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Willie Goble Loftin

Born: 1925
Died: 2018


Willie Aleen Goble Loftin was the daughter of Martin Luther Goble and Beulah Vernesta "Nessie" Johnston Goble.  Willie married Sam William Loftin and had two children, 6 grandchildren, and 11 great grandchildren (as of 2013).

Children of Martin Luther Goble and Beulah Vernesta Johnson
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
** Geneva Mae Johnson 02 Feb 1903 ???? Paul Baldwin
*** Ethel Irene Johnson/Goble 04 Jul 1908 20 Apr 1983 Frank Sharp
Lewis Hubert Goble 23 Jul 1910 18 Jan 1911 (Died in Infancy)
* Baby Goble     (Died In Infancy)
James Henry "Leggs" Goble 08 Apr 1912 16 Nov 1995 Nina M. Eades
"Baby Boy" Goble 01 Dec 1913 01 Feb 1914 (Died in Infancy)
"Baby Girl" Goble 09 Jan 1915 28 Apr 1915 (Died in Infancy)
J. C. Goble 29 Sep 1916 19 Jul 2005 Ada Eades
Harlee Goble 06 Sep 1918 05 Nov 1980 Dovie Alean Helms
Fannie Elizabeth Goble 10 Apr 1921 18 Sep 1998 Fred Franklin Isenhour
Mary Helen Goble 07 Apr 1924 28 May 2010 Floyd Eugene Sigmon
Willie Aleen Goble 04 Dec 1925 (Still Living) Sam William Loftin
Elgevia Goble 24 Nov 1928 (Still Living) William Clifton Eggers, Jr.
Estelene Goble 24 Nov 1928 26 Mar 1929 (Died in Infancy)
Doris Goble 31 Oct 1933 04 Aug 1934 (Died in Infancy)
* No additional information is available except except from J.C.'s Birth Certificate
** May was born to Nessies and her first husband Charlie Johnston
*** Ethel was born during the time between Nessie's marriage to Charlie and Martin
Children of Sam William Loftin and Willie Aleen Goble
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
William "Billy" Ray Loftin, Sr. 26 Dec 1943 19 Aug 2005 Mattie Diane Self
Curtis Dean Loftin 08 May 1953   Carolyn Janet Weeks

I (Curtis Loftin) attended Appalachian State University in Boone, NC, from the Fall of 1971 until the Spring of 1975.  Mom (Willie Goble Loftin) wrote me letters frequently during those four years I was away from home and we also talked on the phone (but only occasionally due to the cost of long distance charges).  Even though she wrote letters the entire 4 years I was away at college, for some reason or other I only kept this set of 13 letters from my Senior Year.  Now, almost 40 years later, I realize that I'm glad that I did. 

Mom was raised on a farm and grew up poor.  She quit school in 8th grade and actually started working when she was 15, even though it wasn't legal for her to do so at the time.  She boarded socks as several hosiery mills for most of her life - which is very hard work.  After she married Dad, Sam William Loftin, she had a newborn (my brother Billy Ray), was working at Betterwear Hosiery in Catawba boarding socks, and was even working in the garden when she got home.  All of this in addition to cooking and doing laundry. About 10 years later, I was born.  Mom always has worked hard and only slowed down when Dad got sick toward the latter part of his life.  She eventually had to quit work to stay home with him until he died in 1979.  At that time she became a custodian at Catawba Middle School where I was an 8th grade teacher.  She worked in at the school for 9 years (until the age of 63) and then went to work as a door-greeter at K-Mart until she totally retired at the age of 70.  Like I said earlier, Mom has always worked hard - whether it was in the field when she was growing up or boarding socks as an adult. 


In the process of transcribing Mom's letters, I have left her spelling just as she had it - which often reflects the warm southern colloquial language - as well as her 8th grade education in the late 1930s.  I have added punctuation and capital letters to help make the reading a little easier.

The dates listed before each letter are from the postmarks on each letter.  Willie wrote them the day before, except on a few occasions when the letter was written over a two day period.
16 September 1974, Monday

Dear Curtis
     I thought I would write and tell you your [1] Dad is filling (feeling) better.  I just boild (boiled) him and egg and gave him some milk and crackers.  I don't know if it is the pills you went and got are (or) not - it is God (God's) will regardless how he gets better.  I diden't (didn't) want you to worry, so I thought I would write and tell you the good news.  Besure (Be sure) and pay your ins (insurance).  [2] I will sent (send) you $10 Fri (Friday).  I will send you $10 every 2 weeks if possible, if your Dad gets along alright.  Your Dad and I love you more then you will ever know.  It is lonesome when you leave.  [3] Bill, Diane and kids were down for a while, didn't stay to (too) long.  Your Dad said tell you he was filling (feeling) better and that he beleaves (believes) that medcine (medecine) you went and got was going to help him.  [4] If he gets better we will be seeing you a lot this year.  I am sorry we wasen't (wasn't) better company for Carolyn, Bill and You, for we love your friend (friends) very much.  Write and tell me how things goes Tues. (Tuesday) worther (whether) you got payed (paid) are (or) not.  I will write and tell you when you get your money here and how much.  Besure (Be sure) and study hard and make good grades.  [5] Tell Mrs. Horton Sam & I said Hi and that we would rember (remember them when we kill are (our) hog & Beff (Beef).  Sam is watchen (watching) his animal show, he is enjoying it pretty good.  I will half (have) to close and get ready to go to bed so I can go to work in the morning.  [6] I appreciate what you and Carolyn and Bill did for us, mowing the yard and Carylon (Carolyn) taking me to the Hospital.  She reminds me of Diane a lot.  Sam and I like her a lot.  And for you making all the trips you did to the Hospital.  I know you didn't have much of a weekend.  Hope the next time will be better.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad


Comment 1: Willie's husband, Sam Loftin, was sick for the last number of years of his life, but the doctors could never figure out what was causing the problem.  They suspected gall stones, gall bladder, and everything else - resulting from symptoms of nausea and throwing up.  The doctors discovered bladder cancer a few years before his death in 1979 and Sam ended up with a "urostomy" bag.  A "urostomy" (similar to a colostomy) is a general term for a surgical procedure which diverts urine away from a diseased or defective bladder. A section at the end of the intestine is surgically removed and relocated as a passageway for urine to pass from the kidneys to the outside of the body through a stoma, or opening of the abdominal wall.  Sam could empty the urostomy bag himself, but Willie had to change it, clean it and glue it back on. 


Comment 2: During this time, Sam was not working, but Willie was working at Betterware Hosiery Mill in Catawba when Sam wasn't sick.  Sam never reached the age to receive Social Security since he died at the age of 61, but he did receive a monthly disability check from Social Security.  Since Curtis was in college, he also receive a monthly check.  Even though Willie & Sam weren't able to send Curtis a lot of extra money, they sent what they could.  Curtis had received several grants and loans for college when he had to pay back once he started teaching.  Looking back it almost seems like an impossibility for him to have gone to college, but God always provided for the need.


Comment 3: The "Bill" that is mentioned in this letter is Curtis' brother, William Ray Loftin Sr.  Bill married Mattie Diane Self and they had four children: Beverly, Billy (William Jr), Eric and Crystal.


Comment 4: Sam & Willie loved the mountains and drove to Boone to visit Curtis at Appalachian whenever they could.


Comment 5: Curtis did a teaching internship at Hardin Park Elementary School in the 6th grade for the school year 1973 - 1974, along with Jill Behringer and Penny Kiziah, two other students from Appalachian.  Curtis worked directly with Mrs. Elizabeth Horton - his supervising teacher.  Other teachers in the open-classroom cell included Mrs. Randall and Ms. Winkler.  The experience was a good one for the teachers as well as the three young interns.  Mrs. Horton even nominated Curtis as an Honor Student Teacher - which he received.  Knowing the financial difficulties of Curtis being able to stay in college, Mrs. Horton suggested that Curtis apply for a work-study program through Appalachian for his Senior year.  Curtis did indeed apply for work-study and worked with Mrs. Horton once again, but this time only for the Fall Quarter of 1974 at Hardin Park.  In the previous letter when Willie was asking Curtis if he got paid, she was referring to his work-study at Hardin Park.

