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Joseph I. Gardner


Born: 13 Jan 1892, Elmerdaro Township, Lyon County, Kansas
Died: 02 Jan 1987, Rochester Hills, Oakland County, Michigan 

Joseph I. Gardner was the fourth child born to Lester Martin Gardner and Anna Manda Schoch.  Joseph was born 13 Jan 1892 in Elmerdaro Township, Lyon County, Kansas.

Joseph & Clara Hameister Gardner


Lester & Anna's family lived in Kansas for a number of years before eventually moving to Michigan prior to 1900.

Children of Lester & Anna Gardner

Name Birth Date Death Date
Harry G. Gardner 11 Aug 1883 02 Jun 1976
Ina Mae Gardner 06 Mar 1885 14 Aug 1942
Mirl J. Gardner 23 Sep 1889 25 Aug 1971
Joseph I. Gardner 13 Jan 1892 02 Jan 1987
Irvin Kenneth Gardner 06 Jul 1896 12 May 1988
Loyd Clair Gardner 25 Sep 1898 20 Jul 1985
The 1900 Census shows Lester and Anna Gardner living in Elba, Lapeer County, Michigan.  We learn that all of the children had been born in Kansas except for the youngest son Loyd.  We also learn that Lester's father was the original Immigrant of the family - coming from England. 
Joseph's age is listed as 7 and his birth month and year as January 1892, although his age was more than likely 8 at the time.

1900 Elba, Lapeer County, Michigan Census

Name Rel. R Sx Birth Age Married Kids **Birth Occup. Education
Last First Mth Yr SM Yrs Bn Alive Self F M Sch Rd Wr E*
Gardner Lester M. Head W M Jan 1855 45 M 18     Mic England Ver Farmer   Yes Yes Yes
------ Anna M. Wife W F Aug 1861 38 M 18 6 6 Pen Pen Pen     Yes Yes Yes
------ Harry G. Son W M Aug 1883 16 S       Kan Mic Pen Farm
  Yes Yes Yes
------ Ina M. Dau. W F Mar 1885 13 S       Kan Mic Pen At
X Yes Yes Yes
------ Mirl J. Son W M Sept 1889 10 S       Kan Mic Pen At
X Yes Yes Yes
------ Joseph Son W M Jan 1992 7 S       Kan Mic Pen At
------ Irvin Son W M July 1996 3 S       Kan Mic Pen          
------ Loyd Son. W M Sept 1998 1 S       Mic Mic Pen          
*The family spoke English
**Mic=Michigan; Pen=Pennsylvania; Ver=Vermont
In 1910, the family was still living in Lapeer County, Michigan.  Joseph's age was 18.  Joseph and all of his brothers worked on the family farm along with their father.  Joseph and his two younger brothers (Irvin and Loyd) also went to school.  Brother Irvin's name is mispelled as "Urban" and the letter "L" was added to Loyd's name.

1910 Metamora, Lapeer County, Michigan Census

Name Rel. Sex R Age Married Kids *Birth Occup. Education
Last First SM Yrs Bn Alive Self F M Rd Wr Sch
Gardner Lester M. Head M W 53 M1 27     Mic England Ver Farmer Yes Yes  
------ Anna Wife F W 48 M1 27 6 6 Pen Pen Pen None Yes Yes  
------ Muriel Son M W 20 S       Kan Mic Pen Farm
Yes Yes No
------ Joseph Son M W 18 S       Kan Mic Pen Farm
Yes Yes Yes
------ Urban Son M W 13 S       Kan Mic Pen Farm
Yes Yes Yes
------ Lloyd Son M W 11 S       Mic Mic Pen Farm
Yes Yes Yes
*Mic=Michigan; Pen=Pennsylvania; Ver=Vermont
Joseph married Clara Hameister prior to June 1917.  Clara was born 23 Sep 1895 in Michigan and was the daughter of Charles Hameister and Johanna "Anna" Rewoldt Hameister.
During World War 1, Joseph registered for the draft on 05 Jun 1917.  He was 25 years old and living in Goodrich, Michigan at the time.  His birth is listed as Jan. 13, 1892 in Elmerdaro, Kansas.  Joseph was married and was working as a farm laborer for Roy Stewart in Hadley Township.  The registration further say that he is tall, slender, has brown eyes and brown hair, with poor eye-sight.  His signature is also included at the bottom of the Registration Card.

World War 1 Registration Card

The 1920 Census shows Joseph and Clara Gardner living in Ward 8, Saginaw City, Saginaw County, Michigan.  Joseph was 27 and Clara was 24.  Their daughter, Winifred, was 11 months old.  Joseph and Clara owned their home but it was mortgaged.  He was working as a stock clerk at a cash register company.  Joseph was born in Kansas.  His father was born in Michigan and his mother in Pennsylvania.  The Census further clarifies that Clara's parents were both born in Schwerin and the mother language of her parents was German. 

