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John H. Hedrick


Born: Abt. 1755, Pennsylvania/Germany?
Died: Aft. 1820, Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC 

John H. Hedrick was the ninth child born to Johann Peter Heydrich (1710 - 1788) and Phillipina Strivens (1735 - 1779). He was born about 1755 but it is unsure if he was born in Pennsylvania or Germany. A few sources list his correct name as Johannes Henry Hettrick but there is no current documentation to substantiate that fact.
John married Louiza Lovi about 1783 (based on the births of their children). Records indicate that John Hedrick and Louiza Lovi had at least ten children.
Children of John Hedrick and Louiza Lovi
Name Birth Death Spouse
(1) Phillip Hedrick Abt. 1784/85
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Abt. 1866
Catawba Co, NC
Catherine Yount
m. 21 Dec 1813
John Hedrick Jr. Abt. 1789
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Oct 1844
Mammoth Springs, Ripley Co, Missouri
Abigail Bailey
m. 21 Mar 1807
(2) Conrad Hedrick Abt. 1790
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
02 Dec 1880
Spencer, Owen Co, Indiana
Mary Ann White
m. 27 Jan 1829
Margaret Aline Hedrick Abt. 1791
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
19 Nov 1879
Catawba Co, NC
Henry Lagle/Lail
m. 1827
Solomon Hedrick 05 Apr 1793
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Apr 1876
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
Margaret Null
m. 23 May 1821, Lincoln Co, NC
Marie Magdelena "Molly" Hedrick 05 Jan 1799
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
03 Oct 1866
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
Jacob Null
m. 26 May 1825, Lincoln Co, NC
Jacob B. Hedrick Abt. 1802
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
Abt. 1870
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
(Never Married)
Susannah Hedrick Abt. 1809 Aft. 1875 Conrad Weinberger
m. 13 Dec 1832, Gaston Co, NC
Elizabeth Hedrick Abt. 1810
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
(Unknown) (Never Married)
Joseph H. Hedrick Abt. 1815
Lincoln/Catawba Co, NC
04 Apr 1880
Catawba, Catawba Co, NC
Catherine Hefner
m. 13 Dec 1834, Lincoln Co, NC

(1) The 1850 & 1860 Census suggest that Philip was born in 1784 or 1785.
(2) The 1850 & 1860 Census show that Conrad was born in 1800 while the 1870 Census says he was born in 1798 while Find-A-Grave suggests that it was 1790.

On Nov. 27, 1792, John Hedrick/Headrick/Hettrick received a grant for land on Lyles Creek in Lincoln Co., NC (that later became Catawba County, NC). Lyles Creek is east of Conover, NC. A number of men named Lyles were settlers in Lincoln/Catawba Co. in the 1790s. This information suggests that John Hedrick, who may have been an immigrant from Germany via Scotland, moved from PA to NC between 1790 and 1792.
John and Louiza Hedrcik moved their family to Lincoln County, North Carolina, prior to 1800.
The 1800 Census shows John and Louiza Hedrick living in Lincoln County, NC. Since we don't know the exact year when daughters Susannah and Elizabeth were born, we don't know who this second female child is that was less than 10 years old. AND if that child was listed on this 1800 census, then the current acceptable birth year can not be correct. The only other possibility would be that there was an additional female child that we don't know about.

1800 Lincoln County, NC, Census

Names Males Females
Less Than10 10 to 15 16 to 25 45 or Greater Less Than 10 10 to 15 16 to 25 26 to 44
John Hedrick 3 1   1 2 1   1
  Solomon, Conrad, John Jr Philip   John Sr ?????, Molly Margaret   Louiza
The 1810 Census shows John and Louiza Hedrick living in Lincoln County, NC, and it appears that all ten of their children were still living at home. The ages of the children, however, do not completely match with the birth years listed above. Keep in mind that most only

1810 Lincoln County, NC, Census

Names Males Females
Less Than10 10 to 15 16 to 25 45 or Greater Less Than 10 10 to 15 16 to 25 45 or Greater
John Hedrick 3 2 1 1 1 1 2 1
  Joseph, Jacob, Solomon Conrad, John Jr. Philip John Elizabeth Susannah Margaret, Molly Louiza
The 1820 Census shows John Hedrick/Hettrick and his elsest son Phillip Hedrick/Hettrick living East of the South Fork of the Catawba River in Lincoln County (that became Catawba County in 1844), NC. John Sr and Louiza had 8 children living in their home. It appears that Elizabeth died sometime prior to 1820.

