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John Wesley Eason



Born: 1847
Died: 25 May 1897, Earpsboro, NC 

John Wesley Eason was the eighth child born to Avera Eason and Polly (Unknown).  John Wesley was born about 1847.
Avera and Polly Eason had at least 11 children.
Children of Avera Eason and Polly (Unknown)
Name Birth Death Spouse
Tempe B. Eason Oct 1830
North Carolina
Aft. 1900  
Hardy W. Eason Apr 1832
Johnston Co, NC
Milly Eason 1836
North Carolina
15 Oct 1880 Francis Marion Connell
m. 12 Oct 1869
Nancy Eason 1839
Johnston Co, NC
Polly Anna Eason 16 Oct 1840
Johnston Co, NC
30 Aug 1917
Smithfield, Johnston Co, NC
A.J. Nowell
Lucinda Eason Nov 1841
Johnston Co, NC
Amanda Eason 1843
Johnston Co, NC
  Woodruff R. Murphrey
m. 29 Jan 1867
John Wesley Eason 1847 25 May 1897
Earpsboro, NC
Annie Liza Liles
m. 20 Dec 1874
Caroline Eason 1847
Johnston Co, NC
William Bryant Eason 1849 01 Apr 1920 Sarah A. Barnes
m. 06 Jan 1880
Elisha B. Eason 06 Apr 1852
North Carolina
Jul 1913
Johnston Co, NC
Nancy Rachel Barnes
m. 1882
Pages 73 & 74 of the 1850 Census shows the Avera Eason family living in Johnston County, NC.  Avera and Polly had 9 children: Tempy (age 20), Hardy (identified as "Harry", age 18), Milly (age 16), Nancy (age 10), Polly (age 9), Amanda (age 7), John Wesley (age 5), Caroline (age 3) and William (age 1).  There is no indication why daughter Lucinda was not listed on the Census.

1850 Johnston County, NC, Census


Name Age Sex Trade Birth
First Last
Avera Eason 46 M Blacksmith NC
Polly ----- 40 F   NC
Tempy ----- 20 F   NC
Harry ----- 18 M Farmer NC
Milly ----- 16 F   NC
Nancy ----- 10 F   NC
Polly ----- 9 F   NC
Amanda ----- 7 F   NC
John Eason 5 M   NC
Caroline ----- 3 F   NC
William ----- 1 M   NC
Page 119 of the 1860 Johnston County, NC, Census, shows Avera and Polly living in the Division East of the Neuse River.  In addition to Avera and Polly, there were 10 children: Tempy (age 29), Hardy (age 28), Millie (age 23), Nancy (age 21), Polly (age 18), Lucinda (age 16), Amanda (age 15), John (age 13), Wm. (William, age 11) and Elisha (age 6).  Caroline's absense from the Census suggests that she had died between 1850 and 1860). 

1860 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Trade Personal
First Last
Avera Eason 55 M Mechanic $600 NC
Polly ----- 50 F     NC
Tempy ----- 29 F     NC
Hardy ----- 28 M     NC
Millie ----- 23 F     NC
Nancy ----- 21 F     NC
Polly ----- 18 F     NC
Lucinda ----- 16 F     NC
Amanda ----- 15 F     NC
John ----- 13 M     NC
Wm. ----- 11 M     NC
Elisha   6 M     NC
Between 1860 and 1870, both Avera Eason had died.  There is no indication where mother Polly Eason was - perhaps living with one of her married children.  The 1870 Census finds many of their children living on the family farm in Wilders Township in Johnston County, NC.  Hardy (listed as Harrie), as the eldest son, had assumed headship of the family.  Eight of Hardy's siblings were also listed on the Census: Tempy (age 39), Nancy (age 32), Polly Anna (age 30), Lucinda (age 27), John (age 24), William (age 21) and Elisha (age 17).  There were two other boys living with the Eason family: Willis Green (age 13) and Haywood Green (age 11).  Hardy had assumed the trade of Blacksmith.  Only the four youngest boys in the Eason family could read and write. 

1870 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Age Sex Race Trade Estate Value Birth Can't
Last First Real
Eason Harrie 38 M W Blacksmith $500 $100 NC x
----- Tempy 39 F W Keeping
    NC x
----- Nancy 32 F W "     NC x
----- Polly A. 30 F W "     NC x
----- Cinda 27 F W "     NC x
----- John 24 M W Farm Lavorer     NC  
----- William 21 M W "     NC  
----- Elisha 17 M W "     NC  
Green Willis 13 M W "     NC  
----- Haywood 11 M W "     NC  
The 1880 Census shows mother Polly Eason once again living with five of her unmarried children.  Hardy (age 48) is still the head of the family unit.  Other siblings in the home are Tempe (age 49), Nancy (age 43), Lucinda (age 39) and Elisha (age 28).  Hardy was working as both a farmer and mechanic.  There is a difference from the 1870 Census concerning who in the family that could not read or write.  The 1880 Census shows that only Tempe and Lucinda could not write - implying that all the others could both read and write.  The family also had a boarder, Ben Carrol (age 21), who worked on the family farm.
John Wesley Eason (age35) married Annie Liza Liles on 20 Dec 1874 at the home of James Liles.  Annie Liza was born on 28 Sep 1859 and was 12 years younger than John Wesley.  Annie Liza's parents were James Haywood Liles and Ann Medlin. 

