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Ninian Beall Hamilton - 1789


Born: 19 Feb 1789, Lincoln County, NC
Died:  31 Jan 1882, Washington Cnty, IN    



Ninian Beall(Bealle) Hamilton was born 19 Feb 1789 in Lincoln County, NC.  Ninian was the son of Archibald Hamilton (b. 1743) and Mary "Polly" Hawkins (b. 1756). 

Ninian had an uncle named Ninian Beall Hamilton (b. 28 Nov 1739) and a 1st cousin 3 times removed named Ninian Beall Hamilton (14 June 1869).  He also had a son named Ninian Beall Hamilton (b. 14 Mar 1835).

Ninian Beall Hamilton (b. 1789) married Mary Margaret Wilfong on 02 Aug 1824 in Lincoln County, NC.  Margaret was the youngest of seven children of George Wilfong and Elizabeth Shuford.  They attended Mr. Ruhamah Church in Lincoln/Catawba County.
Children of Ninian Beall Hamilton (b. 1789) and Mary Mary Margaret Wilfong
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Mary Susannah Hamilton 26 Jul 1825 10 Jun 1827  
Delilah "Dovey" Ann Hamilton 20 Nov 1828 30 Jan 1901 John Stephen Martin
Reuben Hamilton 06 Feb 1831 1838  
Rebecca Juliana Hamilton 13 Jan 1834 01 Feb 1834  
Ninian Beall Hamilton 14 Mar 1835 05 Feb 1869 Rebecca Lovina Cannady
David Wilfong Hamilton 05 Oct 1838 26 Mar 1926 Achsa Ann Martin
Candace Shuford Hamilton 23 Jul 1841 26 Oct 1913 Isaac Hiestand Martin
George Washington Hamilton 28 Jan 1844 15 May 1862  

Margaret died 15 May 1853 in Washington County, Indiana.  Ninian (1789) married Priscilla Newlon shortly after Margaret's death.  Ninian and Priscilla had no children.

Ninian spent part of his life working as a blacksmith.
The 1870 Pierce Township, Washington County, Indiana, Census show Ninian's occupation as a retired farmer.  His age is listed as 75 and Priscilla is 60.  They were both born in North Carolina.

1870 Census, Pierce Township, Washington County, INDIANA

Name Age Sex Race Occupation Birth
Last First
Hamilton Ninian 75 M W Retired Farmer North Carolina
------- Priscilla 60 F W Keeping House North Carolina
The 1880 Pierce Township, Indiana, Census shows Ninian and Prisciall living with John and Tallitha Thompson.  Ninian's age is listed as 91 and Priscilla is listed as 71.

1880 Census, Pierce Township, Washington County, INDIANA

Name Race Sex Age Relation S/M Trade Birth Father's
Last First
Thompson John H W M 41   M Farmer Ind NC Ind
" Tallitha A. W F 44 Wife M Keeping
Ind Tenn NC
" Addie B. W F 17 Daughter S At home Ind Ind Ind
" Joseph E. W M 13 Son S "  " Ind Ind Ind
" James M W M 5 Son S "  " Ind Ind Ind
Hamilton Ninian W M 91 (Not Direct) M As one of the family NC NC NC
" Priscilla w F 71 Wife M As one of the family      

The following is a series of letters transcribed by Mildred Skelly and Margaret Gaston in the 1960's and 1970's and added to by Richard Roberts in the 1990's and 2000's as additional letters became available. No changes were made to the spelling or grammar, but paragraphing was added to make reading easier.


Letter # 1

Letter Dated: March 5, 1802
From: Ninian Beall Hamilton
Living In: New Spain The province of Lusianna
St. Andrews District
Missoria River Bonium Creek
To: Horatio Hamilton (Brother)
Living In: Stokes County (near Salem Stoners Mill)
Favor of Mr. John Morgan
This with care and speed

Loving Brother,

     I embrace this opertunity
(opportunity) of Riting (writing) these few lines to you to let you know that me and all my family are wel (well) at Prisent (present) thanks be to God for it, hoping that these Few lines may meet you all in the same state of health. 

