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Furnifold Fernie Harrell



Born: 23 Sep 1826, North Carolina
Died: 30 Aug 1898, Sampson County, North Carolina 

Furnifold Fernie Harrell was the first child born to Ezekiel Perry Harrell and Anna (Unknown).  Fernie was born 23 Sep 1826 in North Carolina.
Ezekiel Perry Harrell and Anna had at least six children.  Many listings of the children of Ezekiel and Anna only show five - combining Mary and Ellen into one person named "Mary Ellen".  The 1850 Duplin Co, NC, Census shows two different sisters - one named Mary A. and the other named Ellen.
Children of Ezekiel Perry Harrell and Anna (Unknown)
Name Birth Death Spouse
Furnifold Fernie Harrell 23 Sep 1826
North Carolina
30 Aug 1898
Sampson Co, NC
Sally King
Mary A. Harrell 1834*
*Based on the
1850 Census
Ellen Harrell 24 May 1840
Duplin Co, NC
28 Mar 1885
Wayne Co, NC
Cassa Harrell 1841
North Carolina
Catharine Harrell 1843
North Carolina
Edward Julian Harrell 27 Oct 1858
Wayne Co, NC
16 Nov 1922
Raleigh, Wake Co, NC
Magnolia "Maggie" Vaughn
m. 1883
The 1840 Census shows the Ezekiel Perry Harrell family living in Duplin County, NC.

1840 Duplin County, NC, Census

Names of Heads of Families MALES FEMALES
First Last 5 - 10 20 - 30 5 - 10 15 - 20 30 - 40
Ezekiel Harrell 1 1 2 1 1
The 1850 Census shows the Ezekiel Perry Harrell family still living in Duplin County, NC (the North Division).  Ezekiel and Anna have 4 children listen on the Census: Furney (age 18), Mary A. (age 16), Ellen (age 13) and Cassa (age 9).  There is also a young woman named Mariah Conoly and what appears to be her two small children (Caridya & John S Conoly) living with the Harrell family. 
The ages of most of the Harrell Family are incorrect.  If Ezekiel Perry Harrel was born is 1800 as most believe, he would have been 50-years-old instead of 40.  Fernie's age is listed as 18 but he would have actually been 23. (His birth date and death date are on his headstone in the David King Cemetery.)  Even if Fernie's younger Census age of "18" was correct, Anna would have only been 14 years old when he was born.  Tradition has her born around 1808 meaning her correct age would have been around 42 instead of 32.

1850 Duplin County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Occupation Birth Attended School 20 Years Old
Can't Read or Write
First Last
Ezekel Harrel 40 M Farmer NC   X
Ann " 32 F   NC   X
Furney " 18 M   NC X  
Mary A. " 16 F   NC X  
Ellen " 13 F   NC X  
Casa " 9 F   NC X  
Mariah Conoly 27 F   NC   X
Caridya " 8 F   NC X  
John S. " 3 M   NC    
No 1860 Census has been found for Fernie Harrell.
The 1860 Census shows Ezekiel and Anna Harrell living in the Town of Goldsboro in Wayne County, NC, with their youngest daughter Catherine (age 17) and a young boy (Edward) Julian Harrel (age 1) who most researchers list as a son of Ezekiel's, too.

1860 Duplin County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Occupation Personal
Birth Can't
First Last
Ezekiel Harrel 50 M F.L. (Farm Laborer) $50 NC X
Anna " 52 F     NC X
Catharine " 17 F     NC  
Julian " 1 M     NC  

Civil War

During the Civil War, Fernie Harrel enlisted in the Confederate Army on 09 Jul 1861 in Wayne County, NC as a Private.  He served as part of Company C, 2nd Infantry Regiment NC .  Records list his age as 24 but actual age was 34.  Fernie was with Company C, 2nd Infantry Regiment NC on 09 Apr 1865 when Gen. Robert E. Lee surrendered at Appomattox Court House, VA.


Fernie Harrell married Sally King on 14 Dec 1865 in Wayne County, NC.  Sally was born 16 Sep 1845 in Sampson County, NC, and was the daughter of William Rufus King (b. 16 Dec 1812) and Mary Polly Manly (b. 1814).  Fernie was 19 years older than his bride.
Fernie and Sally King Harrell had 13 children (according to the 1900 Wayne County Census).
Children of Furnifold Fernie Harrell and Sally King
Name Birth Death Spouse
William Henry Harrell 06 Sep 1870
Wayne Co, NC
14 Mar 1943
Grantham, Wayne Co, NC
Virginia L. Best
James R. Harrell 1870
Wayne Co, NC
23 Apr 1938
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
Metta Florence McClenny
Lou Deanie "Deania" Harrell 01 Jun 1871
Wayne Co, NC
23 Jun 1938
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
*William Rufus Sutton
Polley Harrell 1873
Wayne Co, NC
Minnie Mae Harrell 24 Jun 1875
Wayne Co, NC
07 Jun 1910
North Carolina
*William Rufus Sutton
Furney Arthur Harrell 28 Sep 1877
Wayne Co, NC
30 Nov 1937
Mount Oliver, NC R#3, Sampson Co, NC
Ophelia Creel
Mattie Byrn Harrell 01 Aug 1880
Wayne Co, NC
08 Aug 1924
Sampson Co, NC
James Henry Weeks
George R. Harrell Jun 1884
Wayne Co, NC
04 Aug 1926
Faison, Duplin Co, NC
Elsie Bennett
Sallie K. Harrell 10 Jan 1887
Wayne Co, NC
22 Oct 1918
Piney Grove, Sampson Co, NC
Jasper W. Stofford
Lee Edward Harrell 27 Aug 1889
Wayne Co, NC
04 Feb 1956
Mount Olive, Wayne Co, NC
(1) Vara O. Grantham
(2) Bethana Lucretia Pearce
No 1870 Census has been found.
Page 71 of the 1880 Wayne County, NC, Census shows the Fernie Harrell family living in Brogden.  Fernie's age is listed as 52 (he was actually 53) and Sallie is listed as 30 (she was actually 34).  The children listed on the Census were: Wm. H. (William Henry - age 12), James R. (age 10), Ludenia (age 9), Polley (age 7), Minnie (age 6), Furney (age 30) and Mattie Byrn (age 1).

