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Loftin Family Photos







26 Feb 2004 - Playing in the Snow - Curtis and Carolyn's House

Curtis shovels snow off of the sidewalk
Beth, Brad, Savanna and Alexandria surprise Poppi and Nonni with a visit.
Nonni Carolyn, Mama Beth, Savanna and Alexandria
Nonni Carolyn and Savanna clean the snow off of the swing
Beth and Carolyn get into a snowball fight while Savanna watches
I think Beth won
Curtis' socks on Alexandria & Savanna's feet and hands helps keep the snow out

MARCH 2004


11 Mar 2004 - PURIM - At Beit Yeshua, Lincolnton, NC
The Biblical Festival of Purim is mentioned in the book of Esther and tells the story of how GOD used Queen Esther to save her people the Jews from the evil Haman - an Agagite. Beit Yeshua celebrates the festival each year and there is usually a parody comedic play that tells the story. People usually wear costumes during this festival. The 2004 play was a parody entitled, "Here's Looking at You, Esther".
The 2004 Cast
(Left to Right) Curtis Loftin, Kate Jones, Jane Melnyk, Christi Rhykus, Melba Finley, Becky Jones, Leslie Costner, Doug Williams, Cathy & Bruce Berkowitz, Lynda Williams, Andy Melnyk and Myrl Peeler
Beth, Savanna and Alexandria
Curtis directed the play

20 Mar 2004 - Saturday Afternoon Nap - Poppi & Nonni's House
You can tell folks are getting older when all they want to do is nap
(Left to Right) Alexandria, Beth, Curtis & Willie

APRIL 2004

09 Apr 2004 - Pesach/Passover- Lincolnton, NC

In 2001, Curtis asked Greg Lilge to help co-lead a home-group in the Lincolnton area, through Covenant Bible Church. Each year the group observed the Biblical Festival of Pesach/Passover by hosting a Passover Seder. The group was originally called Gates of Praise but the name was changed to Beit Yeshua in 2008.

Gates of Praise met in the basement of Greg & Linda Lilge's home in Crouse, NC
Celebrating our 3rd annual Pesach/Passover Seder with our Lincolnton, NC friends
(Men, Left to Right) Duke Peeler, Jeff Long, Joe Melnyk, Bruce Jones, Kirk Herbertson, Doug Williams, Curtis Loftin, Greg Lilge, Marty Pezecca, David, Brad Seese, Andy Melnyk and Dennis Hass
Doug Williams, Curtis Loftin and Greg Lilge
Beth Loftin Seese (Center) during the Seder
Beth helps Brad with his Biblical costume; Curtis chats with Dennis & Pat Hass
Curtis blows the small shofar; Carolyn places name tags on the table
Curtis and Greg
10 Apr 2004 - Easter Saturday - Curtis & Carolyn Loftin's House
Savanna and Alexandria hunt Easter eggs in Great Granny Willie's yard
Great Granny Willie's sister (Great Aunt Elgevia Goble Eggers) was there too
April 2004 - Studio Photo
Alexandria and Savanna

MAY 2004

16 May 2004 - Poppi's Photos of Savanna & Alexandria - Poppi & Nonni's House
Sitting on Poppi & Nonni's front porch
Savanna removes a flower petal from Alexandria's dress
Sisters enjoying each other's company
23 May 2004 - Pool Time - Poppi & Nonni's House
The pool water can be a little cool in May, but Savanna and Alexandria were ready for some outdoor fun.
Savanna & Alexandria wait to get into Poppi & Nonni's pool
Once Alexandria gets her "floaties" on, she's ready to get in the pool, too

JUNE 2004

05 Jun 2004 - Balloon Festival - Iredell County, NC
Iredell County, NC, hosts an annual balloon festival. There is a small fee to park and watch the balloons arrive and eventually lift off.
It was amazing to see so many balloons in the same place
Alexandria wasn't too happy while Poppi was taking this photo
Having a snack while all the balloons arrive and prepare for lift off
Beth and Brad
Beth with her girls
Getting ready for lift-off
The balloons all eventually come back for an evening show
The hot-air balloons are beautiful at night
To find out more about the Balloon Festival - CLICK HERE
07 Jun 2004 - Biltmore House & Garden - Asheville, NC

Curtis & Carolyn planned a day trip to Biltmore House & Garden in Asheville, NC, on 07 Jun 2004.