     I am sorry that I have this moloncholey
(melancholy) news to rite (write) to you, that is to let you know that Abraham Tanzey is Ded (dead). He Died Last sept. (September) was a year and was buried upon the banks of Massuria (Missouri) in St. Andrews District. 

(Cousin) Eleanor Lives in St. Luis District with her son Joshua and with her Daughters Lusia and Sarah. Her son Nathan lives at the salt Works, her son Levi lives with my son William. They are All well a few days ago. My Daughter Jane is married to Joshua Tanzey, and has one son. My daughter Sarah is married to Theophilus McKinney, they had one son born unto them, and they called his name Ninian, and he is Dead.

     William Hamilton and Wife has had Eight children, seven living. My Daughter Mrgrate and her husband Leonard Farrar has five Children all living.

     All my Children are Living in New Spain Except my son Andrew and he yet lives in Kentucky, he thrives very fast in the world.  Last year he bought three likely young Negros, he is not married yet. He has a fine plantation upon the Cumberland River, and he sold it for Money and Negroes, I expect him in This spring. My son Ninian lives upon the River called Merimac keeping Bachlers
(Bachelors) hall, not married and he thrives very fast in the world, he has a fine Peace of land a fine stock of Horses and Cattle and hogs. My son Jerimiah and my too Daughters Ann and Mary live with me yet.  I lost my land in South Carolina by a old Plot after I payed so Dear for it, after I lived nine 3 years on it. then we all came to Kentuckey (Kentucky), we all landed upon Green River there I made another Plantation and came another old Plot and took that frome (from) me.  Then I moved out to Barren River and made anothere (another) plantation, and sold it, and then we all set out for New Spain.  I return hearty thanks to the almity (Almighty) God hoo (who) has Delivered Us all safe in New Spain, Where we all found a glorious Cuntry (Country) much to our sattisfactions (satisfaction). We all live free from want, free from all Publick (Public) taxes whatsoever. We all Maintained Lands by head Rights.  William Hamilton has six hundred Acres, four hundred Acres by head Rites, Two hundred he bought, he thrives fast in world.  I have four hundred Acres obtained by Head rites granted By His Catholic Magisty (Majesty).  God save the King. I doe (do) hereby Acknowledge myself a true Spanyard (Spainard).  With news I End. 

     I desier
(desire) to be remembered to sister Lusa, sister Mary Night, John Campbell, Cusson (Cousin) John Peddycourt, Cussen (Cousin) Bassel Peddicoart and to all their wifes.  Mikel Miller and Henry Miller and thor (their) Wifes and the rest of inquiring Friends.

     Also to brother Thomas, brother Archibald, and also our old brother Fields.  Dear brothers I never expect to see you any more. I am old and full of Days and the Distance a great ways therefore gladly would I be to hear from you.  may the God of Love be with you Now and forever more its the prayer of your oldest brother, Dear brother Pray for me as I shall for you. Dear brother Pray with out seesing
(ceasing) as we may meet in New Jerusalem where there shall be no sithing (sighing) and sorroing (sorrowing) for the cares of this world. Farewell brothers and sisters. And may the saving grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you now and for Evermore.


Ritten from your oldest Brother till Death
Ninian Beall Hamilton
March ye 5th 1802

New Spain The province of Lusianna
St. Andrews District
Missoria River Bonium Creek
Thirty miles west from St. Luis


During the next year, 1803, Missouri became part of the United States
as a result of the Louisiana Purchase.


Letter # 2

Letter Dated: May 22, 1820
From: Ninian Beall Hamilton
Living In: Lincolnton, Lincoln County, NC
To: Archibald Hamilton II (Brother)
Living In: Stokes County (near Salem Stoners Mill)

This is a fragment of a letter important enough to preserve the small part which was found among other Hamilton letters.


   ...see you all in this world and if I never see you again may the Lord grant that we may see each other in a better world than this.

