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Alfred M. Sherrill


Born: 1798, Alexander or Iredell County, NC
Died:  1870, Alexander County, NC

Alfred M. Sherrill was born about 1798 to David Sherrill (born 1764 - died 1872) and Rachel Hamilton Sherrill (born 1774 - died 1858).
Alfred's parents, David & Rachel Hamilton Sherrill, had at least four children:


Children of David Sherrill & Rachel Hamilton
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Mason W. Sherrill Abt. 1796 23 Mar 1853
Catawba Co, NC
Margaret Bridges
m. 27 Jul 1814
Alfred M. Sherrill Abt. 1798 Abt. 1870
Alexander Co, NC
Elizabeth Moore
Enos Sherrill Abt. 1799    
Margaret Loller Sherrill Abt. 1800   Henry E. Lollar
m. 13 Nov 1817
Alfred married Elizabeth "Eliza" Moore prior to 1825.  Records seem to indicate that she was born in Iredell County, NC, to John Andrew Moore and Isabella Guy.  Alfred and Eliza's marriage produced at least 11 children.


Children of Alfred M. Sherrill & Elizabeth "Eliza" Moore
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Isabella C. Sherrill 19 Dec 1825
Alexander Co, NC
Henry F. Mock
David Leander Sherrill 19 Dec 1825
Alexander Co, NC
08 Aug 1891
Alexander Co, NC
Lavinia Minerva Dagenhart
James Guy Sherrill 23 Nov 1828
Alexander Co, NC
08 Nov 1915
Millers Township
Alexander Co, NC
Mary Ann Drum
Hiram Bryant Sherrill 20 Jan 1830
Alexander Co, NC
04 Sep 1918
Millers Township
Alexander Co, NC
*Mary Melissa Johnson
Levina C. Sherrill 19 Mar 1832
Alexander Co, NC
10 May 1921
Shiloh Township
Iredell Co, NC
*Pinkney C. Johnson
Archibald C./H. Sherrill Abt. 1835
Alexander Co, NC
15 Nov 1862
Stonewall Conf. Cem
Winchester, VA
**Mary Morrison
Alfred Sharpe Sherrill Abt. 1837
Alexander Co, NC
24 Aug 1862
Richmond, VA
(Never Married)
John Wilson Sherrill 01 Sep 1838
Alexander Co, NC
30 Aug 1886
Alexander Co, NC
**Martha Morrison
Rachel Louisa Sherrill Abt. 1840
Alexander Co, NC
Bef. 1900
Alexander Co, NC
*Henry Norman Johnson
m. 06 Apr 1871
Rufus R. Sherrill Abt. 1845
Alexander Co, NC
03 Jul 1863
Gettysburg, PA
(Never Married)
Mary Ann Louisa Sherrill Abt. 1847
Alexander Co, NC
Bef. 1860
Alexander Co, NC
(Never Married)
* Mary Melissa Johnson and Pinkney C. Johnson were siblings.

*Henry Norman Johnson (spouse of Rachel Louisa Sherrill) was the son of
Leander R. Johnson and Mary Polly Sigmon.

** Mary Morrison and Martha Morrison (spouses of Archibald Sherrill and John Wilson Sherrill) were the daughters of Andrew Claiborne Morrison and Eliza Miller.
The 1830 Census shows Alfred and Elizabeth living in Iredell County with five children.  Based on the current dates of birth listed above, the approximate family ages at the time of this 1830 Census were: Hiram Bryant (newborn), James Guy (2), David Leander (5), Alfred M. Sherrill (31), Isabella C. (5) and Elizabeth Moose Sherrill (28).
The male between the ages 20-29 would have to be Alfred (although he was probably closer to 31 or 32).  Elizabeth's age would have been about 28 and this Census does not show someone in that age range.  If she was listed, she would have had to be the female aged 15-19 or the female aged 40-49, and is she was, who was the other female that was listed?
Sons Hiram Bryant (Newborn) and James Guy (age 2) could easily have been the two males <5 years old, with son David Leander (age 5) being the male aged 5-9, but there is no indication who the male aged 10-14 could be.  Daughter Isabella (age 5) could easily be the female between the ages of 5-9.
The 1830 Iredell County Census for this Alfred Sherrill shows that he also had four slaves: a male (age 10-23), a female (age < 10), a female (age 10-23) and another female (age 24-35).