Curtis outside of Hardin Park Elementary School in Boone, NC (1973)
Curtis with his 6th Grade spelling group at the Appalachian Soda Shop (1973)
for an evening of bowling at the Student Center, accompanied by Carolyn Weeks & Penny Kiziah
Curtis, Jill Behringer (shown in photo) and Penny Kiziah returnn to ASU after a Christmas dinner
with their supervising teachers and families at Mrs. Elizabeth Horton's home

Comment 6: Curtis would frequently bring college friends home with him to spend the weekend - usually two to six - but Sam & Willie always welcomes them.  The group usually included Curtis and several of these: Carolyn Loftin, Tony Sanford, Ann Hamilton, Bill Shearin, Bill Mitchell and Patty Cannady. 

21 September 1974, Saturday

Dear Curtis,
     We got your letter yesterday.  Was glad to hear from you. Your Dad is still doing fine.  [1] He carry (carries) his praying hank (prayer handkerchief) everywhere he goes.  He even sleep(s) with it.  He has changed in a lot of ways.  I told him you would be proud of him.  [2] Pop got home from the Hospital yesterday.  We went out last night to see him, he is braking (breaking).  Helen has quit work to stay home with him. She said the Dr. (Doctor) said he (Pop) would be in and out (of) the hospital many times the next year.  [3] I am sending you $10 (and) would like to send you more but hon't have it.  I am off next week.  [4] Claude said he would try to work me 2 days, because it is my wating (waiting) perid (period).  I will sigh (sign) up but wont (won't) get anything.  [5] Well I have been down pulling corn.  Pulled 2 sacks this evening.  Been pulling 1 a day.  Going to pull the rest of it next week and cut off the socks (stocks) for the cows.  [6] Sam  bought him a another cow.  It is a big cow  $8.75 lb.  Payed (paid) $130 for it.  [7 ] You had better lock the car next week when you go home with Bill.  Don't you drive are (our) car down there.  [8] When you get your check I will write you and tell you.  [9] I gess (guess) Bill and Diane and kids has gone to the beach.  [10] I got the rest of your socks.  6 pair of black.  When are you coming home again.  let me now (know) before you come.  [11] You can bring Bill & Carylon (Carolyn) if you wish.  I hope it will turn out better then the last.  Sorry thigs (things) was like they were.  Sam is filling (feeling) fine and eating pretty good.  [12] He got down to 118 lb.  [13] I will have to close so I can get to bed and get up early and go and warsh (wash).  [14] Mrs. Stewart said tell you Hello and that she missed seeing you but she understood.  I will see you soon  Write and tell me all the news if you have time.  [15] We car going to curch (church) Sun (Sunday) if it is God('s) will.  [16] Where are you going to curch (church)?
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad

[17] If you haven't bought your insurance be sure and bye it.  ask Carylon (Carolyn) if she got a policy so you will no (know) what you are doing.  [18] I am sending your bank statement.


Comment 1:  Acts 19:11-12, says "And God wrought special miracles by the hands of Paul' so that from his body were brought unto the sick, handkerchiefs or aprons, and the diseases departed from them ..."  Based on this particular scripture, Curtis had given Sam a "prayer cloth/handkerchief" that he had gotten at a healing meeting he had attended.  Even though the entire family was Baptist, Curtis became involved with the Charismatic Movement in the 1970s.  The Charismatic Movement was noted for their belief that the Gifts of the Holy Spirit mentioned in 1 Corinthians 12:8-11, including gifts of Healing, Tongues, Interpretation of Tongues, Prophecy, Word of Wisdom, Word of Knowledge, Faith,  and Working of Miracles.  Curtis even met his future wife Carolyn Weeks at the Charismatic Bible Study they attended at Appalachian in 1972.  Willie loved to watch Oral Roberts (an evangelist in the Tulsa Oklahoma area) on TV - an evangelist and "faith healer".  Oral had a healing ministry and Willie was even invited to come visit Oral Roberts University - all expenses paid (except for her airplane flight) - and she finally did make the trip after Sam's death in 1979. 


Comment 2: "Pop" is Willie's father, Martin Luther Goble.  Martin had lived with Willie's sister Fannie Elizabeth "Lib" Goble Isenhour for several years, and eventually moved in with Willie and her family.  When Sam got sick, Willie was no longer able to look after her father, so he moved in with Willie's sister, Mary Helen Goble Sigmon.

Willie with her father, Matin Luther Goble, in November 1965

Comment 3: Sam never reached the age to receive Social Security since he died at the age of 61, but he did receive a monthly disability check from Social Security.  Since Curtis was in college, he also receive a monthly check - $68.  Even though Willie & Sam weren't able to send Curtis a lot of extra money, they sent what they could. 

Comment 4: Claude Yount was Willie's boss at Betterwear Hosiery Mill.  Because of her irregular working schedule, Willie was able to "sign up" for unemployment and received a check occasionally.

Comment 5: Sam owned 10 acres of property on Hot Rod Rd - just above Sam & Willie's house in Catawba.  Sam purchased the property from John Miller.  When Sam first purchased the property, he and Willie planned to open a "Rest Home" for the elderly.  But due to complications, the plan was scrapped and Sam (with the help of Curtis & others) fenced the property in, cut down trees, burned brush, planted grass, built a fish pond, barn, well and well-house, and kept cattle, hogs, horses and ponies on the property.  Sam had a small garden on part of the property at the time of this letter.  As Sam's health got worse, he sold the property to his son Bill Loftin for $1.  Bill eventually sold the property back to John Miller's grandson, Gary Miller.  Curtis always enjoyed the ponies.  His favorite one was a black and white spotted pony that he named "Napoleon Solo" after a character on his favorite TV show, "The Man From U.N.C.L.E".  As Sam aged and dealt with health problems, he eventually bought the pony from Curtis for $25, and just kept the cows.

Curtis on one of the ponies at the family home in 1965

Comment 6: Sam loved owning cows, hogs and horses. He bought most of his livestock from his 1st cousin, Glenn Lee Loftin, who also butchered cows and hogs for the community.

Comment 7: Freshmen couldn't have cars at Appalachian, and Curtis didn't have one there until his Senior year when he was doing a "work-study" at Hardin Park Elementary School in Boone, NC.  Sam & Willie had bought Curtis a 1966 Plymouth Belvedere II when he was 16 years old but sold it when he went off to college.  During his senior year, he drove the family Buick Skylark while Sam drove his Chevrolet truck.  On this particular weekend that Willie is talking about, Curtis, Carolyn Weeks and Ann Hamilton were going home with Bill Shearin to spend the weekend with his family in Warrenton, NC.  Bill was Curtis' roommate at Appalachian his Senior year.

1966 Plymouth Belvedere II similar to the one Curtis had


Comment 8: Because of Sam's illness, he was on disability through Social Security.  Since Curtis was still in school at Appalachian, he also receive a small monthly check - $68.


Comment 9: Bill is Curtis' brother, William Ray Loftin

Bill & Diane Loftin with their children.  (Left to Right) Crystal, Eric, Beverly and Billy

Comment 10: Curtis loved the black Orlon dress socks from Betterwear Hosiery.  Willie had purchased him 6 pair.

Comment 11: Carolyn Weeks (Curtis' future wife) and Bill Shearin (Curtis' Senior roommate at Appalachian) would frequently come home with Curtis from Apalachian.  On one particular weekend in October 1974, Curtis came home accompanied by Carolyn, Bill Shearin, Bill Mitchell and Patty Cannady.  Because of the particular warm Friday evening they decided to sit outside in the dark and watch shooting-stars.  It turned out that they all lay down on the driveway near the street and enjoyed each other's company while watching shooting stars.  It was late and few cars were traveling the street, but they did become a little anxious when a police car came by driving slowly.  Curtis got up to go into the house for "something" and found his dad, Sam, on the phone, talking to the police.  Sam's response on the phone was something like this?  "You saw five dead bodies lying beside of the road?  They're not dead!  It's just those crazy college kids in for the weekend out there watching the stars."  Needless we all got a big chuckle when we realized that someone had reported "5 bodies" lying by the roadside. The next day (Saturday) they posed for a photo to remember the event.
Carolyn Weeks, Curtis, Bill Shearin, Bill Mitchell, Patty Cannady

Comment 12: As Sam's health declined, so did his weight.  Willie says in this letter that Sam only weight 118 lbs.  Sam is 56 years old when Willie wrote this letter.