1880 Wayne County, NC, Census

Name Sex Age Relation S
Trade Can't
Last First
Harrell F. F. M 52 Head M Farmer    
----- Sallie F 30 Wife M Keep
----- Wm. H. M 12 Son       No
----- James R. M 10 Son     No No
----- Ludenia F 9 Daughter     No No
----- Polley F 7 Daughter     No No
----- Minnie F 6 Daughter     No No
----- Furney M 3 Son     No No
----- Mattie B. F 1 Daughter     No No

Furnifold Fernie Harrell



Furnifold Fernie Harrell died 30 Aug 1898 iN Sampson County, NC, at the age of 71.  He was buried in the David King Cemetery - located three miles west of Mount Olive, Wayne County, NC, on Highway 55.
(wife of F.F. Harrell)
Sept. 16, 1845
May 26, 1818
F.F. Harrell
Sept. 23, 1826
Aug. 30, 1898

The 1900 Census shows Sally King Harrell living in Wayne County with her four youngest children: Furney Arthur Harrell, George R. Harrell, Sallie K. Harrell and Lee Edward Harrell.  The Census shows birth month and year, but for most of the family they are incorrect.  Sally was renting the family home.
Fernie and Sally's two oldest sons and their families lived nearby.  William was married to Virginia L. Best, who apparently was nicknamed "Hannie", and had two children: Pearl (age 3) and Aaron (age 8 months).  James was married to Metta Florence McClenny and they had a daughter Manie Harrell.

1900 Wayne County, NC, Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S
Kids Birth Trade Home
Last First Mth Yr Born Alive
Harrell Sally Head W F Sep 1847 52 Wd   13 9 NC Farmer R
----- Furnie Son W M Sep 1878 21 S       NC Farm
----- George K. Son W M June 1884 15 S       NC Farm
----- Sallie K. Daughter W F Nov 1887 13 S       NC    
----- Lee W. Son W M Aug 1890 9 S       NC    
Harrell William Head W M Aug 1868 31 M 4     NC Farmer R
----- Hannie Wife W F Sep 1876 23 M 4 2 2 NC    
----- Pearl Daughter W F Dec 1896 3 S       NC    
----- Aroon Son W M Sep 1899 8/12 S       NC    
Harrell James Head W M Nov 1870 29 M 3     NC Farmer R
----- Mettie Wife W F Sep 1881 18 M 3 1 1 NC    
----- Mamia Daughter W F Apr 1898 2 S       NC    

The Furnifold Fernie Harrell Family, 1902

(Left to Right) Sally King Harrell (wife of Fernie Harrell), Will, Pearl & Aaron (children of Will), Furney, Metta (wife of Jim) holding Mae, Jim, Mamie (daughter of Jim), George, Sally and Ed


Sally King Harrell (mother, b. 1845, age 57)
Will (William Henry, b. 1870, age 32)
Pearl (b. 1897, age 5)
Aaron (b. 1899, age 3)
Furney (Furney Arthur, b. 1877, age 25)
Metta (wife of Jim, b. 1881, age 21)
Mae (b. 1901, age 1)
Jim (James R., b. 1870, age 32)
Mamie (b. 1898, age 5)
George R. (b. 1884, age 18)
Sallie K. (b. 1887, age 15)
Ed (Lee Edward, b. 1889, age 13)

The 1910 Census shows Sallie King Harrell living with her son James R. Harrell and his wife, Metta Florence McClenny in Sampson County, NC.  James and Metta had five children: Mamie (age 11), Mary (age 7) Milford (age 5), Gunthry (age 2) and Sallie Venita (age 6 months).  The Census does show that Metta had lost one child (Mae).
Living nearby was Sally & Fernie's daughter Mattie Byrn Harrell Weeks, with her husband James Henry Weeks and their 5 children.

1910 Sampson County, NC, Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S
Kids Birth Trade
Last First Born Living
Week James H. Head M W 55 M3 11     NC Farmer
  Mattie B. Wife F W 28 M1 11 7 5 NC None
  Arthur J. Son M W 19 S       NC Farm
  Addie M. Daughter F W 7 S       NC None
  Nola B Daughter F W 6 S       NC None
  Albert Son M W 5 S       NC None
  James H. Jr. Son M W 3 S       NC None
Harrell James R. Head M W 39 M1 13     NC Farmer
  Mitter Wife F W 28 M1 13 6 5 NC None
  Mamie Daughter F W 11 S       NC None
  Mary Daughter F W 7 S       NC None
  Milford Son M W 5 S       NC None
  Gunthry Son M W 2 S       NC None
  Sallie Daughter F W 6/12 S       NC None
  Sallie Mother F W 68 W   13 9 NC None
Sally King Harrell died 26 May 1918 at the age of 73 - caused partially by "Senility".  She was buried in Wayne County, NC, near Fernie.

Death Certificate


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