John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles Eason


The 1880 Census shows John Wesley and Annie Liza Eason living next door to his mother and elder siblings.  They had two sons listed on the Census James Henry (age 4) and William Avery (age 2).  John Wesley's occupation was listed as farmer.

1880 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Race Sex Age Relation S
Trade Can't
Last First
Eason H. W. W M 48 Head S Farmer &
----- Polly W F 69 Mother W Keeps House   NC
----- Tempe W F 49 Sister S At home X NC
----- Nancy W F 43 Sister S At home   NC
----- Lucinda W F 39 Sister S At home X NC
----- Elisha W M 28 Brother S Works on Farm   NC
Carrol Ben W M 21 Boarder   Works on Farm   NC
Eason John W M 35 Head M Farmer   NC
----- Ann Eliza W F 21 Wife M Keeps House   NC
----- Henry W M 4 Son S At home    
----- William W M 2 Son S At home   NC
John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles had at least eleven children according to the 1900 Census.
Children of John Wesley Eason and Annie Liza Liles
Name Birth Death Spouse
James Henry Eason 23 May 1876
Johnston Co, NC
23 Dec 1945
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Addie Batten
m. 17 Mar 1909
William Avery Eason 15 Apr 1878
Johnston Co, NC
10 May 1936
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Lela Mae Bass
Euretha Eason 14 May 1881
Johnston Co, NC
24 Nov 1953
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Harris Price
John Bryant Eason 10 Sep 1883
Johnston Co, NC
16 Sep 1946
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Ida Griswold
Polly Averie "Annie" Eason 13 April 1886
Johnston Co, NC

Johnston Co, NC
(Died in Infancy)
Joseph Millard Eason 02 Apr 1889
Johnston Co, NC
22 Mar 1965
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Clara Roberta Hinston
m. 04 Nov
Estelle Liles Eason 04 Sep 1886
Johnston Co, NC
19 Oct 1906 Buck Murphy
Cora Nellie Eason 03 Dec 1891
Johnston Co, NC
11 Feb 1920
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
J. Leonard Boyette
Molissie Eason 12 Sep 1894
Johnston Co, NC
02 Jan 1962
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
George Zonur Wall
Johnnie Crettie Eason 22 May 1897
Johnston Co, NC
15 Dec 1957
Archer Lodge, Johnston Co, NC
Claudie Iredell Murphrey
Viola Eason Weeks holding a photo of her grandfather, John Wesley Eason, in June 1992


John Wesley Eason

John Wesley Eason died 25 May 1897 in Earpsboro, NC.
The 1900 Census finds the John Wesley Eason family living in the Wilder Township of Johnston County, NC.  John Wesley died in 1897 and Annie Liza (age 42) was raising 9 kids.  The children listed on the Cesus were Henry (age 24), William (age 22), Euretha (age 19), Bryant (age 17), Annie (age 14), Millard (age 11), Cora (age 8), Molissa (age 5) and Johnnie (age 3).  Johnnie* was incorrectly listed as "Male" and as a "Son" - and should have been "Female" and a "Daughter".
John Wesley Eason's brother (Hardy) and sisters (Tempe, Polly Ann and Lucinda) were living nearby.

1900 Johnston County, NC, Census

Name Relation Race Sex Birth Age S
Kids Birth
Last First Mth Year Born Alive
Eason Aneliza Head W M Apr 1858 42 W 11 9 NC Farmer
----- Henry Son W M May 1876 24 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- William Son W M Apr 1878 22 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- Euretha Daughter W F May 1881 19 S     NC  
----- Bryant Son W M Sep 1883 17 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- Annie Daughter W F Apr 1886 14 S     NC  
----- Millard Son W M Apr 1889 11 S     NC Farm Laborer
----- Cora E. Daughter W F Dec 1891 8 S     NC At School
----- Molissa Daughter W F Sep 1894 5 S     NC  
----- Johnnie Son* W M May 1897 3 S     NC  
Eason Hardy Head W M Apr 1832 68 S     NC Farmer
----- Tempe Sister W F Oct 1830 69 S     NC  
----- Polly Ann Sister W F Oct 1840 59 S     NC  
----- Cinda Sister W F Nov 1841 58 S     NC  

If you have additional information on John Wesley Eason please contact me.