Billy Ray, Sam, Willie & Curtis

Comment 13: Sam & Willie had a washing machine when the kids were at home - the old kind - with the clothes wringer.  By the time Curtis was in college, the old washing machine was "dead" and Willie was taking the family laundry to the Catawba Laundrymat - the coin operated laundrymat in Catawba.

Old Washing Machine similar to the one owned by Sam & Willie in the 1960s

Comment 14: Mrs. Harry (Flora) Stewart was Sam & Willie's neighbor, and a 2nd mother to Curtis.  Flora kept Curtis when he was a baby while Willie worked.  She made Curtis & Carolyn's wedding cake.

(Left) Mrs. Stewart with a 10-year-old Curtis
(Right) Mrs. Stewart, Willie and Bill Mitchell at Connor's Park on a weekend with Curtis & his friends

Comment 15: Sam & Willie attended Mathis Chapel Baptist Church.  It was the only church Willie attended once she got saved there in the 1940s until 2012 when due to age she started attending church with Curtis & Carolyn at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC. 

Sam & Willie with their family around 1972 at Mathis Chapel homecoming
Bill holding Eric, Curtis holding Crystal, Diane with Beverly, Willie and Sam with Billy

Comment 16: While in college, Curtis attended church at Greenway Baptist Church in Boone.  He and Carolyn had hoped to get married at Greenway, but since they had never joined the church, that wasn't an option.  They eventually got married at the Loftin home church, Mathis Chapel.


Comment 17: Health Insurance was much cheaper when it was purchased through the university.  Appalachian also had a health clinic and doctor that you could see if you were sick - when Curtis seldom was.


Comment 18: A copy of Curtis' bank statement for October 1974.  The account shows a balance of $256.

Curtis' Bank Statement for September 1974.
25 September 1974, Wednesday
Transcript Below



Dear Curtis
     Thought I would write you and tell you some of the news.  [1] Beverly is a cheer leader.  there was 42 (that) went out for it.  They pick 5 or 6 out of the 42.  Bill said the one girl('s) mother picked Beverly up one evening and had her Daughter and Beverly to practice for about 2 hrs.  The girl('s) mother use(d) to be a cheer leader.  The high school picked them.  [2] Sam & I are going to Hickory cow sale Thurs(day) if it is the good Lords Will.  He wants me to go begin (being) I nevery (never) have been to one.  [3] My Lynch is in the Hospital  he had a oppration (operation) like Daddy did.  Helen said they thought at first he might have cancer.  She said she never did hear worther (whether) he did or not.  She said he had really lost (a) lot of waite (weight) and was real yellow.  [4] Vick is in the Hospital to(o).  He has new monnia (pneumonia).  [5] Sam said tell you send what hall (dormitory) you are on (in) and what your room number is and your telephone number.  I tried to call you Sat. morning (but) got a bizzy (busy) sighneal (signal) 2 times.  Diden't (didn't) no (know) if I had the right number are (or) not.  It is really cold down here  obout (about 43 last night.  I worked today and am going to work tomorrow and then I will rest.  I think we are going to be off again Monday.  I will half (have) to close  hope to see you soon.  If you bring anybody with you when you come in, let me know in time to clean up a little.  Read your Bible and pray and Study hard and make good grades.  see you soon.  We both love you very much.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad


Comment 1: Beverly Loftin is the eldest granddaughter of Sam & Willie Loftin.  She is the daughter of William Ray Loftin and Mattie Diane Self.

Beverly in her cheerleading uniform


Comment 2: The Hickory Cattle Sale was weekly on Thursdays.  They met originally behind Wal-Mart and Lowes in Hickory but eventually moved to the Catawba County Fairgrounds.


Comment 3: My Lynch was an older family friend and member of the family church, Mathis Chapel Baptist Church.


Comment 4: "Vick" was another family friend and church member - Vic Kirksey.


Comment 5: Curtis lived in Bowie Dorm his Freshman year at Appalachian.  He lived in Coltrane Dorm his Sophomore year and in Gardner Dorm his Junior and Senior years.

Appalachian Campus and Dorms
#21: Football Stadium, #15: Bowie, #16: Eggers, #24: Gardner, #25 Coltrane, #29: Justice


30 September 1974, Monday



Hi Curtis
     Got your letter Fri(Friday).  Was glad to hear from you.  [1] Bill & Diane and kids was down this eveing (evening).  [2] She had a big dish full of persimom (persimmon) pulp out of the persimons (persimmons) I had picked up. I will make you a persimon (persimmon) pudding for you when you come home.  [3] I have been putting lots in the Freezer.  [4] I scattered 6 hundred pd. (pounds) of Fertelizer (Fertilizer) Fri (Friday).  My arms are still sore.  I pulled corn and a little bit of every thing.  Sam really beliefs (believes) in working me.  That kinds (kind) of work is for a man.  It is to(o) hard for me.  Are you coming home this week end?  If so write and tell me if you are bringing any one with you.  Besure (Be sure) and pay that insurance this week for that is the first think your Dad will ask you.  It is very imporant (important) that you pay it for you don't no (know) when you might half (have) fo pay Hospital bills.  [5] I hope you had a good trip when you went home with Bill, and I am sure you did.  What time did you get back Sun (Sunday)?  [6] Besure (Be sure) and study Hard for that History test this week.  And for your Math.  I hope and pray you will pass everything and I am sure you will. [7] Tell Carolyn & Bill Hello for us.  [8] Beverly said this eveing (evening) she ment (meant) to call her Boy Friend.  I told her she was to(o) young to have a boy Friend.  That you was 21 and she didn't wont (want) you to have one.  She said she was afraid you would get married and move away and she woulden (wouldn't) get to see you.  I told her regardless who you married, you would half (have) to go where you got a job teaching.  [9] She said you could teach up where she goes to school, that they diden't (didn't) have a nuff (enough) teachers up there.  She is really afraid of losing you.  She wanted to know if you was coming home next week end.  [10] When every (ever) you get your money I want you to come in by your self so you can look and see what kind of car you can find for the money you get.  I still hope you will get a new car, even if I half (have) to help you a little.  [11] The yard hasen't (hasn't) been mowed since you all mowed it.  It will be ready for you all when you come in Fri (Friday).  What time will you get in.  I will be looking for you Fri (Friday) if nothing happens.  I am off again tomorrow but will bo back Tues (Tuesday).  I will half (have) to close and get my dishes worshed (washed).  I will see you soon.  We love you very much and pray for you.  You Dad is still doing fine.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad

Pay insurance for I am putting $50 of your money I owe you in the Bank Fri (Friday) Have Carylon (Carolyn) to pay it for you.


Comment 1: William "Bill" Ray Loftin Sr & Mattie Diane Self Loftin; Beveryly, Billy, Eric and Crystal


Comment 2: Mom had a wonderful Persimmon Pudding recipe and she knew how much I loved it.


Comment 3: Mom & Dad had a garden down at the cow farm, but because of Sam's illness, she was having a hard time keeping it worked.  Her sister Helen told her that she would help her.  Helen eventually told Willie not to do another garden - that she'd be sure she had garden produce.  After that Helen would plant more vegetables in her own garden than she needed and gave Mom (and me when I was first married) lots and lots of stuff from her own garden.


Comment 4: Don't know if she meant 60 lbs or 600 lbs.  It definitely wasn't on the family lawn since the grass hadn't been cut since the last time I cut it - and I know they didn't want it to grow any faster.  Perhaps it was on the pasture down on Dad's cow farm.


Comment 5: Carolyn Weeks, Ann Hamilton and I went home with Bill Shearin (my roommate) for the weekend.  He lived in Warrenton, NC.

Carolyn Weeks (Loftin), Bill Shearin and Ann Hamilton on the steps between Gardner and Coltrane Dorms
at Appalachian State University during the 1973-1974 school year - Justice Dorm in the background

Comment 6: History and Science were my two least favorite subjects at Appalachian.  It's interesting when you get old how that changes.  Genealogy has given me a great love of History and the TV Show "Modern Marvels" helps me to even enjoy science.  I minored in Math and that's what I taught for 30 years in Middle School after I graduated from Appalachian.


