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Big-Red-Boat Cruise, Bahamas


Curtis Loftin Family

11 - 14 March 1996

In 1996 our family had the opportunity to do our first Disney World vacation in Orlando, Florida. We chose to do a Bahamas Cruise and Disney World combination package which meant we'd cruise for 4 days and have 3 days at Disney. We had booked the trip through Travel With Class in Conover, NC. I decided to journal this trip to keep up with the events.
Monday, 11 March 1996
04:30 AM Got up, showered, dressed and ate breakfast.
05:30 AM Left home to drive to the airport in Charlotte, NC.
06:30 AM Arrived at the Charlotte Douglas Airport. Our flight was with US Air. Checked baggage and walked to the waiting area. The weather in North Carolina was sunny, but cold.
08:00 AM Boarded US Air: Flight 389.
Carolyn, Beth, Philip and I got up at 4:30 a.m. on the day of the trip, showered, got dressed, ate breakfast, and arrived at the Charlotte Douglas Airport by 6:30 a.m. We boarded the plane, US Air - Flight 389, at 8:00 a.m. and found our seats.
(Left) The family poses for a photo at the airport; (Right) Beth applies some last minute make-up
Our Boarding Pass
08:30 AM Departed Douglas International Airport. We were served soft drinks and honey roasted peanuts during the hour and 10 minute flight.
We flew out of Charlotte, NC, on Monday, 11 March 1996, and few to Orlando, Florida for the first phase of our two-part vacation: The Cruise. There was some turbulence on the flight due to rain and bad weather. Twice the plane actually "dipped" down. It felt like we were going down a hill on a roller-coaster. It was NOT a pleasant experience for any of us.

US Air: Flight 389

This was only the second time Beth and I had ever flown - the first being in 1995 when we went to Cancun, Mexico, with Carolyn and a group of high school students from Newton Conover HS that she taught. This was Philip's first flight. Carolyn was the pro, however. This was her fourth time flying; the first being to Mexico City in 1996, the second time to Texas for A.C.E. (Accelerated Christian Education) Training for the Christian school where the taught and served as principal sometime in the 1980s, the third time to Cancun, Mexico and now to Orlando, Florida.
09:45 AM Arrived at the Orlando International Airport. It was raining.
10:30 AM After we collected our luggage, we caught a bus to Alamo Car Rental to pick up our rental car. We had to wait in a very long line to get our car - a red Chevrolet Corsica.
12:00 PM Finally in our rented car; we drove to Cape Canaveral where the Big Red Boat was located.
01:00 PM Arrived at Port Canaveral's Pier 5 and checked in with the Big Red Boat. We would be cruising on the S.S. Oceanic.

Arrival At Port Canavaral


Post Card 1: S.S. Oceanic


The ticket we used to get our boarding passes


A few photos at the area we will be boarding the ship just as soon as it is allowed



Boarding the S.S. Oceanic


When the time finally came, each of us presented our boarding passes and boarded the ship




Looking back toward the port and boarding ramps

Muster Station # 7 was our lifeboat station - We had a lifeboat drill shortly after everyone boarded the ship
Carolyn and Philip pause for a game of Ping Pong


02:00 PM

Boarded the ship. Our cabin number was A53 (Atlantic Deck: room 53). We checked our cabin out then went up to the pool deck for the lunch buffet.

02:15 PM The lunch buffet was awesome. Foods included Roast Beef, Ham, Various types of Pizza, Potato Salad, Garden Salad with various dressings, Sinner rolls, Zucchini Salad, Sliced Deli-Meats (Turkey & Pastrami), Cheddar and Swiss Cheese. We ate lunch beside the pool. The buffet was open from 1:00 to 4:00 PM
03:00 PM Went back to the room and unpacked luggage. Met our Cabin Steward, Flor, who was from the Philippines.
03:30 PM Went to the Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlor and got some Pistachio ice cream.
04:00 PM Went exploring the ship to learn where everything was located.
05:30 PM We were supposed to depart Port Canaveral at 5:30 PM but weather and ocean swells (30 ft.) were so bad at sea, that the Captain decided to postpone our departure till 5:30 AM the next morning. Carolyn and I set for a while in the forward lounge, called the Sunrise Terrace.
06:00 PM Bought some post cards at the gift shop.
07:00 PM Saw a show in the Broadway Showroom that featured songs from the 1950s and 1960s performed by singers and dancers (two male and two female). There was also a live band.
Our Room
Our cabin number was A53 (Atlantic Deck: Room 53) - Look for the red square below
There was a full size bed and a set of bunk beds