1830 Iredell County, NC, Census

Name of
Name Free Free Slaves
Head of
Males Females Male Female
<5 5-9 10-14 20-29 5-9 15-19 40-49 10-23 <10 10-23 24-35
Iredell Alfred Sherrill 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1
The ages for Alfred & Elizabeth Sherrill's family match perfectly with the information on the 1840 Iredell County Census.  Based on the current dates of birth listed above, the approximate family ages at the time of this 1840 Census were: John W. (2), Alfred Sharpe (4), Archibald C. (5), Hiram Bryant (10), James Guy (11) David Leander (15), Alfred M. Sherrill (42), Levina C. (8), Isabella C. (15) and Elizabeth Moose Sherrill 38).
The 1840 Census further shows that Alfred & Elizabeth's number of slaves had increased from four in 1830 to nine in 1840.  There were four males (age < 10), a male (age 10-23), two females (ages < 10), a female (age 10-23) and a female (age 24-35).  The Census also shows that there were 12 people living on the farm who were employed in agriculture.

1840 Iredell County Census

Name Free Free Slaves
Head of
Males Females Male Female
<5 5-9 10-14 15-19 40-49 5-9 15-19 30-39 <10 10-23 <10 10-23 24-35
Alfred Sherrill 2 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 4 1 2 1 1
By 1850, Alfred and Elizabeth (listed as "Eliza") were living in Alexander County, NC.  The 1850 Census lists Alfred's age as 52 and Eliza as 48.  The value of their Real Estate was listed as $850.  There were nine of the eleven children still living on the family farm: Isabella C. (age 25), David Leander (age 23), James Guy (age 21), A.C. or Archibald C. (age 15), Alfred Sharpe (age 13), John Wilson (age 12), Rachel Louisa (age 10), Rufus R. (age 5) and Mary Ann (age 3).
This particular Census does not list slaves.
Alfred and Eliza's daughter Levina married Pinkney C. Johnson prior to 1847 and had left the family home.  Some sources suggest that Pinkney & Levina had their first child in 1847, a son named Alfred Freeland Johnson, when she was only 14.  Levina & Pinkney's next child was a son named James Harvey Johnson, born in Jan 1850.  The 1850 Census shows Pinkney & Levina living in Iredell County with there son James Harvey (Newborn) - but there is no indication who their first son Alfred (age 3) was living with - suggesting that he was not actually born yet. Other sources say that Alfred was born in 1852.
Alfred and Eliza's son Hiram Bryant Sherrill (age 20) was no longer living at home.  He would eventually wed Mary Melissa Johnson. In 1850 at the time the Census was taken, Hiram Bryant Sherrill  was living with his sister Levina and her husband, Pinkney Johnson. 

1850 Alexander County, NC, Census

First Name Last Name Age Sex Occupation Real Estate
Alfred Sherrill 52 M Farmer 850 NC  
Eliza " 48 F     "  
Isabella " 25 F     "  
David " 23 M Farmer   "  
James " 21 M Farmer   "  
(A.C.) Archibald " 15 M "   "  
Alfred " 13 M     "  
John " 12 M     "  
Rachel " 10 F     "  
Rufus " 5 M     "  
Mary " 3 F     "  
The 1860 Census shows Alfred and Eliza still living in Alexander County.  He was 62 and Eliza was 58.  Alfred's Real Estate was valued at $2790 and his Personal Estate is valued at $2595.  Only three of their children were still living on the family farm: J.W./John Wilson (age 21), Rachel Louise "Love" (age 19) and R.R./Rufus R. (age 15).