Comment 7: Carolyn Weeks and Bill Shearin


Comment 8: Beverly Loftin was Willie's oldest granddaughter and daughter of Bill Loftin.  She would have been 11 years old at the time.


Comment 9: Beverly went to school at Newton Conover High School


Comment 10: I was driving the family car at Appalachian and once I graduated, I'd need to get my own car.  I didn't get the new car Mom wanted me to have, but I did get a ... Pontiac Grand Am when Carolyn and I were first married.  And shortly after that we bought our first new car - a Chevy Monte Carlo.


Comment 11: The yard was cut when I was home three weeks before. 

16 October 1974, Wednesday
Hi Curtis
     How are you getting along.  How did you get along on your test?  I hope and pray you made good.  [1] I looked for a letter from you.  I told your Dad you was proubly (probably) to(o) bussy (busy) to write.  I am sending you $10.  We are having lots of exciting (stuff) going on.  [2] Somebody broke in(to) June Robson (Robinson's) mill last night and a furnture (furniture) place between here and Claremont.  [3 ] They stole Bob('s) car battry (battery) ou of his car.  [4] They tried to get Sam('s) batter but they didn't get it out.  The Hud (Hood) was open on it.  I don't know if we got up and turned on the light and scard (scared) them off are (or) what.  [5] They just told on the news that Geral (Gerald) Killiam escaped from prison this eving (evening).  I gess (guess) there will be more stilling (stealing) going on.  [6] 5 Negros held up Carlos Lowrance last night.  They didn't get but $12 dollars off of him.  [7] He had been over to the Gilberts.  They held him up with a gun in behind the stores.  Catawba sure is getting mean.  [8] Your Dad is getting along pretty good.  He was sick Tue (Tuesday) night.  I took him to the hospital.  He got a shot and come back home.  He has been doing fine very (ever) since.  You come home in 2 weeks from know (now) and I wll take you shipping for your Chrisman (Christmas).  We will go to Kings and see if we can find you a coat and I will bye (buy) you something else latter (later).  If you have time, you can write me next week.  If now, it will be all right.  Study hard and make good grade(s).  We are praying for you.  [9] Henry Clay Gabril (Gabriel) is going to give Sam some pappers (papers) for Carylon (Carolyn) to fill out.  He said there was always somebody gettieg pregnant and having to quit.  I just hope and pray you and Carylon (Carolyn) both gets you a job teaching.  [10] How is every thing at Harding (Hardin) Park?  [11] Did you go home with Bill?  You can come home before 2 weeks if you wont (want) to but I can't take you shopping untill (until) then.  [12] You are free to come home any time you wont (want) to.  [13] The old sow had 10 pigs this week.  Your check hasen't (hasn't) come yet.  I will let you know when it come(s).  Besure (Be sure) and to to curch (church) Sun (Sunday) and I will do the same if it is God('s) will.  I will half (have) to close.  Hope to see you soon.  Your Dad and I love you very much.  Tell Carylon (Carolyn) Hello.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad
Comment 1: I didn't write as often as I know Mom wishes that I had.
Comment 2: June & Marie Robinson were close neighbors of Sam & Willie and lived where Hudson Chapel Road intersected with Hwy 10 - on the west side of Hwy 10.  June also owned and operated Robinson's Hosiery Mill.  Sam had worked at Robinson's Hosiery Mill for a short season, years before.  June was brothers with Herman Flake Robinson - and Flake was married to Zettie Marie Loftin.  Marie was Sam's 1st Cousin.  Flake owned and operated a hosiery mill in Catawba - on the opposite side of the road and further down the street from Betterwear Hosiery Mill.  Willie worked for Flake for a short period of time.  Eventually Flake sold the mill and it became Y.E. & S. Hosiery with Carl Sigmon being one of the owners.  Willie was boarding socks in Newton at the time, but Carol called her and asked her to come to Y.E. & S. - offering to give her the same pay.
Comment 3: Bob Styles was the boyfriend of Sam & Willie's closest neighbor, Ruth Jones Fulbright.  Ruth's husband, Coyte Fulbright, had been killed in a car wreck years before, leaving her with two small children, Robin and Randy.
Comment 4: I had Mom & Dad's Buick Skylark at Appalachian at this time, so the only vehicle they still had at home was Sam's mint-green colored Chevrolet truck.

Sam's pickup truck was similar to this one in style and color

Comment 5: The Killian Family lived on Hot Rod Rod near John Robinson - whom Sam bought the 10 acres of property that became his farm (cows, pigs, horses, fish pond).  Curtis was in the same grade of school with Judy & Shelia Killian.  Gerald was Judy and Shelia's older brother.  There were 12 kids in the Killian family.
Comment 6: There were several lines of the Lowrance family living in Catawba.  Sam's father Alonzo Lester Loftin was first married to Cornelia Estelle Lowrance - daughter of Henry Lowrance.
Comment 7: There were several Gilbert families living in downtown Catawba at the time.
Comment 8: Dad would get his "sick spells" - sometimes once or twice a week - sometimes once or twice a month - sometimes every other month.  You never knew when they'd come, and doctor's never really every diagnosed his situation.  From the time I was able to drive, I'd have to take Dad (accompanied by Mom) to the Emergency Room at Davis Hospital.  They usually just gave him a shot for pain and sent him back home.  The shot usually caused him to sleep and frequently when he woke up he'd be feeling better.  Mom knew when I went off to college there was gonna be a problem because she had never learned to drive, and there was no one to take Dad to the Emergency Room is he got sick.  So, Mom learned to drive in her late 40s.
Comment 9: Henry Clay Gabriel was a member of the Catawba County School Board and friend of Sam & Willie.  Henry Clay had also dated Willie's sister Helen when they were young.  Curtis and Carolyn both applied for teaching positions with Catawba County School when they graduated from Appalachian in 1975.  Curtis was hired by James R. Rhynes, Principal at Sherrills Ford Elementary School, to teach 6th, 7th and 8th grade Math and Science.  Fred T. Foard High School was looking for a teacher to teach 1/2 day of Spanish and 1/2 day of Art.  When they couldn't find a single teacher that could do both, they hired two teachers for a 1/2 position - with Carolyn teaching Spanish.  Unfortunately since Carolyn was not a full time employee with the county and state, there were no benefits.
Comment 10: Curtis was a full time student at Appalachian during his Senior year and also doing a work-study program for financial-aide by working part time at Hardin Park Elementary with Mrs. Elizabeth Horton.
Comment 11: Bill Shearin was Curtis' roommate his Senior year at Appalachian (1974 - 1975).  Curtis, Carolyn and Ann did go home with Bill Shearin in December 1974.  Bill lived in Warrenton, Warren County, NC.  Everyone was glad to meet Bill's mother and brothers.

(Left) Curtis with Dale & David Shearin, (Middle & Right) Curtis with Ann Hamilton and Carolyn Weeks (Loftin)


07 Jun 1975 - Bill was in Curtis & Carolyn's Wedding
His brothers Dale and David came along for the weekend


Comment 12: My first year at Appalachian, I came home every weekend except the first weekend after college started.  On that weekend I had been invited to connect with a local Baptist family through the BSU (Baptist Student Union) and was invited over to their house for lunch after Sunday morning church.  I also made my first new friend at Appalachian, Gary Pace, an older student at Appalachian and member of the BSU.   During that Freshman year at college, I was still trying to maintain friendships and relationships with folks back home - including a girlfriend, Jone Richardson (daughter of Jones & Belle Richardson of Newton).  By my Senior year, I only went home for holidays and when Mom and Dad needed me. 


Comment 13: By this time of Sam's life, he only had cows and pigs down on the farm.  He'd sell the baby pigs, but most of their meat came from butchering cows and pigs that they raised.