A look at the entire ship - The S.S. Oceanic


Lunch on the Pool Deck


We grabbed an empty table on the pool deck and got some lunch from the wonderful lunch buffet


Carolyn and Philip at the lunch buffet



Passing some time in one of the many lobbies aboard the ship while waiting for an evening show
Philip does some window shopping - Curtis, Philip & Beth in the Broadway Showroom waiting for the 7:00 PM show to begin
Dinner in the Seven Continents Restaurant
08:15 PM Our first night on the ship, we has a late dinner on the Restaurant Deck in the Seven Continents Restaurant. We met our waiter, Alain, who was from France, our bus boy, Dariusz, who was from Poland, and our Head Waiter, Sikdar (Sid), who was from India. We kept the same "wait team" for lunch and dinner on the entire cruise. The food theme for this first night was Italian. I had a cream of broccoli soup, a spinach salad, steak with yellow & zucchini squash, dinner rolls and blueberry cheesecake with orange sauce. The meal lasted for about an hour.
Our waiter Alain with the entire Loftin Family

Not only did you keep the same wait team for the entire cruise, your were also assigned another family to eat lunch and dinner with you for the entire cruise. They matched us with the Mulcahey family from Texas. Tom and Daniece were about the same age as Carolyn and myself and their two children, Megan and Michael, were about the same ages as Beth and Philip.

The MULCAHEY Family - Michael, Megan, Tom and Daniece
Beth, Philip, Michael and Megan with the Tasmanian Devil
The Big Red Boat Cruise may have been carrying Disney patrons
but the cartoon characters on board the ship for the cruise were Warner Brothers characters
The food on the entire cruise was wonderful - absolutely wonderful and beautiful to look at, too
There was an ice carving demonstration on the pool deck later that evening
All sorts of things were carved on the food tables - ice - butter - chocolate - fruit - vegetables ...
Everything on all of these table was carved out of some type of food
Evening Activities
09:30 PM Carolyn and I went back to the Broadway Showroom. We had thought we'd be playing BINGO, but we were still in port and Bingo is considered gambling, so we didn't get to play. Instead, they did a "mock" horse race. The horses were cut out of wood and were glued to sticks. There was a race track on the floor. The Cruise Director would roll some dice and the numbers on the dice would tell which horse would advance each time. The horses were introduced: #1: Bahama Mama (This was Carolyn's horse); #2: Ah'So (This was the horse that Beth and I chose); #5: Danny Boy (This was the horse Philip chose). Bahama Mama did win the first race so Carolyn won a Frisbee with the Big Red Boat logo on it.
10:30 PM The Cruise Director selected some contestants from the audience and played a version of the Newleywed Game. It was very funny. I laughed so hard. Questions asked included, (1) What color and style of underwear is your husband wearing now? (2) What's your nickname for each other? (3) What's your wife's bra size? (4) Who's the most difficult member of your wife's family? (5) Where's the most unusual place you and your wife ever made "whoopie".
12:00 AM Back to our cabin. I asked Flor for some post cards of the ship and he brought me 11.
12:15 AM Bed time.
The Big Red Boat Mock Horse Race

Post Card 2: The S.S. Oceanic and her smaller sister-ship the S.S. Atlantic

Tuesday, 12 March 1996

The S.S. Oceanic left Port Canaveral about 5:30 AM on the morning of Tuesday, 12 March 1996. Since it didn't leave port the night before as was originally planned, the ship took the more direct route to the Bahamas.