1820 Lincoln County, NC, Census

Names Males Females
< 10 10 to 16 16 to 18 16 to 26 26 to 44 45 & Over < 10 10 to 15 16 to 25 26 to 44 45 & Over
John Hettrick Sr   2   2 1 1   1 2   1
    Joseph & Jacob   Solomon & Conrad John Jr. John Sr.   Susannah Margaret & Molly   Louiza
Philip Hettrick 2     1     1 1   1  
John H. Hedrick, died after 1820 (Bef. 17 Jan 1825) without leaving a Will. Jacob's elder brother, Phillip Hedrick, and family friend George Lagle (brother to Henry Lagle and brother-in-law to Margaret Aline Hedrick Lagle) were bound to make an inventory of their father's possessions.
In Nov 1823, the Hedrick children sold a piece of property, 212 acres, to James Rutledge.


Lincoln County Records

Philip Hedrick, Solomon Hedrick, Peter Hedrick, Elizabeth Hedrick, Henry Lagle & his wife Margaret, Jacob Noll (Null) and wife Magdalene together with John Hedrick, Conrad Hedrick and Catherine Hedrick, the sole and exclusive heirs of John Hedrick, deceased, convey all their undivided parts, parcels, shares, interests, in a certain piece, or parcel, of land which the said John Hedrick was sezzed and possessed of on the waters of Liles Creek, 212 acres, granted to James Rutledge by patent bearing date of August 22, 1795. Consideration: 159.25.  Deeded to Joseph Sigman. Witnesses: Philip Sigman and George Lagle. Bk. 35-398, Date: Nov. 1823

The Hedrick children sold 128 acres of property near Liles Creek to their brother Joseph Hedrick for $50.


Lincoln County Records

Jacob Hedrick - Peter Hedrick - Henry Lagle  and wife, Margaret - Jacob Null and wife, Marie Magdalene - Leonard Winebarger and wife, Susannah. All heirs at law of John Hedrick, deceased, together with Philip Hedrick, John Hedrick Jr., Conrad Hedrick, Solomon Hedrick, Elizabeth Hedrick, George Winebarger and wife Catherine, and Joseph Hedrick, the sole an exclusive heirs of John Hedrick, deceased, convey all their undivided parts or parcels of land which the said John Hedrick Sr. died possessed of to Joseph Hedrick, said land being situated on the middle fork of Liles Creek, 100 acres and 28 acres granted to John Hedrick and John Hefner by patents bearing dates Nov. 17, 1792 and April 6, 1802.  Con'n $50.  Wit: A. H. Bennick & P.C. Henkle.

On 17 Jan 1825, Philip Hedrick & George Leagle are bound to make a "true and perfect" inventory of all the goods and chattels, rights and credits of Philip's deceased father, John Hedrick. [You might notice that Philip Hedrick signed his name as "Philip Hetrick".]

John Hedrick Estate Assessment

A public auction was held on 08 Feb 1825 and John Hedrick's widow, Louiza, their children and various neighbors purchased the items that they wanted.

