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Mattie Byrn Harrell



Born: 01 Aug 1880, Wayne Co, NC
Died: 08 Aug 1924, Sampson Co, NC

Mattie Byrn Harrell was the seventh child born to Furnifold Fernie Harrell and Sally King.  She was born on 01 Aug 1880 in Wayne County, NC.
Fernie and Sally King Harrell had at least 10 children.
Children of Furnifold Fernie Harrell and Sally King
Name Birth Death Spouse
William Henry Harrell 06 Sep 1870
Wayne Co, NC
14 Mar 1943
Grantham, Wayne Co, NC
Virginia L. Best
James R. Harrell 1870
Wayne Co, NC
23 Apr 1938
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
Metta Florence McClenny
Lou Deanie "Deania" Harrell 01 Jun 1871
Wayne Co, NC
23 Jun 1938
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
*William Rufus Sutton
Polley Harrell 1873
Wayne Co, NC
Minnie Mae Harrell 24 Jun 1875
Wayne Co, NC
07 Jun 1910
North Carolina
*William Rufus Sutton
Furney Arthur Harrell 28 Sep 1877
Wayne Co, NC
30 Nov 1937
Mount Oliver, NC R#3, Sampson Co, NC
Ophelia Creel
Mattie Byrn Harrell 01 Aug 1880
Wayne Co, NC
08 Aug 1924
Sampson Co, NC
James Henry Weeks
George R. Harrell Jun 1884
Wayne Co, NC
04 Aug 1926
Faison, Duplin Co, NC
Elsie Bennett
Sallie K. Harrell 10 Jan 1887
Wayne Co, NC
22 Oct 1918
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
Jasper W. Stofford
Lee Edward Harrell 27 Aug 1889
Wayne Co, NC
04 Feb 1956
Mount Olive, Wayne Co, NC
(1) Vara O. Grantham
(2) Bethana Lucretia Pearce
Page 71 of the 1880 Wayne County, NC, Census shows the Fernie Harrell family living in Brogden.  Fernie's age is listed as 52 (he was actually 53) and Sallie is listed as 30 (she was actually 34).  The children listed on the Census were: Wm. H. (William Henry - age 12), James R. (age 10), Ludenia (age 9), Polley (age 7), Minnie (age 6), Furney (age 30) and Mattie Byrn (age 1).

1880 Wayne County, NC, Census

Name Sex Age Relation S
Trade Can't
Last First
Harrell F. F. M 52 Head M Farmer    
----- Sallie F 30 Wife M Keep
----- Wm. H. M 12 Son       No
----- James R. M 10 Son     No No
----- Ludenia F 9 Daughter     No No
----- Polley F 7 Daughter     No No
----- Minnie F 6 Daughter     No No
----- Furney M 3 Son     No No
----- Mattie B. F 1 Daughter     No No

(James Henry Weeks & Mattie Byrn Harrell Weeks)

Mattie Byrn Harrell married James Henry Weeks on 02 Jun 1898 in Wayne County, North Carolina.  This was her first marriage - but his third (having outlived his first two wives). 
James Henry Weeks was the son of James Kenion Weeks and Mary Vann and was born 23 May 1851 in Sampson County, NC.  James Henry was almost 30 years older than Mattie Byrn.
Sheet 7 of the 1900 North Carolina Census finds James Henry and his new wife, Mattie Byrn Harrell, living in the Piney Grove Township of Sampson County.  James Henry's age is listed as 49 and Mattie's age was 18.  There were 5 children living in the home: Mamie (age 20), Bascom (age 17), Emma (age 15) Estella (age 10) and new-born son Arthur James (age 12 months) who is listed as "B" in the marriage column - more than likely indicating he was a "Baby".  Arthur was born 06 May 1899 in Goshen, Sampson County, NC.  Arthur James Weeks (born 06 May 1899) was the first child born to Mattie Byrn Harrell and James Henry Weeks.