07:20 AM Out of bed. We are at sea on our first cruise. The movement on the ship didn't seem so bad - at first. By the time we passed the bottom of Florida, the currents from the Gulf Coast started effecting the movement of the ship more and more. The ship was really rocking. I took a shower - trying to keep my balance. One of the band members later that day made the comment that this day gave new meaning to the expression "rolling out of bed". He said that he had literally "rolled" out of his bed that morning.
08:00 AM Got sick and threw up. Took another Dramamine. Because I was feeling so bad, I skipped breakfast in the Seven Continents Restaurant.

The effects of the movement of the ocean on the ship wasn't so bad - "at first". Carolyn started experiencing motion sickness early and decided not to go up to breakfast. As I was heading to the Seven Continents Restaurant for breakfast, my stomach started rolling. The crew had placed "nausea bags" at various places around the ship and I found myself grabbing one. I never got motion sick - just Carolyn and the kids. But on this cruise neither Beth nor Philip got sick. After I threw up, I skipped breakfast and went back to the room where I took another Dramamine. I laid down on the bed with Carolyn for a while and let my stomach settle - hoping the motion sickness would pass - and it eventually did - for me.

Looking out a window at the front of the ship at the storm clouds and choppy seas
09:30 AM Around 9:30 AM, my motion sickness had subsided go I got out of bed and decided to go to breakfast. The kids went with me to the Breakfast Buffet where I got a hard-boiled egg, croissant, Virginia glazed ham, honey dew melon, pineapple, orange juice. Beth, Philip and I ate our breakfast on the pool deck.
10:00 AM Beth, Philip and I have our characture drawn by one of the artists on the ship. Carolyn missed this opportunity because she was still sick.
Philip, Beth and Curtis have their charactures drawn by one of the artists on the ship

Beth, Philip and I decided to walk around the ship and take some photos. Even though the skies were dark and the seas choppy, the temperatures were comfortable and the rain had stopped.

Curtis who takes most of the photos, get the opportunity to pose for a few himself
11:30 AM Talked Carolyn into going up to the pool deck with me and told her that her motion sickness might not be as bad up there toward the middle of the ship. There were 15 - 20 foot swells. Carolyn sat down at one of the tables but her chair actually went sliding across the floor once because the ship was rocking so much.
12:00 PM Carolyn throws up and goes back to the cabin to lay down.
12:20 PM I went to the lunch buffet to get Carolyn some lunch. The Lunch Buffet included little sandwiches with meat, lettuce and tomato, dinner rolls, potato salad, chicken salad, macaroni salad, garden salad, slaw,  hot dogs, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, pasta and marinara, french fries, rice & pepper steak, sour Kraut, fruit and dessert pastries. It was hard to hold a plate in the lunch line, because the boat was still rocking so much. I took Carolyn a plate of food back to the cabin.
Carolyn up on the pool deck
12:45 PM Beth, Philip and I went to lunch at the Seven Continents Restaurant. I had beef barley soup, a garden salad with ranch dressing, a hamburger with mushrooms, onion, bacon, lettuce and tomato, french fries and key lime pie.
At lunch I ask Alain if the ships rocking was always like that. He replied, "No my friend. You were not lucky on this trip." From our table, when you glanced toward the portholes, all you could sea was sky, then all you could see was ocean, all you could see was sky, all you could see was ocean.
Philip and Beth with our waiter Alain and bus-boy Dariusz at the Seven Continents Restaurant at lunch
03:00 PM We discovered that Beth's boarding pass to return from Orlando to Charlotte was missing.
04:00 PM Carolyn was up so she and I went to the Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlor where we got chocolate yogurt along with coconut meringue finger cookies.
04:15 PM We all went to the afternoon tea on the Sunrise Terrace. I had mint tea. Food included little turkey sandwiches, ham sandwiches, cucumber sandwiches, assorted vegetables, cookies and pastries. We were all still full from lunch so we only nibbled at a few things.
04:30 PM We all walked around the upper deck and I bought four more post cards and a T-Shirt for Mom at the gift shop.
Walking around the upper decks of the S.S. Oceanic
It was nice seeing Carolyn finally feeling better
05:30 PM Back to the room to get ready for Captain George Antonellos' Champagne Reception.
07:00 PM Formal party for Captain Antonellos in the Broadway Showroom. We had our photo made with the Captain. Carolyn, Beth, Philip and I had Coke and Sprite. No champagne for us. The Band played 8 - 10 songs and couples danced. Several entertainers sang 3 songs. The Captain introduced the Senior Officers.
Invitation to the Captain's Champagne Reception; Waiting outside the Broadway Showroom
08:20 PM We headed to the Seven Continents Restaurant for dinner - a night of French food. This meal lasted about two hours and was another 5-course meal. (1) Appetizer: Fruit Bowl, (2) Soup: French Onion Soup with Cheese Croutons, (3) Garden Salad with French Dressing, (4) Entree: Pasta with Chicken Breast and Mushrooms, (5) Dessert: Butter Pecan Ice Cream.
10:20 PM As soon as the meal was over, I went back to the cabin and went straight to bed. Carolyn, Beth and Philip were out until around 1:30 AM. Beth met and made friends with a Bus Boy named Paul from Canada.
Wednesday, 13 March 1996 - Nassau