John Hedrick Estate Sale

An Inventory of the Goods Sold at the
*Vendue of the Estate of John Hedrick Decyd (Deceased)
February 8th, 1825

[*A Vendue is a Public Auction]

John Killian To Sundrys (several kinds) of Iron   .20  
Frederick Hoke To a Handsaw Hanger   .99  
Frederick Hoke To a drawing knife   .35  
Frederick Hoke To Two Aregers??   .35  
Conrad Hedrick To Pippers & Chisels   .63  
Frederick Hoke Son To a hammer & a(n)vil???   .31  
Henry Yount To a frow   .56  
Philip Hedrick To a Basket & Sundries (1)   .21  
To the Widow To a Pair of Cards (2)   .12  
Philip Hedrick To Shoemaker tools   .27  
Jo(s)hua White To a Hackle (3)  1 .02 2
To the Widow To three hoes   .12  
To the Widow To 2 hoes   .06  
To the Widow A Mattock   .80  
To the Widow To two axes 2 .00 0
To the Widow To a Shovel   .81  
To the Widow To a Mattock   .95  
Willm Eckart To a Mattock 1 .01  
Conrad Hedrick To a dung fork & Sund (1)   .70  
To the Widow To flat Iron (4)   .51  
To the Widow To two Iron wedges   .52  
Peter Herman To a Clevis (5)   .50  
Daniel Moser To a Axe   .92  
Henry Yount To an old Saddle 1 .99  
Martin Eckert To a Rifle gun 7 .12 1/2
Henry Dagenhardt To a grindstone 4 .16  
To the Widow To a large pot 2 .95  
To the Widow To a log chain 1 .12  
To the Widow To Doubletrees (6)   .76  
To the Widow To Shovel Plough (7)   .66  
John Brown To a Mare 40 .62 1/2
James Pressley To a white Cow 7 .00 0
Molly Hedrick To a Black Cow 8 .76  
Caty Hedrick To a Heifer 3 .00 0
Martin Crider To a Small Bull 4 .01  
Conrad Hedrick To a Sow & pigs 4 .10  
Conrad Hedrick To Black Sow & pigs 3 .50  
    93 .86  
Definitions of Previous Items:
(1) Sundries are various items not important enough to be mentioned individually.
(2) A pair of cards is used to brush the wool between them until the fibers are more or less aligned in the same direction.
A Hackle is a comb or board with long metal teeth for dressing flax, hemp, or jute.
(4) A flat iron is an
iron that was heated externally and used for pressing clothes.
(5) A Clevis is a U-shaped metal connector within which another part can be fastened by means of a bolt passing through the ends of the connector.
(6) Doubletrees a pivoted bar with a whiffletree attached to each end, used in harnessing two horses abreast.
(7) A Shovel Plough is
a plow having a triangular share and used for cultivating.

(Left to Right) A Pair of Cards, a Flax Hackle, a Flat Iron, Clevis, Grindstone, Doubletrees for yoking horses, Shovel Plough


John Hedrick Estate Sale/Public Auction Continued
                                    Total    $ 93 .86  
Conrad Hedrick To 4 Shotes (8) 4 .12 1/2
Peter Null To 2 Shotes 2 .27  
Henry Rhodes To a Shovel Plough 1 .12 1/2
Philip Hedrick To a Bar Shear Plough 1  .54  
Solomon Isenhower To a Flea Brake   .53  
Philip Hedrick To a Crout Tub (9)   .20  
To the Widow To a Wash Tub   .64  
Philip Hedrick To a Barrel   .30  
Philip Hedrick To a Barrel   .25  
Philip Hedrick To A Beef hide 1 .86  
Daniel Moser To a Beef hide 1 .68  
Caty Hedrick To a Table 3 .30  
Philip Hedrick To Hogshead (10)   .30  
Philip Hedrick To 6 Bee gumms (11)   .20  
Solomon Isenhower To a Churn   .07  
Solomon Hedrick To a Butterstand   .21  
Solomon Hedrick To a Rope   .16  
To the Widow To a Seythe   .21  
Philip Hedrick To a Seythe   .20  
Widow To Riddles (12)   .25  
Philip Hedrick To a Sifter   .38  
Solomon Isenhower To a half Bushel   .13  
Philip Hedrick To a Scythe & Cradle (13)   .50  
Caty Hedrick To a Spinning Wheel 1 .31  
Molly Hedrick To Ditts   .51  
To the Widow To 2 Chairs   .12 1/2
Solomon Isenhower To a Bag   .25  
Widow To 2 Chairs   .12 1/2
John Yount To One Bag   .28 1/2
Widow To a Spinning Wheel   .06  
Solomon Hedrick To Collar & Hames   .62 1/2
Widow To Collars & Hames 2 .36  
Widow To Crout Tub   .66  
                                      Total     $1 28 .33  
Definitions of Previous Items:
 (8) A Shote (Shoat) is a young pig, especially one that is newly weaned.
 (9) A Crout Tub is more than likely a Kraut Tub or large basin for making sour kraut.
(10) A Hogshead is a large cask, especially one containing from 63 to 140 gallons.
(11) A Bee Gum is
a beehive made from sections of a hollow tree.
(12) A Riddle
is a large sieve used to separate soil or compost particles, or for separating soil from vegetables.
(13) A scythe is an agricultural hand tool for mowing grass or reaping crops.
The addition of a cradle aligns the seed heads and makes picking up and winnowing easier.