A beautiful view of the Asheville estate
To See the Rest of the Biltmore House & Gardens Photos - CLICK HERE
26 Jun 2004 - Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

The Loftin and Seese families (Curtis, Carolyn, Philip, Leslie, Brad, Beth, Savanna and Alexandria) love the opportunities they have to get away to the beach together. Occasionally they'll go to the NC Coast but usually choose Myrtle Beach, SC. In 2004, the family stayed at Heron Point in Myrtle Beach for the week of June 26th to July 3rd.

We chose this location because it was a pet-friendly facility
Nonni, Savanna, Princess, Simcha
Brad rode his motorcycle on this particular trip
Leslie, Roxie, Philip, Brad
Heading down to the beach after we arrive
Everyone was glad to finally see the beach
It was a lot of fun getting into the edge of the water
Savanna: "What a beautiful sand castle."
We did a few family group photos
Curtis and Carolyn cooked dinner our first night at the beach
The place we stayed was a three-bedroom facility

The next day we all headed down to the beach for a fun day in the sun and playing in the water.

As you get older you spend more time in the shade than in the sun
Savanna plays in the sand while everyone else sun bathes, reads and naps
Leslie and Beth spent most of their time working on their tans
The next day Philip reads while Alexandria and Savanna play
Brad plays with the girls
The girls loved playing in the sand together
An evening walk on the beach
Spending some time in the water the next day - and some more photos
Some photos the next day with Poppi and the girls
Poppi Curtis helps Alexandria get more comfortable with the water
It's always nice to get some sisterly help, too
If you fall, it's always nice to have a sister there to help you get up
Poppi tickles Savanna's nose with a string while she naps
Mt. Atlanticus Mini-Golf

The family took the girls to play mini-golf twice during the week.
The first night we went to Mt. Atlanticus.

Mt. Atlanticus
Curtis took photos of the family
Everyone had a wonderful time ...
... including Savanna and Alexandria
Brad and Alexandria
Savanna kisses a frog looking for her Prince
Beth took a few photos of Curtis
Beth took this photo so that Poppi could be pictured in this group photo with the family
Beth totals the score at the end of the game
Captain Hook's Adventure Golf
The second time we went out to play miniature golf,
we went to Capt. Hook's Adventure Golf
A beautiful locations to play miniature golf
It was nice to clean up and go out in the late afternoon and evening
Poppi takes a few last minute photos as everyone prepares to head back home

JULY 2004


18 Jul 2004 - Sunday Afternoon Photos - Poppi & Nonni's House


31 Jul 2004 - Pool Fun - Poppi & Nonni's House
Every Sunday after church starting in late May, the Seese family goes over to Poppi and Nonni's house.
A pool is always more fun when you have someone to share it with.
Getting ready for some fun in the sun - Curtis/Poppi and Beth
Curtis and Beth work with both of the girls -
helping them get over the fear of jumping into the water
The girls enjoy their new bathing suits with built in floaters



29 Aug 2004 - Sunday Afternoon Photos - Poppi & Nonni's House


Matching Dresses from Poppi & Nonni


Poppi: "I love these photos of Savanna and Alexandria.
This whole series of photos shows their sweet and outgoing personality."
2004 School Photos - Woodlawn Baptist Child Development Center, Conover, NC
11 Sep 2004 - Birthday Party For Ashton Knight - Kenneth & Jennifer Knight's House
Blowing LOTS of Bubbles
25 Sep 2004 - LOST IN SPACE - Curtis & Carolyn's House

Curtis has been a LOST IN SPACE fan ever since the show first aired on TV in the fall of 1965. Curtis was 12 years old at the time. It was LOST IN SPACE that prompted him to be a life-long science-fiction fan. As a typical sci-fi fan, Curtis collected toys, models and even a few costumes. On 25 Sep 2004, Curtis asked Beth to put on the LOST IN SPACE costume and let him take some photos.