The S.S. Oceanic continued its voyage to Nassau during the night while we were all sleeping. Today was our first opportunity to leave the ship and we wanted to get the most out of it.

Post Card 3: The Big Red Boat in Nassau, Bahamas
07:40 AM Got out of bed, showered and dressed for the day.
08:15 AM Breakfast buffet on the Pool Deck for me included a bagel with cream cheese, fresh pineapple, honey dew melon, bacon and Virginia ham.
09:15 AM We departed the Oceanic for Nassau and were met by Rodney, a tour guide looking to book a tour with people from the Oceanic. We paid him $23 each (total of $92) for a tour of Nassau and Paradise Island.
Our first view of Nassau - Look at the beautiful blue water
As we disembarked, we had our first opportunity to take photos of the S.S. Oceanic
We also got to see the Oceanic's sister-ship the S.S. Atlantic (in foreground)
Post Card 4: The Big Red Boat in Nassau, Bahamas
09:15 AM We were met by Rodney, a tour guide looking to book a tour with people from the Oceanic. We paid him $23 each (total of $92) for a tour of Nassau and Paradise Island. Having a tour guide is a "must" if you are to get the most out of your experience. We did many of the things listed on the Nassau City Tour advertisement. He drove us around in his van and stopped at various sites of interest.

TOUR The Government House is the official residence of the Governor General of the Bahamas. The statue of Christopher Columbus, which stands at the harbourside entrance of the building, was reportedly designed in London by an aide to American novelist Washington Irving, a Columbus biographer. The 12-foot-tall representation was placed in front of Government House by Governor James Carmichael Smyth in 1830 and is "notable for its size rather than its artistry". As another observer wrote of the statue, "It is fortunate that the statue is labeled, for otherwise no one would ever guess that the swaggering, piratical-looking figure, with a slouch hat cocked rakishly on its head and a toga over its shoulder, is intended to represent Columbus".
Post Card 5: The Government House with Statue fo Christopher Columbus
TOUR At the Water Tower, which was built in 1928, we paid $0.50 each to ride an elevator to the top. We were "duped" out of $1 tip for a 30 second tour at the top. I bought a tape, "Awesome God", from a lady working in the water tower. The page was by her children, Anthony & Jamain from Nassau. I also bought $2 worth of post cards and a giraffe carving for $11. Venders called us nicknames like "big fellow", "Gorgeous Madam", "Honey", "Bahama Mama' and "Bahama Papa". The Water Tower gave us the opportunity to get an aerial view of the island.
Post Card 6: The Water Tower
Carolyn, Philip and Beth from atop the Water Tower
View of the S.S. Oceanic from atop the Water Tower
Local homes - even the multi-million-dollar home of a Sheik from Saudi Arabia
TOUR Fort Fincastle was built in 1793 by Lord Dunmore on Society Hill and overlooks the city of Nassau, the Queen’s Staircase, Paradise Island and the eastern approached to New Providence. The fort was shaped like a paddle-steamer ship and was named after Lord Dunmore's second title, Viscount Fincastle. It served as a lighthouse until September 1817 when it was replaced by the lighthouse on Paradise Island. It was subsequently used as a signal station.
