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Blowing Bubbles

Dance Recital
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Poppi's Pool

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Born: 2000, Hickory, NC




February 2006



Blue Dresses

On Sunday, 12 Feb 2006, after church, the Seese family dropped by Poppi & Nonni's house for an afternoon visit.  Poppi snapped this photo of the girls wearing the matching blue dresses given to them at Christmas by Poppi & Nonni.  The girls didn't mind the matching outfits when they were young, but with age they did.

April 2006



Savanna's 6th Birthday

On 22 Apr 2006 the Seese family planned a birthday party at Poppi & Nonni's house in honor of Savanna's 6th Birthday.

Savanna and friend enjoy a game of "Air Hockey"

All the kids enjoyed the air-filled slides and other contraptions
That must have been one horrifying slide -...
... the way Alexandria's hair is standing straight up

Enjoying pizza and a juice box

Even Great-Granny Willie enjoyed the refreshments
Alexandria with sisters Lyndsy and Karlie Neigel
Time for some cake
Dessert fit for a Disney Princess

Savanna blows out the candles
Savanna gets a special seat as she begins to open her birthday presents
Some pretty new blouses

A pretty new sun-dress, too
A new fun Bible
I know it's BIG, but can three little girls really fit in that chair?

May 2006


Spring Studio Photos


Springtime photos show Savanna and Ali's pleasant and cordial personalities.



Dance Photos at Poppi's

On 13 May 2006 while Savanna & Alexandria were visiting with Poppi and Nonni, Poppi snapped some photos of the girls in their latest dance costumes.
The girls display some of the best moves they learned from Miss Krista
Our own little "curly-top"

Blowing Bubbles

On 13 May 2006, the same day as the previous dance photos, Poppi pulled out some "bubbles" he and Nonni had bought for the girls and Beth snapped some photos of the girls outside of the Loftin's house.
It took a little while for 3-year-old to figure it out but they both eventually got it

June 2006


Dance Recital


The girls had their dance recital on 03 Jun 2006 at the Broyhill Convention Center in Lenoir, NC.

All of the Moms even participated in a dance number with this group of girls
Savanna dances with the six year olds
Savanna demonstrated how it is "really" supposed to be done!
The Big Finale
All the Dads were asked to help out in one of the dance numbers

Poppi & Nonni's Pool

Both Savanna and Alexandria learned to swim in Poppi & Nonni's pool.  On 24 Jun 2006, Poppi took some photos while the girls were swimming with Nonni and Beth was sun-bathing.
Beth applies suntan lotion on Brad
Alexandria goes down the slide into Nonni's arms of safety

July 2006

Loftin Family Studio Photos
The Loftin and Seese families decided to have some studio photos made during the summer of 2006 and the following photos are the results.
Brad, Beth, Savanna & Alexandria
Savanna & Alexandria with Poppi & Nonni Loftin
Dad & Mom (Beth & Brad Seese)
Savanna & Alexandria
(Left) Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie, (Right) Uncle Philip & Mom
Curtis & Carolyn with their children, Philip & Beth

August 2006



Emerald Point Water Park


On 22 Aug 2006, the Seese family (along with Poppi & Nonni) took the girls to the Emerald Pointe Water Park in Greensboro, NC.  They had a WONDERFUL time.

After the first slide, the girls were hooked



Savanna takes care of and protects her little sister





This water ride also included an inner-tube-type floating device



Savanna even tried it by herself

Savanna and Alexandria are ready for this lazy river type ride




Savanna chuckles as Alexandria "attempts" to get out of the float

Here they come again



If you get hot, it's easy to cool off



Savanna and Alexandria also enjoyed playing in, and on, the large and small whales




So many things to see and do


Over the years the park has continued to grow


After a LONG day of fun and sun, the girls fall asleep in the car on the way home




A Nap With Nonni

During a visit to Poppi & Nonni's house on 24 June 2006, Savanna took a nap with Nonni
resulting in the following photo

How Savanna was able to breath, I'll never know
But we do know she didn't die from this experience




Poppi & Nonni's Pool in August

On 26 Aug 2006, Poppi took additional photos of the girls as they enjoyed the Loftin's pool
It was nice for the girls to have Karlie & Lyndsy Neigel visiting, too

  Savanna & Alexandria get wet


3-year-old Ali was more than willing to go off of the diving board

Her bathing suit with the built in floaters, gave her confidence to try almost anything





Savanna: "Are you sure you HAVE to take this photo, Poppi?"




Savanna: "OK! Here I go!"




Savanna: "Karlie, Show us how to do a dive!"

Karlie: "OK, Savanna!"


Savanna, Karlie and Alexandria prepare to jump in together




Spending a little time in the shallow water




October 2006



Sukkot - The Feast of Tabernacles


Poppi & Nonni's sukka from October 2006 was beautiful - as always.  Poppi used some of the foliage from the Golden Trumpet bush on top of the 2006 sukkah.  Unfortunately, Poppi didn't get photos of Savanna & Ali in the 2006 sukkah.
Poppi holds the traditional Lulav & Etrog of Sukkot
Notice the hanging fruit on the inside of the sukkah
Inside the sukkah - looking back toward the house
Enjoying a meal inside the Loftin family sukkah
Alexandria's 4th Birthday
Family and friends gathered at Poppi & Nonni's house on 30 Oct 2006 to celebrate Alexandria's 4th Birthday.
Savanna & Karlie: "Let's get this party started!"