24 October 1974, Thursday

                                                                                                                                                                              Thur. Night
Dear Curtis,
     Hi.  How is every thing?  Got your letter yesterday and one today.  Was glad to hear from you.  Your Dad is in the Hospital.  He went yesterday morning.  He has been sick every (ever) since Sun (Sunday) eve of (off) and on, so he went yesterday to stay.  They are giving him Glu Co (Glucose).  He is filling better. I figuar (figure) he will get to come home tomorrow.  He has lost more weight.  [1] He just weights 114 pd (pounds).  [2] I told God last night if he would hll (heal) him I would go to curch (church) Sun (Sunday) morning, Sun (Sunday) night and Wed (Wednesday) night.  I put it all on the line to God.  I am having morning Bible at the table and am having an alter prayer know (now) at night, so you can expect that when you come home.  We use(d) to do all that and more and I am going to start doing it again.  I was happy when I did it.  I am happy know (now) but I have lost out on lots of blessing(s) and I have not been doing nothing for God.  All I did was asking God to give me something, such as to hill (heal) your Dad, give you good grades, and take care of Sam, you and Bill and kids and Diane and just close people.  [3] I just got threw (through) moping  and waxing (the) setting room.  Have got the radio on listing (listening) to Clay Well.  I have got to clean up here in the kitchen and I might do my irnoning (ironing).  [4] Tell Carylon (Carolyn), Bill & Bill and Ann hello.  [5] We like Carylon (Carolyn) a lot.  If you marry her I hope she will make you a good wife and you (make) her a good husband.  And I am sure that is the way it will be.  [6] I hope you and her will be happy as Sam & I haven been.  Sam has been a very good husband.  I have been happy with him.  [7] I am proud of your B on your mid-term.  D is passing, is it not?  If I was you I would talk to the teacher and see if I could make up some home work and pull up the grade.  Pray and read your Bible and be good and study hard and God will help you.  [8] Bring your tape player when you come home.  [9] Your Dad ordred (ordered) you a tape, something about the Deppressing in the Bible.  I haven't heard it yet.  I will half (have) to close.  See you the 2 of Nov (November) if it is the good Lord('s) will.  Your Dad and I love you very much.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad

Comment 1:  Sam had been a little overweight before he got sick.  The letter dated September 21, 1974, said that he weighed 118 pounds.  Just another month later and he's down another 4 pounds to 114.
Comment 2:  Willie didn't get to go to church as often as she would like during Sam's sickness, because he needed her at home to take care of him - and she missed church
Comment 3:  Willie would mop the "sitting room" with a mop, but she had to get down on her hands and knees to apply the liquid wax to the hard wood floors.  After a period of time, the wax would build up, then she and Curtis would sit on the floor and scratch it off with a dull knife.  After Sam's death, she had the floors sanded and a polyurethane finish applied.  She'd still mop the floors, but there was no more waxing.
Comment 4:  Carolyn Weeks (Loftin), William "Bill" Shearin, William "Bill" Mitchell, and Elizabeth Ann Hamilton (Farmer).  Curtis and Carolyn actually named their daughter Beth (Elizabeth Ann Loftin) after their college friend, Ann.  The group was very close and there were a few others that were part of the group for a short period of time, including Tony Sanford (Tony Francis Sanford) and  Dan Wessell.

(Left to Right) Bill Shearin, Ann Hamilton, Bill Mitchell, Carolyn Weeks and Curtis

This photo was taken in the building that was originally Loftin's Tire Service,
then became Loftin's Clothing Outlet, then The Lighthouse Youth Mission
(notice the piano behind the group) and eventually Curtis & Carolyn's home.

Comment 5:  Willie shares her wishes that Curtis and Carolyn will be a good husband and wife.
Comment 6:  Even during Sam's illness, Willie is still very much in love with Sam - and admits that she's been happy.
Comment 7:  It's been too long so I don't remember what that "D" on a mid-term was for.  I do remember having good grades that year and being on the Dean's List so I must have pulled it up.
Comment 8:  Curtis didn't actually have a tape recorder - his friend Ann did - although he had it almost all of the time. 
Comment 9:  Too much time has passed, I have no recollection of what this is and don't even have a clue from the spelling.
30 October 1974, Wednesday
Hi Curtis,
     Thought I would drop you a few lines to say Hi.  How is every thing going for you?  [1] Your check was $68 after they took out (deductions) it was $62.58.  You still haven't got no money here yet.  [2] If you don't hear anything bye (by) Sat (Saturday) Diane is going to call that woman and she is going to check in on it.  She is going to call her Mon (Monday).  [3] Tom Weatherspoon (Witherspoon) wonts (wants) to see you his wife('s) car, a 69 (1969) Buick, 11 hundred.  I don't think you wont (want) it.  [4] Your Dad said you coulden (couldn't) aford (afford) a new one.  I wont (want) you to gat a new one.  If you half (have) to put the money in the Bank for a while (and save up).  [5] You can drive our car like you have been untill (until) you see your way out and maybe you can get you a new one before Graduation.  Hard times is really hear (here) I am afraid.  [6] I heard they were going to lay off 40 (people) where I work.  If they do I figuare (figure) it will be those that don't get production and some of those that stands aroud (around) doing nothing.  I will be glad when you graduate and get you a job teaching.  I am praying you will pas every thing and get your applcation (application) in.  [7] Your Dad is still doing all right.  He goes back to the Dr (Doctor) Fri (Friday) to see if they are going to opprate (operate) are (or) not.  [8] Miss Stewart said she wanted to see you this time.  You are going to be pretty busy, goiing shopping and taking me to get grocries (groceries).  It makes Sam sick to go in those stores.  I am hoping and praying Sam will go with me to curch (church) tomorrow night.  We are having Bible reading morning and night and alter (afterwards) pray of a night and pray of a morning.  I really love the Lord with all my hart (heart).  Sam sold all the hogs today except one, I hope.  The man is to come back tomorrow and get them and pay for them.  That will take lots of hard work off of me.  I wont (won't) have but one to feed and look after.  [9] We have are (our) bull up to kill.  We are going to kill him in about 2 weeks.  Bill and kids came down yesterday and put him (the bull) up.  He had been in Lee('s) pasture for 3 or 4 weeks.  Your Dad said drive slow and take it easy when you com in Fri (Friday).  I will half (have) to close.  See you Fri (Friday).  Study hard and be a good boy, which I am sure you will be.  We love you.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad
Comment 1:  Sam received a disability check from Social Security but never lived long enough to actually collect his Social Security.  Because of Sam's disability, Curtis also received a small monthly check - on $68.
Comment 2:  Diane Self Loftin was Sam & Willie's daughter-in-law, the wife of their son William "Bill" Ray Loftin.
Comment 3:  Sam's maternal grandmother was a Witherspoon - Margaret Ann Elizabeth Witherspoon married Patrick Sylvanus Setzer.
Comment 4:  The first car that Curtis & Carolyn bought was a used Pontiac Grand Prix.

The Grand Prix that Curtis & Carolyn bought
looked something like this in color


Curtis & Carolyn with the actual car - after their graduation
from ASU on 01 Jun 1975.  They got married on 07 Jun 11975.

Comment 5:  A Buick Skylark
Comment 6:  Willie worked in several hosiery mills during her life boarding socks.
Comment 7:  Because of Sam's undiagnosed illness, the doctors eventually decided to go exploratory surgery.  They didn't really find anything and sewed the incision back up with stitches.  They removed the stitches and sent him back to his hospital room.  It wasn't long until the incision busted open and they rushed him back to the operating room and this time they used staples on his incision.
Comment 8:  Mrs. Harry Stewart (Flora Edwards Stewart) lived in the yellow house (on Hudson Chapel Road) next door to Sam & Willie.  She was like a 2nd mother to Curtis and had kept him (and spoiled him) when he was a baby.
Comment 9:  Sam's farm was next to the much larger farm of Lee Robinson - a close friend of Sam's.  If my memory is correct (after 40 years) the bull had broken through the fence and had gotten into Lee's pasture.  It was Bill's job to chase him back into Sam's pasture.
08 November 1974, Friday
LETTER - Front Side
LETTER - Back Side
Dear Curtis
     [1] Miss Stewart just called and said she talked to you.  We were at home.  Sorry I diden't (didn't) get to talk to you but that is all right.  [2] We put $150 in checking for you. That is what she said you wonted (wanted).  [3] I made jelly and jam yesterday.  [4] Have been raking leaf (leaves).  Got the front and sides, like (lack) the back yet.  Which is as much as what I have all ready raked.  Have you been taking test(s) every day like you said you was going to do?  What did you make on that last History paper?  Are (Or) do you know?  Come home anytime you wont (want) to.  [5] You don't half (have) to wait till Thanksgiving.  You can just get in the car and take off.  Sam just isen't (isn't) able to make the trip up there, for he lays around and restes (rests) a lot.  [6] Yesterday was election.  We went and voted.  We split are (our) tickets.  [7] I voted for Jake Abernethey (Abernathy) for Sherff (Sherriff).  [8] He is a Republican and James Bryhill (Broyhill) is a R (Republican).  The rest I think was D (Democrats).  Just about everything went D (Democrat.  [9] When you come home again, hunt up the hangers and bring for I need them to put your shirts and paints (pants) on. 