Post Card 7: Fort Fincastle and its cannons - With the S.S. Oceanic in the distance
Approaching Fort Fincastle
Philip and Beth with the cannons of Fort Fincastle; View of Fort Fincastle from atop the Water Tower
TOUR Rodney took us to see the Queen's Staircase - or the 66 steps. The staircase is a major landmark that is located in the Fort Fincastle Historic Complex in Nassau. It was hewn out of solid limestone rock by slaves between 1793 and 1794 and it is said that it provided a direct route from Fort Fincastle to Nassau City. These steps were later named in honor of Queen Victoria, who reigned in Britain from 1837 to 1901.
The Queen's Staircase
TOUR From there we went to the Atlantis Hotel and Casino, formerly owned by Donald Trump and Merv Grifin (also called Paradise Island Hotel and Casino). Part of Paradise Island has a small island and tower that were built by built for the James Bond movie "Thunderball" when Sean Connery filmed there.
Atlantis Hotel and Casino
Everything was beautiful - It would be fun to vacation at this location
The robe bridge at the Atlantis was lots of fun to walk across - and of course take a few photos
Heading down toward the beach at the Atlantis
The Marine Habitat at the Atlantis
TOUR Our last stop was the Straw Market in downtown Nassau. I bought another $2.65 worth of post cards. Beth bought a necklace for $12.00.
Post Card 8: The Nassau Straw Market
Post Card 9: Carriage ride at the Straw Market in Nassau
TOUR Time to head back to the ship.
Nassau Harbour Map
Heading back to the ship and an opportunity to pose with the S.S. Atlantic and S.S. Oceanic in the background
(Left) S.S. Atlantic; (Right) S.S. Oceanic
Boarding the Oceanic
1:15 PM Back aboard the Oceanic.
1:20 PM Lunch in the Seven Continents Restaurant. Meal included Split Pea Soup, Sandwich of the Day (Turkey, Bacon, Lettuce and Tomato on Toast), Chips for me; Fried Eggplant with Cheese and Tomato Sauce for Carolyn. We finished the meal with some Pistachio Ice Cream
2:00 PM Back to the cabin to change to a swimsuit. Sunned on the deck from 2:00 to 3:30.
3:30 PM Coconut sherbet and coconut meringue cookies at the Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlor. Met Carolyn and toured the sun decks. Looked at photos of the family in the Photo Gallery.
4:15 PM Tea and Cakes in the Sunrise Terrace.
4:30 PM Back to the cabin to rest. Wrote post cards to my email friends: Bernard Goh (Singapore), Mansoor Baig (Pakistan), Steven Goh (Singapore), Chris Chang, Darin Stone, Joo Howe and Alex Jeong (South Korea).
6:00 PM We all went up on deck and watched the Oceanic leave Nassau from the top deck. Tom, Michael and Megan Mulcahey were also there. There was a beautiful sunset as the day ended.
Saying Goodbye to Nassau
Day changes to Evening
A beautiful sunset in the Bahamas - Beautiful!
Post Card 10: Nassau, Bahamas
Post Card 11 & 12: The Bahamas
Post Card 13: Greetings From Nassau
Post Card 14: Bahamas Island Paradise
Post Card 15: Nassau
Post Card 16: Paradise Island, Nassau, Bahamas
6:30 PM Back to the cabin. Showered and changed clothes for the evening.
7:00 PM In the Broadway Showroom, Cruise Director David Graham sang and danced to Broadway show tunes that included, "Singing in the Rain" by Gene Kelly, "If I Only Had a Brain" by Ray Bolger from The Wizard of Oz, and "I'm a Yankee Doodle Dandy" by James Cagney in the film Yankee Doodle Dandy.