(Left to Right) Hogshead, Bee Gums, Collar & Hames, Riddle, Sythe and Cradle


John Hedrick Estate Sale/Public Auction Continued
                                         Total $ 1 28 .33  
To the Widow To weaving Geirs (14)   .40  
Widow To ditto (same thing)   .37 1/2
David Killian To ditto (same thing) 00 .07  
Widow To a Crock   .06  
Walter Price To a great Coat and hat 2 .00  
Widow To a Vinegar Cag (15)   .25  
Conrad Hedrick To a Cutting Bo?? 3 .70  
Joseph Shook To a Horse 24 .65  
Solomon Hedrick To a pot   .76  
Christopher Huffman To a pot   .09  
To Widow To two Calves 2 .00  
                                 Hole Sum  $1 63 .90  
                    To one cash Note 4 .00  
                                    To cash   .75  
                           total amount  $1 68 .65  

Philip Hetrick

Definitions of Previous Items:
(14) Weaving Geirs are part of a weaving devise.
(15) A Vinegar Cag is a container for making & holding vinegar.
The 1830 Census shows Louiza Hedrick (Mrs. Hedrick) as head of the family and her age is listed as "of sixty and under seventy". There's no indication who this male child that was less than 5 years old was. The two males that were between the ages of 20 to 29 were probably Joseph and Jacob. The female who was between 15 and 19 was probably Susannah.

1830 Lincoln County, NC, Census

Names Males Females
Under 5 years Of 20 & Under 30 Of 15 & Under 20 Of 60 & Under 70
Mrs. Hedrick *1 2 1 1
    Jacob & Joseph   Louiza

*Since we know that John H. Hedrick died prior to 1825, this male child was not his son. Records show that daughter Susanna Hedrick married Conrad Wineberger on 13 Dec 1832. Susanna & Conrad's first son, Noah Wineberger, was born 29 Dec 1828 - 2 years prior to their marriage. It seems likely that this male child that is under 5 years old is Noah and the female aged 15 to 20 is Susannah - still living at home and unmarried.

The 1850 Census shows Louiza Lovi Hedrick living with her son-in-law & daughter, Jacob & Mary Null, and their children. Jacob Null's mother was also living with the family. The Census shows Louiza's age as 83 and shows that she was born in Pennsylvania. She has incorrectly been listed as a male - "M". The Census indicates that Jacob, Louiza and his mother Elizabeth can neither read or write. Jacob and Mary's four youngest children (Ambrose, Louiza, Daniel and Elena) still living with their parents. There is no indication who 9 year old Martha Ann Mathis is.