1920 Ward 8, Saginaw City, Saginaw County, Michigan Census

Name Rel. Home Sex R Age S
Educ. **Birth Occup.
Last First R & W Self F M
Gardner Joseph I. Head *O *M M W 27 M Yes Kansas Michigan Pen Stock Clerk
Cash Register Co.
------ Clara Wife     F W 24 M Yes Mic Schwerin
----- Winifred Daug     F W 11/12 S   Mic Kansas Michigan  
*Joseph owned his home but it was mortgaged
**Mic=Michigan; Pen=Pennsylvania
Records indicate that Joseph and Clara had three children.
Children of Joseph I. Gardner and Clara Hameister
Name Birth Death Spouse
Winifred Irene Gardner 23 Feb 1919
Saginaw Co, Michigan
19 Sep 1999
Catawba Co, NC
Reese Mathew Denniston
Malcolm P. Gardner 30 Nov 1922
14 May 1974
Oakland Co, Michigan
Emma L.
Lynn J. Gardner 1928
By 1930, Joseph and Clara had moved to Royal Oak City, Oakland County, Michigan and were living in a home that they owned.  Joseph was 37 and Clara was 34.  The couple had three children: Winifred (age 11), Malcolm P (age 7) and Lynn J. (another son aged 2 and 1 month).  Joseph's parents, Lester Martin Gardner and Anna Manda Schoch, were also living with them. The Census shows that Joseph was working as a truck driver The 1930 City Directory for Royal Oak, Michigan, gives additional information - Joseph is working as a driver for Boettger Baking Company. 

1930 Royal Oak City, Oakland County, Michigan Census

Name Rel. Home Sex R Age S
Educ. **Birth Occup.
Last First O/R Value R & W Self Father Mother
Gardner Joseph I. Head O 7000 M W 37 M 23 Yes Kansas Mic Pen Driver
------ Clara Wife     F W 34 M 19 Yes Mic Germany Germany None
------ Winifred Daughter     F W 11 S   Yes Mic Kansas Mic None
------ Malcolm P Son     M W 7 S     Mic Kansas Mic None
------ Lynn J. Son     M W 2
S     Mic Kansas Mic None
Gardner Lester M. Father     M W 75 M     Mic England Vermont None
------ Anna M. Mother     F W 68 M     Pen Pen Pen None
**Mic=Michigan; Pen=Pennsylvania
The 1930 Census was enumerated on 08 Apr 1930 and Clara died two months later on 29 June 1930.

Joseph and Winifred outside the family home in Royal Oak, Michigan, in 1932


(Left to Right) Lester Martin Gardner with son Joseph I. Gardner and granddaughter
Winifred Irene Gardner prior to Lester's death in 1935

The 1940 Census shows Joseph and his children living still at Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan, and both of his parents had died.  The street name is listed as Lafayette Avenue and the house number was 1827.  Joseph owned the family home and it was valued at $2,000.  The Census further shows that Joseph was working as a mail carrier with a yearly income of $2,100.
Joseph and Clara obviously placed a great emphasis on education.  Joseph had completed four years of college and all three of the children that were still living at home were still in school.  Winifred had completed three years of college, Malcolm had completed three years of high school, and Lynn was in the seventh grade.

1940 Royal Oak City, Oakland County, Michigan Census

Home Name Relation Sex R Age S
Education Birth Occupation
O/R Value Last First School Highest
O 2000 Gardner Joseph I. Head M W 47 M No C4 Kansas Mail Carrier
    ------ Winifred I. Daughter F W 21 S Yes C3 Michigan  
    ------ Malcolm P Son M W 17 S Yes H3 Michigan  
    ------ Lynn J. Son M W 13 S Yes 7 Michigan  

Joseph (right) with Winifred and Malcolm


Joseph and daughter Winifred



1940 Lovers Leap, WV, Postcard from Joseph & the Boys to Winifred in Joseph's
handwriting with original postcard photo and recent photo of the same location


   May 31, 1940, Decoration Day, 1 P.M., (Postmarked In Skyland, VA)
   Dear Winnie: It has rained most of the time since we left home, but looks like clearing up now.   
                                                                                                        Daddy & boys
Postcard from Joseph & Lynn to Mal & Winnie in July 1941 in Joseph's handwriting

          Alpena, Mich., July 22, 1941
          Heading south again.  Will be home before week-end.  Daddy & Lynn
By the time World War 2 rolled around, Joseph was 50 years old.  The registration card shows that he was living at 1827 Lafayette, Royal Oak, Oakland, Michigan.  His employer's name and address were the U.S. Post Office of Royal Oak.  Oldest son Malcolm Gardner is listed as his next-of-kin.

World War 2 Registration Card

Joseph married for a second time on 14 Aug 1946 (16 years after the death of his first wife Clara Hameister) to Grace Irene Campbell.  Grace was the daughter of Louis Phelan and Anna Anderson.  He was 54 and she was 41.  This was also Grace's second marriage.

Joseph with his brother at Harry's 90th Birthday in 1973

(Left to Right) Lloyd, Irvin, Joseph and Harry Gardner

Joseph died 02 Jan 1987 in Rochester Hills, Oakland County, Michigan, at the age of 92

Malcolm P. Gardner high school photo





Kurt Gardner is the son of Lynn Gardner and the grandson of Joseph I. Gardner and Clara Hameister

JoAnn Denniston Seese say:
"Yesterday (27 Dec 2017), my cousin Kurt Gardner and his wife Laurie Regier Gardner came to visit. It has been nearly 20 years since I had seen them. They live in Michigan. The brought my Uncle Lynn. He is my mother's youngest brother and the only remaining relative from that generation. He is a very healthy 89 years old. He will be 90 in April."


A special thanks to JoAnn Denniston Seese for photos and her help with the Gardner family