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John Bryant Eason


Born: 10 Sep 1883, Johnston County, NC
Died: 16 Sep 1946, Archer Lodge, Johnston County, NC 

John Bryant Eason was the fourth child born to John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles.  John Bryson was born 19 Sep 1883 in Johnston County, NC.
John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles had at least eleven children according to the 1900 Census.
Children of John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles
Name Birth Death Spouse
James Henry Eason 23 May 1876
Johnston Co, NC
23 Dec 1945
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Addie Batten
m. 17 Mar 1909
William Avery Eason 15 Apr 1878
Johnston Co, NC
10 May 1936
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Lela Mae Bass
Euretha Eason 14 May 1881
Johnston Co, NC
24 Nov 1953
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Harris Price
John Bryant Eason 10 Sep 1883
Johnston Co, NC
16 Sep 1946
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Ida Griswold
Polly Averie "Annie" Eason 13 April 1886
Johnston Co, NC

Johnston Co, NC
(Died in Infancy)
Joseph Millard Eason 02 Apr 1889
Johnston Co, NC
22 Mar 1965
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Clara Roberta Hinston
m. 04 Nov
Estelle Liles Eason 04 Sep 1886
Johnston Co, NC
19 Oct 1906 Buck Murphy
Cora Nellie Eason 03 Dec 1891
Johnston Co, NC
11 Feb 1920
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
J. Leonard Boyette
Molissie Eason 12 Sep 1894
Johnston Co, NC
02 Jan 1962
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
George Zonur Wall
Johnnie Crettie Eason 22 May 1897
Johnston Co, NC
15 Dec 1957
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Claudie Iredell Murphrey
The 1900 Census finds the John Wesley Eason family living in the Wilder Township of Johnston County, NC.  John Wesley died in 1897 and Annie Liza (age 42) was raising 9 kids.  The children listed on the Cesus were Henry (age 24), William (age 22), Euretha (age 19), Bryant (age 17), Annie (age 14), Millard (age 11), Cora (age 8), Molissa (age 5) and Johnnie (age 3).  Johnnie* was incorrectly listed as "Male" and as a "Son" - and should have been "Female" and a "Daughter".
John Wesley Eason's brother (Hardy) and sisters (Tempe, Polly Ann and Lucinda) were living nearby.

1900 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S
Kids Birth
Last First Mth Year Born Alive
Eason Aneliza Head W M Apr 1858 42 W 11 9 NC Farmer
----- Henry Son W M May 1876 24 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- William Son W M Apr 1878 22 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- Euretha Daughter W F May 1881 19 S     NC  
----- Bryant Son W M Sep 1883 17 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- Annie Daughter W F Apr 1886 14 S     NC  
----- Millard Son W M Apr 1889 11 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- Cora E. Daughter W F Dec 1891 8 S     NC At School
----- Molissa Daughter W F Sep 1894 5 S     NC  
----- Johnnie Son* W M May 1897 3 S     NC  
Eason Hardy Head W M Apr 1832 68 S     NC Farmer
----- Tempe Sister W F Oct 1830 69 S     NC  
----- Polly Ann Sister W F Oct 1840 59 S     NC  
----- Cinda Sister W F Nov 1841 58 S     NC  
The 1910 NC Census shows that John Bryant Eason (age 27) had taken on the responsibility of being the "Head" of the family.  His mother (Eliza, age 52) was still living on the family farm along with the following siblings: William A. (age 32), Millard (age 21), Molissie (age 16) and Crettie (age 13).

1910 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Sex Race Age S
Kids Birth Trade
Last First Born Alive
Eason John B. Head M W 27 S NC     NC Farmer
----- Eliza Mother F W 52 Wd NC 10 8 NC None
----- William A. Brother M W 32 S NC     NC Farm Laborer
----- Millard Brother M W 21 S NC     NC Farm Laborer
----- Molissie Sister F W 16 S NC     NC Farm Laborer
----- Crettie Sister F W 13 S NC     NC Farm Laborer
John Bryant Eason married Ida Griswold on 05 Feb 1911 in Johnston County, NC.  Ida was born 20 May 1892 in Wake Co, NC, and was the daughter of William O. Griswold (1851 - 1910) and Rebecca Hocutt.


