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William O. Griswold


Born: 19 Sep 1850, Zebulon, Wake County, NC
Died: 04 Feb 1912, Johnston County, NC

William O. Griswold was the sixth child born to Joseph Griswold and Pherebe (Unknown).  William was born 19 Sep 1950 in Zebulon, Wake County, NC.  No definitive proof has been found to William's middle name, but since he had a son named "Oscar" there is a good possibility that his full name was William Oscar Griswold.
Children of Joseph Griswold and Pherebe (Unknown)
Name Birth Death Spouse
Lewis Griswold Abt. 1831    
James Merit Griswold Dec 1842 Aft. Dec 1909 Eliza Small
m. 01 Dec 1867
Mary Griswold Abt. 1843    
Ruffin Bryant Griswold Dec 1846 04 Jul 1911
Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co, NC
Nancy Ann Eatman
m. 13 May 1874
Joseph Festus Griswold Abt. 1850 16 Mar 1885  
William O. Griswold Abt. 1851 Aft. Apr 1910 Rebecca Hocutt
m. 16 Dec 1884
Sarah "Sally" Ann Griswold 28 May 1856
Orange Co, NC
14 Oct 1932
Durhan, Durham Co, NC
William Gaston Earp
m. 06 Aug 1870

From Carolyn Janet Weeks Loftin
(daughter of Viola Eason Weeks & great- great-granddaughter of William O. Griswold)

  "I know from my mother's records that her great-grandfather's name was Joseph Griswold. The children's names were: Lewis, James Merit, Mary, Ruffin Bryant, Joseph Festus, William O. and Sarah "Sally" Ann. Her records showed Ruffin older than Festus."  
The 1860 Census shows Joseph (listed on the Census as "Jos.") and Pherebe (listed on the Census as "Phoerobe") living East of the Neuse River in Johnston County, NC (at Sandy Level Post Office).  There were 6 children living on the family farm - including William, who was 10 years old.

1860 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Trade Estate Value
First Last Real Estate Personal Estate
Jos. Griswold 45 M Farmer $400 $295
Phoerobe ----- 44 F      
Merit ----- 20 M      
Mary ----- 15 F      
Festus ----- 14 M      
Ruffin ----- 12 M      
William ----- 10 M      
Sally ----- 8 F      
William's father, Joseph Griswold, died sometime between 1860 and 1870.
The 1870 Census shows Pherebe Griswold living in Wilders Township in Johnston County, NC, with three of her sons: Festus (age 20), Ruffin (age 19) and William (age 18).  Family Real Estate had remained the same from 1860 but the Personal Estate Value had dropped from $295 to $150.  All three boys were working as laborers on the family farm.

1870 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Race Trade Estate Value
Last First Real Estate Personal Estate
Griswold Pher 50 F W   $400 $150
----- Festus 20 M W Farm Laborer    
----- Ruffin 19 M W "    
----- William 18 M W "    
Page 30 of the 1880 Census shows William still living on the family farm in Wilder Township in Johnston County, NC, with his mother, brother and nephew.  Head of the family is listed as G.R. Griswold, but the name initials "G.R." don't match with any of William's siblings (Lewis, James Merit, Ruffin Bryant or Joseph Festus).  The head of the family cannot be Ruffin Bryant Griswold because he married Nancy Ann Eatman in 1874 and already had 3 children by 1880.  Also, William's age would have probably been 28 or 29 instead of the listed 24 years old.

1880 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Race Sex Age Relation Trade
Last First
Griswold *G. R. W M 32 Head Farmer
----- Ferebe W F 65 Mother Keeping House
Crabtree Lewis W M 14 Nephew Works on Farm
Griswold William W M 24 Brother Farmer
I certify that I have this day completed the enumeration of the district assigned me and
that the returns have been duly and ??? made in accordance with law and my oath of office.
Dated June 28th, 1880                           Jesse Hinnant, Enumerator      
William married Rebecca "Becca" Hocutt, daughter of Henderson Hocutt and Gillie A. Dodd, on 16 Dec 1884.  According to the 1900 Census, Becca was born in May 1867. 

