, but these birds are hard to beat.  These are the gentlemen that grace the head of my column and will grace it as long as it is written."
     Loftin is the son of Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Loftin.  He graduated from Troutman High School six years ago as one admired by all for his sportsmanship and athletic ability.  These traits were carried along with him on his immediate entrance into the U.S. Navy.  He entered the pharmacy school and was soon admitted as a hospital corpsman, attached to the U.S. Naval Hospital, Norfolr.  There he remained for four years, during which period he received many honors in both baseball and basketball.  In 1931 he won individual championship in basketball free throw contest, putting 70 out of 75 in the Namy and 92 out of 100 in the Army and Navy national contest.
     At this present time he is serving as coach, being appointed as official coach of the U.S. Naval Hospital team of Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  He also won, the past season, some honorable recognition in the tennis tournament held in the Republic of Haiti, and was one of the baseball nine, champions of Haiti.

1933 March 14


Mrs. Fred Loftin Is Honoree at a Farewell Party

     Troutman, March 10 - Mr. and Mrs. Orren Winecoff delightfully entertained at a farewell party Tuesday evening, in honor of Mrs. Fred Loftin.
     Miss Pauline Zeider greeted the guests at the door and Mrs. Flake Murdock directed to the hall where punch was poured by Mrs. Walton Mills and Mrs. Ralph Alley.  Mrs. Harry Barkley, Mrs. Daffey York and Mrs. Glenn Collins directed fames.  An interesting contest, "The Forest Primeval",  was used, Miss Inez Webb and Mr. Robert Darr, winning top score.  Refreshments consisted of chicken salad, relish sandwich, cake, coffee and mints.  The color scheme of yellow and white was carried out.  Miss Margaret Murdock, Miss Catherine Collins, Mrs. Fay Murdock and Mrs. Edgar Rankin served.  Little Misses Louise Bailey and Vivian Rankin served salted nuts.  After the refreshments were served, Orren Winecoff, Jr., dressed in a sailor suit, came down the hall and blew a whistle which attracted attention.  He pulled a little wagon decorated in white and yellow na loaded with many useful gifts.  He drew the wagon up to Mrs. Fred Loftin and said 'Your boat will be ready to sail for Haiti March 14th."
     Mr. Cecil Brown, of Mooresville, and Miss Susan Grose, of Statesville, presided at the piano.  There were fifty-five guests.

1933 November 14


Mr. Fred Loftin Recovering From Operation in Haiti

     It will be of interest to relatives and friends to know that Fred "Jack" Loftin, who underwent an appendix operation at the naval hospital, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, November 8, is doing splendidly.


On 16 Jun 1942, Robert Fred was appointed Postmaster of Troutman by U.S. President Franklyn Delano Roosevelt.  Lelia was also a postal employee and was the Assistant Postmaster until Fred died.  She was them appointed to the Troutman Postmaster position.
Robert Fred was very active in sports in the Troutman community.  He particularly loved baseball and played Class D Baseball in the Carolinas.  After he quit playing, he was active in the umpiring of the game.
Children of Robert Fred "Jack" Loftin and Leila Hazel Winecoff
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Jackie Dean Loftin 15 Apr 1935   Shirley Branch
05 Dec 1968
Elga Delight Loftin 05 Feb 1939   Clarence Glen Langdon
29 Jul 1961
Danny MacArthur Loftin 08 Mar 1943   Megan Love Hall
24 Apr 1971

Statesville Daily Record

1951 March 16


Loftin Re-elected Tri-County Head

     Jack Loftin was unanimously reelected president of the Tri-County League and five teams reported they will definitely be represented for this season at a meeting of club managers last night at Troutman.
     Mr. Loftin was president of the league last season.
     Cascade Mills of Mooresville, J.C. Penney and Phoenix of Statesville, Stony Point and Taylorsville will definitely field teams.  Long Island and East Monbo were not represented at the meeting and their status at present is not clear.
     A delegation from Catawba made application for admittance to the league.  Their application was accepted unless their entrance will make an uneven number of teams.
     Any team in the Statesville area wishing to join the league should contact Mr. Loftin at Troutman.  Another meeting has been scheduled for March 30, when league members will be decided on finally.
     The season opens May 5.

Statesville Daily Record

1951 April 14


Barn Destroyed By Fire Today

     Troutman - A large barn owned by Jack Loftin of Troutman was completely destroyed by fire late this morning. 
     Troutman firemen battled the blaze but were able only to save most of the contents of the barn, including hay, wood and plows.
     Statesville firemen also took a truck to the fire to relieve the Troutman truck when it refilled with water.
     Firemen reported no insurance on the building.

Statesville Daily Record

1951 July 24


Troutman Lions Hear Report

     Troutman - Members of the Troutman Lions Club heard a report on the highlights of the 1951 Internation Convention of Lions in Atlantic City at their meeting Monday night.
     The report was made by Homer Troutman of the North Kannapolis Lions Club, who has attended every convention for the past 15 years.  He was introduced by Program Chairman Robert Bradburn.
     Guest with Troutman were Dr. H. P. Sapp and Joe Helms, both of the Concord Club.
     President Jack Loftin presided over a brief business session at which time corporation plans were laid for the community center and recreation building sponsored by the Lions and three other civic clubs of Troutman.

Newspaper Article - June 28/29, 1974

Robert Fred Loftin died 16 Apr 1976 in Iredell County, NC, at the age of 68.  Death was due to pancreatic cancer.  He is buried in Iredell Memorial Park.




Jackie Dean Loftin graduated from Troutman High School.  He received his degree from Catawba College.  He joined the Army Signal Corps in 1958 and was stationed in Germany.  He played professional baseball before going into the military.  He was the armed forces winning pitcher in 1958-59.  After service duty, he moved to Lakeland, FL.  Jackie and Shirley had a son, Jackie Dean Loftin II.
Egla Delight Loftin and Clarence Glen Langdon graduated from Wake Forrest University in Winston-Salem, NC.  After their marriage, they moved to Raeford, NC, and had five children: Robert Glenn Loftin, Tommy Razz Loftin, Reid MacDean Loftin, Kristen Joy Loftin (twin) and Karen Dawn Loftin (twin).
Danny MacArthur Loftin graduated from Troutman High School and was the class Valedictorian.  He attended Wake Forest University.  He received a political scholarship offered by President Lyndon Johnson for University of Kentucky.   Danny entered the Diplomatic Service after graduation and was appointed to the United Nations at age 27 - the youngest person to attain this position.  He served as Vice Counsel in Diplomatic Corps.  Before entering the Diplomatic Corps, he played professional baseball for the Minnesota Twins and New York Mets.  Danny married Megan Love Hall, the daughter of H.G. Hall and Margaret Love.  They were married in Los Altos, California.  Danny and Megan have two children: Tyler Hall Loftin (b. 1976) and Keelan Hall Loftin (b. 1979).  Tyler married Elizabeth Lewis on 25 Sep 2005.  Tyler and Elizabeth have two children: Barrett Lewis Loftin (b.2008) and Reagan Elizabeth Loftin (b. 2010).




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Additional Thomas Smith Loftin Lineage information by  by David Moose Loftin Jr. & Elfreda A. Loftin


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