     Our aged father is well and hearty. I am single yet and know not when I shall marry. Write to me as soon as possible and so no more, but remain your loving brother untill death parts us


Ninian Hamilton
May 22, 1820


Remarks: This fragment of a letter proves that Archibald Hamilton I, father of Ninian B., Archibald II, Reuben and Thomas, was still living (age 77, born 5/5/1743 )



Letter # 3

Letter Dated: October 24, 1820
From: Ninian Beall Hamilton
Living In: Lincolnton, Lincoln County, NC
To: Archibald Hamilton II (Brother)
Living In: Indiana State Washington, Salem post office

Dear Brother -

     Can inform you that I red
(read) a letter that old Henry Lollar sent to young Henry and it informed that our two sisters Elizabeth and Mary is gone from that parts and they don't know where - also I saw a letter from Jacob Lollar and he was a living with Uncle Ninian Hamilton up the Missouri about thirty miles from saint Lewis - on a river called Marymak
(Meramec) and has bought three hundred and twenty acres of land - we have received no letter from brother since last April.

     You wanted to know what you must do with rent of my place - do as you think best till I give you further word.  I expect to go to that country next fall or then about. I am now living with John Stine Larning
(or Larring) - one of the sons is teaching me the smith trade and I am in tolerable business - my time will be out the 7th of December, 1821.  I remain single yet. I saw Elizah Letton not long ago and he was keen for Indiana.

     Dear brother - I must conclude now shortly but must say a few words to you about your future state - it is my earnest and desire that your soul should experience that love and joy that passes all understanding we have the promise that he that seeks shall find the Lord who is among ten thousand - may you press forward till you know for yourself that Christ is formed in you the hope of glory - I must conclude.

     If you send a letter to Jacob Lollar - direct it to St. Lewis County, St. Lewis postoffice, Missouri Territory
(Missouri became a state in 1821). I find that have left out words but you put them in place - and so no more - but remain your loving brother until death parts us.


Ninian Hamilton


Archibald Hamilton migrated from North Carolina to Indiana in 1817, and Ninian in 1830


Letter # 4

Letter Dated: Spring 1821
From: Ninian Beall Hamilton
Living In: Lincolnton, Lincoln County, NC
To: Archibald Hamilton II (Brother)
Living In: Indiana State Washington, Salem post office

Dear Brother,

     I am well at this time, thanks to God for his mercys
(mercies), and all our friends is well. I received your letter and read with much satisfaction to hear that the Lord had opened your eyes to see your daingers (dangerous) state and likewise to hear your resolutions to meet us all in heaven. May He grant it may be all our happy lots to meet there.

     Dear Brother by the grace of God never stop short of a saveing
(saving) in trust in the blood of Christ till you know for yourself and not for another that your redeemer liveith (liveth) for I can say with one of old that I knew for myself that my redeemer liveith (liveth) for your
[cannot read line because of fold] tell you something of my first start on religion. I was struck with the power of God that my body shook and my countance (countenance) was changed and I found no peace to my troubled breast for better than three months tell (till) I was born of the sperit (Spirit) and then the sperit (Spirit) did bear witness that I was born of God the time and I exspect (expect) I never shall forget my soul was in [word on fold not legible] to God for his redeeming grace and [illegible word] love and I yet have a hope that reaches beyond that grave a hope that [last line illegible].

     Dear Brother, I can inform you that we received a letter from brother
(Thomas Cleophas Hamilton).  He states that he got home the 26th of February and all was well. Further I can inform you that everything wis (was) plenty but money and that is scarce. There is hundreds of bushels of corn to sell at this time at fifty cents per bushel and bacon plenty.

     David Sherrill has bot
(bought) land in Iredell County of old Squire McKee.  You mentioned in your letter about that other quarter of land; I can inform that I think that I cannot do anything towards buying it this fall, money is hard to get. I have spoke to Isaac Litten about what money you wanted me to pay him and I will pay him and the balance I will pay you as soon as I can. I cannot tell you I shall come to see you this fall or not. I am living with John Stine. Has his son two years to work with me. I have nothing more to write. The Bridges is all well far as I know.


