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Cousins By the Dozens


Recently I was talking with my two oldest granddaughters about cousins. They only have "one" first cousin. My two children, however, have four first cousins. It started me thinking about how time has really changed over the decades and just how many first cousins I actually have.

To begin with, you have to have aunts and uncles to have first cousins. I just so happen to be blessed in that category - with 33 aunts and uncles - my Dad & Mom's siblings.
According to records, my paternal grandfather Alonzo Lester Loftin (1876 - 1937) had 20 children from his two marriages to Cornelia Estelle Lowrance and Ida Lillian Setzer.  Sixteen of his children grew to adulthood (counting my own dad, Sam) and all of them had children except for Lillie Stamey Loftin. That means I have 14 aunts and uncles whose children are my first cousins through my dad's siblings.
Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and (1) Cornelia “Nelia” Estelle Lowrance
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Nannie May Loftin 08 Nov 1895 15 Jul 1982 Wade Vernon Martin
Lillie Stamey Loftin 06 Sep 1897 04 Aug 1988 [Never Married]
Roy Henry Loftin 27 Jul 1899 24 Jun 1972 Sarah Mae Morrow
Floye Hovis Loftin 26 Jul 1901 06 Jan 1973 William Ellers
Verdie Lee Loftin 07 Sep 1903 06 Mar 1993 (1) Fitzhugh Boggs
(2) Ralph Copeny
(3) Harold Yount
Children of Alonzo Lester Loftin and (2) Ida Lillian Setzer
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Charlie Roosevelt Loftin 22 Oct 1905 30 Sep 1988 Edna Jones
Theodore Roosevelt Loftin 25 Dec 1906 20 Dec 1969 Fannie Marie Hoke
"Infant Son" Loftin 1908 1908 [Died in Infancy]
Sadie Elizabeth Loftin 08 Jun 1909 15 Dec 2007 (1) Paul Abraham Murray
(2) Vernon Asbury Lee
*Willie Thelma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 Nov 1977 (1) Dewey D. Connor
(2) Dewey M Lanier
*Callie Elma Loftin 31 May 1911 28 June 1992 John Henry Huffman
Sallie Allie Loftin 12 Sep 1913 10 Feb 1986 Glenn Clustus Lee
**Daisy Pearl Loftin 06 Jun 1914 07 Jan 1994 Ruel Franklin Herman
**"Infant Son 2" Loftin 06 Jun 1914 13 Jun 1914 [Died in Infancy]
Mike Whitener Loftin 18 Feb 1916 24 Feb 1949 Eleanor Carolyn Ervin
Sam William Loftin 13 May 1918 18 Sep 1979 Willie Aleen Goble
Oscar Sherrill Loftin 22 Oct 1920 22 Jul 1986 Annie Ruth Travis
*** "Infant Son 3" Loftin 26 Oct 1922 27 Oct 1922 [Died in Infancy]
Glennie Frances Loftin 13 Jul 1926 17 Sep 2015 Robert Alvin Cook
**** "Infant Son 4" Loftin 1928 1928 [Died in Infancy]
* Willie Thelma Loftin and Callie Elma Loftin were twins - born on 31 May 1911 in Catawba County, North Carolina.
**Daisy Pearl Loftin and "Infant Son 2" Were twins - born on 06 Jun 1914. "Infant Son 2" only lived a few days before his death.
*** The Catawba County Birth Index for this child, "Infant Son 33, shows that he was born 22 Oct 1922 (the same day and month as his older brother Oscar).  This child's Death Certificate shows that he died 27 Oct 1922 and that he lived for 1 day and 2 hours - so it's more likely that the child was born on 26 Oct 1922 - instead of 22 Oct 1922 as the Birth Index shows.  Cause of death was "malformation of upper air passage".
**** It's possible that this last "Infant Son" of Alonzo and Ida was born in 1927.  It is also possible that the grave marker for this "Infant Son" born in 1928 was incorrectly dated and should have been for the 1922 "Infant Son".
On my mother's side of the family, her mother Beulah Vernesta "Nessie" Johnson (1887 - 1959) was married twice - first to Charles Johnson and secondly to Martin Luther Goble. Records indicate that Nessie gave birth to 15 children. Nine of those children grew to adulthood (including my mother) and all of them had children except for Geneva May Johnson. That means I have 7 aunts and uncles whose children are my first cousins through my mom's siblings.
Children of Beulah Vernesta Johnson with Charles R. A. Johnson and Martin Luther Goble
Name Birth Date Death Date Spouse
Geneva Mae Johnson 21 Feb 1903 02 Jan 1987 Paul Baldwin
Ethel Irene Johnson/Goble 04 Jul 1908 20 Apr 1983 James Frank Sharpe
Lewis Hubert Goble 23 Jul 1910 18 Jan 1911  (Died in Infancy)
*"Baby" Goble     (Died in Infancy)
James Henry "Leggs" Goble 08 Apr 1912 16 Nov 1995 Nina M. Eades
"Baby Boy" Goble 01 Dec 1913 01 Feb 1914  (Died in Infancy)
**"Baby Girl" Goble 09 Jan 1915 28 Apr 1915   (Died in Infancy)
J. C. Goble 29 Sep 1916 19 Jul 2005 Ada Eades
Harlee Goble 06 Sep 1918 05 Nov 1980 Dovie Alean Helms
Fannie Elizabeth Goble 10 Apr 1921 18 Sep 1998 Fred Franklin Isenhour
Mary Helen Goble 07 Apr 1924 28 May 2010 Floyd Eugene Sigmon
Willie Aleen Goble 04 Dec 1925   Sam William Loftin
Elgevia Goble 24 Nov 1928   William Clifton Eggers, Jr.
Estelene Goble 24 Nov 1928 26 Mar 1929  (Died in Infancy)
Doris Goble 31 Oct 1933 04 Aug 1934   (Died in Infancy)
* No information as to the order of this particular child except from JC's birth certificate
which says that his mother, Nessie, had given birth to 8 children, but only 4 were living.

