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Loftin Family Reunion 2
For the Descendants of William Alexander Loftin & Laura Rossie Cranford


2018 - 20??

The Loftin Family Reunion started as a yearly birthday dinner for Ida Lillian Setzer Loftin, wife of Alonzo Lester Loftin, who was born 25 Apr 1884.  When all their kids and their spouses, grandkids  and Ida's siblings got together, it was a really big crowd.

About 1945

Ida (center) with black dress
(Right side of the table) Marie & Theodore "Speedo" Loftin, John Henry & Elma Loftin Huffman with Loretta and Willie Loftin

After the death of Ida Setzer Loftin, the Reunion embraced the larger Loftin family and became a reunion for
the descendants of William Alexander Loftin (1851-1939) & Laura Rossie Cranford Loftin (1855-1909).

William Alexander Loftin & Laura Rossie Cranford Loftin Family about 1894

(Left to Right) W. Garland Loftin, William Alexander Loftin holding Hattie Pearl Loftin, Arthur Lee Loftin, Laura Rossie Cranford Loftin holding Cordie Bland Loftin,
 Frances Ivey Loftin, Alonzo Lester Loftin, Zettie Wilson Loftin and Cornellia Estelle Lowrance Loftin

Alex and Laura Loftin's children were: Alonzo Lester Loftin (1876-1937), Frances Ivey Loftin Drum (1878-1958), Zettie Wilson Loftin Beatty (1881-1956), Arthur Lee Loftin (1884-1950) and Cordie Band Loftin Wilson (1894-1981). Alex & Laura's children W. Garland Loftin (1887-1912) and Hattie Pearl Loftin (1890-1966) had no children.

Even though the Reunion is for the descendants of William Alexander Loftin and Laura Rossie Cranford, anyone is welcome to come and join us. We've had other Loftins from many parts of the USA to join us previously. The reunion is held yearly on the third Sunday in May.


2018 Loftin Family Reunion


The 2018 Loftin Family Reunion was held on Sunday afternoon, May 20th, 1:00 p.m., in the Family Life Center of the Catawba Methodist Church. It was one of our smaller groups, but the food was good and so was the fellowship.

The family starts to arrive about 12:30 - Catching up with the Cousins
(Back Left) Larry Gilmer, John Smith and Barry Brotherson
(Front Center) Curtis Loftin, Pam Herman Sigmon, Linda Lee Sigmon, Marcella Lee Wike
Back Center) Phyllis White Mills, Mary Frances Robinson Moore, Bill Robinson, Dot and Michael Martin, Wadine Martin Smith (seated)
Pat and Paul Loftin.
Pat is ALWAYS busy helping with set-up or clean-up, washing dishes, striating up or whatever is needed.
A very special thanks to Paul Loftin for the photos. I forgot to take my camera and Paul always has his.
Grandchildren from Alonzo Lester Loftin and Arthur Lee Loftin
(Left) Pam Herman Sigmon, Linda Lee Sigmon and Marcella Lee Wike
(Right) Barbara Gilmer with a friend and Brian Williamson
(Left) Barbara Ann Gilmer, Pam Loftin Williamson, Phyllis White Mills, Barbara Gilmer, Willard White and Brian Williamson
(Right) Pam Loftin Williamson, Pat Isenhour Loftin, Phyllis White Mills
(Left to Right) Sylvia Robinson, Matthew Brotherton, Pat Loftin, John Smith, Larry Gilmer, Amy Massagee, Barry Brotherton, Peggy Brotherton,
Deanie Herman Hilton, Carlie Brotherton, Phyllis White Mills, Willard White and Mary Frances Robinson Moore
Bless the Food - Let's Eat
(Left) John Smith blesses the food before we start the meal
(Right Front) Linda Lee Sigmon and Marcella Lee Wike;
(Right Back) Bill Robinson, Dot Martin, Michael Martin & son, Glenn Martin, Wadine Smith (seated)
An Attentive Group
(Top Left Table) Peggy Loftin Brotherton, Barry & Carla Brotherton, Matthew Brotherton, Carlie Brotherton
(Top Middle Table) Willard White,  Mary Frances Robinson Moore
(Standing) Dot Martin, Sylvia Robinson, Phyllis White Mills, Pam Loftin Williamson, Larry Gilmer, Barbara Gilmer, Michael Martin & son
(Front Left Table) Amy Massagee, Deanie Herman Hilton, Pam Herman Sigmon, Linda Lee Sigmon, Marcella Lee Wike
Curtis Loftin Shares about Loftin DNA Testing and Genealogy
Curtis chatting with various family - including Michael Martin (right)
Curtis chats with John Smith about Loftin DNA
The Curtis Loftin Family
Beth, Brad, Savanna and Alexandria Seese - Carolyn Loftin
Winding Down and Gettin' Ready to Leave
(Left to Right) Marcella Lee Wike, Matthew & Barry Brotherson, Carla & Carlie Brotherton, Barbara Gilmer with Willard White
Willard White is the last of the "aunts and uncles" through the Arthur Lee Loftin lineage. His wife Helen Josephine Loftin White passed in 2014.
(Left) Glenn Martin, Pam Herman Sigmon, Linda Lee Sigmon, Pam Loftin Williamson, the Brotherton Family, Mary Frances Robinson Moore
(Right) Carla & Barry Brotherton, Linda Lee Sigmon, Pam Herman Sigmon, Marcella Lee Wike and John Smith
(Left) Peggy Loftin Brotherton, Beth & Brad Seese, (Top Middle) Willard White and Wadine Martin Smith
(Middle) Carolyn & Curtis Loftin, (Right) KC and Carolyn
A special thanks to Peggy Loftin Brotherton who has been the "heart" behind the Loftin Family Reunion
She's kept it going for many many years
(Left to Right) Pat Isenhour Loftin, Peggy Loftin Brotherton, Larry Gilmer, Barry Brotherton and Curtis Loftin
With the death of Willie Goble Loftin on 06 Feb 2018, those who descend from Alonzo Lester Loftin have lost the last of our "aunts and uncles".
Willie was the wife of Sam William Loftin and mother to William Ray Loftin and Curtis Dean Loftin.

