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In the 1978 after reading this wonderful book, the 8th grade students in Curtis Loftin's Reading Class began working on a visual presentation for the book - complete with photos and a play written by the students.  This was my first big production and since many of the characters were talking animals, that also presented a bit of a challenge.  But I handled it as best I could - with a little costuming, papier-mâché, props and make-up.
It's been over 35 years since we did this project with my group of 13-year-olds and I decided that since the photos and the story are so wonderful I needed to share them.

A special thanks to Rev. Paul Hart, Pastor at Shiloh Methodist Church (in 1978), who took the photos

Cast of Characters
David Flynn: Peter Bobby Gantt: Mr. Beaver
Rene Ellis: Susan Patty Wilson: Mrs. Beaver
Chris Brookshire: Edmund Mike Cook: Fenris Ulf/House Guest
Terri Howard: Lucy Donna Wells: Fairy
Scottie Townsend: Aslan Jonna McGrath: Fairy
Reggie Wray: Mr. Tumnus Denise Turner: Fairy
Gail Jones: The White Witch Jolene Gates: Fairy
Julie Shook: The Dwarf Pam Edward: Tree Spirit
Todd Setzer: Professor Michelle Stewart: Goblin
Buddy Little: Father Christmas/House Guest Treva Hall: House Guest/Goblin
Marsha Laney: Ms. Macready Kim Huffman: House Guest/Goblin
  Anita Shook: Goblin
There were several other students who were in the background of some of the photos who played goblins, tree spirits, and so on. 
If I left you out, I'm sorry.  Let me know and I'll add your name, too.
A little extra information about photo locations:
  1. The Professor's house was actually the home of Joe & Betty Sigmon in Catawba
  2. The inside of the Professor's house was the den of my house and the wardrobe was the wardrobe in our bedroom
  3. Mr. Tumnus' house was my kitchen and the Beaver's house was my dinning room
  4. The wooded area was at the edge of softball field at Catawba Middle School
  5. The location with the bright red dirt was where the baseball field met the woods at Catawba Middle School
  6. The grassy field where the great battle happened was the football field at Catawba Middle School
  7. The White Witch's castle and the Castle with the 4-Thrones was the same empty classroom at Catawba Middle School


Because of the war in Europe and the air-raids,
Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy had been sent away to live in the county with and old Professor


The children settle into their new home and are warned to stay out of the Professor's way


They stay active and busy until one morning when they wake up and it's raining outside
so they decide to explore the old house and to play hide-and-seek


Lucy walks into an empty room looking for someplace to hide
There's nothing in the room except for an old wardrobe so she opens the door to take a look
When she hears someone approaching from behind her, she steps into the wardrobe to hide



As she moves further and further to the back of the wardrobe, suddenly she finds herself standing in a wood with a lamppost


About that time a strange creature came out of the woods and introduced himself and tells her that he's Mr. Tumnus, a Fawn


Mr. Tumnus invites Lucy back to his house for tea ...


... then reveals to her that he's suppose to turn her over to the evil White Witch
He decides to let her go and helps her make her way back to the wardrobe



Lucy tells everyone that she's been in a magical land called Narnia, but when Peter looks into the wardrobe,
all he can find is the wooden back of the old piece of furniture


Sometime later Lucy decides to check out the wardrobe herself - Edmund sees her go into the wardrobe and decides to follow her



To Edmund's surprise, he finds himself in Lucy's magical land - but he can't find her anywhere
He hears the sound of bells approaching and a sleigh pulls up with a beautiful lady with white shin and a very small dwarf


Edmund tells them that this is his first time in Narnia, but that his sister had been there before and met a fawn named Tumnus


When the White Witch learns that there are four children, she offers Edmund something to eat and drink


She gives him enchanted Turkish Delight and promises to make him a prince if he'll return to Narnia and bring his brother and sister to her


After the White Witch leaves, Lucy stumbles across Edmund
She's so exited that he has gotten into Narnia, too, and tells him that the White Witch hasn't found out that Mr. Tumnus let her go