1860 Alexander County Census

First Name Last name Age Sex Occupation Real
Birth Place Attended School
Within the Year
Alfred Sherrell 62 M Farmer 2790 2595 NC  
Eliza " 58 F       NC  
J.W. " 21 M Farm Laborer     NC  
Love " 19 F       NC  
R.R. " 15 M Farm Laborer     NC  


Like with most of their neighbors, the American Civil War had a great impact on Alfred and Eliza Sherrill's family. Records indicate that at least four of Alfred and Eliza's sons served in the Confederacy during the Civil War.
Alfred Sharpe Sherrill, who was single at the time and about 24 years old, enlisted on 09 Oct 1861 in Alexander County, NC, and served in Company G, 37th Regiment NC Infantry. He was killed in Richmond, VA on 24 Aug 1862.
It seems that upon learning of Alfred's death, brothers Hiram Bryant Sherrill and Archibald C./H. Sherrill decided to serve in the Confederacy, too. Both brothers enlisted on 16 Aug 1862 in Iredell Co, NC, and served in Company K, 7th Regiment NC Infantry. Hiram was 32 years old at the time of his enlistment and Archibald (nicknamed "Archy") was about 27. Both brothers were married at the time of their enlistment. Unfortunately, Archy was dead in less than 3 months. It is uncertain if his death happened in battle or illness (when was very common at the time).  Hiram, however, survived the war and lived to the age of 88.
Youngest son and brother, Rufus R. Sherrill, also joined the Confederate troops but did so three days before his brothers Hiram and Archy. Rufus enlisted on 13 Aug 1862 at Camp Hill, NC, and served in Company F, 32nd Regiment NC Infantry (Lenoir Braves). Rufus was only about 17 at the time of his enlistment, but like his brothers Alfred and Archy, he did not survive the war. Rufus died on 03 Jul 1863 (the third and final day of the battle) at the Battle at Gettysburg, PA.
Alfred and Eliza's oldest son, David Leander Sherrill, did not serve in the Confederacy during the Civil War. As early as 1846 he apparently was having medical problems and wasn't able to serve in the local militia even then.
Alfred and Eliza's daughter Levina C. Sherrill married Pinkney C. Johnson about 1846. Pinkney enlisted in the Civil War on 01 Aug 1862, in Iredell County, NC, and served in Company C, 48th Infantry Regiment. Pinkney entered as a Private but was promoted to full Corporal during his service.  He was wounded in the hand at Fredericksburg, VA on 13 Dec 1862.  He returned to duty prior to 01 Mar 1863.  He was reported present in March - June 1863, March - April 1864, and Sept - Oct 1864.  Pinkney was admitted to a federal hospital on 01 Apr 1865 with a gunshot wound to his right leg that he had received at Appomattox, VA.  His right leg had to be amputated.  He died in a federal hospital at Point of Rocks, VA, two days later on 03 Apr 1865 from his wounds. 

Life After the Civil War

The 1870 Alexander County Census shows Alfred & Eliza Sherrill living in Millers Township.  Alfred was 72 and Eliza was 68.  Both their Real Estate and Personal Estates Values had decreased greatly from 1860.  Their Louisa (age 29) was living on the family farm.
The 1870 Census shows that there were two young girls living on the Sherrill family farm, Candas Sherrill (age 7) and Ada Sherrill (age 5).  They appear to be the illegitimate daughters of Alfred and Eliza's next-to-youngest daughter, Rachel Louisa Sherrill. By 1880, the two girls were living with Rachel Louisa Sherrill and her husband Henry Norman Johnson. Rachel and Henry married on 06 Apr 1871 and the 1880 Census list the girls as Candas Johnson and Ada Johnson. Rachel died prior to 1900 and the 1900 Census lists Candas as Candas Sherrill and as Henry Norman Johnson's step-daughter.
Alfred and Eliza's son James Guy Sherrill (age 42) and his wife Mary Ann Drum (age 28) have moved back to the Sherrill Family Farm.  James & Mary Ann have two children William W. (age 4) and Theresa M. (age 2)
There are also two additional farm laborers, James Johnston (age 20) and Norman Johnston (age 21) living on the Sherrill family farm.  Is it possible that these Johnston boys were brothers and that they were related to either  Hiran Bryan Sherrill or Levina C. Sherrills spouses?