Curtis got this LOST IN SPACE photo from 20th Century Fox in 1966
09 Oct 2004 - First Lesson on Applying Lipstick - Poppi & Nonni's House
It always comes in handy when you have an older sister who can show you how to apply lipstick
Savanna: "Do your lips like this ..."
Savanna: "Hold real still. This is the tricky part."
Savanna: "Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful!"
14 Nov 2004 - Sunday Afternoon Photos - Poppi & Nonni's House
Autumn leaves and smiles
21 Nov 2004 - Baby Dedication - Covenant Bible Church
On Sunday morning, 21 Nov 2004, Beth and Brad dedicated Alexandria to the LORD
along with several other children from the Covenant Bible Church family in Lincolnton, NC.
Family Life Pastor Nathan Groom conducted the time of dedication.
(Parents - Left to Right) Kenneth & Jennifer Knight, Shannon & David Mincey,
Amber & Marty Mincey, Beth & Brad Seese with Alexandria
In addition to Beth, Brad, Savanna, Nonni & Poppi, it was nice to have JoNanna
and Uncle Gardner at church for this important time in Alexandria's life, too
25 Nov 2004 - Thanksgiving Day - Curtis & Carolyn Loftin's Home
Curtis snaps a photo of the family before the Thanksgiving meal
Philip & Leslie - Beth & Brad with Savanna
The tables and bar were festively set with Thanksgiving decorations
Enjoying the meal together
Carolyn and Curtis enjoy some dessert - pumpkin roll
Alexandria playing with Curtis while he tries to get some photos of her
14 Nov 2004 - Curtis & Simcha
Dec 2004 - Studio Photos - Savanna and Alexandria
11 Dec 2004 - Hanukkah - Curtis & Carolyn Loftin's Home

Curtis and Carolyn always included their children and grandchildren in observing the Biblical Festivals whenever possible. Hanukkah, Passover, Sukkot and Purim have all been a part of the Loftin family ever since the mid-1980s.

Nonni lights Hanukkah candles and says the blessings while everyone watches
Savanna and Alexandria even get to open a Hanukkah present from Poppi & Nonni
There was even a little something for Poppi & Nonni unexpectedly from each other
To Learn more about the festival of Hanukkah - CLICK HERE
25 Dec 2004 - Christmas Day - Curtis & Carolyn Loftin's Home
Carolyn and Curtis prepared a wonderful Christmas meal for the family
The table and entire house was decorated festively
Curtis prepares to take some Christmas photos
The Loftin & Seese Families
(Left to Right) Leslie, Philip, Savanna, Brad, Alexandria, Beth, Simcha, Carolyn, Curtis
Curtis & Carolyn
The family starts opening Christmas presents after lunch
The girls always get clothes from Poppi & Nonni - usually pretty church dresses
Savanna and Alexandria got some fun stuff from Uncle Philip and Aunt Leslie
as well as inscribed Piggy-Banks and some money to go into it, too
There were presents for Brad, Leslie, Curtis & Carolyn
Beth and Brad
Philip and Leslie
We made it a little more difficult for Beth and Philip. Carolyn and always loved doing things a little differently, so for 2004, Beth and Philip had to go on a treasure hunt to find their Christmas presents.
As Beth reads the first clue with a smile, she realizes she's gonna have to do a little work
Nonni's written clues didn't make it easy - but they did make it fun
Looking in a vase, under an elephant statue, or even in a DVD, the clues led her on and on
On and on to the last clue ...
... and finally the money - hidden in a DVD
Just like Beth, Philip smiles as he reads the first clue
Brad takes photos while Curtis does a video of the treasure hunt
In a DVD case, a photo album and under the leopard
Finally to the Batman DVD - one of Philip's favorites when he was younger
Curtis & Carolyn with Philip & Leslie
Savanna and Alexandria
Mom/Granny/Great-Granny Willie Loftin
30 Dec 2004 - Car Accident
Beth, Savanna and Alexandria were in a car accident on 30 Dec 2004 when another car hit them. Of the three, Beth was the one with the most severe bruises and cuts. Fortunately, none of them were seriously hurt. Thank the LORD!
Brad attributed the lack of serious injuries to the sturdiness of their Volvo Wagon
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To all my dear family members, I wanted to put these photos together so that in the future you could look at them and remember all the wonderful times we had together. I love you.