She and Edmund head back through the wardrobe


She tells the others that she has been back to Narnia and that Edmund had been there, too



Lucy is crushed when Edmund tells Peter and Susan that he had only been pretending



Peter and Susan talk to the Professor about the situation and tell his that usually Lucy is more truthful, but this can't be true
He asks them, "Why not," and tells them the house is very old and there are many things that he doesn't even know about


Peter saw to it that Edmund stopped teasing Lucy and the children spend some nice days outside


Sometime later Ms. Macready, the housekeeper, was showing a group of tourist through the house


The children knew that she'd be angry if they didn't stay out of her way
but everywhere they went it seemed as if she and the guests were right behind them


Finally, with no where else to go, they stepped into the wardrobe


They find themselves standing in the wood that Lucy had told them about
and are angry with Edmund for lying to them


The children learn that Mr. Tumnus had been taken prisoner and go to the home of Mr. & Mrs. Beaver


As they talk about the White Witch and Edmund suddenly they realize that Edmund is gone


Edmund left the Beaver's house and headed straight for the White Witch's Castle


The White Witch greeted Edmund at first and even gave him something to drink and some more Turkish Delight


She was angry when she learned that Edmund had not brought his brothers and sisters with him



The Beavers knew that Edmund would betray his siblings so they all headed to Cair Paravel


When they hear sleigh bells, they think it is the White Witch - but it's actually Father Christmas
Father Christmas gave Peter a sword and shield


To Susan he gave a bow and a quiver full of arrows


Lucy received a dagger and a small cordial with a healing liquid


The children take their new gifts and head off to Cair Paravel once again


As they approached Cair Paravel, they saw Aslan surrounded by tree people, fairies, and other magical creatures


Aslan gladly welcomes them and asked where the other Son of Adam was
Mr. Beaver tells him that Edmund has betrayed them and joined the White Witch


Peter hears a scream in the distance and sees Susan being attacked - he runs up and kills the beast


Aslan congratulates him for a job well done


In the meanwhile, things weren't going so well for Edmund
The White Witch knew that if one of the Sons of Adam were killed that the ancient prophecy could not be fulfilled
They head for the Stone Table but the snow has begun to melt and soon they are all walking


The Dwarf binds Edmund to the tree and prepares to kill him when suddenly there is a skirmish amongst the White Witch's group



As the White Witch and Dward retreat, Edmund is rescued by Aslan's followers


Mrs. Beaver tells the children that Edmund has been rescued - they see him walking in the distance with Aslan


The children rejoice to see their brother, but their reunion is short


The White Witch soon shows up and demands the life of the traitor, Edmund
but Aslan and the White Witch talk privately


Aslan informs them that she has renounced her claim on Edmund's life



Later that evening, the girls see Aslan slip away from camp and they follow him


He lets them stay with him for a while but eventually tell them they must turn back


From a distance the girls watch as Aslan is bound and eventually killed on the Stone Table by the White Witch



The girls return after the witch is gone and cry over Aslan's dead body


Suddenly the Stone Table breaks into two pieces and Aslan is standing there alive - He tells the girls of a magic from before the dawn of time
 When a willing victim gave himself in a traitor's place, death itself would start working backward


The Witch and her ghouls battle Aslan's followers but she was quickly begins turning them into stone


Aslan eventually shows up and kills the white witch


Aslan and the girls learn that Edmund had been wounded when he destroyed the White Witch's wand
Lucy gives him some of the healing liquid from the cordial that Father Christmas gave her then hurries off to heal others


Peter, Susan, Lucy and Edmund were crowned Kings and Queens of this magical land



In the midst of the festivities, Aslan slips away


King Peter and Queen Susan



King Edmund and Queen Lucy



Years later while hunting, Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy stumble across a familiar looking lamp post ...



... and soon find themselves coming out of the wardrobe - the very same day that they had left
They doubt they'll ever be able to get back to Narnia through the wardrobe again
But they also know that once a King or Queen of Narnia, always a King or Queen of Narnia