William and Becca had at least 10 children.
Children of William O. Griswold and Rebecca Hocutt
Name Birth Death Spouse
Oscar Griswold 18 Dec 1885
Johnson Co, NC
06 Apr 1940
Wake Co, NC
Jennie Hester
m. 14 Sep 1910
Charles Griswold 26 Sep 1887
Wake Co, NC
25 Jun 1907
Johnston County, NC
Maggie Ann Griswold 25 Oct 1889
Wake Co, NC
27 Oct 1970
Raleigh, Wake, NC
Flonnie Frank Strickland
Ida Griswold 20 May 1892
Wake Co, NC
06 Nov 1972
Raleigh, Wake Co, NC
John Bryant Eason
Katie Griswold 18 Jun 1896
23 Dec 1967
Durham, NC
Wilson Hester Veasey
Mattie Mae Griswold 25 Aug 1897
Wake Co, NC
25 Mar 1982
Wake Co, NC
[Never Married]
William Dewey Griswold 30 Sep 1900
Wake Co, NC
24 Oct 1900
Wake Co, NC
[Died in Infancy]
David Arnold Griswold 30 Sep 1903
Johnston Co, NC
09 Jun 1919
O'Neils, Johnston Co, NC
[Died in Young]
Ethel Griswold 03 Jul 1905
Wake Co, NC
04 Jan 1990
Wake Co, NC
[Never Married]
Carl Albert Griswold 19 Aug 1907
Wake Co, NC
07 Apr 1948
Wake County, NC
Martha Grady

The William O. Griswold Family

(Left to Right) Maggie, Rebecca Hocutt Griswold (seated) & holding Ethel,
Ida, Mae, Katie, Oscar, William O Griswold (seated), Charlie

The 1900 Census shows the William O. Griswold family living in the Upper O'Neil Township of Johnston County, NC.  In addition to William and Rebecca, there are 6 children listed on the Census: Oscar (age 14), Charles (age 13), Maggie (age 10), Ida (age 8), Kattie (age 5) and Mattie May (age 2).  There was also a *divorced female servant living with the family whose name appears to be Has Griswold (age 43).

1900 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S
Kids Birth Trade
Last First Mth Yr Born Alive
Griswold William O. Head W M ? 1865/55* 45 M1 15     NC Farmer
----- Rebecca Wife W F May 1867 33 M1 15 6 6 NC  
----- Oscar Son W M Dec 1875/85* 14 S       NC Farm
----- Charles Son W M Sep 1876/86* 13 S       NC Farm
----- Maggie Daughter W F Apr 1890 10 S       NC Farm
----- Ida Daughter W F March 1892 8 S       NC  
----- Kattie Daughter W F Sep? 1895 5 S       NC  
----- Matte May Daughter W F Aug 1897 2 S       NC  
Griswold Has   W F Aug 1856 43 D*   0 0 NC Day
* The Census taker seemed to be pretty bad when figuring birth years on William, Oscar and Charles.  William's birth year would have been at least 10 years earlier than the 1865 that was listed.  Oscar would have been born 10 years later than the 1875 birth year that was listed - and Charles would have been born 10 years later than the 1876 birth year that was listed.
The 1910 Census shows the William O. Griswold family living in the Upper O'Neals Township of Johnston County, NC.  William's age is listed as 59 and Rebecca's age is listed as 40.  Children still living with the family were Maggie (age 20), Ida (age 18), Kattie (age 14), Mattie May (age 11), David Arnold (age 6), Ethel (age 5) and Carl (age 2).

1910 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S
Kids Birth Trade Can
Last First Born Alive
Griswold William O. Head M W 59 M1 25     NC Farmer Yes
----- Rebecca Wife F W 40 M1 25 10 8 NC None Yes
----- Maggie Daughter F W 20 S       NC Working
on Farm
----- Ida Daughter F W 18 S       NC Working
on Farm
----- Kattie Daughter F W 14 S       NC Working
on Farm
----- Matte May Daughter F W 11 S       NC Working
on Farm
----- David R. Son M W 6 S       NC None  
----- Ethel Daughter F W 5 S       NC None  
----- Carl Son M W 2 S       NC None  
William O. Griswold died 04 Feb 1912.

[Be sure to check out the Rebecca Hocutt Griswold page for additional photos]


Griswold Family Bible

The following information was copied from Ethel Griswold's Bible by Viola Eason Weeks - the daughter of Ida Griswold and John Bryant Eason Sr. - and granddaughter of William O. Griswold and Rebecca Hocutt.




Thanks to Sid Weeks for sharing photos from his mother's (Viola Eason Weeks)
and his great aunt's photo collections (Ethel Griswold)


If you have additional information about William O. Griswold, please contact me.