8:15 PM Dinner in the Seven Continents Restaurant - Caribbean Night. (1) Appetizer: 1/4 Pineapple with slices of Orange and Grapes, (2) Soup: Beef and Barley, (3) Salad: Garden Salad with Tomato, Radish, Grapefruit and Thousand Islands Dressing, (4) Entree: Kabob with Beef, Chicken, Shrimp, Onions, Green & Red Peppers; Green Beans, Rice and Beans and Bread, (5) Dessert: Banana Ice Cream, Carolyn got Banana Cream Pie.
Michael, Megan, Tom and Daniece Mulcahey with Carolyn, Beth and Philip at dinner
Looney Tunes characters were there to entertain everyone
9:50 PM Waiters sang and danced - playing maracas as they sang and danced up and down the aisles. They sang, "Ole, Ole ... Ole, Ole ... Hot, Hot, Hot". Four or Five waiters balanced flaming food on their foreheads as they danced; others balanced several wine bottles on their foreheads. Afterwards, Ben (a waiter from another table) showed us how to flip a spoon into a glass using another spoon. He balanced two forks on a toothpick  on a salt shaker; He balanced some coins on a dollar bill on the rim of a glass and removed the bill while the coins remained balanced.
10:30 PM Carolyn went to bed. Beth, Philip and I wanted to do something else before we went to bed so we left the room. The ship was rocking but it wasn't obvious until we were all walking on the right side of the hall - then all on the left side of the hall - then all on the right side of the hall again. It was funny if you were at the back of the group and could see it. We went to see the college jazz band in the Broadway Showroom.
10:45 PM Walked on the deck at night with Beth and Philip.
11:00 PM Back to the cabin and bed. We'd have another full day on Thursday.
Thursday, 14 March 1996 - Port Lucaya
Post Card 17: Port Lucaya
7:17 AM Awake.
7:30 AM Out of bed, shower, shave, dress.
8:30 AM Breakfast on the Pool Deck included Honey Dew Melon, Pineapple, Bacon, Virginia Ham, Bagel with Cream Cheese and Orange Juice.
9:00 AM Disembarked the S.S. Oceanic for Port Lucaya. The Oceanic had to stay out in the ocean since there was no port and water was too shallow. We were tendered over to the island on the Little Red Boat1: The Stingray.
9:20 AM Arrived in Port Lucaya
9:30 AM Shopped. Bought three post cards for $1, a Bahamas T-Shirt for $10, a T-Shirt for Carolyn for $10, Beth bought a Tank Top for Brad for $10, 2 bottled Sprites @ $1 each and a canned root bear for $0.75 for Philip. Walked over to the beach and sat on the rocks.
Leaving the S.S. Oceanic on the Stingray for Port Lucaya
Our first glimpses of Port Lucaya
The pier where the Stingray 1 will dock and let us go ashore
S.S. Oceanic passengers disembark the Stingray 1
Port Lucaya The Big Red Boat is the only cruise line that give you and your family the opportunity to explore the many colorful delights this tropical paradise has to offer (at least it was the only one in 1996). You can shop to your heart's content at over 80 specialty shops in the Marketplace for unique gifts and souvenirs.
Map for Port Lucaya
Post Card 18: Port Lucaya Market Place
A little shopping and sight-seeing
Stopping for a few "fun" photos
A beautiful place to relax and to grab a snack, too
We moved on to the Port Lucaya Beach and enjoyed the sun and ocean

