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John Havener Loftin




Born: 31 May 1902, Iredell County, NC

John Havener Loftin was the eighth child born to Thomas Smith Loftin (b.1863) and Mary Jane Hartline.  John was born 31 May 1902.

The Thomas Smith Loftin family

(Left to Right - Top to Bottom)
4th Row: Thomas Percy, Stokes Mills, Grover Exell
3rd Row: David Moose, Foy Tate
2nd Row: Thomas Smith, Mary Jane, Lillie May, Mary Emma
1st Row: John Havener, Robert Fred, Harry Guy

Children of Thomas Smith Loftin and Mary Jane Hartline
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Lillie May Loftin 19 Feb 1887 20 Dec 1974 William Weldon Brown
14 Nov 1917
Thomas Percy Loftin 19 Mar 1889 03 Sep 1978 Banie Lee Lytton
28 Jan 1915
Grover Exell Loftin 13Nov 1892 12 Jul 1985 Rosie Snook
05 Jul 1916
Stokes Mills Loftin 20 Apr 1894 05 Apr 1974 Vannie Mae Orren
18 Sep 1915
David Moose Loftin 14 Jul 1896   Edna Alma Compton
16 Dec 1920
Foy Tate Loftin 30 May 1898 05 Feb 1981 Catherine Hethcox
Mary Emma Loftin 07 Mar 1900 23 Dec 1930  
John Havener Loftin 31 May 1902   Shirley Shook
09 Jun 1933
Harry Guy Loftin 12 Jul 1904 08 May 1995 Floy Louise Douglas
10 Jun 1933
Robert Fred Loftin 30 Sep 1907 16 Apr 1976 Lelia Hazel Winecoff
14 Dec 1931
The first census to show information about John Havener Loftin is the 1910 Census.  Thomas Smith Loftin's family is living in Iredell - in Fallstown Township. 
The 1910 tells that the family was living on Lewis Ferry Rd. in Fallstown Township of Iredell County, North Carolin.  John's age is listed as 4.
1910 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Ate S/M/W Age
# of
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thos. S. Head M 46 Md. 24     NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F 42 Md. 24 10 10 NC None
----- Percy Son M 21 S       NC Farmer
----- L. May Daughter F 23 S       NC None
----- Grover Son M 17 S       NC Farmer
----- Stokes Son M 15 S       NC Farmer
----- Dave Son M 12 S       NC None
----- Mary Daughter F 10 S       NC None
----- Tate Son M 8 S       NC None
----- Guy Son M 6 S       NC None
----- Fred Son M 2 S       NC None
----- John Son M 4 S       NC None

Heritage of Iredell County, Vol. 1

p. 82 (#77)

"South Iredell Schools - Ostwalt School"

  Students on honor roll in March 1916 were Mary and Fred Freeze; Anna and Gaither Menscer; Golda, Ethel and Escar Troutman; John, Guy and Fred Loftin; and Ola and Nellie Troutman.  
The 1920 Census of Fallstown Township in Iredell County shows John Loftin still living with his parents and siblings.  His age was listed as 17 and his occupation was as a farm laborer.
1920 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Sex Race Age S/M/W School Read
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas S. Head M W 53 M   Yes NC Farmer
----- Mary J. Wife F W 52 M   Yes NC None
----- David M. Son M W 23 S   Yes NC Fireman
----- Tate Son M W 21 S   Yes NC Farm Labor
----- Mary E. Daughter F W 19 S Yes Yes NC None
----- John H. Son M W 17 S Yes Yes NC Farm Labor
----- Guy H. Son M W 15 S Yes Yes NC None
----- Fred R. Son M W 12 S Yes Yes NC None
Howell Emma Half Sister F W 77 Wd.   Yes NC None
The 1930 Iredell County shows Thomas and Mary Loftin still living in Fallstown Township.  There were five of their children still living on the family farm: Mary, John, Guy, Fred and Dave.  John's age was listed as 27 and his occupation was that of a school teacher. 
1930 Iredell County Census - Fallstown Township