**There is a death certificate for this baby girl and she's also mentioned in The Landmark Newspaper

Twenty one of those aunts of uncles have children who became my first cousins.

My Aunts and Uncles and Their Children


Aunts & Uncles Cousins Cousins Cousins Cousins
Nannie May Loftin
& Wade Vernon Martin
Cornelia Lucille Martin Nancy Wadine Martin    
Roy Henry Loftin
& Sarah Mae Morrow
Larry Henry Loftin Wayne Morrow Loftin Lillie Yvonne Loftin  
Floye Hovis Loftin
& William S. Ellers
William S. Ellers, Jr.      
Verdie Lee Loftin
& Fitzhugh Boggs
Parlior Cornelia Boggs James Russell Boggs William Bruce Boggs Walter Roy Boggs
Charlie Roosevelt Loftin
& Edna Jones
Paul Roosevelt Loftin Elsie Louise Loftin    
Theodore Roosevelt Loftin
& Fannie Marie Hoke
Betty Loftin Peggy Sue Loftin Theodore Davis Loftin  
Sadie Elizabeth Loftin
& Paul Abraham Murray
& Vernon Asbury Lee
Joyce Elizabeth Murray Billy Keith Murray Linda Ann Lee  
Willie Thelma Loftin
& Dewey Connor
Celia Jo Connor Dewey Lane Connor    
Callie Elma Loftin
& John Henry Huffman
James Henry Huffman Hal Davis Huffman Loretta Ann Huffman Lonnie Gray Huffman
Sallie Allie Loftin
& Glenn Clustus Lee
Dorothy Louise Lee Glenna Marcella Lee Phyllis Elaine Lee Glenn Clustus Lee, Jr.
  Janice Ray Lee Lonnie Douglas Lee Vickie Lynn Lee William Terry Lee
Daisy Pearl Loftin
& Ruel Franklin Herman
Ted Franklin Herman Deanie Herman Pamela Nell Herman  
Mike Whitener Loftin
& Eleanor Carolyn Ervin
Michael Lane Loftin      
Oscar Sherrill Loftin
& Annie Ruth Travis
Martha Ann Loftin "Infant Girl" Loftin Oscar Sherrill Loftin, Jr. Linda Gail Loftin
  Lonnie Lee Loftin      
Glennie Frances Loftin
& Robert Alvin Cook
Norma Lynn Cook      


Aunts & Uncles Cousins Cousins Cousins Cousins
Ethel Irene Johnson/Goble
& James Frank Sharpe
J. D. (John David) Sharpe Jack Sharpe Genevia Sharpe William Hoyte Sharpe
  Rena Sharpe Shirley Ann Sharpe James Franklin Sharpe Jr. Patsy Jean Sharpe
  Jerry Wayne Sharpe      
James Henry "Leggs" Goble
& Nina M. Eades
Carl Henry "Bud" Goble Janice "Sis" Goble Roy Lee Goble Bobby Goble
  Shelby Goble Ruby Gale Goble Dale Goble Linda Renee Goble
  Debra Ann Goble Jerry Dean Goble Teresa Karen Goble Michael Luther Goble
J. C. Goble
& Ada Eades
Kenneth Wayne "Bud" Goble Judy Diane Goble    
Harlee Goble
& Dovie Alean Helms
Raymond Boyd Goble Wayne Clifton Goble Denise Paulette Goble Kevin Darrell Goble
Fannie Elizabeth Goble
& Fred Franklin Isenhour
Brenda Sue Goble Patricia Ann Isenhour Gladys Marie Isenhour  
Mary Helen Goble
& Floyd Eugene Sigmon
Wonda Christine Sigmon Larry Eugene Sigmon Harry Everette Sigmon  
Elgevia Goble
& William Clifton Eggers, Jr.
Sheila Belinda Eggers Reva Marqueeta Eggers Billie Arelia Eggers William Clifton "Skipper" Eggers III
  Citaberon "Tab" Eggers      
As it turned out when I counted, I had 42 Loftin First Cousins and 38 Goble First Cousins for a total of 80 First Cousins. Seven of these died before I was born and one lived out of state and I never met him before his death. Still, I can easily say, "I have cousins by the dozens!"
Psalm 127:3
Lo, children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.