Thu (Thursday)
     I get to work tomorrow.  I am glad.  It will help out a little.  I got most off (of) my leaf (leaves) rake(d). I will finish them tomorrow.  I have enjoyed being home this week, got lots of work done that need(s) to be Done.  [10] Will clean windows the next time I am off.  I will half (have) to close.  See you soon. Study hard and make good grades.  I will be praying for you.  We love you very much.  I don't have any money to send you.  [11] Will send you $10 next Fri (Friday).  Will give it to you if you come home.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad
Comment 1:  Mrs. Harry Stewart (Flora Edwards Stewart) lived in the yellow house (on Hudson Chapel Road) next door to Sam & Willie.  She was like a 2nd mother to Curtis and had kept him (and spoiled him) when he was a baby.
Comment 2:  It's been too long (40 years) so I (Curtis) don't really remember what the $150 was for.  It more than likely part of my tuition that I needed for second quarter (Appalachian was still on the 3 Quarter system - prior to moving to the Semester system).  My loans and grants only paid for part of my fees.
Comment 3:  Willie made homemade jellies and jams - apple, peach and pear from fruit that was given to them.

Willie canned tomatoes and pickles in addition to jellies and jams

Comment 4:  Sam & Willie had 5 or 6 large pecan trees in their yard at the time - as well as a pin oak tree and a water oak tree.  Curtis cut down two pecan trees in Sam & Willie's back yard to make room for the remodeling of their home in 1978.  Duke Power damaged the two pecan trees in Sam and Willie's front yard, removing branched so they wouldn't touch the power lines.  Curtis eventually cut them down.
Comment 5:  By Curtis' Senior year at Appalachian, he usually only came home for holidays, except for special times when Sam & Willie wanted him to come in early.
Comment 6:  Sam and Willie were members of the Democratic Party, but would vote Republican when someone impressed them.
Comment 7:  Jake Abernathy lived about a half-mile down the road from Sam & Willie on Hwy 10.  Jake Abernathy had 3 other brothers: Leroy Franklin Abernathy, Paul Edward Abernathy and Charles Grady Abernathy.  All 4 boys were the sons of Jacob Franklin Aberanthy and Mary Ella Pope.  Paul married Betty Jo Loftin, the daughter of Theodore Roosevelt Loftin and Marie Hoke.  Betty was Sam's niece.
Comment 8:  James Thomas Broyhill was a Representative and a Senator from North Carolina.  Sam originally had difficulty getting his disability and James Broyhill helped him get his disability.  Sam & Willie were always appreciative.
Comment 9: Curtis did his laundry at Appalachian in the dorm, but when he came home, Willie did his laundry, then ironed his shirts and pants.
Comment 10:  Willie cleaned windows on their home on Hwy 10 at least once a year - all the windows inside and out.  Eventually the old worn out windows were replaced by dual-pane tilt windows after Sam's death.  Even then she continued to lean windows, she just didn't have to stand on a chair on the outside to do it.
Comment 11:  Willie almost always sent Curtis $10 with her letters.
15 November 1974, Friday
Dear Curtis,
     How are you getting along?  Fine I hope.  Gess (Guess) you have been studing (studying) hard.  Have you finished your math yet?  I hope and pray you have so you can start studing (studying) for your Finals.  Is it snowing up there?  [1] Miss Robson (Robinson) said she heard one road at Ashville was past traving (traveling) and that it was snowing up there.  Be careful if you drive.  It is ranning (raining) here.  If it is bad tomorrow I am not going to drive to work.  [2] I have been driving to work, come home at dinner (lunch) and feed the hogs and go strat (straight) from work to the Hospital.  [3] Sam is still in the Hospital.  They still don't know what is the matter with him.  They have diffrent (different) ideas (from) all 4 Dr (Doctors).  They wont (want him to go to Winston to a Stumic (stomach) special(ist) and stay 2 days and come back there 2 (to) be opprated (operated) on.  Dr. Dillon said he stayed up half of the night Tue (Tuesday) going over Sam('s) records.  Dr. Dillon, Dr. Dickey, Dr. Boynes and Dr. Davis has been having metting (meetings) and desusson (discussion) about Sam.  Dr. Dickey had Sam up walking him around yesterday when he was sick.  [4] Billy trip(ped) and fell thru (through) the storm door yesterday,.  Bill said it took 5 stitches to sow it up.  But he is getting along fine.  [5] And me, I am just fine.  Thank God.  God has really been good to me.  Are you better with your cold?  I hope and pray so.  Gess (Guess) you have been staying up late this week.  I have been going to bed early.  7:30 till 8(:00) mot of the time.  [6] Tell Carylon (Carolyn) and Bill Hi.  [7] I am sending you $10.  Weill see you next Fri (Friday) ore (or) when every (ever) you get off.  We love you a lot.  We will be praying for you and you pray for us.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad
Comment 1: Miss Robson is actually Mrs. Lee (Bessie) Robinson.  Lee & Bessie owned the farm next the Sam & Willie on Hot Rod Road. 
Comment 2:  Mom's life has always kept her busy and this was no exception - going to work, feeding the hogs at lunch, back to work, then over to Davis' Hospital to see Sam in the evening.
Comment 3:  Sam & Willie really liked this 4 doctor team - especially Dr. Dillon.  I remember them talking about giving Dr. Dillon beef and hog meat when the killed a cow or hog.  Dr. Dillon constantly tried to work to find what Sam's problem was, although they never really did find it.  Dr. Dillon was the one who got Sam to finally quit smoking.
Comment 4:  Billy is William Ray Loftin Jr. - Sam & Willie's oldest grandson.
Comment 5:  Willie loved the Lord and always talked about how good He was to her - even in the midst of her difficult trials such as Sam's illness.
Comment 6:  Carolyn Weeks (Loftin) and William "Bill" Shearin.

Comment 7:  Another $10 to Curtis from his Mom and Dad.
14 December 1974, Saturday

Hi Curtis,
     How are you getting along?  Fine I hope.  Sam was kindly (kind of) sick yesterday & today he took his pills and got over it.  I think God has touched his body and heald (healed) it.  I am trusting in the Lord.  He is a great big God.  [1] We had our Christmas dinner today.  J.D. had me to say the Blessing again.  Some of them really did look when he called for me to come up there where him and Betty was.  He wanted me up close to the table.  Betty Lyrley (Lyerly) thanked me after lunch.  [2] Helen gave me $10 for you.  I have $20 for you for Christmas and we have $10 for Carylon (Carolyn).  Diane & Bill is bying (buying) Carylon (Carolyn) something for Xman.  [3] Well how did your inerview (interview) go?  Did you take the job are (or) not?  It is up to you to make your own mind.  [4] Are (Our) mill is closing down.  We are moving to Homespun.  I am going down there if it is the good Lord's will.  Every body is not going to get to go.  Just the oldest hands.  [5] Will you be in next Fri (Friday) night.  Let us no (know) so we can meet you in Newton.  I am sending you $10.  Your check was $68.50.  We put it in the Bank.  [6] Don't for get (forget) to get your check for teaching.  I got my bonus for Xmas today.  It was $118.55.  I cleared $96.82.  That was pretty good.  [7] Vicky Drum Goble has got twin boys.  [8] The curch (church) made up and gave us $62.  Sam paid it on his Hospital Bills.  [9] Gevia brought me out 2 cases of canned stuff and a big bag of frozen stuff.  I am not on starvashion (starvation) but we took it.  I will half (have) to close.  See you soon.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad

Comment 1: This was a Betterwear Hosiery Mill - where Willie boarded socks.  J.D. Propst was one of the bosses at the mill.  J.D. told Willie that he wanted someone who lived what they prayed - that's why he called on her.  Curtis' first summer job when he turned 16 was working in the dye house at Betterwear, Second Shift, 3:00 to 11:00, dying socks and tights.  It was this job that make Curtis decide he wanted to go to college.  The second summer when he was 17, he worked in the Sherrill Warehouse uptown with Steve Lowery making "dumps" and "totes" - putting together boxes for shipping socks and tights from Betterwear.
Comment 2:  Mary "Helen" Goble Sigmon was Willie's sister.
Comment 3:  Before Curtis graduated from Appalachian, he got his first job offer - teach math at a community college to students who had dropped out and wanted to go back to school to get their GED.  Curtis had trained to teach Elementary School and had had a good experience at Hardin Park as an intern and also on his work-study program.  He turned down the job offer with plans to continue down the original course of teaching Elementary School.
Comment 4:  Betterwear Hosiery Mill was a large hosiery mill in Catawba.  Homespun was located in Lincolnton.  Willie worked at Homespun but eventually had to quit to stay home with Sam.
Comment 5:  Even though Curtis had Sam & Willie's car in Boone, he was taking the Trailways Bus from Boone to Newton.  Curtis rode the bus home every weekend his first year at ASU (Appalachian State University) - a little less his Sophomore year - a little less his Junior year - and only occasionally his Senior year.  The hour and a half trip by car was always two hours on the bus (or more) due to all the stops in all the towns along the way - including Lenoir, Granite Falls, Hudson, and Hickory before finally arriving in Newton.  Why didn't Curtis just drive the family car home?  Well, it was Winter, and he had learned during his Freshman year how hard it can be to get up the down the mountain during bad weather - and that snow came and accumulated really quickly.  When Curtis went back to college after one of his breaks, he took the usual Trailways bus.  The family knew it was snowing in Boone and felt the heavier bus was definitely safer then a car.  Why not just wait?  Well, Freshman registration for the next quarter was the next day.  The bus made it as far as the college campus before it got stuck and couldn't go any farther.  He had to walk from the current Holmes Convocation Center & Arena to Bowie Dorm - without a hat - in the freezing weather and blizzard like snow.  He had left most of his winter clothes at the dorm when he had gone home, not knowing that this winter storm was just around the corner.  He did finally get back to the dorm - and learned later that registration had just been postponed for a few days.  Such was the life of living in Boone - but he loved every minute of it!
Comment 6: This was the middle of December so Curtis was still doing his work-study teaching at Hardin Park.

During Curtis' Fall 1974 work-study at Hardin Park Elementary, he met and worked with (top row) Susan Casey, Mariette Winkler, (bottom row) Willy Light, Ingred Brown and Wally Light.  In addition to being his students, they were part of the Grandfather Mt. Cloggers and were over at the university for a performance.


Curtis wore his hair long during his senior year at ASU (Appalachian State Unviersity)

Comment 7:  Curtis met Vickie, Janice and Peggy Drum at the Balls Creek Campground.  The Drum's and the Loftin's tents were near each other.  When Curtis was still in high school he wrecked his Red Plymouth Belvedere II with the Drum sisters inside on Hot Rod Road while he was showing off.  He took a curve too fast, panicked, and lost control.  Fortunately no one was hurt - only damage to the right side of the front bumper where he hit a tree stump.  The sisters all eventually married friends of Curtis'.  Curtis had the girls with him when he was riding the square in Newton and coming the opposite way were friends of his from high school, David Woodring & Paul Goble.  Vickie married Paul Goble; Janice married David Woodring; and Peggy married Richard Sherrill (another friend of Curtis' from campground).
Comment 8:  Mathis Chapel Baptist Church was the only church Sam and Willie went to from the time they were saved in their 20s until Sam's death in 1979.  Willie continued to go to Mathis Chapel until 2012, when at the age of 87 she started attending church with Curtis & Carolyn at Covenant Bible Church in Lincolnton, NC.

Sam was buried at Mathis Chapel as will Willie at the time of her death

Comment 9:  Elgevia "Gevia" Goble Eggers was Willie's baby sister.
22 January 1975, Wednesday
                                                                                                                                                                              Tue (Tuesday)
Dear Curtis,
     How is every thing up there?  [1] We are getting snow, but it is sleating (sleeting) and ranning (raining) now.  It look(s) like it is really slick out there the way some of them are walking.  The Dr (Doctor) said Sam might get to go home Fri (Friday) if all his test(s) showed up up IL from today and if he wasen't (wasn't) sick any.  He said if he had 1 sick day he woulden (wouldn't) get to go.  He was sick all day yesterday.  They gave him 5 shots.  [2] It diden't (didn't) do any good but we gave him oxygon (oxygen) and he went right off to sleep.  Woke up this morning filling (feeling) much better.  Diden't (Didn't) eat any thing yesterday except breakfast.  I am glad I went home yesterday and took care of some of the things I had to (do).  [3] I drew $2 hundred ($200) out of saving for you and your check was $68.50 so you can put it down in your check book.  [4] You said you could have a(n) interview at Statesville any time.  You should go as quick(ly) as you can for they will pick there (their) teachers early for a nother (another) year.  I hope you do get one over there.  Your Dad said be careful up there and don't drive if there is snow.  [5] Look and see about that Graduate test you can take free.  [6] You need to take it next quater (quarter) while you can get it free.  I love you very much.  Sorry I haven't been able to cook and wait on you the last 2 times you have been home.  I will close so I can get this in (the) mail so you will get it this week.  Study hard and make good grades.  [7] I am sure you will do that since you don't like but 4 months.  See you soon I hope.  Tell all Hello.
                                                                                                                                                                              Love You,
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad
Comment 1: Apparently Willie was at Davis Hospital in Statesville, NC, at the time she wrote this letter.
Comment 2: Sam started smoking as a young boy and suffered from emphysema as a result of a lifetime of smoking cigarettes.  By this point in his life Sam was no longer smoking (thanks to Dr. Dillon), but the damage was already done to his body. Willie learned to give Sam some type of breathing treatment at home.  He eventually started using oxygen at home, too, but he died two days later (in 1979). 
Comment 3: By the end of January it was time to pay Spring tuition and other fees.  Even though Curtis has grants and loans, as well as his $68 a month disability check, it didn't cover all of the fees.
Comment 4: Curtis applied for a teaching position with a school in the Statesville City Schools System.  As it turns out, the principal's wife had been a college friend of Mrs. Elizabeth Horton, Curtis' supervising teacher when he did his internship & work-study at Hardin Park.  This was a brand new school and Curtis was hoping to get this position.  Curtis' first teaching job offer came from James Rhynes the Principal at Sherrills Ford Elementary School in Catawba County, NC.  The week after he signed his contract, the job offer came from the school in Statesville as well as an offer from Lenoir City Schools - another system Curtis was interested in because of its location in the NC mountains.  As time passed, Curtis realized that God had ordered everything - including the plan for him to stay in Catawba County.
Comment 5:  Sam & Willie wanted Curtis to go to school and get his Masters Degree.  After having been in school for 16 years, Curtis wasn't willing to commit to this new commitment at the time.  He just wanted to graduate, get married, and get on with teaching.
Comment 6:  Appalachian was still on the Quarter System - Fall, Winter and Spring Quarters.  Appalachian moved to the Semester System the year after Curtis & Carolyn graduated.
Comment 7:  Curtis & Carolyn graduated from Appalachian State University on Sunday, June 1, 1975 - and got married on Saturday, June 7, 1975.
January 29, 1975, Wednesday