Ninian Hamilton


Letter # 5

Letter Dated: August 7, 1828  [August 14th Postmark]
From: Ninian Beall Hamilton
Living In: Willow Grove, Lincoln County, NC
To: Archibald Hamilton II (Brother)
Living In: Indiana State Washington, Salem post office

Dear Brother-

     I take this opportunity of riting
(writing) to you to inform that we are all well for which we all have reason to thank God for his mercy - hoping these few lines will find you all in the same state of health.

     I have no great particulars to rite
(write).  I can inform you that corn is very plenty in our cuntry (country) - is offered thirty-three cents per bushel.  And very grate crops, best I ever saw in Lincoln County - everything is plenty, but money, and that is very scarce.

     I can inform you that the fever is prevailing in our cuntry
(country) - there several died and numbers sick.  I can inform you that the thunder struck Elisha Bridges barn and killed two of his horses and set it on fire, but that was put out.  I have nothing strange to tell - thence nothing has happened among our friends only what you know of.  Thomas Jefferson
[Hamilton] is learning the tanner trade in Statesville.

     I received your letter and was glad to hear you got home safe.  I can inform you that I can't come to your cuntry
(country) this fall on account of family circumstances and the scarcesness (scarceness) of money.

     Property in our cuntry
(country) has got very low for cash.  Cows sold in this country last fall for six dollars and seven at a credit. Wheat is offered for fifty cents per bushel and stores of old corn that is not likely to be sold.  I want to get off my poor place as soon as I can, but at this time my property I think would bring very little.

     I want you to write to me about the times.  I have not wrote as soon as I would but Drury wrote and I wanted to know whether there was any chance for me to move this fall, but don't you fail to write to me soon as possible.  Drury received your letter July the 25th and we was very glad to hear that you was all well, but was very sorry to hear of your discontent that you have had since you left this cuntry
(country).  Dear brother, we have to combat with the things of this world and we ought not to let these things distract us by no means, nor give way to the temptations of the wicked.  One has to lay hands on our own life, but we should be looking to God for his aid and strength that we may overcome these temptations.

     The word of the Lord says Blessed is he that over cometh, he shall inherit all things and I will be his God and he shall be my son. We should ever put our trust in the Lord.  I shall be as Mt. Zion which cannot be moved.

     Now I must conclude that God's able grace may keep you from all the temptations of Satan and preserve you blameless unto Eternal Life - is my prayer for Christ's sake - Amen.


Ninian Hamilton


Letter # 6

Letter Dated: October 12, 1830
From: Mount Ruhamah Church
Address: Lincoln County, NC
About: Ninian & Margaret Hamilton

October 12, 1830
Mount Ruhamah Church
State of North Carolina
Lincoln County

This is to certify that Ninian Hamilton Margaret Hamilton is in full fellowship with us at this time and will be dismissed from us when joined to any other church of the same faith and order.

Done by order of the Church - October 12, 1830.
Hugh Quin C C


Letter # 7

Letter Dated: About 1865/1866
From: Ninian Beall Hamilton (age 77)
Living In: Pekin P. O., Washington Co., Indiana
To: Drury Hamilton
Living In: North Carolina

Ninian Hamilton (Ninian B. Hamilton) was born February 19, 1789 - now in my seventy seventh year. This is to let you see my hand write. Sydney (Sidney Lewis Hamilton) will tell you all the particulars. Write to me, I remain your friend.


Ninian Hamilton


Remarks: Sidney Hamilton made a visit to Indiana in 1865 and apparently this note was prepared for him to take back to N. C. for his father. Evidently it was missed at the time of his departure. MS


Thanks to Richard Roberts for the additional information on the Hamilton Family as well as the Hamilton Letters rob95536@yahoo.com



If you have photos or additional information about the Hamilton family, please contact me.