Our little Princess loved her Tinkerbell cake

Everyone was ready for cake, chips and something to drink


Alexandria with Nonni, JoNanna, Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie, Dad & Mom

After some cake, Ali was ready to dig into those presents - with a little help from Savanna


Ali with her friends and gifts - she got 3 dolls

Everyone was excited when they found out there was gonna be a pinata
The birthday girl got to go first

Big sister gives it a try


Mom gives Ali a little help

Another strike from Savanna


When it finally breaks, all 6 of the girls scamper forward to gather the candy


Ali poses with the pinata


November 2006



Thanksgiving Day


The Loftin & Seese families gathered at Poppi & Nonni's house on 23 Nov 2006 for Thanksgiving Day lunch.

Pippi & Nonni had the tables and bar decorated
with Autumn colors and Thanksgiving decorations
Time to eat - but Poppi needs a photo, too
Mom prepares a plate for each of the girls with a little of everything
What's to eat? Turkey and also "Babbie's" Meatballs in the crock pot - Green Beans, Mashed Potatoes, Potato Salad, Deviled Eggs, Broccoli Pie, Asian Slaw, Gravy for the turkey and potatoes, Bread, a variety of drinks (including Poppi & Nonni's Spearmint Tea) as well as several desserts.
There's always PLENTY to eat at Thanksgiving
The Autumn day was overcast buy Poppi got the photo of the entire group outside ...
... as well as a photo of Savanna & Alexandria

Autumn Studio Photos

Beth decided to have some studio photos of the girls made prior to Christmas.  One group of photos focused on Autumn colors and the other set were Christmas themed.  This first group were the Autumn colored studio photos.
Autumn Themed Studio Photos
Thanksgiving Studio Photos
The Loftin & Seese families had some additional studio photos taken in 2006
These were taken at Wal-Mart
The Loftin & Seese Families
(Top Row) Curtis & Carolyn Loftin
(Middle Row) Philip & Leslie Loftin; Beth & Brad Seese
(Bottom Row) Alexandria, Willie Loftin, Savanna
Great-Granny Willie Goble Loftin with Alexandria & Savanna
Savanna & Alexandria's Maternal Grandparents
Curtis & Carolyn Weeks Loftin with Great-Granny Willie Goble Lofti

December 2006



Christmas Studio Photos

Beth decided to have some studio photos taken of Savanna and Alexandria for Christmas 2006 and the resulting photos were awesome.  These were taken at the same time as the studio photos in November.

Christmas Themed Studio Photos


On 19 Dec 2006, Savanna and Alexandria helped Poppi & Nonni observe the Biblical Feast of Hanukkah - also called the Festival of Lights and the Feast of Dedication.

Poppi lit the Shamash (the blue Helper candle) then
Savanna lights the Hanukkah menorah on this second night of Hanukkah
Poppi tells the girls the story of Hanukkah and the Maccabees
Jesus observed the Feast of Hanukkah/Dedication
John 10:22
And it was at Jerusalem the Feast of Dedication and it was winter.
Poppi gave Nonni a Hanukkah gift - magnetic Hebrew letters ...
... and a DVD for Beth and Brad
Poppi & Nonni gave each of the girls a box with a variety of flavors of Life-Savers
Poppi spells a few simple Hebrew words
The table is set for a family Hanukkah meal
Christmas Day

The Loftin and Seese families gathered together on Christmas Day, 25 Dec 2006, at Curtis & Carolyn's house for lunch.  Poppi & Nonni always have great food at Christmas.

Brad, Leslie, Philip & Carolyn fill their plates with some good Christmas food
Great-Granny and the girls wait to be served
Table cloth and Christmas dishes display the Christmas theme
Savanna and Ali get their first present from Nonni
I think they like what they see
Some beautiful new dresses for each of the girls
Savanna and Alexandria model the new dresses
Do these dresses above look similar to the ones they were wearing in the Christmas studio photos earlier this month?  They are. That's because after Great-Granny Willie bought them, Beth used them for the photos and then they were wrapped as a Christmas gift from Great-Granny Willie Loftin.  Need proof?  Look on the table beside of Philip & Leslie - sitting in a frame on the very last photo on this page.
What was in that big package that Alexandria was opening?
Dolls for each of the girls - Savanna holds both of them
  ... but they got another doll, too - Disney's Belle & Snow White


Yep,  you guessed it!  There was still ANOTHER doll for each of the girls!
And believe it or not, they got some Barbie dolls, too!

  There was still more clothes from Poppi & Nonni and Philip & Leslie






How about this really COOL gift from Uncle Philip & Aunt Leslie for Savanna & Ali

I think they liked it!  That roll of money kept on going and kept on going!


Great-Granny got a beautiful pants suit and lots of other stuff, too
There were also presents for Poppi & Nonni, Beth & Brad, Philip & Leslie
but we'll not go into those
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Savanna, You were the "first" - the first granddaughter - and I was (and still am) so proud of you.  Spending time with you always bring joy and happiness into my life.  You have no idea just how special you are.  May you always follow the LORD and seek His direction for every choice in your life.  May you always have a close and personal relationship with Yeshua/Jesus - He's the only true source of joy and happiness.  I love you and always will.  Poppi