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Theophilus Dodd



Born: 11 Mar 1806, Franklin County, NC
Died: 14 Aug 1877, Franklin County, NC 

Theophilus Dodd was the son of Dempsey Dodd (1765 - 1851) and Martha Phereby Dodd (1767 - 1861).  He was born 11 Mar 1806 in Franklin County, NC.  His date of birth comes from the Ransom T. Dodd Bible.  The name means "a friend of God" and in found in Scripture where Paul addresses a person by that name in the Acts of the Apostles.
Dempsy Dodd and Martha Phereby Dodd had at least 8 children.
Children of Dempsy Dodd and Martha Phereby Dodd
Name Birth Death Spouse
David Dodd 1800
Franklin Co, NC
Willie Dodd 1800
Franklin Co, NC
Johnston Co, NC
Gilly Smith
Theophilus Dodd 11 Mar 1806
Franklin Co, NC
14 Aug 1877
Franklin Co, NC
Rebecca O'Neil
m. 20 Feb 1832
Matthew Dodd 1811 1880
Emily Flowers
Phereby Dodd 1811    
John Dodd 1812
Johnston Co, NC
Johnston Co, NC
Angeline Johnston
Livia Collins Dodd 1816    
Nancy Thompson Dodd 1818   Dewitt Clinton Wellons
The 1830 NC Census shows Theophilus living in Johnston County with what appears to be two of his younger brothers (perhaps Matthew and John).  There are only males listed on the Cencus showing that Theophilus had not married yet.  One of the males was between 10 and 15 and there were two males between the ages of 15 and 20.  Theophilus was born in 1806 so he would have been 24 instead of around 19 like the Census indicates.

1830 Johnston County, NC, Census

Heads of Families MALES
First Name Last Name Of 10 and Under 15 Of 15 and Under 20
Theophilus Dodd 1 2
Theophilus married Rebecca O'Neil on 20 Feb 1832 in Johnston County, NC.  She was the daughter of Isham O'Neil and was born 04 Aug 1802.  Rebecca's date of birth comes from the Ransom T. Dodd family Bible.
Theophilus and Rebecca had at least 8 children.
Children of Theophilus Dodd and Rebecca O'Neil
Name Birth Death Spouse
Phereby Hawkins Dodd 19 Nov 1833
Johnston Co, NC
09 Nov 1920
Zebulon, Wake Co, NC
Burtis Cone
Gillie A. Dodd 11 Mar 1835
Franklin Co, NC
12 Mar 1885
Henderson Hocutt
m. 21 Jul 1859
Dr. Henry Gaston Dodd 30 Nov 1837
Johnston Co, NC
06 Sep 1892
Johnston Co, NC
Emily "Emma" Creech
m. 06 Jan 1875
Ruffin Thomas Dodd 05 Jul 1838
Franklin Co, NC
30 Jul 1889 Lahara J. Gay
Caroline E. Dodd 18 Feb 1841
Franklin Co, NC
18 Jun 1907
William M. Bunn
m. 05 Nov 1865
Elizabeth Jane "Bettie" Dodd 18 Jan 1843
Franklin Co, NC
04 Jan 1887
William B. Jones
m. 22 Dec 1886
Ransom T. Dodd 1844
Franklin Co, NC
17 Mar 1924
Dunn, Franklin Co, NC
Ellen Gay
Rebecca Dodd 1845
Franklin Co, NC
30 Oct 1926
Smithfield, Johnston Co, NC
James Edward Pulley
Birth and Death date for most of the Dodd children came from the Ransom T. Dodd family Bible
The 1840 Census shows Thophilus and Rebecca living in Johnston County, NC, with 7 others.  By 1840 they had four children: Phereby Hawkins, Sileth A. "Gillie", Henry Gaston and Ruffin Thomas.  There were three other people living in the family home (perhaps Theophilus' brother John who would have been 28).  Is it possible that Thophilus and Rebecca had two more children (a boy and a girl) who died before 1850?  The 1900 Census would have shown that information, but unfortunately Rebecca died in 1894.

1840 Johnston County, NC, Census

Heads of Families MALES FEMALES
First Name Last Name Under 5 20 & Under 30 30 & Under 40 Under 5 30 & Under 40
Theophilus Dodd 3 1 1 3 1
The 1850 Census shows Theophilus and Rebecca living in the Dunn District of Franklin County, NC.  Theophilus was 44 years old and Rebecca was 46.  The Census shows 8 children living with the family: Fereby/Phereby (age 16), Gilla/Gillie (age 14), Henry (age 13), Thomas (age 11), Caroline (age 9), Elizabeth (age 8), Ransom (age 6) and Rebecca (age 5).  Theophilus was working as a farmer and his Real Estate Value was $450.

1850 Franklin County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Trade Real Estate Value Birth Attended
First Last
Theophilus Dodd 44 M Farmer $450 NC  
Rebecca " 46 F     NC  
Fereby " 16 F     NC X
Gilla " 14 F     NC X
Henry " 13 M     NC X
Thomas " 11 M     NC X
Caroline " 9 F     NC X
Elizabeth " 8 F     NC X
Ransom " 6 M     NC  
Rebecca ' 5 F     NC  
Page 58 of the 1860 Census shows Theophilus and Rebecca living in the Dunns District of Franklin County, NC (with a Baker's X Roads Post Office).  Theophilus is 55 years old and Rebecca is 57.  Three of their children have married and left home: Phereby married Burtis Cone prior to 1851, Henry married Emily "Emma" Creech, and Gillie married Henderson Hocutt on 21 Jul 1859.  There is a Sarah B. Dodd (age 22) listed on the Census but there is no indication of who she is (they didn't have a daughter named Sarah B. Dodd). Ruffin was 21, Caroline 18, Elizabeth 16, Ransom 15 and Rebecca 12.