11:30 AM We boarded the Stingray and returned to the S.S. Oceanic - a 15 minute trip. We only spent about an two hours at Port Lucaya. There was so much more to do on the ship before we got back to Florida on Friday.

Eventually it was time to grab the Stingray and head back to the Ship

We had a nice little cruise as we taxied back to the Oceanic
12:00 PM Back on the ship and in our cabin. I placed gratuities in envelopes with plans to give them out that evening.
The ship gave you a sheet with guidelines on gratuities.
     Head Waiter (Sikdar)  $3 x 4 people = $12
     Our Waiter (Alain)    $12 x 4 people = $48
     Cabin Steward (Flor) $12 x 4 people = $48
     Bus Boy (Dariusz)       $6 x 4 people = $24
     TOTAL Gratuities for Trip                = $132
(Right) Our Cabin Steward, Flor, was from the Phillipines
1:30 PM Met with Carolyn for the lunch buffet on the pool deck. Lunch included a chili dog, Chinese fried vegetables and chicken with rice, Salad with Thousand Islands Dressing, Combination Pizza and watermelon. We ate on the pool deck. Dessert came from the Big Dipper Ice Cream Parlor and was Coconut ice cream with meringue cookies.

Another wonderful lunch

2:30 PM Back to cabin. Started packing to leave the ship tomorrow. Napped.
5:00 PM Showered and dressed for dinner.
6:15 PM We went to the Broadway Showroom to see LEGENDS from Las Vegas perform. Impersonators included The Blues Brothers, Madonna and Elvis. After the how, David Graham and some of the crew said good-bye with song. The crew was represented by 38 nationalities.
Elvis is in the house!
8:15 PM Last Dinner on the Ship - American Night
Appetizer: Combination Pizza
Soup: Chicken Noodle
Salad: Caesar
Entree: Turkey with dressing, broccoli, corn on cob, yams; prime rib; Baby back ribs
Dessert: Cheese Cake and Apple Pie
Carolyn, Curtis, Beth and Philip with Bus Boy Dariusz; Carolyn with Sikdar the Head Waiter
8:15 PM Beth ordered Baby Barbecue Ribs - and unfortunately had a hard time trying to eat them with a fork and knife. She wouldn't use her fingers. She accidentally pushed one off of her plate onto the table - to her lap - to the top of "my" shoe. She was so embarrassed but we laughed because it was so funny. But it didn't end there. Alain, our waiter, had seen what had happened. Suddenly he showed up carrying a table cloth that he proceeded to tie around her neck. She was suddenly really embarrassed again - this time covering her face as Alain tied the "large" napkin around her neck. Of course I was there to take photos.
Beth tries to eat BBQ Ribs with a fork and knife and they end up on her lap and my foot - Alain brings her a "larger" napkin
If you look close, you can see the smile on Beth's face under her hands
Waiters and Bus Boys sang "America" and "I'm A Yankee Doodle Dandy"
10:15 PM Michael did a magic trick for Dariusz where he made paper disappear - but actually just threw it so Dariusz didn't see it.
  Alain showed Michael a trick about melting butter with catsup and salt. He had Michael hold his hand over the butter to feel the heat. When he didn't, Alain pushed his hand into the butter and catsup. It was so funny. Michael then showed Ben (the other waiter) the disappearing paper trick, so Ben decided to show Michael how to melt butter with catsup and salt. When Ben went to get the butter, Alain told Michael that when Ben put his hand over the butter, to reverse the trick on him and push Ben's hand into the butter. Michael went to push Ben's hand in the butter, but Ben wan in on the joke and quickly pulled his own hand away and Michael got his hand in the butter - again. It was hilarious.
A little bit of fun and chicanery at the end of the night by Michael, Alain, Darisz and Ben
10:30 PM Back  to the cabin for bed. All luggage had to be place in the hall that night before 3:00 AM. Only your carry-on was kept for the next day.
Friday, 15 March 1996 - Disney World
A Wonderful Combination Holiday Package
06:30 PM We all got up, showered and got dressed. We're back in Port Canaveral. Finished packing carry-on.
08:15 AM Last Breakfast on the Oceanic: Fruit plate, Chees Omelet, Orange Juice, Country Grits and Ham, Croissant
09:00 AM Broadway Showroom waiting to disembark by group.
09:25 AM Disembark ship to Port Canaveral.
09:35 AM Picked up luggage and found the rental car in the parking lot.
09:37 AM Car is loaded and we start our drive to Orlando and Disney World - 3 more days of fun.
Post Card 1: One last look at the S.S. Oceanic