1850 Catawba County (Formerly Lincoln County), NC, Census

Name Age Sex Profession,
Occupation, Trade
Real Estate
Birth Attended
Can't Read
or Write
First Last
Jacob Null 46 M House Carpenter 88 NC   /
Mary M. " 51 F     "    
Ambrose " 20 M Farmer   " /  
Louiza " 17 F     " /  
Daniel " 16 M Farmer   " /  
Elena " 10 F     "    
Martha Ann Mathis 9 F     "    
Elizabeth Null 84 F     Maryland   /
Louiza Hedrick 83 M     Pennsylvania   /
Philip Hedrick/Hetrick was born in 1784, when his father, John Hedrick, was 29 and his mother, Louiza, was 24. Philip married Catherine "Caty" Yount on 21 Dec 1813 in Catawba, North Carolina. Philip bough 6 acres of property near the Catawba River around 16 Jul 1811.  They had eight children in 18 years. Philip died in 1866 in Catawba, North Carolina, having lived a long live of 82 years. Catherine "Caty" Yount Hedrick was born in August 1787 in Catawba, North Carolina. She died in 1860 in Catawba at the age of 73.
John Hedrick Jr was of German descent. He married Abigail Bailey and settled near Asheville, NC [as stated in Wm. Headrick's biography]. John and Abigail Bailey Headrick came to TN from NC where they had eight children. Before going to MO, John and his family lived in Del Rio,  Cocke  County, TN. In 1836, he owned 566 acres in Cocke County. After Abigail died, John /HedrickHeadrick married the widow Mary Justus,  combining the two families.  They later added three more children to  the large family: Wesley Hedrick, Phereby Hedrick, and Susan Hedrick. In the spring of 1844 John and Mary sold all their land  and moved to Missouri, along with  Tilman Justus, Reuben Justus, and Martin Justus (her children by her first marriage to John Fredrick Justus) and Elizabeth Hedrick, William Hedrick, Mary Hedrick (children of John and his first wife, Abigail Bailey) and  Phereby Hedrick, Wesley Hedrick, and Susan Hedrick (children of Mary and John's) with Charlotte, her two babies and husband John  Blanchard.  There was a yellow fever epidemic and several of members of the family died including family head, John Hedrick, and a son by Mary's first husband John Fredrick Justus. John Hedrick was buried in the Ripley Co., MO along with Mary's son  (Unknown Justus).  Mary sold all they had, loaded up the children and headed for kin folks who lived in Bradley Co., TN.  This trip is detailed in Rev. John Blanchard's book, "The Roar of God's Thunder". When back in TN, Mary married Thomas Gilbreath. After their father John's death, the Hedrick children wanted an accounting of their father's property. A lawsuit,  Bill #368, was filed in Bradley Co., TN on Oct. 1850. The case was  eventually closed Feb. 1853 due to Mary's "suggested" death. John Hadrick was listed in the 1814 SEVENTH REGIMENT LINCOLN COUNTY FIRST REGIMENT - as was his brother Phillip Hedrick.
Conrad Hedrick was born about 1798 In Lincoln County (now Catawba County), NC, when his father was 35 and his mother was 30. He was raised in Lincoln County, NC, probably near the German-speaking settlement in Lincolnton. Conrad worked as a carpenter. His name may have originally been Coonrod Hettrick. On his land patent, his name was listed as Coonrod Hetrick and on his marriage bond is was Conrad Hettrick. There were various spellings on the Census records through the years. Conrad married Mary Ann White on 27 Jan 1829 in Lincoln County, NC. "A History of Owen County" (Indiana) written in 1884 says that Conrad and his wife came to Indiana in 1830. Conrad was head of his household in NC in 1830 and patented land in IN in 1831, so they probably moved in the summer or fall of 1830. Conrad patented his 80 acres of land in Washington Twp. on 08 Dec 1831 in the eastern half of the northeast corner of section 27, twp. 10N, range 3W, and set to work building a log house. Conrad and Mary Ann/Anna raised their children in the log house that Conrad built. Their farm was located south of the entrance to McCormick's Creek State Park, east of Spencer, IN and White River. The log house was still occupied in 1970s. When Conrad moved to Indian, farming was still done by hand, with no machinery. The main crop in the area was corn, which the settlers ground into meal. Cornpone and johnnycakes were an everyday menu item. When the corn was ripe and dry, the farmers passed through their fields, pulling the dried ears off stalks by hand and tossing them into wagons pulled by a team of horses or mules. The ears might have been stored in corn cribs and then tossed to the hogs, but in those days the hogs mostly ran wild in the forest, fattening on acorns. The farmer and his family consumed most of the corn. Conrad had no teenaged sons to help clear the land, only a wife and baby when he first arrived in Owen County, so he probably benefitted greatly from these community pitch-ins. It took many hands to clear the land and raise a log house. Although the Hedricks lived in Owen County near Spencer, they sometimes attended the Old Dutch Lutheran Church in Monroe County, IN to the northeast. Later, they attended the Primitive Baptist Church at Chambersville, Owen County, IN. Conrad spoke German. (Thanks to LouAnn Murray for information on Conrad Hedrick) Conrad's children were William (b. 04 Feb 1832), George Edmund (b. 31 May 1836), James Monroe (b. 01 Aug 1838), Elijah (b. 20 Dec 1840), David (b. 09 Jan 1845), Mary Elizabeth (b. 11 Jun 1848), Louiza Caroline (b. 09 Oct 1850) and John (b. 1851). Mary Ann died 11 Apr 1874 and Conrad died 02 Dec 1880 in Spencer, Owen, Indiana.