Name Relation Home
Sex Race Age S/M/W Age at
Birth Occupation
Last First
Loftin Thomas Head O M W 66 M 23 NC Farmer
----- Mary Jane Wife   F W 63 M 18 NC None
----- Mary Daughter   F W 30 S   NC Nurse
----- John Son   M W 27 S   NC Teacher
----- Guy Son   M W 25 S   NC Farmer
----- Fred Son   M W 22 S   NC None
----- Dave Son   M W 33 Wd. 23 NC Carpenter

Sons of Thomas Smith Loftin

John Havener Loftin married Shirley Shook on 09 Jun 1933.  She was the daughter of John Wesley Shook, Jr. and Etta Roberts.  Shirley was born in Pearl, Texas, on 14 Dec 1909, about 25 miles southwest of Gatesville.
Children of John Havener Loftin and Shirley Shook
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Linda Loftin 07 Jan 1938   Jerry Perkins
15 Jul 1960
Lester Edward Loftin 04 Jul 1940   Effie Lown
05 May 1962
Diana Ruth Loftin 03 Mar 1945   Terrell Douglas Sullivan
20 Apr 1977

Some Facts In the Life of John H. Loftin


Born on May 31, 1902, in Iredell County, NC


Attended grade school at the Ostwalt School which was located on the East Mombo Road and graduated from the Troutman High School at Troutman, NC, in May 1923.  I had a desire to attend college after high school but was unable to get any financial assistance from my family.


At this time there were few jobs in that area and the pay was poor.  I write to my uncle, John Hartline, in Albuquerque, NM, and requested help in getting a job.  He replied that a job was available in the Santa Fe Railroad Shops in Albuquerque and the pay rate was 49 cents per hour.  This sounded good and I made arrangements with the President of the School Board at Troutman, Mr. W. D. Troutman, to borrow $275.00 to pay for transportation.  My departure was on July 1, 1973, by train and the trip took four days and three nights to complete.


Due to the high altitude in Albuquerque, I was required to loaf about one week to get acclimated.  I worked in the Santa Fe Railroad Shops form July 1923 to August 1924 at which time there was a general lay off which included me.  In the meantime, I had planned to start college work at Clarendon College in Clarendon, Texas, in Sept. 1924.  This was a small Methodist College and I had met the President when he preached in Albuquerque in June 1924.  I told him of my plans and also that some work would be needed to pay for the necessary expense.  He made no promise but did encourage me to come to the college.

    When the lay off came in August 1924, I was given a pass to Amarillo, Texas, which was 60 miles from Clarendon.  School did not open until over two weeks later, so a job was secured on a farm until school opened.  

Most of the time from Sept. 1924 to May 1927 was spend in the College Dormitory.  Various types of work had to be performed because I had saved less than $400 while working at 49 cents per hour.  Some of the jobs included working at a filling station at night, washing posts and pans at the college cafeteria, janitor of the administration building and firing a coal burning furnace.  One winter I would get up early to go about 1/2 mile to milk a cow and fire the furnace in a home.  This was before day light and at times pretty cold.  The only financial assistance received during this time was from my sister, Mary Loftin, who loaned me money which amounted to seven or eight hundred dollars.

    During the summer of 1925, I did not go to school.  A Methodist Minister got me a job on an irrigated farm at Balmoraeh, Texas.  This was near the Davis Mountains in arid west Texas.  During this summer I lived in a shack and prepared my meals.  The farmer told me that I could milk one of his goats and use the milk free.  This was done and the milk was kept cook in the shade of some shrubbery along the irrigation ditch.  This kept the milk in good condition and it was appetizing.  

In 1925, traveling was usually by train.  When I left Balmoraeh in Sept. 1925 for Clarendon travel was by this method.  The trip to Pecos, Texas, was unusual since the train was a T-Model Ford with the tires removed and metal wheels put on so it would stay on the rail.  This T-Model pulled a trailer for carrying luggage and light packages.  As I recall, there was no other passenger on the train.  We made one side track to allow a steam engine hauling alfalfa, hay and cattle to pass.  The next leg of the trip from Pecos to Carlsbad, NM, was by mixed freight and passenger train.  They stopped on this trip and unloaded 3 freight cars of cattle.