1860 Franklin County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Trade Estate Value Birth Attended
First Last Real Estate Personal Estate
Theophilus Dodd 55 M Farmer $1385 $3391 NC  
Rebecca " 57 F       NC  
Sarah B. " 22 F       NC  
Riffin T. " 21 M       NC  
Caroline C. " 18 F       NC  
Elizabeth " 16 F       NC  
Ranson " 15 M       NC X
Rebecca " 12 F       NC X
By 1860 Theophilus Dodd's Real Estate and Personal Estate Value was about $4800.  His Real Estate Value would have come from the property he owned - as well as his home.  His Personal Estate would have been crops (in the field or stored), furniture, livestock and even slaves.
According to the 1860 Slave Schedule for Franklin Co, NC, Theophilus had 3 slaves - ages 9, 12 and 19 - two boys and a young woman.

1860 Slave Schedule


The American Civil War began 12 Apr 1861 and lasted for four years, until 13 May 1865.  The American Civil War was the most difficult time in our nations history.  At times it was neighbor against neighbor and brother against brother.  The issues of states rights and slavery separated the Union of states.  It had its effect on our families, too, costing the lives of a number of our ancestors.
  Henry Gaston Dodd: Henry/Gaston enlisted in the Confederate Army on 17 Jun 1861 and served with Company K, 24th Infantry Regiment NC.  He enlisted as a Corporal in Franklin County, NC.  He was 24 years old.  
  Ruffin Thomas Dodd:  Ruffin enlisted in the Confederate Army on 02 Feb 1862 (or 11 Apr 1862) and served with Company A, 47th Infantry Regiment NC.  The enlistment place was Nash County, NC.  He was 22 years old.  Ruffin was a survivor of Pickets Charge.  
  Ransom T. Dodd:  Ransom enlisted in the Confederate Army on 03 Jan 1863 and served with Company A, 47th Infantry Regiment NC.  This was the same troop as his brother Ruffin.  The enlistment place was Nash County, NC.  Ransom was 18 years old.  Ransom was wounded on 01 Jul 1863 at the first Battle of Gettysburg.  On 31 Oct 1864 Ransom was promoted to full Corporal.   
Fortunately for Theophilus and Rebecca all three of their sons returned home when the war ended.

The 1870 Census shows Theophilus and Rebecca living in Dunns Township of Franklin County, NC, next door to their son Ransom and his wife Ellen Gay.  Theophilus was 65 and Rebecca was 68.  There were two children still living in the family home: Elizabeth Jane "Bettie" Dodd (age 22) and Rebecca Dodd (age 20).  Ransom and Ellen had a dughter, Kiva Ann Dodd.

1870 Franklin County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Race Trade Estate Value Birth
Last First Real
Dodd Theophilus 65 M W Farmer $740 $500 NC
----- Rebecca 68 F W Keeping
----- Jane 22 F W No
----- Rebecca 20 F W "     NC
Dodd Ransom 25 M W Farmer   $100 NC
----- Ellen 27 F W Keeping
----- Ann 8/12 F W       NC

Will of Theophilius Dodd

Written 10 Apr 1876
Proved 23 Feb 1878
Franklin County, NC

To my wife Rebecca, lend to her all my estate during her widowhood and after her death as follows:
To my daughter Bettie Dodd a tract of land joining on the North side of Hillborough Road near the old Hick place, Rock Spring Branch, Minga.
To my son Ruffin T. a tract of land joining on the North side of the Hillborough Road, Rock Spring Branch, Minga, Hawkins, Riley.
To my son Ransom T. all land not otherwise disposed of.
Remainder of my estate to Ruffin T. Dodd, Ransom T. Dodd, Hawkins Cane, Gilla B. Hocutt, Carolina Bunn, Bettie Dodd, Rebecca Fully.
Executors: sons Ruffin T. and Ransom T. Dodd
Witnesses: Bennet Gay, John W. Perry
Theophilus Dodd died 14 Aug 1877 in Franklin County, NC.
After Theophilus' death, Rebecca lived with their son Ransom and his family.  Rebecca's age was 78.  Ransom and Ellen had 5 children: Kiva Ann (transcribed as Civer - age 10), Sumner Tressea (age 9), Edgar Poe (age 6), George L. (age 3) and Albert Sidney (age 1).  There was also a single woman (no relationship to the family) by the name of Martha Driver who was living with the family and working as a farm laborer.
Theophilus and Rebecca's son Ruffin Thomas Dodd and his wife Lahara I. Gay were living next door to his brother Ransom.  They had three children: William Nick (age 10), Theophilus Bennet (age 6) and Mary Lizzie (age 4).

1880 Franklin County, NC, Census

Name Race Sex Age Relation S
Trade School Can't
Last First
Dodd Ransom W M 37   M Farmer     NC
----- Ellen W F 38 Wife M Keeping
----- Civer W F 10 Daughter S At School X   NC
----- Sumner T. W M 9 Son S       NC
----- Edgar O. W M 6 Son S       NC
----- George L. W M 3 Son S       NC
----- Albert S. W M 1 Son S        
----- Rebecca W F 78 Mother W Boarder      
Driver Martha W F 19 None S Farm
Dodd Ruffin T. W M 39   M Farmer      
----- Lahara I. W F 36 Wife M Keeping
----- William W M 10 Son S At School X    
----- Theophilus B. W M 6 Son S        
----- Mary W F 4 Daughter S       NC
Rebecca O'Neil Dodd died 13 Jan 1884.

If you have additional information about Theophilus Dodd please contact me.