Gravemarker for Conrad Hedrick


Jacob B. Hedrick was born about 1802 in Lincoln County (eventually Catawba County), North Carolina. His father John was 47 when he was born and his mother Louiza was 42. At the age of 58, Jacob became romantically involved with Harriett Lucinda Goble during the winter months of 1859-1860. Harriet was 20 at the time and the the daughter of Lewis Carlan Goble (b.1813) and Evi Hefner Goble. Jacob and Lucinda's romance was revealed when she became pregnant and gave birth to a son, Jacob Hedrick Goble, on 22 Oct 1860. In January of 1861, a bastardy case was brought against Jacob and he was instructed by the court to provide Lucinda with $25 for the first year of their son's life, $20 for the second year, and $15 for the third year. No evidence has been found that he ever provided any financial help with the boy's upbringing. As it turns out, even Lucinda didn't raise Jacob Hedrick Goble, either. Little Jacob was raised by his maternal grandparents, Lewis & Evi Goble. In 1866, Jacob B. Hedrick was brought to court and charged with in a bastardy case - this time involving Susan Shepard. There were actually several Jacob Hedricks in the surrounding counties so there is no sure evidence that this Jacob B. Hedrick ever married. The Catawba County 1870 Census is the last document to list Jacob. He was 68 and living with Alfred and Matilda Pope.

(Left) Joseph Hedrick; (Right) Frances Douglas Goble, Jacob Hedrick Goble and daughter Sarah Catherine Rebecca Goble


The back of the photo of Jacob Goble and his family has the inscription, "Fannie + Jack + daughter Beck"
and came from the photo collection of Beulah Vernesta Johnson Goble (wife of Martin Luther Goble and daughter-in-law of Jacob Hedrick Goble).

Joseph Hedrick was born in 1815 in Lincoln County, NC. His father, John, was 60 and his mother, Louiza, was 55. He married Catherine Mabel Hefner on 13 Dec 1834, in his hometown of Catawba. Their children were: Eliza Caroline (1835 - 1903), John Calvin (1836 - 1914), Pollyanna Roxanna (1839 - 1922), Alfred W. (1841 - 1927), Monroe (1841 - ????), Lyloc Elizabeth (1834 - ????), Delila Elizabeth (1844 - 1922), Logan (1845 - ????), Lagan (1848 - ????) and Michael Laben (1850 - ????). Joseph died on 04 Apr 1880 in Catawba, Catawba County, NC, at the age of 65.
Conrad Hedrick: Find-A-Grave
Thanks to LouAnn Murray for info on Conrad Hedrick

If you have additional information about John Hedrick or his family, please contact me.