After graduating from Clarendon College in May 1927, I went to the University of Oklahoma at Norman for several summers and graduated with a Masters Degree in August 1929.


My teaching experience started in Plemons, Texas, in September 1927.  All subjects in the 7th grade were taught this year.  A year later I started teaching in Borger High School and three years later I became principal in Borger High School.  I resigned this job in January 1937 to start working for United Carbon Company in Borger.  In June 1953, they transferred me to Aransas Pass, Texas, where I retired from Ashland Oil Inc. in 1967.  Ashland had bought United Carbon Co. out about 1962.


I guess you could say that my life has been a fairly busy one.  Goint to school and making a living is frequently difficult and it has fallen to my lot to do a lof of community work.  During most of my adult life, I have worked in my church in several capacities and am now active in this work.  Some of this type of work in Borger included serving 11 years on the Borger School Board, 6 years on the Borger Junior College Board of Regents, 10 or more years on the Hutchinson County Hospital Board, and 1 year on the Draft Board in Hutchinson County near the end of World War II.  In Aransas Pass, I have served on the City Zoning Board for over 15 years and the Chamber of Commerce Board for 1 year.  My first membership in the Rotary Club was 55 years ago and has continue with two interruptions.  I have been a Master Mason for 55 years.


Shirley Shook Loftin


Born December 14, 1909 in Pearl, Texas (post office is no longer there) but near the center of the state.  Moved to Ranger, Texas, in 1916 and to Canyon, Texas, in 1926.  Finished high school in 1927, in Canyon; degree from West State University in 1930.  Taught school for three years, one in Texas and two in New Mexico.


Married John Loftin on June 9, 1933.  Children: Linda Loftin Perkins; Lester Edward Loftin, Diana Sullivan.  While in Borger (1933 - 53) was active in various duties in the church, PTA, study and music clubs.


In Aransas Pass, continued participation in several church commissions, PTA and art clubs.  When eligible, joined AARP.  Haven been church organist for ten years after having served half-time for five years.  Sold our sixth home in 1976 and moved into this apartment where we are quite comfortable and will stay here as long as we are able.


1946 August 8


T.S. Loftin's Sons Visit

     Mr. and Mrs. T. S. Loftin enjoyed a gathering of their children and grandchildren Sunday at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Tate Loftin in Troutman.  Dinner was served picnic style on the lawn and the family spent a happy day together.
     Members of the family present for the gathering were John Loftin, a son, from Borger, Texas; Mr. Percy Loftin, a son, with his family; Mrs. W. W. Brown, a daughter, and Mr. Brown; another son, Mr. Guy Loftin, and family, all of the Troutman community; Private Robert F. Loftin, of the Army Postal Terminal, New York City, and his family; and Mr. Tate Loftin and family of Troutman.

John Havener Loftin and Shirley Shook Loftin - 1933

Thanks to Diana Loftin Sullivan for this photo of her parents


John Havener Loftin

Thanks to Diana Loftin Sullivan for this photo of her Dad

John Havener Loftin died 11 May 1993.  Shirley Shook Loftin died 26 Nov 2007. 

Obituary Notice form the Arkansas Pass Progress


Obituary Notice form the Corpus Christi Times

John & Shirley Loftin were buried in the Aransas Memorial Park in Rockport, Texas.  They graves are above ground because of the closeness to the bay.
Grave Marker for John Havener Loftin & Shirley Shook Loftin







Thomas Smith Loftin Lineage information by  by David Moose Loftin Jr. & Elfreda A. Loftin


A special thanks to Harry Guy Loftin of Troutman, NC, for sharing the photos and information on his family.
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Thanks to Diana Loftin Sullivan (daughter of John Havener Loftin) for sharing the photos of her Dad and Mom as well as the obituaries and other information. 
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