1900 Sampson County Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S
Kids Birth Trade Read
Last First Mth Yr Born Living
Weeks Jas. H. Head W M May 1851 49 M 2     NC Farmer Yes
----- Mattie B. Wife W F Jun 1881 18 M 2 1 1 NC   Yes
----- Mamie Daughter W F Sep 1879 20 S       NC   Yes
----- Bascomb Son W M May 1883 17 S       NC Farm
----- Emma Daughter W F Jan 1885 15 S       NC   Yes
----- Estella Daughter W F Sep 1889 10 S       NC   Yes
----- Arthur J. Son W M May 1898 12m B       NC   No
James Henry and Mattie's marriage produced at least 10 children.
Children of James Henry Weeks and Mattie Byrn Harrell
Name Birth Death Spouse
Arthur James Weeks 06 May 1899
Sampson Co, NC
29 Oct 1976
Mt. Olive, Wayne Co, NC
Lydie Sutton
m. 12 Nov 1917
Addie Mae Weeks 05 May 1900
Sampson Co, NC
26 Jun 1924
Goldsboro, Wayne Co, NC
William Evey Godwin
Nola Brown Weeks 21 Apr 1903
Sampson Co, NC
03 Mar 1989
Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC
(1) Clyde James Sutton
m. 13 Jun 1918
(2) Steve King
Albert Sidney Barnes Weeks 25 Dec 1904
Sampson Co, NC
21 Jun 1960
Raleigh, Wake Co, NC
(1) Coleen Jordan
m. 28 Dec 1935
(2) Viola Eason
m. 01 Apr 1941
James Henry Weeks, Jr. 17 Apr 1907
01 May 1967
Princeton Johnston, Boon Hill, NC
(1) Ruby Tart
(2) Callie/Ella Bowden
Melvin Wade Weeks 16 May 1913
Sampson Co, NC
23 Apr 1984
Mt Olive, Wayne, NC
Katie Louise Thigpen
m. 22 Jan 1938
Thelma Louise Weeks 01 Nov 1915
Sampson Co, NC
12 Sep 1981
Kinston, Lenoir Co, NC
Bruce McArthur
m. 15 Apr 1937
Martin Luther Weeks 07 Feb 1919
28 Nov 1984
Wilson, Wilson, NC
Zelda Ray Killingsworth
m. 12 Jan 1946
Robert B. Weeks 15 May 1922
Sampson Co, NC
11 Sep 1922
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
[Died in Infancy]
Cleaford Earl Weeks 08 Aug 1924
Sampson Co, NC
2011? Nell Porter
m. 05 Apr 1942
The 1910 North Carolina Census shows James Henry and Mattie Byrn living in the Piney Grove Township of Sampson County, NC.  His son Bascom Kenion Weeks (from James Henry Weeks' marriage to Sarah Adelaide Robinson) was living nearby - as was Mattie's brother, James R. Harrell.  Mattie's mother (Sallie, age 68) was living with James R. Harrell.
The Census indicates that James Henry and Mattie have been married for 11 years - showing that she has had 7 children, but only 5 were still living.  Mattie was pregnant at the time of the Census (06 May 1910) and their son Melvin Wade Weeks was born 10-days later on 16 May 1910.  Children living in the James Henry Weeks home at the time were Arthur James, Addie Mae, Nola Brown, Albert Sidney and James Henry Jr.

1910 Sampson County Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S
Kids Birth Trade
Last First Born Living
Weeks Bascom K. Head M W 26 M1 5     NC Farmer
  Lillie May Wife F W 24 M1 5 3 2 NC None
  Grace M Daughter F W 3 S       NC None
  Lacy Franklin Son M W 1 3/12 S       NC None
Week James H. Head M W 55 M3 11     NC Farmer
  Mattie B. Wife F W 28 M1 11 7 5 NC None
  Arthur J. Son M W 19 S       NC Farm
  Addie M. Daughter F W 7 S       NC None
  Nola B Daughter F W 6 S       NC None
  Albert Son M W 5 S       NC None
  James H. Jr. Son M W 3 S       NC None
Harrell James R. Head M W 39 M1 13 6 5 NC Farmer
  Mitter Wife F W 28 M1 13     NC None
  Mamie Daughter F W 11 S       NC None
  Mary Daughter F W 7 S       NC None
  Milford Son M W 5 S       NC None
  Gunthry Son M W 2 S       NC None
  Sallie Daughter F W 6/12 S       NC None
  Sallie Mother F W 68 W   13 9 NC None
The 1920 North Carolina Census shows James Henry and Mattie Byrn still living in the Piney Grove Township of Sampson County.  His age is listed as 66 and her age is listed as 40.  They have five children living in the family home: Albert Sidney (age 14), James Henry Jr. (age 12), Melvin Wade (age 7), Thelma Louise (age 4 years and 2 months) and Martin Luther (age 2 years and 11 months).
James Henry's son Bascom is still living nearby with his wife Lillie May and four sons.

1920 Sampson County Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S
School Can
Birth Trade
Last First Own
Weeks James H. Head O F M W 66 M   Yes NC Farmer
------ Mattie B. Wife     F W 40 M   Yes NC None
----- Albert S. Son     M W 14 S Yes Yes NC Farm
----- James H.Jr. Son     M W 12 S Yes Yes NC Farm
----- Melvin W. Son     M W 7 S Yes   NC None
----- Thelma L. Daughter     F W 4 2/12 S     NC None
----- Martin L. Son     M W 2 11/12 S     NC None
Weeks Bacom K. Head O M M W 35 M   Yes NC Farmer
------ Lillie M. Wife     F W 33 M   Yes NC None
----- Lacy F. Son     M W 11 S Yes Yes NC None
----- James G. Son     M W 9 S Yes   NC None
----- Gordon B. Son     M W 6 S Yes   NC None
----- Johnnie C. Son     M W 4 3/12 S     NC None
Mattie Byrn Harrell Weeks died 08 Aug 1924 while giving birth to Cleaford Earl Weeks.  She was 44 years old at the time and was buried in the Kenion Weeks Cemetery in Piney Grove Township (Hoe Swamp area), Sampson County, NC.

If you have additional information on Mattie Byrn Harrell Weeks please contact me.