Hi Curtis,
     How is every thing up your way?  It is ranny (rainy) down here.  We have ran (rain) every couple of days.  [1] I am still staying with your Dad night and day.  The Dr (Doctor) says he is getting better slowly.  Sam ask the Dr (Doctor) yesterday if he was going to get to go home tomorrow.  He said maybe a week from tomorrow.  [2] When he gets able, they are going to let him go home and come back for his oppration (operation).  I coulden (couldn't) handle  him if they let him go know (now).  For some times he gets turned around.  I gess (guess) it is all that medcine (medicine).  [3] Bobby & Grace brought him a real pretty flower.  They have been comming (coming) to see him every couple of days.  [4] Bill Kirksey and Colleen came to see him yesterday and gave him $10.  [5] Thelma mailed him $5.  [6] The Boarders mailed him $5.  [7] Helen gave us $54 this week and a handful of change last week.  [8] Dasey (Daisy) Pearl gave me $10 last week and Charlie gave him $10.  I am taking all (that) is given to us for it takes a couple dollars a day for me to eat on, but we are not broke, just saving it till I half (have) to have it.  Sorry I don't have any money to send you.  You will half (have) to spend your on (own) money and draw some out of saving(s) for your next Quarter.  [9] Have you got your pictures yet?  They were good.  [10] Get your applaction (application) sent off as soon as possibble (possible).  [11] Bobby said Carylon (Carolyn) might get a job teaching Spanish at Bandys.  [12] Angelia (Angela) is wonting (wanting) you and Carylon (Carolyn) to try to get on out there.  I wont (want) you and Carylon (Carolyn) both to work to try to get you a job.  You might half (have) to do some visiting to get one.  If Carylon (Carolyn) half (has) to have the car to go look about one (a job), let her have it, if you don't half (have) to have it.  [13] Has she had her picture made to send off (with) her appalcations (applications)?  Study hard and make good grades so you will pass every thing.  Just think, you don't like (lack) but 4 months, if it is God('s) will.  [14] You might half (have) to have Carylon (Carolyn) to help you in your math if you don't understand it.  Tell all up there hello for me and Sam.  Sam has got lots of get well cards.  [15] We are selling are (our) hog, for (because) Lee has been feeding it for 3 weeks and if Sam gets better, he wont (won't)  be able to have it killed.  His one old cow had a bull calf on Wed (Wednesday), Lee said.  Come home this week if you can.  Your Dad calls you a lot.  Of course he don't no (know) what he is doing, but if you have to(o) many lessons, don't come, for your education is more important.  I will half (have) to close.  Love you.
                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad

Comment 1:  By this time through all of Willie's letters you can see just how often she is at the hospital with Sam.  She was only working part-time and Sam wasn't working at all.  And even though Sam was receiving a disability check from Social Security, they also had mounting hospital bills and a son still in college.
Comment 2:  Sam would get sick on his stomach and would end up vomiting.  Sometimes just throwing up would help, but not for very long.  Eventually Dr. Dillion decided to try alternative medicines and he sent Sam & Willie to Virginia for an acupuncture treatment.  They even trained Willie how to give Sam his treatment.  When he came back to the hospital in Statesville, Dr. Dillon called some of the nursing staff in so that Willie could show them how it was done.  This particular treatment didn't use needles, but instead small pieces of some type of herb was broken off and placed on Sam's skin, then ignited.  They eventually did exploratory surgery on Sam around this time, but never found anything out of the ordinary.  He was eventually diagnosed with bladder cancer, but even after his surgery for that, the problems with his lengthy illness did not improve. 
Comment 3:  Bobby Taylor and his wife Grace Kirksey Taylor were close friends of Curtis, as well as Sam and Willie.  Bobby's father, Rev. Tommy Taylor, had been an early pastor at Mathis Chapel and a close friend to Sam.  Curtis had an extremely close relationship with Bobby, Grace and Angela - as they took him to Rock Church, Jimmy Swaggart Crusades, and continually encouraged him in his work for the Lord.
Comment 4:  Bill and Colleen Kirksey were members of Mathis Chapel and friends of Sam & Willie.  Bill and Colleen lived less than a quarter mile from the church.
Comment 5:  Willie Thelma Loftin Connor Lanier was Sam's sister.  Thelma was a twin to Elma Loftin Huffman.
Comment 6:  The Boarders were the other ladies who also boarded socks with Willie at Betterwear Hosiery Mill in Catawba, NC.
Comment 7:  Mary Helen Goble Sigmon was Willie's sister.  They dated together and always maintained a close friendship.
Comment 8:  Daisy Pearl Loftin Herman was Sam's sister.  Daisy Pearl's twin brother died at birth.  Charlie Roosevelt Lofting was Sam's brother.
Comment 9:  Curtis, Carolyn, Bill and Ann all agreed to have their photos made so that they could be in the Appalachian yearbook since Curtis and Carolyn were graduating.

Curtis Loftin, Carolyn Weeks (Loftin), Ann Hamilton and Bill Shearin

Comment 10:  Curtis sent applications to Catawba County Schools, Lenoir City Schools, and Statesville City Schools - eventually receiving job offers in all three system.  Curtis worked with Catawba County Schools for 30 years.
Comment 11:  Bobby Taylor's daughter Angela went to Bandys, but the school only offered French originally.
Comment 12:  Angela Taylor was Bobby & Grace's daughter - and Curtis' younger "sister".

Bobby, Grace and Angela Taylor sing at Mathis Chapel Baptist Church

Comment 13:  Curtis & Carolyn needed multiple copies of their photo to go on the various job applications.
Comment 14:  I'm not really sure why Mom said this.  My grades in Math were always good.  I did tell her that I spent 8 hours working on one Math homework assignment at one time.  Several of my Math classes were actually independent study.  You only came to class to take tests, and pick up the next assignment.  I liked those classes.
Comment 15:  Lee Robinson was Sam's friend who owned the farm next to his on Hot Rod Road.
05 February 1975, Wednesday

Hi Curtis,
     How are you getting along?  Sorry you are not filling (feeling) food.  Hope you are not comming (coming) down with the flu.  You have (had) been sick a lot this year.  Maybe it is because you don't get a nuff (enough) rest.  [1] Boy, it fills (feels) good to be home.  Looking forward to sleeping in my own bed where I can strech (stretch) out and rest.  Your Dad seems lots better since we have got home.  He sits up a while and then he lays back down.  While he was in the Hospital, he diden't (didn't) seem to have energy to sit up.  But they gave him 2 pt (pints) of blood Monday.  [2] I called about my ins (insureance) at the mill.  Ruby said she woulden (wouldn't) let it lapse and that I diden't (didn't) half (have) to pay it till I come back to work.  [3] And Claude said he would try to work me 1 day a week and let me sighn (sign) up when I come back to work.  If you and Carylon (Carolyn) arn't (aren't) sick are (or) got the cold Sun (Sunday), come home if you can.  We would love to see you.  We love you very much and it is a privalage (priviledge) to see you.  Sam said dinner and supper here sure was good.  He coulden (couldn't) half eat that Hospital food.  Neather (Neither) could I.  [4] I started to call Henry Clay about Carylon (Carolyn).  I might still call him this week if I get a chance.  [5] I talked to Grace this eving (evening).  She is sure you and Carylon (Carolyn) both will get a job around here close.  I know you have been studing (studying) hard.  And I haven't been praying for you like I did since your Dad has been sick, but will start back tonight.  I will be so glad when you finish.  It wont (won't) be long till the Quater (Quarter) break and you will get a rest. 

Thu(Thursday) Mor(Morning)
     Boy, did i rest good last night, but Sam was up several times going to the bath room.  I will half (have) to close so I can get this in the mail.  We love you very much.  See you Sun (Sunday) if not sick.

                                                                                                                                                                              Mom & Dad
Comment 1:  Sam had been in the hospital for some time.  Dr. Dillon had even managed to get Willie a room at the hospital and she wasn't charged for it, so that she could be there with Sam.
Comment 2: Willie carried Sam and herself on her insurance through Betterwear Hosiery, where she worked.  And even though Ruby (Shook) tried to keep Willie and Sam covered, Willie was not able to return to work and the insurance coverage lapsed.
Comment 3: Claude Yount was Willie's boss at Betterwear Hosiery.
Comment 4: Henry Clay Gabriel was a family friend and School Board Member.  Willie was trying to do all she could to ensure that Curtis & Carolyn got teaching jobs.
Comment 5: Grace Kirksey Taylor, daughter of Vicotor and Viola Kirksey, and wife of Bobby Lee Taylor.  Bobby & Grace were family friends as well as spiritual mentors to Curtis.
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