John Bryant Eason and Ida Griswold Eason (Papa & Mama Eason)


John Bryant and Ida's marriage produced 6 children.
Children of John Bryant Eason and Ida Griswold
Name Birth Death Spouse
Effie Eason 27 Oct 1911
Johnston Co, NC
01 Feb 1913
Johnston Co, NC
[Died in Infancy]
William Welton Eason, Sr. 23 Aug 1913
Johnston Co, NC
01 Mar 2006
Johnston Co, NC
Leslie Hazel Parrish
m. 26 Dec 1936
Naomi Eason 27 Oct 1915
Johnston Co, NC
12 May 1983
Johnston Co, NC
Alton Brooks Whitley
m. 14 Mar 1936
Viola Eason 08 Oct 1917
Johnston Co, NC
10 May 1999
Garner, Wake Co, NC
Albert Sidney Weeks
m./ 01 Apr 1941
John Bryant Eason, Jr. 09 Jun 1921
Johnston Co, NC
26 Jan 1997
Raleigh, Wake Co, NC
Mary Louise Allen
m. 01 Oct 1946
James Carolyn Eason 31 May 1928
Johnston Co, NC
14 Mar 2007
Coneta Earl Daniels
m. 03 Jul 1948
During World War I, John Bryant Eason registered for the draft.  The following is a copy of his Registration Card showing his signature.

WWI Registration Card

The 1930 Census shows John Bryant Eason, his wife Ida, and their five children living in the Wilder Township of Johnston County, NC.  Several of the children are listed incorrectly.  The children listed on the Census were: Walter (actually William Welton, age 14), Naomi (age 12), Viola (age 10), J. B. (age 7), and Carlson (actually James Carolyn, age 1).

1930 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Home Sex Race Age S
Birth Trade
Last First Own
Eason J. Bryant Head O M W 47 M 27 Yes NC Farm
----- Ida Wife   F W 38 M 18 Yes NC Home
----- Walter Son   M W 14 S   Yes NC Home
----- Naomi Dau   F W 12 S   Yes NC Home
----- Viola Dau   F W 10 S   Yes NC Home
----- J.B. Son   M W 7 S     NC Home
----- Carlson Son   M W 1 S     NC Home

The Eason home, barn and property in Johnston County, NC


A closer view of the house in 2007


The barn


A distant view of the fishpond behind the family home ...


... and fields


John Bryant and Ida Griswold Eason


Archer Lodge Country Store in Johnston County, NC,
approximately one mile from John Bryant & Ida's home



James Henry Eason with his brother John Bryant Eason in the tobacco fields

Tobacco was a product that many farmers in the Johnson County, NC, area grew.
Carolyn Weeks Loftin (granddaughter of John Bryan Eason) remembers the only time she "worked" with tobacco.  On one of her visits to Papa and Mama Eason's house, she was allowed to "tie" tobacco.  There were 1 inch x 1 inch sticks and some twine.  She had to take a small bunch of tobacco leaves and wrap the twine around the ends, tossing that bunch to one side of the stick, then repeat the process, tossing the next bunch to the other side of the stick.  When the sticks were all wrapped, they would be hung in a tobacco barn to air dry.  She was never involved in any other process.
The 1940 Census shows the John Bryant Eason family still living in Wilders Township, Johnston County, NC.  John Bryant was 56 and working as a "Farmer" on the family farm that was valued at $2500.  Ida was 47 and son James Carolyn (spelled "Carylon" on the Census) was 11 and attending school.

1940 Johnston County, NC, Census

Home Name Rel. Sex Race Age S
Birth Occup. Industry
O/R Value Farm Last First
O $2500 Yes Eason J. Bryant Head M W 56 M NC Farmer Farm
      ----- Ida Wife F W 47 M NC    
      ----- Carylon Son M W 11 S NC    

The Easons
(Left to Right) Ida Griswold Eason, Welton Eason, John Bryant Eason,
Hazel Parrish Eason with Billy, Naomi Eason Whitley, J.B. Eason Jr., and Alton Whitley


The Easons
Naomi, J.B. Jr., Ida, Welton, James Carolyn, John Bryant, and Viola


(1942) John Bryant and Ida
with their youngest son James Carolyn Eason



Ida and John Bryant Eason in 1942


The Easons
J.B. Jr., Naomi, John Bryant, Ida, Viola and James Carolyn



Ida holding Billy Eason and John Bryant holding Needham Whitley; John Bryant & Ida



John Bryant Eason died 16 Sep 1946 in a car collision in Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC.  He was struck head-on by a drunk driver.  He was buried in the White Oak Church Cemetery.


John Bryant Eason's graveside funeral and flowers




White Oak Church Cemetery



Children of John Bryson Eason and Ida Griswold


Effie Eason
Daughter of J.B. & Ida Eason
Born Oct 27, 1911
Died Feb, 1, 1913

Effie is buried in the White Oak Church Cemetery


Viola Eason Weeks with her brothers Welton, Carolyn and J.B.


William Welton Eason & Leslie Hazel Parrish Eason
are buried in the White Oak Church Cemetery


Albert Sidney Weeks & Viola Eason Weeks
are buried at Raleigh Memorial Park


If you have additional information on John Bryant Eason please contact me.