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Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr.



Born: 27 Jul 1942, Syracuse, Onondaga, New York

Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr., was born on 27 July 1942 in Syracuse, Onondaga County, New York to Unknown Parents.
He was adopted for the first time by William Evert Morrison and his wife Mary Gray "Grayce" UNKNOWN before 1945 and was named "Guy Clark Morrison".  Guy only remembered her as Babe.
The Morrison Family first shows up on the 1915 Census in Buffalo, New York.  They were living at 403 Goodyear Avenue, Buffalo, Ward 7, Erie County, New York.  The Census lists the members of the family: William (Head, age 36, born about 1879), Sarah Morrison (Wife, age 36, born about 1879), and William E. (Son, age 9, born about 1906).  The Census shows that the elder William Morrison and his wife Sarah were both born in Scotland, while young William E. was born in South Africa.  At the time this Census was enumerated on 01 Jun 1915, the elder William had been in the US for 9 months working as a Carpenter while Sarah and young William had only been in the country for 14 days.

1915 Census for Buffalo Ward 7, Erie County, New York

Residence Name Relation Race Sex Age Nativity Citizenship Occup-
Street Hse
Last First Yrs.
in USA
or Alien
403 Morrison William Head W M 36 Scotland 9 M A Carpenter
" 403 " Sarah Wife W F 36 " 14 D A Housework
" 403 " William E. Son W M 9 S. Africa 14 D A School
By 1920 the elder William had become a Naturalized citizen while Sarah and young William were still aliens.  The family was living on Alma Street in Buffalo, NY.  The 1920 Census says that the elder William and Sarah immigrated to the US in 1907 which conflicts with the 1915 Census which says that he had only been in the US for 9 M(Months).
The 1925 Census reveals that the younger William Evert Morrison was attending college.  All three members were now citizens of the US - all became naturalized US citizens in 1922 (although from the previous 1920 Census it seems the elder William's naturalization was earlier than that).
By 1930, young William Evert Morrison was married to Mary Gray "Grayce" UNKNOWN.  The 1930 Census shows William E. and Grayce (listed as Mary C. Morrison) living with his parents in Buffalo, NY.  Both William E. and Grayce's age was listed as 24 and the Census shows that they had married when they were both aged 21.  Both were working as "Druggist" at a local Drug Store.
The 1940 Census shows that William and Grayce Morrison were no longer living with his parents, but were living at No. 4 Collingwood, Buffalo, New York.  William had completed 2 years of college but Gayce only had 2 years of high school.  The country had just gone through the Great Depression and neither was still working at the Drug Store where they had been employed in 1930.  William was working as a salesman of drug supplies while Grayce was working as a stenographer.
By 1942 when Guy Clark was born, William Evert & Grayce had been married for over 15 years and were still childless.  At some point the couple decided to adopt a child and found Guy Clark, still a baby, in Syracuse, New York, and his name became Guy Clark Morrison.
The entire Morrison family moved to Florida by 1945.  The 1945 Census for Duval County, Florida, shows the elder William Morrison (age 68), his wife Sarah (age 74), son William Evert (age 39) and his wife Grayce (age 37) and Guy (age 2) living at 5033 Appleton Street.  William Every was working as a "Detail Man" and Grayce was a stay-at-home wife and mother.

1945 Census for Duval County, Florida

Name Address Age Place
of Birth
Education Occupation
Last First M F
Morrison William 5033
Appleton St.
68   Scotland H.S. Carpenter
" Sarah     74 " 8 Grade Wife
" Wm. Evert   39   South
College Detail Man
" Grayce     37 N.Y. H.S. Wife
" Guy   2   N.Y. ---- Child
The 1947 City Directory shows the William E. Morrison family living in Jacksonville, Florida.  He was working as a salesman for Lederle Laboratories, a drug company.

When interviewing Brad Seese in August 2014, Brad said that his dad (Guy Clark, Guy Clark Morrison, Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr.) told him that Mrs. Morrison "had an allergic reaction to TIDE Detergent and died".  Additional research revealed that was not the case, however.

Whatever the reason, William Evert Morrison and his wife Grayce divorced in 1951 in St. Johns County, Florida, and Guy Clark Morrison (age 9) went to live with the Morrison grandparents in North Central Florida. Later he was sent to to live at the Miami Military Academy (age 10).

Guy Clark Morrison was adopted for a second time by Worthington Fredrick Seese and Myrtle May Davis Seese.  The Seeses started "checking" Guy out of the academy on weekends when he was 10 years old, and took him back to the academy on Sunday nights.  Guy was 11, almost 12, before the actual adoption.  During the second adoption, Guy told the judge that he wanted his adopted daddy's name, so it legally became Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr.
Worthington "Worthy" Frederick Seese Sr. (was named after Worthington, Ohio) was originally from Pennsylvania before moving to Florida.  Myrtle May Davis Seese had been a beautician before she married "Worthy" Seese.

Worthington Seese, Jr. attended the
University of Florida
in Gainsville, Florida

Guy/Worthington Jr. served in the military, Air Force, as a Staff Sergeant and Communications Officer, where he was assigned a station in Scotland and Pakistan listening to military communications in India (from Russia).  At the time, the NSA did a background check on Guy's birth parents and couldn't find any information.  Guy had been engaged when he went into the military but when he returned the marriage was cancelled ten days before the wedding. 
Guy/Worthington Seese, Jr. married Joann Denniston on 05 May 1967 in Broward County, Florida.  Even though his adoptive parents called him Worthington, Jo called him by his birth name, "Guy".


Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr. and Joann Denniston Seese

Guy and Jo gave birth to their first child, a son named Bradley Dylan Seese, in 1971.
At the birth of Guy and Jo's 2nd son, the child's name was suppose to be named Gardner Davis Seese (after his two grandmother's maiden names) but the name was changed to Gardner Garrett Seese.
Children of Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr. & Joann Denniston Seese
Name Birth Death Spouse
Bradley Dylan Seese 1971   Elizabeth Ann Loftin
m. 1996
Gardner Garrett Seese 1977   Kristen Raby
Guy/Worthington and Jo moved their family to Baltimore, Maryland, where the family lived in a Row House - in a corner unit.
The Seese family moved to North Carolina in January 1978.  JoAnn was a teacher and could teach anywhere but Guy wasn't working.  Jo's father, Reese Denniston had a worm-farming business in North Carolina, so Guy moved the family to NC to work for Reese. 
While in North Carolina, Guy/Worthington worked as an Insurance Salesman.
Guy/Worthington and Jo eventually divorced and he married Peggy Darlene Barnett Brown.  Peggy had a daughter, Rose Marie Brown, before she and Guy/Worthington married.
Guy/Worthington lived at the following locations: Edgewater, FL; Dunnellon, FL; Ocala, FL; Fort Lauderdale, FL; Satellite Beach, FL; Pompano Beach, FL; Loxahatchee, FL; Hickory, NC; Boone, NC; Mims, FL; Maiden, NC.
Guy/Worthington and Peggy moved to Florida after his adoptive father's death to take care of his mother.

Thanks to Bradley Dylan Seese for the information on his dad, Worthington Frederick Seese, Jr.
 (AKA Guy Clark)


Thanks to JoAnn Denniston Seese for her help with the various branches of her family