Willie always loved coming to the reunion but I know the next reunion we have with her, in heaven, will be even grander
(Below) Amy Massagee with Willie Goble Loftin - May 2016
"I love you, Mama"

2019 Loftin Family Reunion

The 2019 Loftin Family Reunion will be Sunday, 19 May 2019, 1:00 to 3:30 p.m.
The 2019 Loftin Family Reunion was held on Sunday afternoon, May 19th, 1:00 p.m., in the Family Life Center of Catawba Methodist Church. With so many deaths in the past few years, numbers at the reunion seem to be dwindling. But the food was good, as was the fellowship. It's always good to catch up with the cousins. Howard Smith was the oldest in attendance at the age of 93. Philip & Lesie Loftin were the newest "newlyweds" at 18 years and Kayli Loftin was the youngest at age 6.
John Smith shared some interesting information about James Franklin Loftin, our Great-Great Grandfather who was killed during the Civil War in May of 1864. After his death, his widow, Frances "Frankie Elizabeth Fisher Loftin, produced his will in order to gain legal possession of the family farm. The Will which was dated in 1863 was presented in court in 1869. There was an interesting change of "tense" in the Will which read something like this: "I James Franklin Loftin will to HIS wife, Elizabeth Loftin, all of his land for her to keep, sell, distribute, and if she be indebted to sell." One of the witnesses listed on the Will had passed away and the other was related to the courtroom Judge. It appears that someone else may have actually prepared James Franklin's Will in order for Frankie to take ownership of the family possessions.  In 1869, widows were loosing their farms. The Homestead Exemption was created so no one would be homeless.

2020 Loftin Family Reunion

The entire world changed in 2020. Due to the Coronavirus and COVID-19, there was no Loftin Family Reunion. Everyone was isolated at home, social distancing and wearing masks if they had to be out in public. COVID-19 was like nothing we had ever seen and seemed to be most critical on the elderly and those with underlying medical conditions. I lost family and friends. I didn't even see my children and grandchildren for over three months. They did surprise me on Father's Day when they showed up for an outdoors visit - complete with masks and social distancing, of course.
This photo of the Curtis Loftin family from Thanksgiving gives a view of life in 2020.
... and without our masks

2021 Loftin Family Reunion


2007 - 2017

The Earlier Years of the Loftin Family Reunion: CLICK HERE (2007 - 2017)

Thanks to all the Loftin family members who share their reunion photos so that we can all enjoy them