1870 Alexander County Census

Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Occupation Real
Sherrill Alfred M. 72 M W Farmer 600 600 NC  
----- Eliza 68 F W Keeping House     NC  
----- Louisa 29 F W No Occupation     NC  
----- Candas 7 F W       NC  
----- Ada 5 F W       NC  
Sherrill James G. 42 M W Farm Labor     NC  
----- Mary A. 28 F W Domestic Servant     NC X
----- William W. 4 M W       NC  
----- Theresa M. 2 F W       NC  
Johnston James 20 M W Farm Labor     NC  
Johnston Norman 21 M W Farm Labor     NC  
Alfred and Eliza died after 1870 in Miller's Township, Alexander County, NC.  At this time the exact dates of their deaths and burial locations is unknown.
David Leander Sherrill, b. 19 Dec 1825, d. 08 Aug 1891

David Leander Sherrill with wife Lavinia Minerva Dagenhart Sherrill

As early as 1846 David Leander Sherrill was having medical problems and wasn't able to serve in the local militia.
Medical Exemption from Judge Advocate of the NC Militia - 2nd Oct 1846

N.C. Iredell County
At Regimental Courtmartial opened and held at Jo. J_____ on the 2d of October 1846 in the 89th Regiment of N.C. Malitia ordered by the court that David L. Sherrill be exempt from Military duty during his inability. Given under my hand and seal this the 2d of October 1846 89 Regiment
BC Smith
Judge Advocate
NC Malitia
David suffered from diabetes and the following letter is from a doctor who is willing to treat David's leg while he's in the area.
Letter Concerning David Leander Sherrill's Leg

State of North Carolina
Gaston County
16t July 1852

Dear Sir
I have written to Mr. Henry McLane concerning his wifes Cancer, and if your Leg is not well yet and wish it cured I will Treat it when I come To Mr. McLanes. You see McLane and when he rites (writes) To me you can write also if you want me To attend To it. Direct your letter To Cleveland County, Shelby P.O. (Post Office)

_________ W. W. McLimmor

To David L. Sherril

David Leander Sherrill in 1872 and at an older age


James Guy Sherrill, b. 23 Nov 1828, d. 08 Nov 1915
James Guy Sherrill's Death Certificate shows that he was born "November 23, 1828" and that he was 87 years, 11 months and 23 days old. His father is listed as "Alphord" (Alfred) Sherrill and his mother Eliza Moore. The date of death was "November 8, 1915" and cause of death was "Acute Gastritis" (Acute gastritis is a sudden inflammation or swelling in the lining of the stomach). He was buried in the cemetery at New Sterling Church in Stony Point, NC.

Hiram Bryant Sherrill, b. 20 Jan 1830, d. 04 Sep 1918
Hiram Bryant Sherrill's Death Certificate spells his first name "Hyram", although all Census records and his grave marker spell it "Hiram. His parents are listed as Alfred and Eliza Moore Sherrill. His birth date was listed as 1830 and his age at the time of his death was 88 years, 7 months and 14 days. Hiram apparently had a "Cerebral Hemorrhage" (Stroke) on September 1, 1918 and died on September 4, 1918. He was buried in the cemetery at New Sterling Church in Stony Point, NC.

Isabella C. Sherrill, b. 19 Dec 1825, d. Between 1870-1880

Henry Mock fathered Isabella Sherrill' daughter Mary Jane while he was still married to Susan Allen.
Henry's third marriage was to Isabella Wilkinson.


(LEFT) (Seated) Henry F. Mock and second wife, Isabella Sherrill Mock
(Standing) Daughter Mary Jane Mock Drum
(Children) Mary Jane's two children, Charlie A. Drum and Sarah Isabell Drum


(RIGHT) Henry F Mock and third wife, Isabella Wilkinson, and son Roy Lee Mock


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